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Soundtrack Marketplaces
  • A1 Record Finders
  • Able Source Records
  • Ark Entertainment - Japanese store - will ship to U.S.
  • Backtrack - U.K. mail order dealer.
  • Cash For CDs - Sell your used CDs.
  • Cine Musique - Located in Paris, France.
  • Cinema Soundtrack Club - German mail order detailer.
  • Cinemania - Irish specialty store.
  • Discophilia
  • Don's Film Score Trader
  • Footlight Records - They have a terrific inventory of soundtracks, casts, vocals, and more.
  • International Disc Inc. - Rare and foreign releases imported.
  • Intrada - This San Francisco based label now has a site.
  • Italian Soundtracks
  • Memory Lane Records - Over 115,000 records, tapes and CDs.
  • Moby Disc
  • Movie Grooves - 60's & 70's Soundtracks & Library Music - U.K.
  • Movie Soundtracks - Low prices, part of CD Universe.
  • New Cine Shop - Belgium
  • Rosebud Tienda de Cine
  • Scoretrade - Soundtrack specialty dealer, Germany.
  • Screen Archives Entertainment
  • Shocking Images - Good source for Italian import CDs.
  • Sonic Images - Direct source for Babylon 5 and other CDs.
  • Soundtrack Album Retailers
  • Soundtrack Corner - German store.
  • Tarantula Records - German store.
  • TCL Special Order Imports
  • The Mall - Wide variety of soundtracks and movies.
  • Videodrom - German store, soundtracks & other movie merchandise.
  • Vinilo (Spain)
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