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Composer Fan Sites
  • Armstrong, Craig
  • Arnold, David - French-based site.
  • Barry, John - Danish Film Music Society
  • Barry, John - The Man With the Midas Touch
  • Barry, John - French language
  • Bernstein, Elmer - Bernstein West
  • Budd, Roy - The Roy Budd Museum - Discography of works by Webb
  • Cardon, Sam - Yumbo's Page.
  • Chang, Gary
  • Conti, Bill - Includes links to pages in both English and French.
  • De Angelis, Guido & Maurizio
  • Elfman, Danny - Groovy Yak's Page.
  • Farnon, Robert - Robert Farnon Society
  • Film Collecting Basics
  • Frankel, Benjamin - ClassicalNet
  • Friedhofer, Hugo
  • Giacchino, Michael
  • Goldsmith, Jerry - The Goldsmith Film Music Society.
  • Goldsmith, Jerry - Danish Film Music Society
  • Goldsmith, Jerry - Jerry Goldsmith Online
  • Goldsmith, Jerry - French language.
  • Goldsmith, Jerry - The Goldsmith Film Music Society home page from Japan.
  • Grusin, Dave - The Dave Grusin Archive
  • Hagen, Earle
  • Herrmann, Bernard - The Bernard Herrmann Society
  • Horner, James
  • Howard, James Newton -
  • Howard, James Newton - Yumbo's Page.
  • James Bond Soundtrack Pages
  • Mancina, Mark - Yumbo's Page.
  • Mancini, Henry - Space Age Musicmaker
  • Morricone, Ennio - Armagan's Morricone Page
  • Morricone, Ennio - The Ennio Morricone Online Community
  • Nascimbene, Mario
  • Newman, Alfred - French-language site.
  • Newman, David
  • Newman, Randy
  • North, Alex - Alex North Fan Club
  • Piccioni, Piero
  • Poledouris, Basil - Unofficial French website.
  • Portman, Rachel - Danish Film Music Society
  • Prokofiev, Sergei - The Prokofiev Page
  • Revell, Graeme
  • Rona, Jeff - Die ultimative Jeff Rona Infopage (German language site)
  • Roubaix, Francois de - Created with the authorization of the composer's children. Mostly in French but includes English-language bio.
  • Rozsa, Miklos - The Miklos Rozsa Society
  • Scott, John - In French.
  • Scott, John
  • Shore, Howard - Danish Film Music Society
  • Snow, Mark - Encore: The Ultimate Mark Snow Site
  • Tomashek, Peter
  • Vangelis
  • Walker, Shirley
  • Williams, Alan - Yumbo's Page.
  • Williams, John - The John Williams Web Pages.
  • Williams, John - John Williams Fan Network
  • Young, Christopher - Mister Young - French-language site.
  • Zimmer, Hans - Yumbo's Page
  • Zimmer, Hans
  • Zimmer, Hans (German) - Dirk's Hans Zimmer Archive.
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