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Aisle Seat 7-23: Restoring RISKY BUSINESS
Posted By Andy Dursin 7/22/2024 - 10:00 PM
Highlighting Criterion’s newest releases is a remastered 4K UHD of Paul Brickman’s 1983 teen classic RISKY BUSINESS (99 mins., 1983, R), which served as a launching pad for Tom Cruise’s career, and is presented here in both its theatrical release version and – for the first time – a Director’s Cut that attaches the movie’s alternate ending, seen as a deleted scene in previous releases.
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Film Score Friday 7/19/24
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 7/18/2024 - 10:00 PM
The soundtrack world was saddened this week to learn of the passing of Douglass Fake (1952-2024). Fake founded the Intrada label in 1985, their first release an LP of Basil Poledouris' score for the original Red Dawn, and in the nearly 40 years since, he and his label released a treasure trove of film music on CD. While the label is probably most associated with Jerry Goldsmith, Bruce Broughton and Basil Poledouris, their catalog encompasses nearly every major composer in English-language cinema, including such current A-listers as Danny Elfman, Michael Giacchino, Thomas Newman, John Powell, Alan Silvestri and Hans Zimmer. One of the many wonderful things about Doug and his label was their genuine enthusiasm for all the composers they worked with and the scores they released. They have also produced expert film music re-recordings, and just this week their Kickstarter campaign to re-record Frank Skinner's Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein reached its funding goal.

Our condolences to Fake's family and his Intrada colleagues. The label's website has a fitting and detailed tribute to Doug at this link.

On a personal note, I first met Doug in 1980, when he was selling soundtrack LPs out of what was otherwise a movie memorabilia shop called CineMonde on Vallejo Street in San Francisco (in a location that is now a pilates studio). I was there with a friend to shop for movie posters and lobby cards, so finding Doug and his LPs there must rank as one of the most momentous accidental discoveries of my life. I bought my first "expensive soundtrack" there (an innocent time when a $15 Japanese import LP of Game of Death could count as "expensive") and remained a loyal customer ever since - until their business moved from San Francisco to Oakland, a trip to their store was always my first priority when I would visit the Bay Area after moving to Los Angeles in 1982. I was also lucky enough to able to contribute liner notes to some of their releases, an opportunity for which I will always be grateful. Doug will always be one of the true heroes of the soundtrack world, a genuinely nice man whose work enriched the lives of film music lovers around the world. (For the record, my personal favorite Intrada release is probably their two-disc edition of Goldsmith's remarkable Alien, but there are countless other spectacular and treasured releases to choose from.) 

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7-16-24: OCN Summer Rundown
Posted By Andy Dursin 7/15/2024 - 10:00 PM
Guiseppe Tornatore’s ENNIO (156 mins., 2021; Music Box) has at last reached the shores of the U.S. after having been released elsewhere around the world over the last couple of years. So what took this terrific documentary so long to find a U.S. distributor? One wonders, since Morricone’s legacy – a list of literally hundreds of movie soundtracks and concert works, plus a massive influence on both Italian and worldwide pop music that came before them – spans decades of popular film scores, some of which transcended the cinematic creations they originally accompanied.
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Film Score Friday 7/12/24
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 7/11/2024 - 10:00 PM
The latest release from Intrada is a re-recording of some of Jerry Goldsmith's earliest works, episode scores for the TV anthology series GENERAL ELECTRIC THEATER, which aired from 1953 to 1962. Leigh Phillips conducts this recording with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, with the scores dating back to as early as 1959. The collection also includes "Autumn Love," a suite Goldsmith composed for the CBS Music Library.


The Dead Don't Hurt - Viggo Mortensen - Milan
Eye of the Needle: The Deluxe Edition
 - Miklos Rozsa - Varese Sarabande CD Club
For Love of the Game: The Deluxe Edition
 - Basil Poledouris - Varese Sarabande CD Club
Il cittadino si ribella
 - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Digitmovies  
Jerry Goldsmith at the General Electric Theater [re-recording] - Jerry Goldsmith - Intrada
Lacrima Movies Trilogy
 - Franco Micalizzi - Digitmovies  
Last Action Hero
 - Michael Kamen - La-La Land 
Stelvio Cipriani Soundtracks Rarities Vol. 1
 - Stelvio Cipriani - Digitmovies  


Dandelion - Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner
Fly Me to the Moon - Daniel Pemberton
How to Come Alive With Norman Mailer - Jacques Brautbar
Longlegs - Zilgi
Lumina - Gino McKoy, Matthew Sargent
Mother, Couch - Christopher Bear
National Anthem - Nick Urata
The Nature of Love - Emile Sornin
Sing Sing - Bryce Dessner
Skywalkers: A Love Story - Jacques Brautbar
Touch - Hogni Egilsson 

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July FSMO Is Live!
Posted By Jon Kaplan 7/5/2024 - 5:00 AM

The July edition of FSM ONLINE is now live for your reading and listening pleasure. This month’s cover story is an interview with PETER RAEBURN, composer of the Sundance Special Jury Award for Music-winning score for Thea Hvistendahl’s HANDLING THE UNDEAD. Als

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Film Score Friday 7/5/24
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 7/4/2024 - 10:00 PM
The latest release from La-La Land is a two-disc, expanded edition of the score for LAST ACTION HERO, the 1993 fantasy action comedy which starred Austin O'Brien (My Girl 2) as a young boy who finds himself transported into the movie world of his favorite action character (Arnold Schwarzenegger in a double role). Directed by John McTiernan, the film was a box-office disappointment at the time of its release but has found a devoted following in the three decades since, largley due to the witty script by Shane Black and David Arnott (from a story by Zak Penn and Adam Leff) and Schwarzenegger's performance, one of his finest. For the score, McTiernan reunited with his Die Hard composer, Michael Kamen, and the La-La Land edition features the full score plus the original CD sequencing and extras.

The latest releases from Buysoundtrax and its associated labels are THE GOLDEN AGE OF SCIENCE FICTION VOL. 5, featuring the scores from the original Invaders from Mars (by Raoul Kraushaar) and The Terrornauts (Elisabeth Lutyens); THE ALBERT GLASSER COLLECTION VOL. 7 - FILM NOIR THRILLERS, featuring Glasser's scores for Please Murder Me and Treasure of Monte Cristo; the third volume of the LEGENDARY HOLLYWOOD: FRANZ WAXMAN series (including re-recordings of cues from Waxman scores such as The Nun's Story and Peyton Place); and THE BEST OF THE FAIRYTOPIA SAGA, by Eric Colvin (Monte Walsh).


The David Michael Frank Collection Vol. 4 
- David Michael Frank - Dragon's Domain 
Death Hunt
 - Jerrold Immel - Dragon's Domain 
Franz Waxman: Legendary Hollywood Vol. 2
 - Franz Waxman - Citadel 
Giornata nera per l'ariete
 - Ennio Morricone - Quartet 
The Golden Age of Science-Fiction Vol. 4
 - Elisabeth Lutyens, Ronald Stein - Dragon's Domain 
Saltburn - Anthony Willis - Polydor (import) 

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Aisle Seat 7-2: 4th of July Fireworks, From Kung Fu to 4K
Posted By Andy Dursin 7/1/2024 - 10:00 PM
Growing up in the ‘80s, Saturday afternoons on local Boston affiliate WLVI TV 56 used to include a “Creature Double Feature” of Godzilla fare, followed sometimes by an Abbott & Costello movie or, occasionally, a kung-fu adventure. These often didn’t star Bruce Lee but “Bruce Li,” and would offer cheap genre action with limited dramatic engagement – it was all about the martial arts, and these quickly-paced genre exercises are now the centerpiece of one of the year’s best Blu-Ray box sets. Severin’s THE GAME OF CLONES: BRUCEPOLITATION COLLECTION VOL. 1 streets next week and provides no less than a full dozen wild and woolly kung fu flicks with ersatz Bruce Lee stand-ins, mostly low budgets but lots of energy to spare, plus fantastic extras which put this entire, bizarre filmmaking era into proper historical context.
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Film Score Friday 6/28/24
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 6/27/2024 - 10:00 PM
The latest CD from Intrada is an expanded, two-disc edition of BACKDRAFT, the 1991 fireman mystery-thriller that was the first of many films Hans Zimmer scored for Ron Howard (others include Frost/Nixon, Hillbilly Elegy and the Da Vinci Code trilogy). Disc One features the full film score in its original mixes, while Disc Two features the score cues from the 1991 CD release (as remixed by the legendary George Martin). The film starred Kurt Russell, William Baldwin, Robert De Niro, Scott Glenn, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Rebecca De Mornay, and Donald Sutherland. (By strange coincidence, since Sutherland passed away just this last Thursday, Backdraft is one of three new releases of scores for his films, along with Howlin Wolf's Murder by Decree and Varese's imminent Eye of the Needle.)

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has invited 487 actors, filmmakers and publicists to join its membership, including the following Music Branch invitees:
Composers Anthony Chue, Marius de Vries, Jerskin Fendrix, Simon Franglen, Jo Yeong-wook, Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch, Fabrizio Mancinelli, Diego Navarro, Martin Phipps, Plínio Profeta, Philippe Rombi, David Sardy, Ryan Shore and Kubilay Uner; songwriters Stephen Bray, Gary M. Clark and Dan Wilson; and music editors Michael K. Bauer, Shari Johanson, Katrina Marie Schiller and Carl Sealove.


Backdraft - Hans Zimmer - Intrada Special Collection
Cosa avete fatto a Solange?
 - Ennio Morricone - Quartet    
The Humanoid
 - Ennio Morricone - Quartet 
The Sugarland Express - John Williams - La-La Land 

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Aisle Seat 6-25: Summer Arrival Edition
Posted By Andy Dursin 6/24/2024 - 10:00 PM
The ‘60s were filled with “caper” movies, many of the international variety with stars from around the globe hoping to sell their respective collaborations to markets far and wide. The genre was wrapping up by the time THE BURGLARS (114/126 mins., 1971, PG; Sony) was made, which is unfortunate because this is an irresistible late entry in its field, filled with gorgeous Greek locations and exciting action set-pieces. And what more needs to be said than, at one point, star Jean-Paul Belmondo does his own leaping from one moving bus to another while trying to avoid corrupt local cop Omar Sharif?
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Film Score Friday 6/21/24
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 6/20/2024 - 10:00 PM
The lastest CD from La-La Land is a historic release, presenting for the first time the very first collaboration between John Williams and Steven Spielberg, the score for the director's 1974 feature debut THE SUGARLAND EXPRESS. The album features a 40-minute selection of cues approved by the composer, including music not featured in the final film. 

The latest CDs from Quartet are an expanded, two-disc edition of Ennio Morricone's score for the 1971 giallo GIORNATA NERA PER L'ARIETE (aka The Fifth Cord), starring Franco Nero, and a re-release of their expanded edition of Jerry Goldsmith's Oscar-nominated PAPILLON.

The latest releases from Kronos are the score to the 1964 adventure film FROM HELL TO BORNEO, composed by Gene Kauer and Douglas M. Lackey; and COP HATER, scored by B-movie great Albert Glasser. Cop Hater was based on the first of the long-running 87th Precinct mystery novel series by Ed McBain (aka Evan Hunter), which also inspired a 1960s TV series starring Robert Lansing and Gena Rowlands, several TV movies, two Columbo TV movies  ("Undercover" and "No Time to Die"), and such feature films as Fuzz, Blood Relatives and the Kurosawa classic High and Low.


A Pistol for Ringo/The Return of Ringo
 - Ennio Morricone - Quartet 

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