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  • Acossi Records, Inc. - Music scores and music for DJs online.
  • Auricle - Official site for the Auricle film-synchronization software.
  • Berkleemusic - Online music school for the continuing education and music career network from Berklee College of Music.
  • Beverly Hills Outlook
  • Community Musician - CD duplication and replication, DVD manufactoring for audio and data projects.
  • Dozmia - Step-by-step guide for copyrighting your music
  • Easy Home Theatre - Advice on setting up to hear your favorite scores in surround sound.
  • Exploitika - Has two radio streams dedicated to 60s and 70s soundtracks
  • Film Fest at Home
  • Movie Posters 247
  • Music Choice - This is an on-line real audio type of radio station. One of their channels is film music! Check it out.
  • MusicGrotto - Online resources for aspiring musicians (particularly singers)
  • Okoto - Computer Music Resources on the Internet
  • Poster Appraisal - Free appraisals of original movie posters.
  • Reel Classics - "The Classic Movie Site"
  • Stars & Catz - Matching music teachers and students in four countries
  • Ultimate Guide to Outdoor Theatre
  • Virtual Drummer School
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