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Film Score Friday 2/5/16
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 2/4/2016 - 9:00 PM
The latest CD from Intrada presents the soundtrack to the 2013 horror sequel HATCHET III, with music by Scott Glasgow (Bone Dry, The Gene Generation, Lo, Riddle). They have also released a 2-LP set of their recently expanded version of Jerry Goldsmith's WARLOCK.

Varese Sarabande has announced three new limited edition CDs of contemporary film scores which are expected to begin shipping next week -- the soundtrack to DEVIL'S KNOT, director Atom Egoyan's docudrama about the child murders covered in the Paradise Lost documentary trilogy, starring Oscar winners Reese Witherspoon and Colin Firth and scored by Egoyan's regular composer, Oscar winner Mychael Danna; the Chinese period action drama RISE OF THE LEGEND, with music by Shigeru Umebayashi (Hannibal Rising, Curse of the Golden Flower, House of Flying Daggers); and the soundtrack to the recent animated film from Japan, GAMBA, scored by Benjamin Wallfisch (Desert Dancer, Hours, The Escapist). 

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Film Score Friday 1/29/16
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 1/28/2016 - 9:00 PM
La-La Land announced two new CDs for release this week: a remastered edition of Jerry Goldsmith's action-packed score for the 1975 Western TAKE A HARD RIDE, with an eclectic cast including Jim Brown, Fred Williamson, Jim Kelly, Lee Van Cleef, Barry Sullvan and Dana Andrews; and a greatly expanded version of Arthur B. Rubinstein's score for the 1995 "real time" thriller NICK OF TIME, with Johnny Depp (in perhaps the most normal role he ever played in a feature) as a loving father pressured into performing an assassination, featuring 38 more minutes of score than the original Milan release.

Next week Intrada plans to release one new CD as well as an LP of a previously released CD.

Varese Sarabande plans to announce their latest batch of limited edition releases this coming Monday.

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Film Score Friday 1/22/16
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 1/21/2016 - 9:00 PM
Intrada has announced two new CDs this week -- the first commercial release of Charles Bernstein's emotional orchestral score for the surprisingly good 1983 film version of Stephen King's CUJO, featuring cues not included on the previously released composer promo of the score, which paired it with Bernstein's Covenant; and the LP tracks from Paul Glass's score for director Otto Preminger's stylish psychological thriller BUNNY LAKE IS MISSING, starring Carol Lynley, Keir Dullea and Laurence Olivier (as a police detective, no less -- what a franchise that could have made).

Quartet has announced their slate of January releases. The latest releases are a two-disc set of Gato Barbieri's jazzy score for the controversial modern classic LAST TANGO IN PARIS, featuring both the complete score recorded for the film and the album tracks; and Diego Navarro's score for the recently released animated feature CAPTURE THE FLAG. Next week they are releasing Gabriel Yared's score for the brand-new French drama CHOCOLAT, starring Omar Sy (Jurassic World, The Intouchables), and the soundtrack to the new Danish film TORDENSKJOLD & KOLD, scored by Henrik Skram.

The latest release in Varese Sarabande's subscription LP-to-CD series is John Scott's music for the 1986 miniseries (which aired on Masterpiece Theater) MOUNTBATTEN: THE LAST VICEROY, with Nicol Williamson and Janet Suzman as Lord and Lady Mountbatten, and Ian Richardson (in the kind of color-blind casting we don't see any more, for good reason) as Nehru. 

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Film Score Friday 1/15/16
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 1/14/2016 - 9:00 PM
As listed in my column yesterday, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the nominations for the 88th Academy Awards, including the music categories:
BRIGDE OF SPIES - Thomas Newman
CAROL - Carter Burwell
THE HATEFUL EIGHT - Ennio Morricone
SICARIO - Johann Johannsson
"Earned It" - Fifty Shades of Grey - Music and Lyric by Abel Tesfaye, Ahmad Balshe, Jason Daheala Quenneville, Stephan Moccio
"Manta Rey" - Racing Extinction - Music by J. Ralph, Lyric by Antony Hegarty
"Simple Song #3" - Youth - Music and Lyric by David Lang
"Til It Happens to You" - The Hunting Ground - Music and Lyric by Diane Warren and Lady Gaga
"Writing's on the Wall" - Spectre - Music and Lyric by Jimmy Napes and Sam Smith

In other awards news, Ennio Morricone won the Golden Globe for Best Original Score for THE HATEFUL EIGHT, while Sam Smith and James Napier (aka Jimmy Napes) won Best Original Song for SPECTRE's "Writing's on the Wall" (just when I thought I was the only one who actually likes that song, both AMPAS and HFPA prove me wrong).

The British Academy of Film and Television Arts has announced their nominations for Best Original Music:


Music Box has announced three new releases -- Georges Delerue's score for GET OUT YOUR HANDKERCHIEFS, Bertrand Blier's comedy which won the 1978 Oscar for Foreign Language Film; an expanded, two-disc version of Maurice Jarre's music for the Robinson Crusoe-inspired VENREDI OU LA VIE SAUVAGE; and COMMISSAIRE MOULIN ET AUTRES SCENES DE CRIME, which features music composed by Francois De Roubaix for the French TV series Commissaire Moulin shortly before his death, as well as additional music by the composer.

The latest release from Kritzerland presents Bernard Herrmann's romantic music for the 1952 Hemingway adaptation THE SNOWS OF KILIMANJARO, which was short-listed for an Original Score nomination. (The CD features the same tracks as those included on Varese's Bernard Herrmann at 20th Century Fox boxed set)

Intrada plans to release two new CDs next week. 

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Film Score Friday 1/8/16
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 1/7/2016 - 9:00 PM
 Intrada has announced two new releases this week, both featuring previously unreleased scores -- the soundtrack to UNIDENTIFIED FLYING ODDBALL (aka The Spaceman and King Arthur), Disney's sci-fi-tinged 1979 remake of Mark Twain's A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court, starring Dennis Dugan, Jim Dale and Ron Moody, with music by Ron Goodwin (Where Eagles Dare, Frenzy, Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines); and one of Maurice Jarre's most obscure scores, for 1992's little seen Japanese romantic drama THE SETTING SUN, featuring Diane Lane and Donald Sutherland.

Next week La-La Land will present their only release for January, the three-disc set STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION, VOL. 2. Disc One will feature cues from episodes scored by Dennis McCarthy, Disc Two will feature Jay Chattaway scores, and Disc Three will feature more McCarthy as well as music from George Romanis' only score for the series, the first season episode "Too Short a Season."

Tadlow has announced two brand new re-recordings: THE BLUE MAX, a two-disc set featuring a re-recording of Jerry Goldsmith's poplular score as well as re-recorded suites and themes from Goldsmith's The Chairman, The Final Conflict, A Gathering of Eagles, Inchon, MacArthur, The Mummy, Patton, The Sand Pebbles, and Tora! Tora! Tora!; and EPIC HOLLYWOOD: THE FILM MUSIC OF MIKLOS ROZSA, a recording of the concert in which Nic Raine conducted the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra in a selection of pieces from Rozsa's scores for Ben-Hur, El Cid, The Golden Voyage of Sinbad, Ivanhoe, King of Kings, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes,  Providence, Quo Vadis, Sodom and Gomorrah and The Thief of Bagdad

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Film Score Friday 1/1/16
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 12/31/2015 - 9:00 PM
Remember last Friday when I wished everyone Merry Christmas? Well, now it's New Year's Day, so Happy New Year. My work here is done. (At least, until I post my Oscar predictions, possibly this afternoon or tomorrow)

Intrada plans to release two new CDs next week.

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Film Score Friday 12/25/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 12/24/2015 - 9:00 PM
It's Christmas today. So Merry Christmas.


Fernando Velazquez: Concert Suites/Music for Films
 - Fernando Velazquez - Quartet
The Pick-Up Artist/Rapture
 - Georges Delerue - Kritzerland
Pino Donaggio: Canzoni Per Il Cinema
 - Pino Donaggio - Quartet
Stick Man - Rene Aubry - Magic Light [CD-R]
Tom Sawyer 
- Richard M. Sherman, Robert B. Sherman, John Williams - Quartet
Total Recall
 - Jerry Goldsmith - Quartet 

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Film Score Friday 12/18/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 12/17/2015 - 9:00 PM
Quartet has announced four new CD releases -- a two-disc edition, 25th anniversary edition of Jerry Goldsmith's TOTAL RECALL, featuring the complete score as well as the original CD sequencing, along with previously unreleased takes and source cues; a two-disc version of the 1973 movie musical version of TOM SAWYER which earned an Oscar nomination for Richard M. & Robert B. Sherman's song score and John Williams' music adaptation; PINO DONAGGIO: CANZONI PER IL CINEMA features new recordings of songs composed by Donaggio including ones written for films; and FERNANDO VELAZQUEZ: CONCERT SUITES/MUSIC FOR FILMS, with the composer conducting concert suites based on his film scores, including his two first-rate films for director J.A. Bayona, The Orphanage and The Impossible.

The latest release from Varese Sarabande's LP to CD subscription series is John Scott's score for the 1987 suspense drama THE WHISTLE BLOWER, starring Michael Caine as a man who uncovers a government conspiracy when he tries to investigate the death of his adult son.

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences has announced the scores and songs that will be eligible for the 2015 Oscar nominations. Those lists can be found at the end of this column, as well as the short-lists for several other categories (I've just added the shortlist for Foreign Language Film, which was announced yesterday)

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Film Score Friday 12/11/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 12/10/2015 - 9:00 PM
Intrada has announced four new releases to close out 2015.

Billy Wilder's 1944 film version of James M. Cain's classic novel Double Indemnity is one of the pivotal films in the history of film noir, and received seven Oscar nominations including Best Picture and one for the original score by Miklos Rozsa, whose work on the film helped establish him as a top noir composer. Intrada's new two-disc set DOUBLE INDEMNITY: FILM NOIR AT PARAMOUNT brings together surviving score tracks from seven Paramount thrillers from the 1940s and '50s -- Rozsa's DOUBLE INDEMNITY, with 38 minutes of music; Wilder's cult classic journalism melodrama ACE IN THE HOLE, whose score by Hugo Friedhofer was short-listed for an Oscar nomination; Franz Waxman's music for the film expansion of Lucille Fletcher's classic radio play SORRY, WRONG NUMBER; William Wyler's 1955 THE DESPERATE HOURS, with cues by original composer Gail Kubik (some dropped from the final film, which ultimately dialed out most of his contribution) as well as an additional cue by Daniele Amfitheatrof; Leith Stevens' music for director Michael Curtiz' little seen THE SCARLET HOUR, featuring the great Elaine Stritch in her film debut; Heinz Romheld's uncredited music for UNION STATION, reteaming Sunset Blvd. stars William Holden and Nancy Olson; and 29 minutes of music from Victor Young's I WALK ALONE, the first teaming of Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster.

Director Jack Clayton hired his frequent collaborator Georges Delerue for the lavish, Disney-produced 1983 film version of Ray Bradbury's fantasy classic SOMETHING WICKED THIS WAY COMES, and while Delerue's score entirely dropped during the lengthy post-production period (replaced by a new score by James Horner which Bradbury loved), Intrada's 74-minute CD features the complete Delerue score as well as alternates and source cues (the label previously released Horner's score).

Christopher Young scored the 2014 Chinese fantasy action-adventure THE MONKEY KING starring Donnie Yen and Chow Yun-Fat, and Intrada's soundtrack CD features 73 minutes of his music.

Tim Burton's romantic fantasy EDWARD SCISSORHANDS featured one of Danny Elfman's most gorgeous and popular scores, and Intrada's expanded release of Elfman's music comes as the film celebrates its 25th anniversary.

La-La Land has just released the soundtrack to the hit Christmas horror comedy KRAMPUS, starring Adam Scott, Toni Colette and Allison Tolman, with music by Douglas Pipes (Monster House, Trick 'r' Treat).

The latest release from Kritzerland pairs two scores by Georges Delerue previously released on separate CDs by Intrada -- writer-director James Toback's 1987 romantic comedy THE PICK-UP ARTIST, pairing Molly Ringwald and Robert Downey Jr. (only 21 when the movie was filmed), and the 1965 drama RAPTURE, with Melvyn Douglas, Dean Stockwell, and Sundays and Cybele child star Patricia Gozzi.

On January 15, Varese Sarabande will release the soundtrack to REMEMBER, the 13th(!) Atom Egoyan movie scored by Oscar winner Mychael Danna.

Quartet is expected to announce their final soundtrack releases of 2015 next week.

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Film Score Friday 12/4/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 12/3/2015 - 9:00 PM
La-La Land has announced their latest batch of "Black Friday" releases -- a two-disc, greatly expanded release of 1990 Best Picture winner DANCES WITH WOLVES, for which John Barry won his fifth and final Oscar; a two-disc, greatly expanded release of 1995 Best Picture winner BRAVEHEART, for which James Horner's score competed against his own Apollo 13 for an Oscar (but lost to Luis Bacalov; Horner would win two years for that ocean liner movie); a two-disc, greatly expanded release of Dimitri Tiomkin's Oscar-nominated score for George Stevens' family epic GIANT; James Horner's score for the 1994 animated/live action fantasy THE PAGEMASTER, remastered and with some additional cues; and a two-disc anniversary issue of John Williams' Oscar-nominated HOME ALONE, including the complete score, previously unreleased music, and the original soundtrack sequencing.

Intrada will be announcing their final CDs for 2015 next Monday. Odds are that none of them will be soundtracks from the Jaws films.

Music Box is releasing for the first time the soundtrack to director John Frankenheimer's final film, the heist thriller REINDEER GAMES, with music by Alan Silvestri (the project was originally announced to be scored by Frankenheimer's long-time collaborator Jerry Goldsmith). They are also releasing Laurent Eyquem's score for ENGRAGES, the remake of Mario Bava's Rabid Dogs, and re-releasing their expanded edition of Ennio Morricone's LOLITA.

Kritzerland is releasing VICTOR YOUNG AT PARAMOUNT, VOL. 2, featuring music from four of Young's scores - The Proud and Profane, Forever Female, Little Boy Lost and My Favorite Spy

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