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Film Score Friday 5/22/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 5/21/2015 - 9:00 PM
Varese Sarabande has announced a new subscription series of limited edition soundtrack CDs. Once a month for the next year, beginning with Charles Bernstein's score for the 1986 horror film APRIL FOOL'S DAY, the label will release a CD featuring the contents of one of their earlier soundtrack LPs that had yet to be released on CD.

Music Box has announced two new releases --  a remastered edition (with the same cues from the earlier Milan release) of Antoine Duhamel's score for Francois Truffaut's romantic thriller MISSISSIPPI MERMAID, starring Jean-Paul Belmondo and Catherine Deneuve and based on Cornel Woolrich's Waltz Into Darkness (and later remade as Original Sin, with Antonio Banderas and Angelina Jolie and a score by Terence Blanchard); and an expanded version of Ennio Morricone's score for the 1971 heist thriller LE CASSE (THE BURGLARS).

The latest release from Quartet is a four-disc set titled ANTONIONI: SUONI DEL SILENZIO, featuring the scores from four of director Michelangelo Antonioni's early films -- L'Avventura (Givoanni Fusco), La Notte (Giorgio Gaslini), L'Eclisse, and Il Deserto Rosso [The Red Desert] (both Fusco)

Intrada plans to release two new CDs next week. 

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Film Score Friday 5/15/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 5/14/2015 - 9:00 PM
Intrada has released two new, two-disc soundtracks this week -- David Shire's gorgeous and imaginative music for Walter Murch's stylish 1985 fantasy sequel RETURN TO OZ, featuring Shire's complete score plus several alternates as well as the original album sequencing from the Sonic Atmospheres LP, later released on CD by Bay Cities; and Alan Silvestri's rousing sci-fi action score for the 1995 film version of JUDGE DREDD, which will include both his first recording of his score in London, selections of which were featured on the original soundtrack CD, as well as the Los Angeles re-recordings which were featured in the final film -- plus the original cue Jerry Goldsmith composed and recorded for the film's trailer before scheduling conflicts kept him from scoring the actual film.

The latest release from Kritzerland presents Bernard Herrmann's exciting, percussive score for the 1953 adventure film WHITE WITCH DOCTOR. Many film music fans were first exposed to this score in a suite conducted by Charles Gerhardt for RCA's great Herrmann compilation album in the 70s, and the full score was released for the first time just a few years ago with Varese Sarabande's epic Bernard Herrmann at 20th Century Fox collection. The Kritzerland release features the same cues as the Varese box.

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Film Score Friday 5/8/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 5/7/2015 - 9:00 PM
Intrada plans to release two new CDs next week.
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Film Score Friday 5/1/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 4/30/2015 - 9:00 PM
Intrada announced three new CDs this week -- a two-disc release of Jerry Goldsmith's score for the 1996 adventure thriller THE GHOST AND THE DARKNESS, with Stephen Hopkins directing an original William Goldman screenplay (inspired by the true story that also inspired the early 3D film Bwana Devil) with Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer stalking a pair of man-killing lions in 19th century Africa, feauring both the full film score as well as the original CD sequencing; a CD featuring three previously unreleased David Newman scores for Paramount productions -- the Saturday Night Live sci-fi comedy spinoff CONEHEADS, the barely-released baseball drama TALENT FOR THE GAME, and the 1992 animated short THE ITSY BITSY SPIDER; and the new Disney Legacy release of the music from their 1955 classic LADY AND THE TRAMP, a two-disc set featuring the Oliver Wallace score and the Peggy Lee songs, which will receive wider distribution later this year.

The latest special release from Varese Sarabande is BACK IN TIME...1985 THE CONCERT EXPERIENCE, a $250 package that includes two tickets to the label's June 11 concert in Redondo Beach, California, premier passes to meet the composers, posters of the event, and a six-CD boxed set including newly recorded cues from the films of 1985 (conducted by David Newman), as well as previously released material including the soundtrack to The Goonies and the label's re-recordings of the Back to the Future trilogy, The Black Cauldron, Out of Africa and Pee-Wee's Big Adventure.

La-La Land has announced two upcoming CDs due in May, both expanded releases of scores for Paramount productions from the 1990s, each an Oscar-nominated film with a score by an Oscar winning composer. On May 5 they will release an expanded version of Howard Shore's charming and melodic score for writer-director Robert Benton's wonderful 1994 film version of Richard Russo's novel NOBODY'S FOOL, with an Oscar-nominated Paul Newman leading an A-list cast including Jessica Tandy, Bruce Willis, Melanie Griffith and Philip Seymour Hoffman. On May 19 they will release a two-disc edition of Dave Grusin's Oscar-nominated score for director Sydney Pollack's hit 1993 film version of John Grisham's best-seller THE FIRM, starring Tom Cruise, Gene Hackman, Jeanne Tripplehorn, Ed Harris, David Strathairn, Gary Busey, Wilford Brimley, Steven Hill, Hal Holbrook, and an Oscar-nominated Holly Hunter; the same day they will also present a 30th anniversary re-release of James Horner's COMMANDO

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Film Score Friday 4/24/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 4/23/2015 - 9:00 PM
Next week Intrada plans to release two new CDs.

This coming Monday at noon, Varese Sarabande plans to announce a new six-disc CD set.

The latest limited edition release from Dragon's Domain is a remastered and expanded edition of Richard Band's sequel score for BRIDE OF RE-ANIMATOR.

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Film Score Friday 4/17/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 4/16/2015 - 9:00 PM
Intrada has announced two new CDs, of scores being commercially released for the first time -- David Shire's score for OLD BOYFRIENDS, the 1979 comedy-drama which marked the directorial debut of Nashville screenwriter Joan Tewkesbury, starring the composer's then-wife Talia Shire as a woman who tracks down her ex-boyfriends, played by Richard Jordan, Keith Carradine and John Belushi; and the score for Wes Craven's 2005 hit RED EYE, with Rachel McAdams as a passenger on a flight who finds herself embroiled in an assassination plot by a handsome stranger (Cillian Murphy) -- Red Eye is the fifth of seven (to date) Craven films scored by two-time Oscar nominee Marco Beltrami.
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Film Score Friday 4/10/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 4/9/2015 - 9:00 PM
Music Box has announced two new, upcoming CD releases -- the music for the 2012 remake of the classic 1980 splatter film MANIAC, previously released only on LP but now with additional cues from the score by Robin Coudert, aka "Rob" (Horns); and a CD pairing two scores by Michel Legrand for films starring French star Annie Girardot: the marital drama LES FEUX DE LA CHANDELEUR (Hearth Fires), and the comedy LA VIEILLE FILLE (The Old Maid).

Varese Sarabande has announced plans to release the score for the upcoming miniseries THE DOVEKEEPERS, which retells the story of the siege of Masada (best known to less historically-minded film music fans from ABC's all-star 1981 miniseries Masada, with its Emmy-winning score by Jerry Goldsmith) from the piont of view of the women. The music was composed by three-time Emmy winner Jeff Beal (House of Cards, Roma, Appaloosa).

Intrada plans to release two new CDs next week.

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CD Checklist 2014
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 4/7/2015 - 9:00 PM
Finally, more than three months late, the CD checklist for 2014. Alas, to add links for each CD would have meant another three-month-plus delay, so here it is, late and linkless:




JOSEPH ANDREWS (Kritzerland)




PLACIDO RIZZOTTO (Intermezzo Media)


THE DEAD 2 (Howlin' Wolf)






THE LOST EMPIRE (MovieScore Media)


TUPA (Beat)




THE YOUNG SAVAGES (Intrada Special Collection)


DONNA LEON (Alhambra)


P.J. (Kronos)




SHAFT (La-La Land)

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Film Score Friday 4/3/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 4/2/2015 - 9:00 PM
Intrada has announced two new releases this week -- John Barry's score for the seagoing romance THE DOVE, featuring the tracks from the original soundtrack LP as well bonus material including previously unreleased cues from mono stems, and LP cues that featured sound effects presented without the effects; and a two-disc set pairing an expanded and remastered version of Laurence Rosenthal's stirring score for THE RETURN OF A MAN CALLED HORSE with the first-ever release of his score for the 1999 TV remake of INHERIT THE WIND, starring Jack Lemmon and, in his final role, George C. Scott.

La-La Land has announced their current schedule of April releases. On April 7 they will release their two-disc set of music from the animated seies HE-MAN AND THE MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE, composed by Shuki Levy, Haim Saban and Erika Lane, and on April 21 they will release ZOMBEAVERS by our own Al & Jon Kaplan, as well as an expanded and remastered edition of the score to the 2007 remake of 3:10 TO YUMA, starring Christian Bale and Russell Crowe, which earned Marco Beltrami his first Oscar nomination.

Though they aren't listed on the label's website yet, Varese Sarabande is reportedly releasing soundtrack CDs for two acclaimed current TV series -- the prison comedy ORANGE IS THE NEW BLACK, scored by Gwendolyn Sanford, Brandon Jay and Scott Doherty, on May 12; and the British sci-fi thriller ORPHAN BLACK, scored by Trevor Yuile, on May 19. According to Amazon, the label will release a two-disc CD of music from THE NEWSROOM on June 16.

Dragon's Domain is following up its first-ever release of Nick Glennie Smith's score for A Sound of Thunder with a release of the LP tracks for the 1973 children's film THE BELSTONE FOX, directed by James Hill (Born Free) and scored by the great Laurie Johnson (First Men in the Moon, Captain Kronos Vampire Hunter, The Avengers)

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Film Score Friday 3/27/15
Posted By: Scott Bettencourt 3/26/2015 - 9:00 PM
La-La Land has announced plans to release the soundtrack to the horror comedy ZOMBEAVERS, which opened in Los Angeles last week. The film was scored and co-written by our own Jon & Al Kaplan, who, along with their many writings on film music, are the writers of the hit stage show Silence! The Musical, whose cast album is available on CD from Ghostlight.

Intrada plans to release two new CDs next week.

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