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Volume 29, No. 6
June 2024
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The Ark of Coker
Gareth Coker moves from the Ark video game to the Ark animated series on Paramount+.
Volume 29, Issue 6
A Matter of Sound
Jason Hill scores the Blake Crouch adaptation Dark Matter for Apple TV+.
Volume 29, Issue 5
Scherrer Story
Dominik Scherrer is a Tourist on a Boat trip.
Volume 29, Issue 5
Furukawa: The Last Airbender
Takeshi Furukawa tries his hand at the latest iteration of the popular franchise.
Volume 29, Issue 4
Listening Out for a New Look
Composer James S. Levine and music supervisor Mark Wike discuss their roles on the Apple TV+ show.
Volume 29, Issue 3
Feud: Newman vs. Newman
Julia Newman scores Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, with a title theme by her father Thomas.
Volume 29, Issue 2
Echo-es of the Choctaw
Dave Porter exits the Breaking Bad universe and joins the MCU.
Volume 29, Issue 2
Dawn of the Gilded Nugget
Harry Gregson-Williams returns to the Aardman animated franchise, and continues the story of The Gilded Age.
Volume 29, Issue 1
Joby Wonka
Joby Talbot teams with Neil Hannon to deliver the songs and score for the Willy Wonka prequel.
Volume 29, Issue 1
The Sound of Matessino
Craft Recordings releases a Super Deluxe album of the Rodgers & Hammerstein classic.
Volume 28, Issue 12
Monsieur John Williams
Universal Music France gets set to drop a whopping 20-CD box set of the master’s music.
Volume 28, Issue 11
Meme Themes
Will Bates scores Dumb Money and finds the sound of the GameStop meme stock craze.
Volume 28, Issue 10
Volker Spaces Out
Volker Bertelmann lands the sci-fi dramedy Jules, and revisits his Oscar-winning turn on All Quiet on the Western Front.
Volume 28, Issue 9
Max Steiner and Tony Thomas in Conversation
The father of film music is interviewed by Tony Thomas at Steiner’s Beverly Hills home in the fall of 1961.
Volume 28, Issue 9
Gluing Barbie Together
Matt Dunkley broadens the score by Mark Ronson and Andrew Wyatt.
Volume 28, Issue 8
Oppenheimer: Goransson Goes Nuclear
The composer reteams with Christopher Nolan for an explosive but also emotive soundtrack.
Volume 28, Issue 8
Carl Davis: In Memoriam
A brief audio tribute to the late composer.
Volume 28, Issue 8
Amblin Uncovered: The '90s, Part 2
A chronology of the best scores from the ’90s productions.
Volume 28, Issue 7
Alex Belcher reteams with Henry Jackman to score the Chris Hemsworth action sequel for Netflix.
Volume 28, Issue 7
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. Murphy
John Murphy picks up where Tyler Bates left off to complete James Gunn’s trilogy
Volume 28, Issue 6
Amblin Uncovered: The '90s, Part 1
A chronology of the best scores from the ’90s productions.
Volume 28, Issue 6
Mamma Heffes
Alex Heffes joins the mob with Catherine Hardwicke and Toni Collette.
Volume 28, Issue 4
Christopher Gunning, R.I.P. (1944 - 2023)
A discussion and musical tribute dedicated to the late composer.
Volume 28, Issue 4
A Soundtrack Frenzy, Part 2
Quartet pairs Mancini with Goodwin in a celebration of one of Hitchcock’s final films.
Volume 28, Issue 3
Burt Bacharach: We Say a Little Prayer
Enjoy a rapid-fire audio tribute to the master songwriter.
Volume 28, Issue 3
Herdis Is Knock-ing at the Door
Stefánsdóttir breaks out with M. Night Shyamalan’s latest.
Volume 28, Issue 2
A Soundtrack Frenzy, Part 1
Quartet pairs Mancini with Goodwin in a celebration of one of Hitchcock’s final films.
Volume 28, Issue 2
From the Archives: The ResurRaksin of David
A double-dose of David Raksin archival interviews.
Volume 28, Issue 1
Justin Freer: CineConcert Master
The conductor discusses his work with CineConcerts, including The Godfather Live.
Volume 27, Issue 12
From the Archives: James Horner Talks Avatar
The composer speaks with Hilary Oliver about his new score, and the state of film music in 2009.
Volume 27, Issue 12
Reading Sir Malcolm Arnold
A discussion with Arnold expert Neil Brand, focusing on the underappreciated composer and the recent book.
Volume 27, Issue 12
Elmer Bernstein on The Cinema Soundtrack
The composer sounds off in a 1979 KKSY interview with John Capps.
Volume 27, Issue 11
The Score for Good and Evil
Theodore Shapiro creates a musical universe for Paul Feig’s Netflix film, and dishes on Ben Stiller’s Severance.
Volume 27, Issue 11
The Shearman Hour
James Shearman talks Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League and more.
Volume 27, Issue 11
A Zigman's Blues
Aaron Zigman scores Tyler Perry’s latest.
Volume 27, Issue 10
Amie Doherty joins the MCU with She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.
Volume 27, Issue 10
Wallfisch Out of Water
Benjamin Wallfisch scores Ron Howard’s Thirteen Lives.
Volume 27, Issue 10
Vincent DeRosa, R.I.P (1920 - 2022)
The renowned session player passes at the age of 101.
Volume 27, Issue 8
In the Words of Victor Young
A special archival interview of Victor Young by Anne St. John.
Volume 27, Issue 8
Obi-One: Natalie Holt
The composer travels from the MCU to the ever-expanding Star Wars Universe.
Volume 27, Issue 7
Obi-Two: William Ross
John Williams’ orchestrator/adapter discusses his work on the Disney+ show, and various highlights of his long career.
Volume 27, Issue 7
John Frizzell Gets to Score
Twenty-six years later, the composer returns to the Beavis and Butt-Head universe.
Volume 27, Issue 7
Bernstein and Mancini in Conversation, Part 2
Elmer Bernstein interviews Henry Mancini in 1978.
Volume 27, Issue 6
John Lunn's New Era
The composer makes yet another stop at Downton for the latest installment of the Julian Fellowes franchise.
Volume 27, Issue 6
Remembering Vangelis (1943 - 2022)
An audio tribute to the late pioneer.
Volume 27, Issue 6
Kings of The Northman
Robin Carolan and Sebastian Gainsborough join Robert Eggers’ Viking quest for vengeance.
Volume 27, Issue 5
The Gregson-Williams Age
The Gregson-Williams brothers detail their lush, melodic scoring for Julian Fellowes’ The Gilded Age, plus Harry’s recent documentary music.
Volume 27, Issue 5
Moon Note
Hesham Nazih scores the Marvel/Disney+ series starring Oscar Isaac, Ethan Hawke and F. Murray Abraham.
Volume 27, Issue 5
Bernstein and Mancini in Conversation, Part 1
Elmer Bernstein interviews Henry Mancini in 1978.
Volume 27, Issue 4
BONUS: Batu Goes Buck Wild
John Powell associate Batu Sener takes the reins of the Ice Age franchise.
Volume 27, Issue 4
Doyle on the Nile
Patrick Doyle scores Death on the Nile for Kenneth Branagh.
Volume 27, Issue 2
Dreaming of Redeeming Scream in 1883
Brian Tyler scores Scream, Redeeming Love, 1883 and more.
Volume 27, Issue 2
Bernstein and Addison in Conversation
Elmer Bernstein interviews John Addison.
Volume 27, Issue 2
Nathan's Nightmare
Nathan Johnson teams with Guillermo del Toro on Nightmare Alley.
Volume 27, Issue 1
All The King's Men
Dominic Lewis and Matthew Margeson score Matthew Vaughn’s Kingsman prequel.
Volume 27, Issue 1
2021 in Review: Film Music on Lockdown
Tim and Saul take the scenic route of the year in soundtracks.
Volume 27, Issue 1
Ghostbusters After Elmer
Rob Simonsen, Peter Bernstein and Curt Sobel help resurrect Elmer Bernstein’s work for Afterlife.
Volume 26, Issue 12
Star-Lord Plays His Favorites
The new Guardians of the Galaxy video game touches down with a dynamic superhero score by Richard Jacques.
Volume 26, Issue 11
Amblin Uncovered, Part 2
A chronology of the best scores from the ’80s productions, minus the tentpole films directed by Steven Spielberg.
Volume 26, Issue 11
Henry's Gone Wrong
Henry Jackman scores Locksmith Animation’s debut theatrical release.
Volume 26, Issue 10
Amblin Uncovered, Part 1
A chronology of the best scores from the ’80s productions, minus the tentpole films directed by Steven Spielberg.
Volume 26, Issue 10
Hans Bond: Zimmer, Live From the World Premiere of No Time to Die
The composer discusses the long-awaited score in some brief audio excerpts.
Volume 26, Issue 10
Free Beck
Christophe Beck reunites with director Shawn Levy for the Ryan Reynolds blockbuster.
Volume 26, Issue 9
Star Trek II: The Remastered Album Discussion (Expanded Edition*)
A discussion with producer Neil S. Bulk and Trek scholar Deniz Cordell -- plus a CD giveaway!
Volume 26, Issue 9
Bernstein and Friedhofer in Conversation, Part 2
A film music legend interviews a film music giant, circa 1974.
Volume 26, Issue 8
Scoring in the Key of Loki
Natalie Holt lands an otherworldly assignment.
Volume 26, Issue 8
Bernstein and Friedhofer in Conversation, Part 1
A film music legend interviews a film music giant, circa 1974.
Volume 26, Issue 7
Shadow and Joe
Joseph Trapanese discusses Shadow and Bone, and a whole lot more.
Volume 26, Issue 6
Stephanie's Legacy
Stephanie Economou scores the Netflix event, Jupiter’s Legacy.
Volume 26, Issue 5
Stefan Gregory Dig's Deep
The composer scores his first feature film, a Netflix premiere.
Volume 26, Issue 4
1991: Scores of Scores - A 30th-Anniversary Retrospective
An audio retrospective of some of the top scores from three decades ago.
Volume 26, Issue 2
2020 in Review: Burden's Best Creatures From TV
Tim Burden charts the year in British television.
Volume 26, Issue 1
In the Key of D (D-D-D-D-Dora)
John Debney and Germaine Franco go on an adventure with Dora and the Lost City of Gold, plus the word on Brian Banks.
Volume 24, Issue 8
Arnold vs. Anti-Christ
David Arnold scores a playful apocalypse for Good Omens.
Volume 24, Issue 5
Loving It up With John Debney
The composer scores Isn’t It Romantic, Dora the Explorer, The Orville and more.
Volume 24, Issue 2
Cleaning up at Sundance
Kathryn Bostic discusses festival favorites Clemency and Toni Morrison: The Pieces I Am.
Volume 24, Issue 2
Revisiting Shadowlands
A Q&A with George Fenton at the C.S. Lewis Festival in Belfast.
Volume 23, Issue 11
Mark and Me
Mark McKenzie breaks down his score to the unreleased film Max and Me.
Volume 23, Issue 6
Talking to the Animals
A 50th anniversary conversation between Mike Matessino and Leslie Bricusse about Doctor Dolittle.
Volume 23, Issue 2
The Patrick Doyle Express
The composer climbs aboard Murder on the Orient Express.
Volume 22, Issue 11
Composer's Log, Supplemental
Bruce Broughton discusses his music for the upcoming Seth MacFarlane series The Orville.
Volume 22, Issue 8
By Moonlight
A conversation with Nicholas Britell.
Volume 22, Issue 2
Beyond the Sea
A conversation with Manchester by the Sea’s Lesley Barber.
Volume 21, Issue 12
Gavin Greenaway: A View From the Podium
The composer and conductor discusses the course of his career.
Volume 21, Issue 9
From the Archives: Richard Kaufman Rewind
A look back on the varied career of conductor Richard Kaufman.
Volume 21, Issue 4
Sir George Martin: In Memoriam
Remembering the late record producer and AIR-Edel founder.
Volume 21, Issue 3
2015 1985 in Review: Gotta Get Back in Time
A musical montage of the best of 30 years ago.
Volume 21, Issue 1
From the Archives: John Williams, 1978
A vintage interview with the Star Wars Maestro.
Volume 20, Issue 12
Fenton and a Lady
George Fenton and pianist Clare Hammond speak about their musical collaboration on The Lady in the Van.
Volume 20, Issue 11
Don't Pan-ic
John Powell talks about his score to Joe Wright’s latest effort.
Volume 20, Issue 10
In Memoriam: James Horner
Hugh Seenan and other Horner colleagues remember the late composer.
Volume 20, Issue 7
Cinderella: A Chat with Maggie Rodford
Tim Burden speaks with music producer Maggie Rodford about Cinderella.
Volume 20, Issue 5
Cinderella: Patrick Doyle Casts His Spell
The composer scores a live-action adaptation of the classic fairy tale.
Volume 20, Issue 3
Pollyanna (2003): Audio Review and Composer Commentary
Christopher Gunning speaks about the recently released Pollyanna.
Volume 20, Issue 2
2014 in Review: From the Archives
Tim Burden shares his favorite releases of older film scores.
Volume 20, Issue 1
“Where It All Begins” for Patrick Neil Doyle
Patrick Neil Doyle’s feature film debut: The Legend of Longwood.
Volume 19, Issue 10
Mixing It Up with Dennis Sands
Dennis Sands looks back on his score engineering career.
Volume 19, Issue 9
In Train-ing With John Powell
Powell scores the Dreamworks animated blockbuster How to Train Your Dragon 2.
Volume 19, Issue 5
Revealing Hidden Kingdoms
Ben Foster discusses his work on the BBC series.
Volume 19, Issue 5
Of Royalty and Loyalty
Sir Kenneth Branagh looks back on his 25-year collaboration with Patrick Doyle.
Volume 19, Issue 4
The Road to Calvary
Patrick Cassidy scores the new Brendan Gleeson film.
Volume 19, Issue 3
You Don't Know Jack
Scoring Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit with Team Paramount and Patrick Doyle.
Volume 19, Issue 1
Wiseman's Whale
Debbie Wiseman discusses her latest work, including the BBC’s The Whale.
Volume 18, Issue 12
Desplat: Live From Ghent
From Ghent, Desplat teases Monuments Men and previews the upcoming Philomena.
Volume 18, Issue 11
A Hollywood in Vienna Diary
A celebration of all things James Horner.
Volume 18, Issue 10
The Adore-ation of Christopher Gordon
The Australian composer scores the new Naomi Watts/Robin Wright film, Adore.
Volume 18, Issue 9
Russ Hour
Orchestrator Patrick Russ discusses his lengthy career with some of the giants of film music.
Volume 18, Issue 9
Composer Commentary: Red 2
Alan Silvestri offers his take on two cues from his latest comedy action thriller.
Volume 18, Issue 8
The Glory of Debney's Jobs
John Debney scores the Steve Jobs biopic.
Volume 18, Issue 8
Summer in July
Benjamin Wallfisch scores the new WWII drama Summer in February.
Volume 18, Issue 7
Jon Heely and the Disney Concerts
Disney Studios’ Head of Music Research talks film music beyond the film.
Volume 18, Issue 7
Nerves of Steel
Hans Zimmer retools Superman’s sonic landscape in Man of Steel.
Volume 18, Issue 6
What About Bob Bornstein?
Paramount’s music librarian relives 50 years in the industry.
Volume 18, Issue 6
Lights, Camera, Karen!
Flutist Karen Smith talks about her career in and out of the film music industry.
Volume 18, Issue 5
Holdridge On Stage: Dulce Rosa
Lee Holdridge tackles a new opera for Placido Domingo and L.A. Opera.
Volume 18, Issue 4
Oscar Talk with William Ross
The composer/conductor takes the podium again for the Academy Awards.
Volume 18, Issue 2
Joel McNeely's Pixie Dust
McNeely talks Tinkerbell and the Secret of the Wings and Oscar.
Volume 18, Issue 2
2012 in Review: Tim's Top 12
Tim Burden looks back at a dozen great scores.
Volume 18, Issue 1
Lounging With Legrand
Three-time Oscar winner Michel Legrand looks back on his 50-year musical career.
Volume 17, Issue 12
Bond's New Man
Thomas Newman inherits the musical reins of the 007 franchise with Skyfall.
Volume 17, Issue 11
Signs of the Times: James Newton Howard
On the eve of his honorary concert at The World Soundtrack Awards in Ghent, JNH looks back on four decades of film music.
Volume 17, Issue 10
Before the Parade Passes By: Dirk Brosse
Dirk Brossé scores the new BBC/HBO World War I miniseries, Parade’s End.
Volume 17, Issue 9
Christian Henson Grabs Ya!
Henson scores the new Irish horror film, Grabbers.
Volume 17, Issue 9
Gergely Hubai: Talking Taboo
The author discusses his new book, Torn Music: Rejected Scores, A Selected History.
Volume 17, Issue 8
Note by Note: The Expendables 2
Audio commentary from Brian Tyler.
Volume 17, Issue 8
Brian Tyler Not Expendable 2
Brian Tyler talks Stallone, Universal, Terra Nova and John Williams.
Volume 17, Issue 8
David Arnold Scores Olympic Gold
Arnold scores the closing ceremonies for London 2012.
Volume 17, Issue 7
Home of the Brave
On the scoring stage with Patrick Doyle and the musical team for Pixar’s latest.
Volume 17, Issue 6
Silvestri Assembles
Alan scores one of the biggest box-office smashes of all-time.
Volume 17, Issue 5
Gunning for the Queen
Christopher Gunning writes for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebration.
Volume 17, Issue 5
Mid-Issue Bonus! Patrick Doyle Is Brave
An exclusive sneak peek at Pixar’s latest.
Volume 17, Issue 5
Titanic: A Historical Perspective
On the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic, John Altman discusses the historical music used in the film.
Volume 17, Issue 4
Blowin' in the Wind: Tom Boyd
Hear from the man who played the oboe solos in Cast Away and many more.
Volume 17, Issue 3
Where There's a Will, There's a Way
Nigel Clarke and Michael Csányi-Wills score Will, a boy’s journey to Bosnia.
Volume 17, Issue 2
A Sure Brett, Part 1
James Seymour Brett talks about his work with Michael Kamen and his work on Batman Live.
Volume 17, Issue 2
2011 in Review: 10 Things I Didn't Know This Time Last Year
Tim Burden offers up a different take on 2011’s film music.
Volume 17, Issue 1
Pope Conrad I: Marilyn and More
Conrad Pope scores a bit of Hollywood glamour with My Week With Marilyn.
Volume 16, Issue 11
Rumon Gamba and the Chandos Sound
The conductor helms classic film music re-recordings with spacious sound.
Volume 16, Issue 11
William Ross' Very Stoner Christmas
Ross dons his musical gay apparel with A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas.
Volume 16, Issue 11
Christopher Gordon's Crawl Space
Gordon offers up this world premiere of his latest thriller score for FSMO readers.
Volume 16, Issue 10
Richard Kaufman Conducts Tiomkin
The celebrated conductor discusses his long career and the upcoming Dimitri Tiomkin concert with the LSO.
Volume 16, Issue 9
Debbie Wiseman's Piano Stories
The talented film and television composer releases her first recital CD for solo piano.
Volume 16, Issue 9
Great Scott!
John Scott discusses a life in film music.
Volume 16, Issue 8
Patrick Doyle Goes Bananas!
The composer doesn’t monkey around with Rise of the Planet of the Apes.
Volume 16, Issue 8
So Long, Harry!
Alexandre Desplat wraps up The Deathly Hallows—and the entire Harry Potter franchise.
Volume 16, Issue 7
It All Ends: The Music of Hogwarts
Take an audio trip through a decade worth of musical wizardry.
Volume 16, Issue 7
Captain Silvestri
Alan Silvestri scores the latest Marvel Comics superhero.
Volume 16, Issue 7
Thor Kills the Destroyer: The Unreleased Cues
Exclusive alternate audio tracks from the recent Doyle blockbuster.
Volume 16, Issue 6
Patrick Doyle and the God of Thunder, Part 2
Doyle and his orchestrator James Shearman discuss the rest of Thor, plus Apes, Brave and more.
Volume 16, Issue 5
Scherrer Genius
Dominik Scherrer talks music, Monroe and Marple.
Volume 16, Issue 5
A Brief Moment of Hans: Pirates in Short
Zimmer discusses On Stranger Tides in this mini-feature.
Volume 16, Issue 5
Blame It on Rio: Powell Takes Flight
John Powell crafts a musical Carnival for the new animated hit from 20th Century Fox.
Volume 16, Issue 4
Patrick Doyle and the God of Thunder, Part 1
Doyle reteams with director Kenneth Branagh for the Marvel Comics Norse tale, Thor.
Volume 16, Issue 4
No Plain Jane
Oscar-winner Dario Marianelli returns to the classics with his score for Jane Eyre.
Volume 16, Issue 3
Atli Orvarsson and The Eagle
Ice to Meet You.
Volume 16, Issue 3
The CBSO at the Movies!
The City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra celebrates film music.
Volume 16, Issue 3
We Have All the Time in the World: A Tribute to John Barry
Tim Burden chats with some of the musicians who contributed to John Barry’s inimitable sound.
Volume 16, Issue 2
Debbie Wiseman: A Promise Fulfilled
The composer scores the new series for Channel 4, and looks back at the path that led her here.
Volume 16, Issue 2
2010 in Review: Listen Around You
Put on your listening shoes, because Tim Burden is about to go wild!
Volume 16, Issue 1
Gunning for It
With a new Chandos CD of his work, Christopher Gunning discusses his varied career.
Volume 16, Issue 1
Bon Voyage, David Arnold!
David Arnold helms the latest Chronicles of Narnia chapter, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader.
Volume 15, Issue 12
Mahler at 150
A celebration of Gustav Mahler’s 150th birthday and his enduring legacy.
Volume 15, Issue 12
Don Hahn, Be Our Guest!
Producer Don Hahn discusses the new Blu-ray/DVD edition of Beauty and the Beast.
Volume 15, Issue 11
Dante's Peek: Down The Hole Without Jerry
Joe Dante returns to feature directing with The Hole 3-D.
Volume 15, Issue 10
Let Me In: Director Matt Reeves on Giacchino
Michael scores monsters.
Volume 15, Issue 10
A Silvestri Lining, Part 2
The composer talks Zemeckis, Roger Rabbit and more, in the 32-minute conclusion to our audio piece.
Volume 15, Issue 9
Barrington For Long, Part 2
Pheloung talks Lewis, Hilary and Jackie, and more.
Volume 15, Issue 9
Craig Armstrong: Money in the Bank
A look at Craig Armstrong’s career and his latest, Oliver Stone’s Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
Volume 15, Issue 9
Brian Tyler Not Expendable
Stallone’s go-to guy delivers on all counts.
Volume 15, Issue 8
A Silvestri Lining, Part 1
Alan returns to FSMO with a kind vengeance.
Volume 15, Issue 8
In Your Dreams!
Dreamweaver Hans Zimmer scores Christopher Nolan’s Inception without seeing the film.
Volume 15, Issue 7
Barrington For Long, Part 1
The first half of our massive audio interview opens a window into the musical world of Barrington Pheloung, and his take on film music politics.
Volume 15, Issue 7
Beauty and The Beastmaster: The Career of Lee Holdridge
The Emmy-winning composer discusses his 40-year career in film and television.
Volume 15, Issue 6
MovieScore Media Celebrates a Milestone
An interview with MSM’s man-in-charge, Mikael Carlsson.
Volume 15, Issue 6
Rockin' Robin: Marc Streitenfeld Scores Robin Hood
Marc Streitenfeld takes on the Robin Hood legend for director Ridley Scott.
Volume 15, Issue 5
Cressida Cowell Talks John Powell
The author of the Viking childrens’ books talks about the new film adaptation of How to Train Your Dragon.
Volume 15, Issue 4
Schifrin In Conversation
Tim Burden speaks with legendary composer Lalo Schifrin.
Volume 15, Issue 4
Michael, Meet Oscar
Mr. Giacchino talks it Up.
Volume 15, Issue 3
Whatchu Talkin' About, Arnold?
David Arnold talks candidly about his career, his goals and his upcoming projects.
Volume 15, Issue 2
Marco, Buck and Oscar
Beltrami and Sanders ponder their recent Academy Award nomination.
Volume 15, Issue 2
The Evolution of Creation
Christopher Young jerks some serious tears with his heavenly score for the Darwinian drama.
Volume 15, Issue 2
The Rodford Files
Air-Edel’s Managing Director speaks humbly of her impressive film music accomplishments.
Volume 15, Issue 1
Best of 2009: Jon and Al Make a Recording
You know that new sound you’re looking for? Well listen to this!
Volume 15, Issue 1
Turning Blue: The James Horner Interview!
The legendary composer speaks, about his music for Avatar, working with Jim Cameron, and more.
Volume 14, Issue 12
What Up, Holmes?
The ever-candid Hans Zimmer talks about his latest score, for Sherlock Holmes.
Volume 14, Issue 12
Fantastic Mr. Desplat
Alexandre is back, with two big movies for the holiday season.
Volume 14, Issue 11
From the Director's Chair: Peter Chelsom
The director talks Hannah Montana and more.
Volume 14, Issue 10
Keeping Up With the Jones, Part 2
Trevor, that is. Part 2, that is.
Volume 14, Issue 9
Debbie Wiseman: Lesbian Vampire Scorer
Welcome to Part 2 of this month’s “Double Debbie Feature”—and no, Debbie Wiseman is not into lesbian vampires...
Volume 14, Issue 9
Keeping up With the Jones
Trevor, that is.
Volume 14, Issue 8
Giacchino's Endless Summer, Part 2
Up and Land of the Lost cap off a very busy month for Mr. Giacchino.
Volume 14, Issue 6
The Kingdom of Kent, Part 2
Rolfe is back for the rest of his candid, thought-provoking interview.
Volume 14, Issue 6
By George! Part 2
Fenton talks Jordan, Tennant, Interview With a Vampire and more.
Volume 14, Issue 6
Giacchino's Endless Summer
Star Trek is just the beginning of Michael Giacchino’s recent busyness.
Volume 14, Issue 5
By George!
George Fenton talks about his career and his latest projects.
Volume 14, Issue 5
The Kingdom of Kent, Part 1
Rolfe Kent talks about 17 Again, Hollywood film music trends and more.
Volume 14, Issue 4
David Pyatt: A Life in F
The LSO’s principal French horn player talks film music.
Volume 14, Issue 3
The Hunchback of Notre Doyle
Patrick Doyle talks about his latest work in our first all-U.K. audio interview.
Volume 14, Issue 2
Andrew's Journey
Andrew Lockington talks about Journey to the Center of the Earth, and that’s just the beginning.
Volume 13, Issue 8
The Incredible Craig
Mr. Armstrong takes on the big green guy.
Volume 13, Issue 6
Heavy Metal
Ramin Djawadi talks about his rock-based score for Iron Man.
Volume 13, Issue 5
Eli Roth's Scary Conversation
The director of Cabin Fever and the Hostel series talks horror music with Jeff Bond.
Volume 13, Issue 1
Alan Menken Is Enchanted
Volume 12, Issue 11
Eastern Shore
Howard’s latest Cronenberg collaboration.
Volume 12, Issue 9
Clinton's Campaign
George S. scores HBO’s acclaimed Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee.
Volume 12, Issue 8
FSMO Audio Archive: Catch Dan If You Can
In this 2003 interview, saxophonist Dan Higgins talks about working with John Williams, life as a studio musician, and more.
Volume 12, Issue 8
More Than Meets the Wand
Nicholas Hooper scores the latest Potter flick—but first, a little bit about how he got there.
Volume 12, Issue 7
Catching Up With Brian
Brian Tyler gives FSM the low-down on his recent work.
Volume 12, Issue 7
Mixing It Up: Deborah Lurie
The multi-talented musician talks about her work on Spider-Man 3, and that's just the beginning.
Volume 12, Issue 6
A Compound Fracture: Jeff Danna, Pt. 2
Volume 12, Issue 6
A Compound Fracture: Jeff Danna, Pt. 1
Jeff Danna talks about his latest work, co-composed with his brother, Mychael.
Volume 12, Issue 5
Order Up!
Andrew Hollander discusses his work on the indie hit, Waitress.
Volume 12, Issue 5
Locusts, Flies and a River of Blood
John Frizzell scores The Reaping.
Volume 12, Issue 4
One for the Ages: Tyler Bates
The busy composer talks about his recent score to 300.
Volume 12, Issue 3
The Conversation about Zodiac
David Shire is back, and we’re happy to hear it.
Volume 12, Issue 2
Thank You for the Music
An archival interview with the late, great Basil Poledouris.
Volume 11, Issue 12
Lord of the Crime Ring
Howard mixes it up once again for Scorsese's The Departed.
Volume 11, Issue 10
Cronenberg and Shore: Body and Soul
Director/composer teams seem fewer and farther between these days, but this one is going strong.
Volume 11, Issue 10
Inside Yared's Head
The Oscar-winning composer talks about his latest work and the state
of his art.

Volume 11, Issue 9
Lukas' Labors
FSM's creator and CD producer Lukas Kendall chats about producing CDs, including the new Bernstein box set.
Volume 11, Issue 9
Beal's Best Nightmare
The eclectic composer scores Stephen King’s recent TNT miniseries.
Volume 11, Issue 8
Debney Gone Idlewild
The busy composer tries his hand at hip hop.
Volume 11, Issue 7
Mission Accomplished: Michael Giacchino Speaks (AUDIO)
Michael Giacchino talks about M:I:3 and chimes in on the “Pencil vs. Keyboard” posting on the FSD message board.
Volume 11, Issue 5
From the Archives: Elmer Bernstein (AUDIO)
The world misses Elmer, and this 2002 interview will remind you why.
Volume 11, Issue 4
From the Archives: Alan Silvestri (AUDIO)
From 2001, Silvestri talks about the monumental task of composing the score for The Mummy Returns.
Volume 11, Issue 3
Mid-Issue Bonus: Tsotsi's Triumph (AUDIO)
Gemma Dempsey talks with the music makers behind this year’s Oscar-winner for Best Foreign Language Film.
Volume 11, Issue 3
Digital Downbeat:
Marco Beltrami Speaks (AUDIO)

Marco stretches out on Tommy Lee Jones’ Three Burials
Volume 11, Issue 2
From the Archives: Michael Kamen (AUDIO)
The late, great Michael Kamen in his last FSM interview.
Volume 11, Issue 2
Isham's Crash Course (AUDIO)
The versatile composer converses about his musical roots, as well as his unique score to the Oscar-nominated Crash.
Volume 11, Issue 2
Composers Speak! (V11N1)
Listen to FSM Online’s exclusive streaming audio Digital Downbeats!
Volume 11, Issue 1
What a Composer Likes (Vol. 11, No.1)
Those on the front lines give us their opinions on 2005...and more.
Volume 11, Issue 1
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