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 Posted:   Jan 19, 2021 - 12:44 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

This is my companion thread for episodes that have no credited composer, where I'll either just denote the ranking for it (like "six-star episode") and/or have some commentary for each episode.

As in my score thread in General Discussion states, I rank in a ten-star ranking system, with ten stars of course being the highest honor.

A link to the score thread:

MuTel Music cues links:

  • "opener":
  • "1234":
  • "lightly whimsical":
  • "comedy radio show music":
  • "Mike":
  • "lonely solo trombone":
  • "cymbal splash trumpet open":
  • "cymbal splash trumpet open #2":
  • "4 growling brass":
  • "brass poom/woodwinds runs":
  • "classical":
  • "untitled 123":
  • "Bernstein "Serpico"-sounding cue":
  • "untitled 5":
    ("The Last Mile" by Ronald Binge)

  • "Rifleman" ("Johnny Dollar" EDIT):
  • "act closer":
  • "romantic violin":
  • "New Orleans light jazz":
  • "lyrical downbeat contra clarinet":
  • "slow double clarinet open":
  • "12/1234":
  • "123BoomBoom456":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "":
  • "episode closer":
  • "end credits":

    CHARLES RUSSELL (1949 to January 14, 1950):

    This is the only episode score during his run that has no composer credited. Not counting, of course, the three episodes which currently are yet to be found or no longer survive.

    Since every episode thus far had a composer credited, I just assumed this one would, too, so I was noting time stamps. I've decided to leave them in for this one episode.

    "Who'd Like to Rock the Old Doll to Sleep?"
    (AKA: "Melanie Clark and the Unnice Niece", as some sites list it)

  • 1:42 in.
  • 4:37 in.
  • 7:32 in.
  • 9:41 in.
  • 13:27 in.
  • 20:29 in.

    An unremarkable six-star episode.

    "And there once again I bumped into what I learned to expect in my racket: thee unexpected."

     Posted:   Nov 1, 2023 - 1:57 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    STARTING: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    Just ignore the names I am giving to library cues; they're ways for me to identify the cues and may not necessarily be sensical to you or relevant.

    "The Trans-Pacific Import-Export Matter"

    RIGHT BEFORE we get to Bob Bailey, finally, there is one more to cover: Bailey was not the first person asked to play Dollar in 1955. No, in the same year they originally asked actor Gerald Mohr. This is his two-part audition episode which was not broadcast.

    Mohr sounds tired and unengaged. He was clearly the wrong choice. He got lucky with his audition, as the new format and music library is already in place for him, so it sounds like a Bob Bailey episode.

    (Score: 1:32 [Chinese music], 5:27 [1234], 9:10/and part of this is tracked after the first "weird woodwind opening" cue [untitled 1234 123; DONE], 9:56/12:37/22:17 [weird woodwind opening; SKIP], 12:17 [lonely solo trombone; SKIP], 13:07, 15:52 [Chinese music], 18:42 [opener], 19:21 [rarely heard cue], 25:36 [brass fanfare opening; DONE], and 26:33 [Chinese music].)

    Dollar: "Tomorrow: A complicated lesson in how to get shot at by your best friend and like it."

     Posted:   Nov 6, 2023 - 9:52 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Johnny Dollar is back, in comic book form, although re-imagined:

     Posted:   Nov 14, 2023 - 3:30 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    Please Note: For my own identification purposes I have been giving cues nick names and descriptions. Some may seem silly or odd, but it's all meant for me anyway. In 2025 when I hopefully start premiering the score, cues will retain the names below, that way if you are listening to an episode and want to hear that particular cue, you know what to click on.

    "[whimsical]" doesn't refer to any specific cue; it's a catch-all description. Except: "[lightly whimsical]", which does refer to a specific whimsical cue. "flute" or "flute open" are generic titles, since there are a few cues that open with a flute. "New Orleans light jazz" is a specific cue, "New Orleans jazz" is a generic title for anything that sounds like that.

    For times when I can't come up with a name for cues, but know they keep getting used, I'll just describe them as "re-occurring cue". If any of you think you have a good nick name for any of these, let me know and it might turn out I use it.

    And if I note that a cue is making its final appearance, I can't really know for sure since there are two dozen or so episodes missing. It's the last appearance for sure in all the available episodes.

    "The McCormack Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red screen)
    OLD LINK: (time stamps will not line up)

    Right off the bat the first episode of the Bailey run begins with the classic theme, the library music fans know, and it's the overall same quality production from any random episode of the Bailey run.

    And this is the only episode I can recall -- thus far -- that begins with no actual investigation Dollar is called to pursue.

    Trivia: Johnny said he had lunch "At Walgreens". I don't think you can do that at any locations in the U.S. anymore.

    (Score: 1:18/15:26/20:20/28:25/31:32/34:27/41:47!!!!/55:18/1:06:17 [opener; DONE], 6:52 [re-occurring cue], 7:11/24:43/38:30 [1234; DONE], 8:50/10:09/41:42 [untitled 1; DONE], 20:03/52:38/1:05:42 [weird woodwind opening; DONE], 22:51, 24:18 [racing ascending strings; DONE], 24:25 [brass and pacing violins open; DONE], 25:50/31:05 [quick descending brass open; DONE], 34:04 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 35:00 [quick trumpet jazz cue], 42:16, 26:31/46:40 [4 growling brass; DONE], 49:35, 58:40 [1234/open], 1:00:33 [cello and plucked strings], 1:01:51 [untitled 1234 123; DONE].)

    Johnny Gets Shot Count: 1 (this running tally will reflect the total number, not the per-episode count)
    [Place: Unspecified]

    RATING: *** *** *

    Dollar: "When the honeymoon was over, the safe was robbed."

    "The Molly K. Matter"
    TRACK JOB (begins 2:30 in)

    (Score: 3:38/16:20/41:01 [opener; DONE], 4:00 [semi re-occurring cue], 14:48 [racing ascending strings], 18:09 [maybe part of the Bernstein cue], 20:45 [12/1234; DONE], 26:41/46:41 [brass and pacing violins open; DONE], 27:17 [weird woodwind opening; DONE], 14:55/32:38/35:09 [4 growling brass; DONE], 38:36/46:18 [Chinese music], 47:38/51:31 [trembling string open/5 violin; DONE], 49:39, 56:13 [quick descending brass open; DONE], 57:28 [generic title: flute open], 59:44, and 1:02:38 [re-occurring cue].)

    RATING: *** *** *

    Dollar: "...he had the shoe on his foot before I even had it out of the box."

    "The Chesapeake Fraud Matter"

    A good episode that doesn't do much in the way of beating around the bush that the person Dollar thinks he is, is.

    (Score: 1:03/15:43/59:56 [opener], 15:57/30:35 [1234], 4:51 [4 growling brass; SKIP], 8:31 [re-occurring cue; short trumpets cue], 8:39, 16:55 [warm romantic strings], 22:27 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 25:05/26:35/33:31 [12/1234; DONE], 36:42 [cymbal splash/trumpet open; SKIP], 40:51/51:37 [quick descending brass open; SKIP], 47:32/48:39 [Rifleman; DONE], 49:01, 54:04, 55:28/56:35 [brass and pacing violins open; SKIP], 1:02:35/1:05:36 [12 trumpet/1 xylophone open; DONE], 1:03:38 [striking two-note violin open; including a never before and never again quiet opening and ending; DONE], and 1:06:58/1:10:35 [trembling strings open/5 violin; DONE].)

    RATING: *** *** *

    Dollar: "Finger prints don't lie, but people do. All the time. For all sorts of reasons."

    Dollar: "I got one question."
    "What's that?"
    Dollar: "How can you forget twenty-thousand dollars?"

     Posted:   Nov 16, 2023 - 10:02 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Alvin Summers Matter"
    TRACK JOB (episode begins 3:52 in)

    A good, albeit rather predictable, series of episodes.

    (Score: 5:10/17:26/30:03/41:58 [opener; SKIP], 17:41/1:04:53 [1234; SKIP], 5:29, 6:21 [Mexico], 9:39 [whimsical piccalo open], 11:57 [Spanish guitar and woodwind], 14:38 [cymbal splash/trumpet open; DONE], 24:16 [comedy radio show music; SKIP], 28:06 [contra bassoon open; also heard in the above episode], 39:02/40:52 [re-occuring cue], 46:01/48:47 [12/1234; DONE], 50:12/52:41/55:55 [Rifleman; DONE], and 1:03:46 [trembling strings open/5 violin; SKIP].)

    RATING: *** *** *

    "It's better, no?"
    Dollar: "No."

    "No hard feelings?"
    Dollar: "Oh, no, no, not at all; I just love the feel of a gun barrel whippin' across my face."

    Dollar: "Item two: twelve cents -- just what I figured my life was worth at the moment."

    "The Valentine Matter"
    TRACK JOB (begins 3:14 in)

    (Score: 4:23/17:13/38:38/51:39/59:43/1:06:08 [opener; SKIP], 4:37/8:32 [1234; DONE], 5:16, 8:05 [New Orleans jazz], 10:53/57:41/1:02:05 [4 growling brass; DONE], 12:22/13:11 [trembling strings open/5 violin; DONE], 14:33, 19:52 [Mike; DONE], 23:02 [untitled 5; DONE], 24:05/1:05:51 [12/1234; DONE], 27:11 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 28:24/41:03 [Rifleman; DONE], 33:51 [quick descending brass open; SKIP], 38:14/39:48, 45:32, 46:55/1:06:33 [soft solo flute], 49:37/51:19/53:55 [sorrowful string work], 52:22/1:01:34 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 53:29, 1:00:40, and 1:02:57 [untitled 1; SKIP].)

    "Oh, you know me and the law -- sometimes we didn't hit it off."

    Dollar: "She was dead before I could answer."

     Posted:   Nov 17, 2023 - 1:14 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Lorcoe Diamond's Matter"

    One of the rare instances (at least in the episodes I have heard thus far) where the bad guys gets away.

    First episode of the series to credit musical supervision to Moreano Amerigo.

    (Score: 1:02/14:33/27:39/38:26/40:50/53:50 [opener], 11:11/41:01/54:08/1:03:37 [1234], 3:36/18:05/1:04:28 [comedy radio show music; DONE], 3:51 [Rifleman; SKIP], 7:53/33:56 [untitled 1; DONE], 12:21/51:33 [trembling strings open 5 violin; timpani roll open is from an unknown cue; DONE], 18:18/24:48 [4 tremble/clarinet; SKIP], 45:01 [maybe part of "police"; DONE], 45:12, 50:21/49:43/58:09 [brass and pacing strings open; DONE], and 59:10.)

    The "Bonjour -- what is to happen next?!" line (at about 50:18 in) wins the Calculon award for Unholy Acting Talent!.

    "What's wrong with him, Johnny?"
    Dollar: "Well, right at the moment he seems to be a little bit dead."

    "The Broderick Matter"
    OLD LINK: (multiple-episode load; this episode begins about 1:06:00 into the video)

    Unfortunately, this episode didn't do it for me. The hunt for the woman took way too long and the acting when we finally get to her, was lacking and the pay off poor. It I were still giving episodes ratings, I'd say this one is a six-star episode (out of ten).

    NOTE: I think the episode audio is slowed down a little.

    (Score: 0:54/14:19/27:37/40:38 [opener; DONE], 18:46/27:55/33:35 [1234; DONE], 4:11 [low bassoon open], 7:37 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; SKIP], 8:48/9:35/38:02 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 11:21 [jazz], 17:00 [re-occurring cue], 28:59 [Mike; DONE], 30:00 [semi re-occurring cue], 31:22/32:39/46:57 [untitled 5; DONE], 45:35, 51:22 [12/1234; DONE], 1:03:53, and 1:04:40 [semi re-occurring cue].)

    "The Amy Bradshaw Matter"

    NOTE: This audio on this episode is a little too fast, needs to be slowed down, either half a semi tone or a whole key.

    (Score: 1:04/10:58/21:20/31:09/41:19 [opener; DONE], 1:17/8:45/16:44 [1234; DONE], 3:01/28:47/37:30 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; DONE], 5:07/13:07/18:20/43:57 [untitled123; DONE], 9:10/18:57/29:10 [Rifleman; DONE], 15:59 [semi re-occurring cue], 17:32 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 21:55 [whimsical], 24:05/26:24, 34:23 [quick descending brass open; SKIP], 42:22 [brass and pacing violins open; SKIP], 45:42 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], and 48:37.)

    "Can't you tell, Mr. Dollar? I'm the mixed-up type."
    Dollar: "Aren't we all, Mrs. Taylor?"

     Posted:   Nov 21, 2023 - 12:42 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Henderson Matter"

    (Score: 1:00/11:08/21:06/28:36/33:48/47:00 [opener], 3:47/11:20/22:22/34:00/35:46/47:12 [1234; DONE], 7:25 [semi re-occurring cue], 13:57 [episode closer; SKIP], 14:44/16:16 [untitled1234 123; DONE], 18:10 [whimsical], 24:05/51:50/52:34 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 39:10, 43:35 [untitled 1; DONE], 49:06 [123BoomBoom456; SKIP], 49:33 [4 growling brass; SKIP], and 56:12 [trembling strings open/5 violin -- longest use of the cue in any episode; DONE].)

    Dollar: "Nobody's the suicide type until they come to the end of the line."

    "The Cronin Matter"

    (Score: 1:24/1:00:21 [opener; SKIP], 17:26/31:26/1:10:31 [1234; SKIP], 8:27, 11:07/1:11:12 [semi re-occurring cue], 21:18/23:47 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 26:44 [semi re-occurring cue], 27:03/47:52/56:31 [Rifleman; first: longest clean so far; DONE], 36:06 [untitled 5; DONE], 39:55 [comedy radio show music; DONE], 40:53, 41:55 [brass and pacing violins open; DONE], 48:43 [semi re-occurring cue], 53:26 [sad lyrical clarinet or bassoon open], 1:05:24 [12/1234; DONE], and 1:09:38 [semi re-occurring cue].)

    Dollar: "With the girl gone and the scotch gone, there seemed to be no point in me hanging around any longer."

    "When its time for a thing to be done, it's done. Nobody can stop it."

    "The Lansing Fraud Matter"
    TRACK JOB (there is no better-sounding load) (red cover) (Degen; slightly lower quality sound)

    Not a bad episode, but one that shows how the best laid plans can fall apart and end badly for those involved.

    A lot of new library cues here.

    (Score: 1:10/5:29/46:13 [open; SKIP], 45:38 [1234; SKIP], 7:48/20:57/1:06:52 [re-occurring cue], 17:48 [untitled 1; SKIP], 21:57/36:39/1:08:22 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 24:51 [untitled 1234 123; SKIP], 34:54, 37:35/41:43 [12 trumpet/1 xylophone; DONE], 49:14, 49:55/52:10/54:04/1:09:20 [chug chug chug score; DONE], 55:40 [12/1243; SKIP], 1:01:36 [Rifleman; SKIP], and 1:10:57.)

    "Exhibit A is a pile of ashes by now."

     Posted:   Nov 22, 2023 - 9:21 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Nick Shurn Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red cover)

    Bob Bailey wishes us a merry Christmas and God to bless us.

    First episode to use a re-occurring cue I nick named "brass poom/woodwinds runs".

    (Score: 1:24/14:04/27:27/41:06/54:31 [opener; SKIP], 6:34 [1234; SKIP], 10:16 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 18:58 [lively upbeat music], 19:09 [Mike 2], 21:00 [thud/harp plucks; SKIP], 23:17 [racing ascending strings], 23:35/43:16/1:00:59 [music box cue], 25:10 [Rifleman; SKIP], 31:09 [two quartet builds open], 33:33 [solo timpani; SKIP], 33:47 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 36:15 [classical; SKIP], 42:12 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; SKIP], 44:58 [striking two-note violin open; DONE], 46:50, 1:00:41, 1:02:07, and 1:04:29 [rarely used cue].)

    Dollar: "Fifteen years over due for hanging."

    Dollar: "You know, you hear a lot about peace on Earth, good will toward men around this time of year; well, I don't have much good will toward the kind of rat you are, and I figure there will be more peace on Earth if you weren't on it. Push me and maybe that's what will happen."

    "The Caylin Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red cover)

    (Score: 1:28/14:27/27:42/50:26/54:05/1:04:40 [opener], 27:53/33:24/41:14 [1234], 3:01/5:49, 10:37 [big classical open], 17:28 [romantic strings], 23:37, 24:31 [Rifleman; SKIP], 25:31 [1111; DONE], 28:40, 30:44, 48:35 [brass and pacing violins open; SKIP], 50:18 [re-occurring cue], 56:24 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; SKIP], 58:26 [re-occurring cue], 58:30 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 59:57 [untitled 1; SKIP], and 1:05:05 [semi re-occurring cue].)

    Dollar: "What did he die of?"
    "Mysterious circumstance."
    Dollar: ""Well, that's usually a fatal disease, all right."

    Dollar: "And those were his last words ... before he went to face the music."

    Out-of-context quote...
    "Why don't you poke into it; see what you can find."

    "The Todd Matter"

    Three people are murdered in this episode; is this a record so far?

    (Score: 1:03/15:05/28:11/48:27 [opener; DONE], 1:26/28:27/48:58/57:10/1:05:10 [1234; DONE], 5:07 [from the "trembling strings open/5 violin" family], 6:37/9:25 [untitled 123; SKIP], 6:52, 8:32 [semi re-occurring cue], 11:54 [quick descending brass open; SKIP], 19:27, 30:59/56:26 [re-occurring cue], 35:12/57:45 [semi re-occurring cue], 37:45 [striking two-note violin open; DONE], 45:37 [trembling strings open/5 violin; SKIP], 11:05/47:11/48:10 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 50:46 [Rifleman; DONE], 52:22 [dreamy], 59:45 [12/1243; DONE], 1:00:46, and 1:04:53 [re-occurring cue].)

    Johnny Gets Shot Count: 3
    [Places: the neck and one out of the rib cage]

     Posted:   Nov 28, 2023 - 7:41 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Ricardo Amerigo Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red cover)

    An alibi named as a card player: Jerry Goldsmith, a, quote, "composer, conductor, violin player". Also: Eric Snowden, And yes -- Snowden is a musical artist. All named friends of Ricardo Amerigo. And yes, this is a named molded after the program's music supervisor: Amerigo Moreno. And Johnny does go to talk to Jerry, and it kind of does sounds like Jerry Goldsmith.

    (Score: 0:57/15:13/28:13/41:14/54:16/59:48 [opener], 19:07/25:38/28:28/41:28/54:42/56:59 [1234; SKIP], 3:33/47:38 [romantic violin; DONE], 6:50 [12 trumpet/1 xylophone; DONE], 4:08, 7:54 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 12:04 [4 growling brass; SKIP], 16:50 [semi re-occurring cue; low clarinet cue], 20:02 [Rifleman; SFX heavy -- unusable], 23:06 [4 tremble/clarinet; SKIP], 24:57 [untitled 5; DONE], 26:10 [racing ascending strings], 33:02 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 39:03 [untitled 1234 123; DONE], 47:33, 49:47 [solo timpani; SKIP], 47:14 [untitled 1; SKIP], 48:10, 52:08/55:05 [re-occurring cue], 55:25 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 56:35 [Rifleman; SKIP], 1:03:07 [re-occurring cue], and 1:04:52 [re-occurring cue].)

    Dollar: "Why is it people who telegraph their punches are always the first to start swinging..."

    "The Duke Red Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red cover)

    This is a particularly good episode given the realistic feel of the characters and what happened.

    (Score: 15:16/28:33/41:25/54:??/1:05:27 [opener], 3:42 [comedic], 3:58/15:33/56:04 [1234; SKIP], 8:40 [re-occurring cue], 10:31 [big band jazz], 16:40/17:33/32:43/43:09/46:44 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; one of these is an alternate and can't be used; DONE], 25:37 [punchy brass and piano; use part of this for suite, even though apparently never heard again], 28:48 [rarely used cue], 36:14 [untitled 123; SKIP], 37:49 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 47:05, 50:40 [romantic strings], 1:00:28 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 1:02:47 [trembling strings open/5 violin; SKIP], and 1:05:09 [1111; DONE].)

    Dollar: "Tomorrow: the whole case starts to fall apart, like a man full of bullets."

    Dollar: "No, you're not crazy ... not anymore."

    "The Flight Six Matter"
    Alternative link:

    (Score: 16:01/30:45/45:32/1:00:06 [opener], 16:15/47:37/1:00:21 [1234], 1:45 [Mexico vacation music], 8:11 [racing ascending strings], 8:22, 11:56 [solo bassoon open], 23:02, 25:25/39:30 [short bit, then open], 31:04, 37:00 [untitled 5: longest use of the cue so far; DONE], 39:38/41:37/56:02/1:01:38 [are these part of "weird woodwind opening"?], 46:01, 52:53 [man, I'd like to know what score this is from], 55:13, 1:03:15 [weird woodwind opening; DONE], 1:06:20 [brass and pacing violins open; DONE], 1:10:12 [1111; DONE], 1:10:28 [solo timpani; SKIP], and 1:11:06 [spanish cue].)

     Posted:   Nov 30, 2023 - 11:29 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The McClain Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red cover)

    Not a bad episode, but it was rather generic.

    (Score: 0:49[might be good for sue/15:09/28:19/41:08/52:12 [opener; SKIP], 26:25/37:22 [1234; SKIP], 12:41/26:25 [act closer; SKIP], 19:52/32:15/36:15/45:05 [chug chug chug; DONE], 21:22 [12/1234; DONE], 22:26 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; DONE], 32:05/37:12 [descending staccato brass to crash; SKIP], 38:53 [4 growling brass; DONE], and 42:00/43:22.)

    "The Cui Bono Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red cover)

    The plot of this episode has a rather sad timely nature to it. Just in the last few short months there was a a news story where a daughter snuck out of the house while the parents were sleeping. She snuck back in, but the dad didn't know it, and ended up firing upon her and killing her before he realized the mistake.

    It's a good episode with some rather descent acting from the guest stars, that takes you all the way to practically the end of the episode before the reveal (though from thereon in its predictable).

    Is ... "drooling goose" supposed to be sexual innuendo for a penis? Sure sounds like it...

    (Score: 1:12/15:13/28:35/41:33/54:30/1:05:07 [opener; DONE], 15:27/28:53/41:48/54:45 [1234; DONE], 4:56/11:56/22:47 [untitled 6; DONE], 11:56 [semi re-occurring cue], 22:32/1:02:03 [untitled 123; SKIP], 24:06, 26:41 [act closer -- rarely heard timpani rumble lead in; DONE], 29:45/55:44 [light jazz source], 36:20 [re-occurring cue], 44:28 [short brass stinger; SKIP], 12:00/22:46/52:29 [somber strings], and 55:20 [chug chug chug].)

    Dollar: "There are different ways of benefitting, you know..."

    "The Bennett Matter"
    Alternative link: (sounds slightly better in a way, but has this weird warping sound that also muffles at times)

    Trivia: Dollar is asked how long he's been an insurance investigator. He responds: "Ten years or more" (and later notes he's worked for thirteen insurance agencies). Then he's asked what he did prior to that and he replies: "I was in the United States Marine Corps for four years, before that I was detective sergeant second grade with the New York Police Department."

    (Score: 0:56/23:56/28:10/38:10/54:12/1:05:12 [opener; SKIP], 3:59/30:24 [1234; SKIP], 7:03 [4 growling brass; DONE], 14:40 [descending staccato brass to crash; two cues, the open is not needed for suites -- already covered], 11:57/15:24 [2 trumpet/1 xylophone; DONE], 17:24 [re-occurring cue], 24:52/56:05 [racing ascending strings], 34:50, 35:50, 39:23, 48:05 [untitled 1234 123; DONE], 49:07 [untitled 1; DONE], 1:00:28/1:01:59 [untitled 5; DONE], 1:04:45 [1111; DONE], 1:05:47 [closer; SKIP].)

    Dollar: "Tomorrow: the trail gets so rough a couple of people just ... fall off dead."

    Out-of-context quote...
    Dollar: "You made everybody work hard to give it to you."

     Posted:   Nov 30, 2023 - 5:47 PM   
     By:   Sir David of Garland   (Member)

    I'll give you a bump, Justin, by saying

    ---I can barely keep ahead of all the detective and detective-adjacent radio series, there were so many back then.

    --I listen to THIS IS YOUR FBI sometimes just so I can hear them credit "Frederick Steiner."

    --Johnny Dollar fills a nice niche when I want to hear someone as wisecracking as he is.

     Posted:   Dec 4, 2023 - 1:20 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Fathom-Five Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red cover)

    This was a good episode, but it kind of fell apart around the end because anybody who grows up near the ocean knows that the ocean is salt water and what comes out of your faucet of fresh water.

    (Score: 1:25/15:38/28:28/41:37/54:45/1:05:09 [opener/1234; DONE], 8:00/59:45 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 22:44/25:19, 25:13/1:01:08, [semi re-occurring stinger; SKIP], 37:43, 42:10 [bittersweet with solo violin], 45:39 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; DONE], 47:02 [weird woodwind opening; DONE], 50:12 [re-occurring cue], 58:49 [untitled 1234 123; DONE], 1:01:12 [SKIP], 1:02:26 [12/1234; DONE].)

    Dollar: "Fraud cases are like that -- messy, dirty. You see people with their masks down and you get a look inside. And you get to wondering if everybody's like that. Wondering if you'd be like that yourself, maybe, if the price were right. And if you are, you hope you'll never find out."

    "The Plantagent Matter"
    TRACK JOB (red cover)

    This was a good episode. It started out a little wobbly, but it soon descends into a well woven and executed murder mystery.

    One of the few episodes that does not open with the phone call being from an insurance agency to Dollar. This time, it's the phone on the other end and Dollar calling the place he's going.

    Oh, lord, I looked up the ten people under an umbrella joke to see if it was a real joke and how it went. What a terrible joke. So, you tell a person ten people were standing under and umbrella and none of them were wet, you ask how that is possible since ten people can't stand under an umbrella and therefore some of them must be wet. The reply: It wasn't raining. So, sooo lame.

    Trivia: I had to look up to see if the substance she was poisoned with was real. I had to guess on the spelling, but it appears to not be real. There are other substances with similar names (depending on if you hear an "f" or a "p" beginning it).

    (Score: 1:02/10:51/12:07/15:19/54:32 [opener/1234], 4:56/20:51 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; SKIP], 9:09 [rarely used cue], 17:40 [re-occurring cue], 22:47/25:15, 26:29 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; SKIP], 28:42 [weird woodwind opening; SKIP], 29:58/30:49 [untitled 1234 123; DONE], 32:45 [Mike 2], 35:11 [12/1234; DONE], 38:29/45:15 [re-occurring cue], 46:57 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 1:01:09 [solo timpani; DONE], 1:01:17 [12 trumpet/1 xylophone; DONE], and 1:05:37 [1111; DONE].)

    "Any other time I would have put you on the pokey so fast you'd think you was born there."

    "The Clinton Matter"

    The moves with the sheriff are perhaps some of the top boldest ballsy moves he's ever made with law enforcement. Any other guy in, say, a TV series, would turn up dead the same day. The episode itself was rather good. Not as the prior episode of course.

    Jeanette Nolan is also in this. The person who runs this channel appears to try and find photos of the cast from around the time of the episode. So, based upon this photo, it appears there was a time when Jeanette didn't look like 90.

    First episode to use a re-occurring cue I nick named "underdog".
    First episode to use a re-occurring cue I nick named "police".

    (Score: 1:05/15:19/54:31 [opener], 1:20 [1234], 2:26/10:18 [brass/piano stabs], 3:44, 4:21, 6:18 [stinger], 8:48/9:38/15:35, 17:45/32:50/34:12 [chug chug chug; DONE], 20:06 [timpani rumble/cello bass; DONE], 22:22 [1111; SKIP], 22:32, 24:23/43:18 [descending staccato brass to crash; SKIP], 25:39/36:30 [12/1234; DONE], 33:51 [police; DONE], 38:36, 39:15 [underdog; DONE], 46:10 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 46:56, 49:49 [untitled 1234 123; DONE], 55:44 [re-occurring cue], 59:26 [untitled 123; SKIP], 1:00:40, 1:02:46 [Rifleman; DONE], 1:05:00 [timpani rumble/cello bass; SKIP].)

    Out-of-context quote...
    Dollar: "Let's go over to my hotel room and do it right now."

    "The Jolly Roger Fraud Matter"

    Rather mediocre episode. It had its brief moments, but they fizzled out.

    Trivia: The insurance company guy refers to the Molly K. case "a few months ago", which was the second five-part episode for Bailey's run. To think -- twenty plus episodes and all the events that happened in those, were just over the span of a few months. An action-packed expense account indeed! He border-line lives the life is a 007 agent.

    (Score: 1:22/15:04/28:19/41:22/54:36 [opener; SKIP], 5:04/23:42/54:33 [1234; SKIP], 4:24, 6:04, 7:58 [semi re-occurring cue], 10:50 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; DONE], 18:43, 30:38 [re-occurring cue], 32:05 [Mexico], 41:41 [semi re-occurring cue], 47:24 [semi re-occurring cue], 49:49 [legato violas slow build], 51:47 [Kaper-sounding cue; never heard again sadly], 52:44 [solo timpani; DONE], 54:56 [semi re-occurring cue], 56:23 [generic title: stringer], 1:05:00 [semi re-occurring cue], and 1:05:25 [semi re-occurring cue].)

     Posted:   Dec 5, 2023 - 12:48 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Lamarr Matter"
    TRACK JOB (inferior sound; use for cues after better sounding episodes are exhausted)

    Fairly standard episode for the Bailey era.

    The previous five-parter is referenced. He's still apparently fresh on his vacation and already started another case.

    A number of library cues I don't readily recall hearing before in prior episodes.

    Trivia: Best I can tell by guessing on the spelling, the poison "pyrodamen" does not exist.

    (Score: 0:56/15:35/42:09 [opener], 1:15/22:57/42:24 [1234; DONE], 1:33 [romantic strings], 5:13 [semi re-occurring cue], 6:44 [New Orleans light jazz; DONE], 11:25/29:17, 17:47, 19:27, 21:37 [semi re-occurring cue], 42:46, 48:33, 50:49/56:04/1:02:41 [descending staccato brass to crash; DONE], 56:10, 1:01:58 [generic title: stinger], 1:02:00, 1:06:17 [bending-up brass open], and 1:06:38 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; SKIP].)

    Dollar: "Next week: Did you ever wake up from a pleasant dream to find a smoking gun in your hand and two bodies at your feet? Well, I have."

    "The Salt City Matter"

    The sound quality of this episode is particularly good.

    Johnny gets himself into a hell of a pickle in this one. And this five-parter is about ten minutes shorter than the average so far.

    (Score: 1:03/29:07/53:11 [opener], 1:25/15:57 [1234], 6:03 [comedic music], 7:47/8:45, 9:32/17:08/29:23 [chug chug chug; DONE], 31:44 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 26:45 [untitled 123: longest use of this cue I can recall so far; DONE], 23:52 [slow pyramid climb], 24:56 [4 growling brass; DONE], 30:22 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 36:30 [generic title: stinger; SKIP], 36:50, 38:07 [brass and pacing violins open; DONE], 39:00, 39:55 [trembling strings open/5 violin; DONE], 44:47, 46:57, 47:42, and 49:43/52:22 [cymbal splash trumpet open #2; DONE].)

    Out-of-context quote exchange...
    Dollar: "Where's your tall skinny friend?"
    "He's comin'."

    "The Laird Douglas Douglas of Heatherscote Matter"

    Lord, this could have been an amusing episode, but it was just a total mis-fire. Easily the worst episode of the Bailey run so far. Will probably make a list of 10 Worst Episodes.

    A prior five-parter, "The Ricardo Amerigo Matter", is referenced a few times. The same insurance company guy from that episode says it was "a few months ago".

    (Score: 1:19/15:15/27:30/40:01/52:36 [opener; SKIP], 1:42/27:47/52:51 [1234; SKIP], 3:02 [chug chug chug; DONE], 15:30 [whimsical and light comedy], 16:06/19:19 [trumpets fanfare; never used again], 21:11 [slow pyramid climb], 29:35 [4 growling brass; NOT NEEDED], 30:16 [untitled 123; DONE], 32:50 [semi re-occurring cue], 34:21 [police; DONE], 38:18 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 40:17 [semi re-occurring cue], 46:55 [untitled 1; SKIP], 48:13 [cymbal splash trumpet open 2; DONE], 55:26 [Mike; DONE], 56:47 [untitled 4; DONE], 58:22, and 1:03:21 [semi re-occurring cue].)

    Dollar: "Remarks: I'm glad I'm poor."

    Out-of-context quote...
    Old Lady: "Oh dear, just look at your trousers, Mr. Dollar."

     Posted:   Dec 8, 2023 - 9:43 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Shepherd Matter"
    Alternative link:

    Unremarkable Bailey-era episode.

    Ah ... pretty sure Dick Porter is a sex joke. If you don't know, look up what a porter is for a car lot, then you'll understand when you put the two together...

    (Score: 1:02/15:06/27:37/40:29/53:06 [opener; DONE], 3:59 [1234; DONE], 6:00 [lonely solo trombone / timpani rumble/cello bass; DONE], 11:57 [thud/harp plucks; DONE], 16:42/32:48 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; DONE], 19:39/22:46 [weird woodwind opening; DONE], 19:55, 25:43 [slow pyramid climb; including rarely used second half], 30:56/32:18 [thud/two flutes; DONE], 35:07 [romantic violin; DONE], 37:07/37:59, 40:43 [cymbal splash trumpet open 2; DONE], 43:10 [semi re-occurring cue], 44:29 [semi re-occurring cue], 45:34 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 48:32 [4 growling brass; SKIP], 50:02 [descending staccato brass to crash; SKIP], 51:06 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 55:50 [12/1234; DONE], 1:00:24, and 1:03:50 [classical; DONE].)

    "The Lonely Hearts Matter"

    This five-parter is about fifteen minutes shorter than normal.

    (Score: 1:07/15:53/28:36/41:04 [opener; DONE], 8:46 [1234; DONE], 16:30/20:55 [chug chug chug; DONE], 25:48 [comedic], 29:10 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; DONE], 31:12, 32:43, 34:13, 41:21/51:11 [classical; DONE], 45:21/48:06, and 49:18 [rising and falling dramatic brass].)

    Dollar: "There's nothing going on here except the rent."

    Dollar: ""She regards death as thee doorway to a greater and more glorious life."
    Dave: "Oh? Well, that sounds very noble."
    Dollar: "It would ... if she didn't keep slamming the door."

    "The Callicles Matter"

    Unfortunately, this episode is boring. It's a whole lot of nothing that goes nowhere. Literally goes nowhere even to the end reveal. Time-wasting filler.

    NOTE: Part 5 has lower quality sound. Starts about the final "opener" cue.

    (Score: 0:58/15:08/27:50/42:54/52:43 [opener; DONE], 1:14 [1234; DONE], 4:16 [thud/two flutes; DONE], 6:07 [lonely solo trombone; DONE], 10:30/11:31 [bending brass open], 15:25 [untitled 1; DONE], 17:57/23:50 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; NOT NEEDED], 30:34/50:41/1:02:27 [Mike; DONE], 31:50 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 33:08, 34:21 [cymbal splash trumpet open #2; DONE], 42:16 [4 growling brass; SKIP], 47:27 [classical; DONE], 54:31, and 56:15/58:23 [chug chug chug; SKIP].)

    Dollar: "Tomorrow: Trouble comes early, and stays late."

    Dollar: "She was a pretty nice person, Dave ... I saw her die."

    "You're pretty free with my whisky."
    Dollar: "You can afford it."

    "The Silver Blue Matter"

    (Score: 1:14/15:36/16:22/28:01/40:07/52:50/1:02:23 [opener; DONE], 1:29 [1234; SKIP], 2:54 [untitled 1234 123; SKIP], 7:38 [thud/two flutes; DONE], 10:09, 15:52/28:49 [chug chug chug; DONE], 22:38/25:10 [untitled 123; DONE], 28:21 [re-occurring cue], 32:56 [untitled 1; DONE], 40:36 [generic title: flute opening], 45:15 [longest clean of this cue so far maybe], 46:45/53:25 [classical; DONE], 56:20 [I think this is part of a semi re-occurring cue], 58:42 [semi re-occurring cue], 1:02:45.)

    Dollar: "How are things?"
    Dean: "My wife could kill me, Johnny."
    Dollar: With sarcasm, "What -- for the insurance?"

    Dean: "How do you reason with a woman, Johnny?"
    Dollar: "I never try; usually I just send flowers."
    Dean: "I've already done that -- she ran then threw the garbage disposer. So, now what do I do?"
    Dollar: "Buy some more flowers."

    Lt. Garcia: "Its a crazy world, Johnny."
    Dollar: "No, just the people in it."

     Posted:   Dec 11, 2023 - 10:43 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Matter of the Medium-Well Done"

    Two prior five-parters are referenced.

    Character Trivia: Dollar does not have a brother.

    (Score: 0:58/3:32/15:12/28:00/40:15/52:47/1:03:07 [opener], 1:15/17:39/40:25 [1234; DONE], 5:27/7:31, 8:28, 11:15 [lightly whimsical; DONE], 15:44, 19:48, 21:38 [old timey], 23:47 [slow pyramid climb], 25:15/45:26 [part of this is also tagged onto the previous cue], 30:44/35:18/49:37 [lonely solo trombone; DONE], 38:22 [classical; SKIP], 43:11/44:05 [thud/two flutes; DONE], 44:29 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; SKIP], 47:42, 50:47 [SKIP], 53:36 [untitled 1234 123; DONE], 55:51 [descending staccato brass to crash; SKIP], and 58:41 [chug chug chug; SKIP].)

    "The Tears of the Night Matter"

    Continuity Error: A few months ago, in-universe, in the five-parter "The Bennett Matter", Dollar was asked how long he's been an insurance investigator and he wasn't sure, stating "ten years or more", but here he's asked again and he knows exactly how long: "fourteen years". But now the whole thing doesn't make any sense. The average age of a sergeant in the police is 46. Let's say Dollar was a sergeant detective second grade before being an insurance investigator like he said in the aforementioned five-parter and at an earlier age, say 35. He's be about 50 years old right now -- hardly the kind of guy who can take all these knocks and turns all the heads of women like the character does. Even if he was exceptionally gifted and made it by 30, that would still make him about 45. If ever there was some kind of remake, radio of TV wise of this, obviously the ages need to be thought out more.

    (Score: 1:00/15:17/40:24/1:03:21 [opener; SKIP], 1:17 [1234; SKIP], 6:10/56:35 [123BoomBoom456; SKIP], 6:54, 11:29/33:54 [semi re-occurring cue], 15:30 [classical; DONE], 20:08 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; SKIP], 20:30, 23:25/52:56 [4 growling brass; DONE], 28:30/32:27 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 34:20 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 38:09 [bending brass open; also includes Rifleman -- SKIP], 44:22, 46:37/50:52 [Rifleman; SKIP], 46:52 [dreamy], and 1:02:13.)

    Out-of-context quotes...
    Dollar: "You heard the man, Frankie -- blow."

    Dollar: "Pull it out in front of me again and I'll brain ya."

    "The Matter of Reasonable Doubt"

    This load has particularly good sound. I think somebody cleaned this up.

    I can't take a bad guy seriously named "Deuce McCoy". What the deuce.

    (Score: 1:23/15:42/28:26/40:47/53:25 [opener; SKIP], 1:38/2:18/28:41/54:08 [1234; DONE], 7:57/56:55 [timpani rumble/bass cello; DONE], 10:20 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; SKIP], 15:59/16:33 [chug chug chug; DONE], 22:34, 24:33 [light whimsical; DONE], 28:47 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; DONE], 34:28/43:42 [quick happy], 36:38 [whimsical], 41:02 [bending brass open; clean open, but only the open], 41:10 [Rifleman; DONE], 48:27, 1:00:08 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 1:03:05, 1:03:27.)

    "Oh, she's a brash little flibbity-jibbit."

    Dollar: "How would you like to get spanked?"
    Young Lady: "I don't know, I've never been."

    "The Indestructible Mike Matter"

    For some reason this is a fan favorite, but there's really nothing special about it. Aside from the guy always surviving death attempts, there's not much to this and it's rather boring, quite frankly.

    Two previous five-parters are referenced, since it is the same insurance guy calling Johnny.

    (Score: 0:58/27:42/30:49/40:25/52:50/1:03:01 [opener; SKIP], 2:23/40:39 [1234; DONE], 5:12 [whimsical], 7:08, 10:43 [Mike 2], 15:22 [brass fanfare opening; DONE], 24:37 [4 growling brass; DONE], 25:32, 31:09 [romantic strings], 35:54 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 37:33 [brass/piano stabs], 42:50 [Mike; DONE], 43:29 [whimsical], 45:14 [whimsical], 45:37 [untitled 1; DONE], 49:06 [stinger/dreamy/bleak piano and metallic hits], 52:56, 55:31, 55:35 [timpani rumble/bass cello; DONE], 56:28/57:43/59:02 [thud/two flutes; DONE], and 59:55 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE].)

    "He's a bum."
    Dollar: In a low voice, "Aren't we all..."

    Dollar: "Why don't you worry about that for a while."

    Out-of-context quote...
    Dollar: "Handle it softly, please..."

     Posted:   Dec 13, 2023 - 10:55 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure a number of re-occurring cues in this series from MuTel Music, are works by Herschel Burke Gilbert. I'm skimming through "The Rifleman" to see.

    "The Laughing Matter"

    NOTE: Inferior sound. Only use for cue after all good-sounding episodes are used up.

    (Score: 1:13/15:50/28:26/41:08 [opener], 28:42/56:08 [1234], 2:00, 6:29, 11:09 [whimsical], 21:06, 25:52, 32:42, 37:20/42:11 [lonely trombone open; DONE], 50:50 [tremble12/12], 1:00:05 [semi re-occurring cue], and 1:03:16 [123BoomBoom456; DONE].)

    Out-of-context quote...
    Dollar: "Yeeeaaahhh, it was sticky, tight and uncomfortable."

    And featuring one of the series' best quotes (starting about 25:50 in) -- if not thee best:

    Dollar: "Love and hate, and the black sea rocks, and a lunatic's wound at midnight, and no help on this Earth for a wounded heart but Time itself. A tide was rising now and rising fast; and hidden by the darkness a wave curled and broke. And time ran out..."

    "The Pearling Matter"

    NOTE: This episode also marks the final appearance of another cue that fell out of favor, this one being the one I titled "trembling strings open/5 violin", leaving me unable to fully salvage the cue. I'm over halfway into the thirty-minute format episodes and have yet to encounter it, so I think it is unlikely I will.

    (Score: 0:55/15:12/28:00/34:00/52:02/1:00:47 [opener; SKIP], 4:45/52:17 [1234; DONE], 1:16 [untitled 1; DONE], 4:29/22:01/54:20 [chug chug chug; DONE], 7:54 [airy romantic with flute], 9:27, 17:19/28:11/38:06 [4 growling brass; DONE], 18:31 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 19:46 [semi re-occurring cue], 21:38 [police; DONE], 32:40, 22:00/34:17 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 36:39 [racing ascending strings], 38:09 [4 growling brass -- rarely heard final half; DONE], 39:57 [cymbal splash/trumpet open #2; DONE], 42:40, 44:42 [trembling strings open/5 violin; DONE], 46:16 [classical; DONE], 46:44 [generic title: stinger], 46:50, 47:35 [Mike; DONE], 49:08 [untitled 12/1234; DONE], 49:40 [Rifleman; DONE], 53:03 [Egypt], 57:59, and 1:02:20.)

    Dollar: "Money's always a good point."
    (Pitch Meeting Writer: "Because money, that's why."
    Pitch Meeting Studio Executive: "Fair enough.")

    Out-of-context quotes...
    "Easy, buddy, easy -- you've been making too much whoopie."

    Dollar: "I'd done someone dirty..."

    "You're pretty cute, Dollar."
    Dollar: "Tell me why..."

    "The Long Shot Matter"
    TRACK JOB (use this load; good sound) (poor, but not as poor sound as the links below) (poor sound) (240p)

    While it has it's moments here and there, as a whole it's really overblown and boring.

    (Score: 1:02/13:29/25:41/38:05/50:32/1:00:41 [opener; SKIP], 1:16/41:00 [1234; SKIP], 1:45 [whimsical], 4:12 [whimsical], 5:14, 5:59, 7:21, 9:50/21:18/34:54/42:08/47:21 [untitled 5; DONE], 11:02 [whimsical], 16:46 [12/1234; DONE], 13:43/23:27/38:14/50:47 [cymbal splash/trumpets open #2; DONE], 22:10/35:29/39:25 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 26:13 [untitled 1; SKIP], 28:33, 29:44 [cymbal splash/trumpets open; DONE], 32:34 [Rifleman; DONE], 36:07, 38:12 [rarely used cue], 38:57 [tremble12/12] 44:05, 53:15 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 54:10 [brass and pacing violins open; DONE], 56:48 [two quartet builds open], and 57:40 [racing ascending strings], 58:42 [also has Rifleman laid into it; DONE].)

    Dollar: "The ground climbed up and got me."

     Posted:   Dec 15, 2023 - 8:40 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Midas Touch Matter"
    TRACK JOB (use this load; good sound)
    (both loads have poor sound; nothing good on Youtube -- the channel I was using, only had a limited number of episodes)

    NOTE: During the Bailey run, a small number of cues fell out of favor and were never heard again, even though they were just as identified with the show as the others that continued. And with that in mind, this was the final episode to use the cue I nicked named "brass and pacing violins open", leaving me unable to fully salvage the cue.

    (Score: 1:09/13:51/25:54/38:33/51:28/1:01:11 [opener; DONE], 2:37/36:11 [1234; SKIP], 2:58 [romantic strings], 3:37, 4:12/19:24 [re-occurring cue], 14:08, 16:52 [cymbal splash/trumpets open #2; DONE], 19:32 [tremble12/12; SKIP], 26:17, 32:09 [lightly whimsical; DONE], 32:26, 33:08 [New Orleans light jazz; DONE], 35:19 [semi re-occurring cue], 42:52/44:46 [timpani rumble/cello bass; DONE], 45:57, 51:44 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], and 57:37/58:31 [brass and pacing violins open; DONE].)

    Johnny Gets Shot Count: 4
    [Places: graced an unspecified arm]
    So far I think he's been shot more times in less than a year that Marshal Matt Dillon.

    Out-of-context quote...
    "Well, I guess we pulled a boner, Johnny."

    "The Shady Lane Matter"
    TRACK JOB (good sound: Michael Degen / YTJD videos)

    (Score: 1:26/13:55/26:12/38:57/51:30/1:01:45 [opener; SKIP], 26:30 [1234; SKIP], 1:39 [Mike 2], 7:45, 14:28/26:49/52:05 [tremble12/12], 20:21 [opens with fluttering flutes], 22:28 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 29:37/55:21 [lonely trombone open; DONE], 33:34 [timpani rumble/cello bass; DONE], 39:12 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 42:50, 42:54, 46:15 [generic title: stinger; DONE], 48:44, 57:37, and 59:29.)

    "Everything is changing."
    Dollar: "Except human nature."

    Dollar: "It was a messy case; hard to move around in."

    "The Star of Capetown Matter"

    NOTE: Sadly, Part 2 has inferior sound. I wish some millionaire with money to blow would help do a full proper restoration of this show, and the MuTel Music library for the show. Rest assure, if I ever win Publisher's Clearance House, I will try to do what I can with this. Some tapes for MuTel here:

    (Score: 1:10/14:09/27:25/40:37/53:11 [opener; SKIP], 3:20/38:00 [1234; SKIP], 3:43/32:33 [classical; DONE], 7:59 [untitled 1; SKIP], 17:57/19:09/25:09/41:17/42:02 [chug chug chug; DONE], 18:19, 22:09 [Egypt], 23:33/58:47 [Rifleman; DONE], 24:24, 24:52, 28:29, 31:37/1:04:09 [tremble12/12], 34:44 [untitled 1234 123; SKIP], 37:39, 44:52, 46:40 [lyrical downbeat contra clarinet; DONE], 49:40, 51:07, 53:27 [cymbal splash trumpet open #2; DONE], 56:02/1:00:16 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 58:40 [bending brass open], 58:49 [Rifleman; DONE], and 1:00:42.)

    "The Open Town Matter"

    That first minute when the insurance agency guy is quipping with Johnny -- good stuff.

    (Score: 1:13/14:10/41:00/54:07/1:04:28 [opener], 1:30 [1234; SKIP], 3:29 [New Orleans light jazz; DONE], 3:55, 14:29 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 23:33 [classical; DONE], 28:04 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 33:55, 36:50, 41:17/45:03/54:26 [tremble12/12], 49:02, 49:06, 56:22, 59:30, 1:02:50 [descending staccato brass to crash; SKIP], and 1:04:23.)

    Dollar: "Time, midnight; the time when the pulse of living starts to slow down ... the beginning of the quiet time."

     Posted:   Dec 18, 2023 - 1:09 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Sea Legs Matter"

    in-universe it's only been "a few weeks ago" since a few short five-parters ago. Man, it's like Johnny handles all he major insurance claims in the United States, he's so busy.

    (Score: 1:04/14:40/28:50/36:09/54:42/1:05:05 [opener; SKIP], 11:41/12:25/35:04/42:24 [1234; DONE], 2:51, 3:39 [rarely used cue], 8:45, 10:02, 10:49 [classical; SKIP], 16:43 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 22:53/24:15/1:05:37 [third one is UNUSABLE], 26:03, 28:58 [untitled 1; DONE], 30:55, 32:06 [brass-bending up open], 33:47 [timpani rumble/cello bass; SKIP], 38:18 [SKIP], 38:25 [dreamy], 42:51, 47:48, 50:27 [12 trumpet/1 xylophone; DONE], and 54:57 [4 growling brass; UNUSABLE].)

    Pat: "Well, Johnny, why don't you work on the facts of a case for a change instead of the woman involved?"
    Dollar: "Patrick, ever hear of killing two birds with one stone?"

    Dollar: 'I had not planned on waking up a six a.m., but fate had decreed otherwise."

    "The Alder Matter"

    Sadly, this mediocre episode had to reply on almost constant music use at times just to keep it afloat.

    (Score: 1:18/14:16/27:35/40:30/1:04:30 [opener; SKIP], 3:24/40:49/41:47 [1234; SKIP], 3:30, 6:03/33:10/54:09 [trembling violin/percussion; DONE], 7:58, 8:07/37:45 [slow double clarinet open; DONE], 9:53 [solo bass flute open], 11:34, 14:33/27:50 [123BoomBoom456; DONE], 16:05/30:54/33:10/54:11 [repeating descending harp plucks], 19:35/49:30 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 21:31, 30:11, 34:39 [semi re-occurring cue], 35:28, 40:51, 43:35, 44:37/47:18, 46:30 [12 trumpet/1 xylophone; DONE], 48:46, 53:29 [4 growling brass; SKIP], 55:32, 57:17 [police; DONE], 57:39/58:56 [chug chug chug; SKIP], and 1:00:06/1:01:00.)

    Dollar: "Sure, if you give me a little hint; I like to start worrying early."

    Dollar: "Lady, the world is full of trouble; why should I add to it?"

    "The Crystal Lake Matter"

    Long before there was even the first "Friday the 13th" film there was Crystal Lake, and yes -- somebody dies there.

    Johnny Dollar smokes, even though I don't recall him referencing it before or hearing him blow smoke, etc.

    (Score: 1:16/14:15/27:29/40:22/53:21 [opener], 1:30/33:25 [1234; SKIP], 5:51/53:39 [chug chug chug; SKIP], 6:22 [Mike 2], 9:58/47:38/57:35 [slow double clarinet open; DONE], 10:54/15:27, 17:42/46:25 [underdog; DONE], 19:37 [untitled 1234 123; SKIP], 20:46/22:19/58:43 [repeating descending harp plucks], 25:06, 27:45, 32:37, 36:44 [4 growling brass; rare second half; SKIP], 38:02 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 40:39/1:00:23 [SKIP], 44:14 [descending staccato brass to crash; SKIP], 50:43 [timpani rumble/cello bass open; DONE], 56:12 [tremble12/12], 1:01:41 [Rifleman; SKIP], 1:01:45, and 1:03:44 [striking two-note violin open; DONE].)

    Dollar: "Item: two cents; just about what I figured my life was worth at the moment."

    "The Kranesburg Matter"

    NOTE: This was a one-time six-part episode.

    It's refreshing to hear a fairly intelligent chief of police. When you take, for example, the moron on another radio shows called "Boston Blackie", who ever episode is inept as hell and telling Blackie he'll arrest him and throw him on jail every five minutes, it makes a guy like this seem like a genius. I wouldn't bother with BB unless you like good ideas buried under cliched writing, mediocre writing, and the same tiresome character traits each time, replete with awful organ music.

    (Score: 1:23/14:55/27:58/41:21/55:04/1:08:33/1:19:52 [opener; SKIP], 1:39/41:37 [1234; SKIP], 7:32/23:11 [lightly whimsical; DONE], 7:51, 11:03 [chug chug chug; rare alternate; SKIP], 11:30, 15:12 [classical; DONE], 18:48, 23:29, 28:15 [slow double clarinet open; DONE], 38:23 [Egypt], 42:12, 47:35 [Mike; DONE], 55:24/1:03:22 [4 growling brass; DONE], 56:00, 1:00:07 [re-occurring cue], 1:08:52 [tremble 12/12; cleanest sounding open yet], and 1:15:40 [underdog; SKIP].)

     Posted:   Dec 19, 2023 - 2:17 PM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Curse of Kamashek"

    This entire episode just annoyed me. The rather hammy over acting on some guest parts, the generic plot, the boring execution, and the lame pharaoh's curse angle. If one were to put together a list of the worst Bailey-era episodes, this would surely be amongst them.

    First use of the cue I nick named "Bernstein/"Serpico"-sounding cue".

    Trivia: The Emily Parkinson case referenced from "a couple years ago" was not from the Bailey run, or from any previous host's episodes. So I am left to conclude one of the following: there was a gap in-universe between the last host and the new one, or the Bailey-era Dollar is a new iteration of Johnny Dollar that largely forgets passed occurrences.

    Also, there was no Pharoah Kamashek.

    About 52:00 in: Bob Bailey stops to talk about the fans of the show.

    (Score: 1:02/14:21/27:25/40:36/53:41/1:04:19 [opener], 2:12/35:49 [1234], 3:00/38:50 [12/1234; SKIP], 3:21 [semi re-occurring cue], 4:19, 10:13, 11:50, 14:36 [classical; DONE], 22:31/25:32 [trembling violin/percussion; DONE], 23:32 [racing ascending strings], 27:40 [re-occurring cue], 28:35/47:05 [repeating descending harp plucks], 32:34/56:40 [Bernstein/"Serpico"-sounding cue; DONE], 34:51 [4 growling brass; rare second half; SKIP], 42:35, 44:19 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; SKIP], 46:28 [tremble12/12], 49:29 [123BoomBoom456; SKIP], 53:37 [repeating tuba note], and 55:16.)

    "The Confidential Matter"

    Second episode where Dollar has mentioned Confucius.

    NOTE: There is a different guy doing the announcing on this five-parter for some reason. I don't like his work, I hope he's not a replacement.

    (Score: 1:13/14:21/27:30/40:36/53:41 [opener; SKIP], 1:30/14:39/30:30 [1234; SKIP], 6:55/14:42 [slow double clarinet open; DONE], 7:15, 18:33 [romantic sax], 23:19/1:04:23 [12/1234; DONE], 27:47 [re-occurring cue], 30:48 [Mexico], 33:27 [SKIP], 37:47/51:10/1:04:25 [tremble12/12], 40:52 [repeating descending harp plucks], 47:24, 53:56 [chug chug chug; DONE], 56:49 [4 growling brass; DONE], 59:19 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], and 1:01:23.)

    Dollar: "Don't call it 'money', just think of it as 'item three'..."

    "The Imperfect Alibi Matter"

    (Score: 1:19/14:16/27:48/41:02/52:07 [opener; SKIP], 3:31/35:56 [classical; SKIP], 11:56/51:27 [striking two-note violin open; DONE], 12:33 [SKIP], 20:02 [re-occurring cue], 24:39 [depressing slow bass clarinet climb; SKIP], 25:37 [stinger 5; SKIP], 25:40 [stinger 5], 33:18 [untitled 1; DONE], 39:02 [semi re-occurring cue], 44:57, 46:49, 47:52 [re-occurring cue], and 48:09 [repeating descending harp plucks].)

    Dollar: "Sure, it was good advice not to get too sold on people [...]"

     Posted:   Dec 20, 2023 - 10:55 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    CONTINUED: BOB BAILEY (October 3, 1955 to November 27, 1960):

    "The Meg's Palace Matter"

    NOTE: This I sadly the final episode to use the cue I nick named "cymbal splash trumpet open #2", leaving me unable to fully salvage the cue. When I do finally present it, it will have talking in a lot of it.

    (Score: 1:04/14:21/27:28/40:34/53:29/1:04:52 [opener; SKIP], 3:12 [1234; SKIP], 14:37, 18:49/45:19 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 24:07, 27:48, 33:16, 35:36 [cymbal splash trumpet open #2; DONE], 37:03, 38:24 [lonely trombone open; SKIP], 46:27/48:35 [trembling violin/percussion; DONE], 51:55 [timpani rumble/cello bass; DONE], 56:39 [rising and falling dramatic brass; used before], 58:22, 1:02:51 [Rifleman family; only time ever used], and 1:03:06.)

    Dollar: "And suddenly it got very dark."

    "The Picture Postcard Matter"

    (Score: 0:57/14:21/27:30/40:12/53:03/1:04:00 [opener; SKIP], 3:27/7:27 [1234; SKIP], 4:03/5:22, 7:03, 8:36/24:23 [4 tremble/clarinet; DONE], 11:52 [repeating tuba note], 18:26 [slow double clarinet open; SKIP], 20:45 [semi re-occurring cue; long clean opening], 27:43/37:44 [tremble12/12], 31:36 [maybe part of "police"; DONE], 36:43, 37:36 [brass poom/woodwinds runs; DONE], 46:04 [repeating descending harp plucks], 48:25 [re-occurring cue; SKIP], 50:16, 55:04, 1:00:12 [trembling violin/percussion; DONE], 1:01:19 [Rifleman; DONE], and 1:03:33 [rarely used cue].)

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