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Quartet has announced two new releases -- the score for composer Alberto Iglesias' latest collaboration with writer-director Pedro Almodovar, PARALLEL MOTHERS (Madres Paralelas), starring Penelope Cruz; and music from two animated Spanish TV series scored by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - LA VUELTA AL MUNDO DE WILLY FOG and D'ARTACAN Y LOS TRES MOSQUEPERROS

Silva has announced three new Music for Film CDs in their collaboration with Film Fest Ghent (some featuring cues previously released in this series), spotlighting the work of MYCHAEL DANNA, SHIGERU UMEBAYASHI and GABRIEL YARED.


Adieu Poulet/L'ami de Vincent/L'etoile du Nord
 - Philippe Sarde - Music Box
The Albert Glasser Collection Vol. 3: Juvenile Delinquents - Albert Glasser - Dragon's Domain
The Deep Ones
 - Richard Band - Dragon's Domain 
Deux Heures Moins Le Quart Avant Jesus Christ (remastered reissue) 
- Jean Yanne, Raymond Alessandrini - Music Box  
Halloween Kills
 - John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies - Sacred Bones
Sorority House Massacre 2 & 3
 - Chuck Cirino - Dragon's Domain
Venom: Let There Be Carnage
 - Marco Beltrami - Sony 


Bergman Island - Music Supervisor: Raphael Hamburger
Breaking Them Up - Eef Barzelay 
Freeland - William Ryan Fritch
Halloween KillsJohn Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, Daniel Davies -  Score CD on Sacred Bones 
Hard Luck Love Song - Brooke Blair, Will Blair
Held for Ransom - Johan Soderqvist
Introducing, Selma Blair - Raphaelle Thibaut
The Last Duel - Harry Gregson-Williams
The Mustangs: America's Wild Horses - Andrew Gross
Needle in a Timestack - Mark Isham
The Velvet Underground - Music Supervisor: Randall Poster - Song CD on Polydor


November 12
The Serpent - Dominick Scherrer - Svart
November 19
The French Dispatch - Alexandre Desplat - ABKCO 
The Tamarind Seed
 - John Barry - Silva
Without Remorse - Jonsi - Krunk
November 26 
The United Way
 - George Fenton - Gearbox
Date Unknown
Gabriel Yared: Music for Film
- Gabriel Yared - Silva
La vuelta al mundo de Willy Fog/D'Artacan y los tres Mosqueperros
- Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Quartet 
Labyrinth of Peace
 - Annette Focks - Alhambra
The Little Polar Bear
 - Nigel Clarke, Michael Csyani-Wills - Alhambra
 - Mario Migliardi - Beat
Musik in Dokumentar-Filmen - Hor-Reisen Zun Fremden & Unbekannten
 - Enjott Schneider - Alhambra 
Mychael Danna: Music for Film
- Mychael Danna - Silva
Ostwind - Der Grosse Orkan
 - Annette Focks - Alhambra
Parallel Mothers (Madres Paralelas)
- Alberto Iglesias - Quartet
Shigeru Umebayashi: Music for Film
- Shigeru Umebayashi - Silva


October 15 - Dag Wiren born (1905)
October 15 - Haim Saban born (1944)
October 15 - Fumio Hayasaka died (1955)
October 15 - Simon Boswell born (1956)
October 15 - Bronislau Kaper begins recording his score to Home From the Hill (1959)
October 15 - Franz Reizenstein died (1968)
October 15 - Kevin Kliesch born (1970)
October 15 - Lalo Schifrin begins recording his score to THX- 1138 (1970)
October 15 - Henry Mancini begins recording his score for Jacqueline Susann’s Once Is Not Enough (1974)
October 15 - Ron Jones records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Lonely Among Us" (1987)
October 15 - Jay Chattaway records his score for the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Pathfinder” (1999)
October 15 - Igo Kantor died (2019)
October 16 - Leo F. Forbstein born (1892)
October 16 - Bert Kaempfert born (1923)
October 16 - Allan Zavod born (1945)
October 16 - Bernard Herrmann records his score for The Alfred Hitchcock Hour episode “Misadventure” (1964)
October 16 - Maurice Jarre begins recording his score for Taps (1981)
October 16 - Art Blakey died (1990)
October 16 - Dennis McCarthy records his score for the Star Trek: Voyager episode “Year of Hell, Part I” (1997)
October 16 - David Bell records his scores for the Enterprise episodes “Terra Nova” and “Dear Doctor” (2001)
October 16 - Albert Elms died (2009)
October 16 - Pete Rugolo died (2011)
October 17 - Luiz Bonfa born (1922)
October 17 - Around the World in Eighty Days premieres in New York (1956)
October 17 - Bullitt opens in New York (1968)
October 17 - Nicholas Britell born (1980)
October 17 - Basil Poledouris records his score for the Twilight Zone episode “A Message from Charity” (1985)
October 17 - Jay Livingston died (2001)
October 17 - Vic Mizzy died (2009)
October 17 - Rob Walsh died (2018)
October 18 - Frederick Hollander born (1896)
October 18 - Rene Garriguenc born (1908)
October 18 - Allyn Ferguson born (1924)
October 18 - John Morris born (1926)
October 18 - Peter Best born (1943)
October 18 - Howard Shore born (1946)
October 18 - Miklos Rozsa begins recording his score for East Side, West Side (1949)
October 18 - Bernard Herrmann begins recording his score to The Wrong Man (1956) 
October 18 - Wynton Marsalis born (1961)
October 18 - Sergio Moure de Oteyza born (1969)
October 18 - Cristobal Tapia de Veer born (1973)
October 18 - Pete Carpenter died (1987)
October 18 - Jay Chattaway records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Game” (1991)
October 19 - Fiorenzo Carpi born (1918)
October 19 - George Fenton born (1949)
October 19 - Victor Young begins recording his score to Scaramouche (1951)
October 19 - Johnny Harris records his score for the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode “Return of the Fighting 69th” (1979)
October 19 - Jack Nitzsche records the electronic passages for his Jewel of the Nile score (1985)
October 19 - Recording sessions begin on James Newton Howard’s score for Falling Down (1992)
October 19 - Jay Chattaway records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “True Q” (1992)
October 19 - Svend Erik Tarp died (1994)
October 19 - Jerry Goldsmith begins recording his score for Star Trek: Insurrection (1998)
October 20 - Adolph Deutsch born (1897)
October 20 - Frank Churchill born (1901)
October 20 - Tom Petty born (1950)
October 20 - Thomas Newman born (1955)
October 20 - Lucien Moraweck died (1973)
October 20 - Ron Jones records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Booby Trap" (1989)
October 21 - Joseph Mullendore born (1914)
October 21 - Malcolm Arnold born (1921)
October 21 - John W. Morgan born (1946)
October 21 - Brian Banks born (1955)
October 21 - Lyle Workman born (1957)
October 21 - Jerry Goldsmith records his replacement score for Seven Days in May (1963)
October 21 - David Newman begins recording his score for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1987)
October 21 - Dennis McCarthy records his score for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Melora” (1993)
October 21 - Gregory Smith records his score for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “The Assignment” (1996)
October 21 - David Shire begins recording his score for Rear Window (1998)
October 21 - Gianni Ferrio died (2013)


BLUE BAYOU - Roger Suen
"Their relationship lacks the organic sense of intimacy that might have imbued the latter scenes with the emotional heft that Chon tries to capture with shouts and puffy faces alone. Individually, both Chon and Vikander are capable of channeling much anger and grief, but the thinness of the relationship that motivates the repeated swells of emotion and music that finally drag the story to an end gives the whole an unconvincing, bathetic quality."
Pat Brown, Slant Magazine 
"Instead, writer-director-star Chon lays it on thick in all respects, from the numerous secondary plot strands needlessly crowding and complicating his earnest screenplay to the swollen, amplified score that double-underlines every devastating plot point. Closer in tenor to his mannered third feature 'Ms. Purple' than his more tersely angry Sundance-winning breakout 'Gook,' Chon’s overwrought filmmaking stands in stark contrast to the bone-weary believability and restraint of his own lead performance. Empathic support from Alicia Vikander as his increasingly frayed spouse bolsters the commercial indie appeal of this topical tear-jerker, which premiered in Un Certain Regard at Cannes to a loudly approving audience reception. Subtlety, you might have guessed, is not an operative word here, down to the humidly saturated reds and blues of Matthew Chuang and Ante Cheng’s gritty-glossy lensing. Toward the film’s close, in particular, scenes that are already moving are shrilly escalated in volume -- the sob-disrupted dialogue and background strings competing for our eardrums -- to a degree that would border on kitsch if the human stakes weren’t so real and clear and raw, and if Chon’s wounded, intelligent performance weren’t significantly more disciplined than his direction."
Guy Lodge, Variety 

THE CARD COUNTER - Giancarlo Vulcano, Robert Levon Been

"What if you’ve paid your debt to society, but the spiritual weight of what you truly owe for your past actions can never be repaid in full? Following the terrific comeback reception to 'First Reformed' and the spartan, Bresson-ian transcendental style employed within, feeling good about his chances, filmmaker Paul Schrader doubles down on austere slow cinema again in 'The Card Counter,' a movie about the moral balance a man can accrue. A gambling film on the surface, but really, a kind of hypnotic, slow-burn thriller about the twisted path to redemption, where Schrader’s latest differs from his previous film is its atmospheric broodiness. 'The Card Counter' is, at times, stylish with a pulsing synth soundtrack, straight out of a William Friedkin or Nicolas Winding Refn movie, but still adheres to ideas of minimalism and asceticism, perhaps just not as severe. Scored by Giancarlo Vulcano and Robert Levon Been of Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, musically, 'The Card Counter' slowly grows in intensity. By the end of the picture, it is audibly sweltering and throbbing with the unsettling mood set by Isaac’s foreboding Tell. Cinematographer Alexander Dynan ('First Reformed,' 'Dog Eat Dog') helps keep the movie tight and on edge, but some of the occasional tracking and crucial dolly shots go a long way with creating the picture’s mesmerizing disposition."
Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist 
DEAR EVAN HANSEN - Score by Justin Paul, Dan Romer; Songs by Benj Pasek, Justin Paul

"On stage, 'Dear Evan Hansen''s catchy but manipulative songs by Benj Pasek and Justin Paul clashed with Steven Levenson’s darkly comic, and often very funny, book that charted the destructive lengths that a lonely teenager will go to fit in. The earnestness of the score, like the show’s unironic anthem of not-aloneness, 'You Will Be Found,' seems queasily matched with the emotional havoc that Evan wreaks on his journey to find that same acceptance. Levenson clearly set out to patch up some, if not all, of those incongruities. Alana (Amandla Stenberg), the go-getter student body president who persuades Evan to launch a viral movement advocating for mental health awareness in the wake of Connor’s death, gets a beefier backstory and a great new song, 'The Anonymous Ones,' that boasts the soundtrack’s most thoughtful lyric, about the stigmas around anxiety and depression. That’s a step up for a minor character who’s been the only role in the show usually played by black actors."
Dan Rubins, Slant Magazine 

"For adolescents coping with isolation or alienation, it’s a potent message by design, calculated for maximum catharsis. (That goes double for junior belters; Evan exposes the sensitive soul he hides from the world during the musical numbers, able to be his best and fullest self through his tremulous vibrato.) There’s more than a whiff of manipulation to the ruthless way the show induces pathos, as if starting from the swell of tearful salvation and reverse-engineering from there. Its nearly two and a half hours of plateau rather than build, setting out to yank on viewers’ heartstrings from the self-pitying opener, 'Waving Through the Window' and maintaining that grip through each successive scene. The songs, which all operate on the single setting of 'soaring and anthemic,' give away the creators’ aspirations of creating non-stop feels. With the exception of an upbeat ditty that sees Evan picturing himself playing Dance Dance Revolution with Connor, every track strives for an air of the climactic. The effect is exhausting."
Charles Bramesco, Polygon 

"Reconceived as a cheerleader and an extracurricular overachiever who identifies with Connor’s mental condition, as opposed to a narcissist looking to ride his tragedy to glory, the new-and-improved Alana elevates the tone of the entire film. As played by 'The Hate U Give' star Amandla Stenberg, she demonstrates the movie’s thesis that everyone -- even those who appear to coast through high school, seemingly comfortable in their own skin -- struggles with moments of depression and self-doubt. More impressive still, Stenberg co-wrote the song her character uses to make that point: 'The Anonymous Ones.' It’s one of two original numbers added for the movie, though the other -- 'A Little Closer,' by Pasek and Paul -- isn’t especially good. Chbosky deploys it well, incorporating the song (which Ryan sings as Connor) into an extended atonement sequence, which is clearly the movie’s way of having Evan redeem himself. And it works. Even if the song’s quite forgettable, Evan emerges a more mature character. The team behind the film haven’t necessarily fixed all that was wrong with the show, but they’ve been listening, at least, and that’s a start."
Peter Debruge, Variety 
"On the subject of songs from the stage version, four of them didn’t make it into the movie, including the original opener, 'Anybody Have a Map.' In their place are a pair of new Benj Pasek-Justin Paul numbers, including the aching 'The Anonymous Ones,' performed by Stenberg. They fit well into the Hansen tapestry, as do, for the most part, the shifts from the straight dramatic scenes (provided by Steven Levenson, based on his book for the stage show) into song, especially Platt’s delicate reading of 'You Will Be Found' and Moore’s lovely take on 'So Big/So Small,' two tunes wisely left unencumbered by visual embellishments."
Michael Rechtshaffen, The Hollywood Reporter 


Screenings of older films in Los Angeles-area theaters.

October 15
ADWA [Academy Museum]

BLADE (Mark Isham) [Brain Dead Studios]
BODY DOUBLE (Pino Donaggio) [Los Feliz 3]
CASTLE IN THE SKY (Joe Hisaishi) [Academy Museum]
EYES WITHOUT A FACE (Maurice Jarre), MAD LOVE (Dimitri Tiomkin) [New Beverly]
FIRE IN THE SKY (Mark Isham) [New Beverly]
FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (Graeme Revell) [New Beverly]
THE KEEP (Tangerine Dream) [Brain Dead Studios]
PORCO ROSSO (Joe Hisaishi) [Academy Museum]

October 16
AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON (Elmer Bernstein) [Academy Museum]

BODY DOUBLE (Pino Donaggio) [Los Feliz 3]
DOUBLE INDEMNITY (Miklos Rozsa) [Los Feliz 3]
FIRE (A.R. Rahman), EARTH (A.R. Rahman), WATER (Mychael Danna) [Aero]
THE GHOST AND MR. CHICKEN (Vic Mizzy) [Los Feliz 3]
HAROLD AND MAUDE (Cat Stevens) [New Beverly]
HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (Von Dexter), 13 GHOSTS (Von Dexter) [New Beverly]
THE MONSTER SQUAD (Bruce Broughton) [New Beverly]
THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (Danny Elfman) [Academy Museum]
PRINCESS MONONOKE (Joe Hisaishi) [Academy Museum]
REAR WINDOW (Franz Waxman) [Los Feliz 3]

October 17
ALIEN (Jerry Goldsmith) [Academy Museum]

BOTTLE ROCKET (Mark Mothersbaugh), THE ROYAL TENENBAUMS (Mark Mothersbaugh) [Aero]
CHARULATA (Satyajit Ray) [Los Feliz 3]
THE CRAFT (Graeme Revell) [Alamo Drafthouse]
DEATH BECOMES HER (Alan Silvestri) [Brain Dead Studios]
FUNNY BOY (Howard Shore) [Los Feliz 3]
HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL (Von Dexter), 13 GHOSTS (Von Dexter) [New Beverly]
MISERY (Marc Shaiman) [Brain Dead Studios]
THE MONSTER SQUAD (Bruce Broughton) [New Beverly]
RED (Zbigniew Preisner) [Los Feliz 3]
SHAUN OF THE DEAD (Daniel Mudford, Pete Woodhead) [IPIC Westwood] 
WOMAN IN THE DUNES (Toru Takemitsu) [Aero]

October 18
BEETLEJUICE (Danny Elfman) [Alamo Drafthouse]
CALLING DR. DEATH (Paul Sawtell), WEIRD WOMAN (Paul Sawtell), THE FROZEN GHOST (Hans J. Salter) [New Beverly]
CURE (Gary Ashiya) [Los Feliz 3]
THE EARTH DIES SCREAMING (Elisabeth Lutyens) [Academy Museum]
POLTERGEIST (Jerry Goldsmith) [Academy Museum]
POSSESSION (Andrzej Korzynski) [Los Feliz 3]

October 19
CRAWL (Max Aruj, Steffen Thum), HIGH TENSION (Francois Eudes-Chanfrault) [New Beverly]
POSSESSION (Andrzej Korzynski) [Alamo Drafthouse]
A SNAKE OF JUNE (Chu Ishikawa) [Los Feliz 3]
SPIRITED AWAY (Joe Hisaishi) [Academy Museum]

October 20
BEING JOHN MALKOVICH (Carter Burwell) [Los Feliz 3]
COME AND SEE (Oleg Yanchenko) [Brain Dead Studios]
CRAWL (Max Aruj, Steffen Thum), HIGH TENSION (Francois Eudes-Chanfrault) [New Beverly] 
SELMA (Jason Moran) [Academy Museum]
SHAUN OF THE DEAD (Daniel Mudford, Pete Woodhead) [IPIC Westwood]  
UNDER THE SKIN (Mica Levi) [Los Feliz 3]

October 21
ASHES AND EMBERS [Academy Museum]
THE EXORCIST [Alamo Drafthouse]
HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE (Joe Hisaishi) [Academy Museum]
LOST HIGHWAY (Angelo Badalamenti) [Los Feliz 3]
THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (Bernard Herrmann), CIRCLE OF DANGER (Robert Farnon) [Aero]
RACE WITH THE DEVIL (Leonard Rosenman), THE BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN (Jaime Mendoza-Nava) [New Beverly]
WATERMELON MAN (Melvin Van Peebles) [Los Feliz 3]

October 22
THE CRAFT (Graeme Revell) [Brain Dead Studios]
FROM DUSK TILL DAWN (Graeme Revell) [New Beverly]
JOHN LEWIS: GOOD TROUBLE (Tamar-kali) [Academy Museum]
KIKI'S DELIVERY SERVICE (Joe Hisaishi) [Academy Museum]
MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO (Joe Hisaishi) [Academy Museum]
OUT OF THE PAST (Roy Webb) [Los Feliz 3]
PERFECT BLUE (Masahiro Ikumi) [Brain Dead Studios]
RACE WITH THE DEVIL (Leonard Rosenman), THE BROTHERHOOD OF SATAN (Jaime Mendoza-Nava) [New Beverly]

October 23
BASKET CASE (Gus Russo) [Brain Dead Studios]
BLOW OUT (Pino Donaggio) [Los Feliz 3]
CHINATOWN (Jerry Goldsmith) [Los Feliz 3]
THE FLY (Howard Shore)  [Academy Museum]
THE HAPPINESS OF THE KATAKURIS (Koji Endo, Koji Makaino) [Brain Dead Studios]  
MAD MONSTER PARTY? (Maury Laws) [New Beverly]
THE MUPPET MOVIE (Paul Williams, Kenny Ascher) [Los Feliz 3]
PONYO (Joe Hisaishi) [Academy Museum]
PUPPET MASTER (Richard Band) [Brain Dead Studios]
THE RAVEN (Les Baxter) [Los Feliz 3]

October 24
BLOW OUT (Pino Donaggio) [Los Feliz 3]
BLOW-UP (Herbie Hancock) [Los Feliz 3]
BRAM STOKER'S DRACULA (Wojciech Kilar) [Academy Museum]
FREAKS [Los Feliz 3]
GOD TOLD ME TO (Frank Cordell) [Brain Dead Studios]
HAXAN [Brain Dead Studios]
MAD MONSTER PARTY? (Maury Laws) [New Beverly]
POSSESSION (Andrzej Korzynski) [Los Feliz 3]
SEVEN (Howard Shore) [New Beverly]


Meco's Impressions of An American Werewolf in London (various), Alien 3 (Goldenthal), Alien Resurrection (Frizzell), Alien vs. Predator (Kloser), Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (Tyler), It! The Terror from Beyond Space (Sawtell/Shefter), Planet of the Vampires (Marinuzzi), Rambling Rose (Bernstein), Fantastic Journey (various), Poltergeist III (Renzetti), Poltergeist (Streitenfeld), No Time to Die (Zimmer), The Book of Life (Santaolalla)

Read: Moonraker, by Ian Fleming

Seen: Phantom of the Paradise, Suspiria [1977], No Time to Die, The Empty Man, Titane, Venom: Let There Be Carnage, The Many Saints of Newark, I'm Your Man, Old Henry, Escape from L.A.

Watched: The Looking Glass War; Kolchak: The Night Stalker ("Bad Medicine"); Harakiri [1962]; Veronica Mars ("The Girl Next Door")

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