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 Posted:   Aug 4, 2020 - 12:08 PM   
 By:   Chris Rimmer   (Member)

I haven't posted a pup date for some time, so for anyone who's interested here is a picture of our new pup star.
Leia the Shepherd along with her big brother Maximus who is now 5 years old.

Leia is just 12 weeks old and a princess, she's toilet trained and completely trustworthy.

We bought her last week from a family who'd had her since she was 8 weeks old and decided that they couldn't cope.

So we saw their advert and bought her, well she is rather gorgeous.

Her and Max play a lot, which as you can imagine, as he weighs 80lbs, the sight of him leaping across the living room and play bowing at Leia is quite a sight.

I think it was love at first sight, both between Leia and Max and the wife and me and Leia.

 Posted:   Aug 5, 2020 - 3:46 AM   
 By:   Graham Watt   (Member)

They are fine specimens, Chris! Lovely.

 Posted:   Aug 5, 2020 - 7:03 AM   
 By:   joan hue   (Member)

Thanks for sharing. They are darling dogs that bring you and yours much joy.

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