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  • Acossi Records, Inc. - Music scores and music for DJs online.
  • All Movie Photo - Static movie images.
  • - The world's first music and film marketplace
  • Auricle - Official site for the Auricle film-synchronization software.
  • Berkleemusic - Online music school for the continuing education and music career network from Berklee College of Music.
  • Beverly Hills Outlook
  • Cinematic Sound Home Page - Radio Show.
  • Community Musician - CD duplication and replication, DVD manufactoring for audio and data projects.
  • Exploitika - Has two radio streams dedicated to 60's and 70's soundtracks
  • Film Music Magazine Index - Stefan Jania has created a great new site called ST_MAGS This contains indices to film music magazines, including Film Score Monthly. Not even I have all of that info handy! Right now it's basically a file that you download.
  • Groovie Movie Soundtracks - Film music radio show, with playlists.
  • - Creative art and music site.
  • Humping Frog
  • Lydia Pawelak, Photographer - Has taken pix of Raksin, Bernstein, Barry, Takemitsu and others at film music events.
  • Man in Outer Space with Sounds - Goofy early '60s sci-fi-ish music.
  • Midi/Music Schtuff - You can download Hal Jackson's personal transcriptions of certain film music cues!!! Right now he's got the cue from Star Wars where the Falcon takes off from Mos Eisley, he did this by listening to the music one million times.
  • Movie Posters 247
  • Music Choice - This is an on-line real audio type of radio station. One of their channels is film music! Check it out.
  • MUSIC in ABC - Original guitar and chamber music compositions in ABC and MIDI formats.
  • My Soundtracks - Tributes to film composers, MIDI files and original MIDI compositions.
  • New York Int'l Independent Film/Video Festival - Offering special booths and show cases for those that provide music for film.
  • Okoto - Computer Music Resources on the Internet
  • Poster Appraisal - Free appraisals of original movie posters.
  • Score, The - Weekly radio show.
  • Silver Screen and Beyond - MP3 radio site.
  • Soundtrack Street - MIDI files.
  • SpyFest - Convention of AllSpies Productions.
  • SPYGUISE - New and vintage movie posters, toys, clothing, videos, books, music, autographs and exclusive limited edition items. Bond, U.N.C.L.E., I Spy, Flint, Matt Helm, Harry Palmer, Avengers, Get Smart, more.
  • Virtual Drummer School
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