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 Posted:   Jun 9, 2021 - 7:57 AM   
 By:   andy b   (Member)

These are all NON USA – Canadian editions, so an all region player is required to play them, if you are in the USA or Canada.

THEY ARE ALL FREE, BUT you PAY the post costs at the level of service you want, tracked or not that is up to you. BEWARE mail costs in Canada are not cheap.

To save some money I have a few 4 disc, 3 disc & double boxes, so I can put multiples in a single box with the sleeves & you can break them down when you get them.

The price I get you is the price I PAY, so any Pay Pal fees MUST BE COVERED, I think the option is “Friends & Family”.

There are NO other costs than the postage, due to bus schedules I only get to the post office Mondays to Wednesday now, so please be patient.

ajbjmdb AT Hot Mail DOT COM (add the @ etc to make the address work.

Thanks for looking

Andy b

Region 2 UK issue
And Now For Something Completely Different
Atlantic City
Atlantis A world Beyond Words
All That Jazz
Anna Karenina - Sean Connery BBC edition
Because of Winn Dixie
Best Seller
Billion Dollar Brain
Bird on A Wire – DISC ONLY
Blind Spot - early Michael Caine film
Boyz N the hood
Breaking Glass
Bring Me The Head of Alfredo Garcia
Cat Ballou
Coach Carter
Cold Sweat
Cool Runnings
Cross of Iron
Diplomatic Courier
Edgar Wallace Mysteries – Volume 3
Escape to Victory
Extreme Prejudice
Fame – original film
Frankie and Johnny – Elvis Presley
Farewell Friend
Frighten City
Go tell the Spartans
Gold – Roger Moore
Hachi a Dogs Tale
Hell Drivers – 2-disc edition
High Spirits
Hill in Korea
House Sitter – DISC ONLY
Johnny English
Johnny English Reborn
Justified – Season 1 – 3 discs – DAMAGED BOX
Justified – Season 2 – 3 discs
Justified – Season 3 – 3 discs
Killer Joe
King Creole
Lady Godiva
Local Hero
Male of the Species
Master of the World
Memories of Me
Mr Morgan’s Last love
Murder on the Orient Express – Connery
Never Say Goodbye
North Sea Hijack
Ocean’s 11 – Sinatra
On The Fiddle – slim case
Once More
Our Man Flint / In Like Flint
P.S. I Love You
Piano Blues
Piglets Big Movie
Pink Panther / Pink Panther 2 – Martin
Ransom – Gibson
Restless Natives
Rider on the Rain – contains French + Int version
Road House
Robin & Marian
Robin and the 7 Hoods
Run Lola Run
Sgt Bilko – Steve Martin
Shadow Run
Sherlock Holmes – The Definitive Collection 7 discs
Sid & Nancy
Simon Simon
Sir Billie the Vet
Sliding Doors
Son of Rambow
Star in the Dust
Sweet Liberty
The Anderson Tapes
The Black Windmill
The Family Man
The Freshman
The Great Debaters
The Great Silence
The King & I
The Osterman Weekend – missing disc 2
The Producers – musical
The Soldier
The Water Diviner
The Whistle Blower – M Caine version
Their Finest
Tough Guys
True Detective – Season one
Twin Town
Uncle buck – DISC ONLY
Valdez Horse
While You Were Sleeping
Wrong is Right
Zee & Co

Region 2 Dutch issue
Donato & Daughter
Escapade in Japan
Game For Vultures
On Deadly Ground – Seagal
The Glimmer Man
On Deadly Ground – Seagal
The Glimmer Man

Region 4 Australian issue
Attack Force Z
Hot Lead
Murder by Death
My Fair Lady – single disc issue
Stone – 2 Disc edition
The Killer Elite – Caan version
The Reivers
The Molly Maguires
The Sword of the Valliant
The Tailor of Panama
Timelock – slim case
We of the Never Never

Region 2 German issue
Cabo Blanco Media Book
Chato’s Land – international X version
Femme Fatale
Gang War
The Jigsaw Man
The Island – Caine
The Meanest Men In The West
The Mercenary
The Next Man
The Sea Wolf – Bronson
The Wild Geese 2
Yes Virginia There IS A Santa Claus – LOOKS AWFUL. Terrible copy

Region 2 Spanish
Jekyll & Hyde
Smoke Jumpers
They Might Be Giants
Thunder of Drums / The Glory Guys

Region ZERO
Away All Boats - Korean
Cruising – Korean
House of Flying Daggers – Hong Kong version

Region 2 French
Stone Killer

 Posted:   Jun 10, 2021 - 2:52 AM   
 By:   ROBERT Z   (Member)

Great offer Andy, some gems in this batch.

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