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 Posted:   May 2, 2021 - 3:20 PM   
 By:   betenoir   (Member)

It's time for a major cut in my collection. I am listing 1000+ film music CDs for sale, nearly all in mint or near-mint condition. Many of these are rare and out of print, others are common. Prices range from $2-200. Condition grade is for the discs and inserts, not the jewel cases. Most cases are in very good condition, but a few are scratched or have a crack. A few discs have light scuffs or scratches, as noted, and a few lack inserts and/or tray liner notes. A * means there is a hole in the barcode or cut in the jewel box, and/or a promo stamp. All are original pressed CDs except where noted as CDR. Yes, I know, there are a couple of discs here that technically are not film music, but by style they sound like they could be.

Remaining titles from the Major Winchester collection are incorporated in this list.

NOTE: 60+ Game scores and Anime scores are in a separate list at the end of this listing.

U.S. Shipping: Postage is $4 for any number of discs shipped by media mail within the US in a single order up to $100 worth. If you buy more than $100 worth, I will pay for domestic postage and insurance.

International Shipping: International postage rates are expensive, as you all know. I will be happy to ship internationally at my actual cost of postage and insurance. Contact me for a calculation.

First come, first served. Please email with your wants before you pay, so I can confirm that a title is still available for you. Payment by Paypal only. If you need a few days to arrange for payment, I will generally hold titles for you for a reasonable time on request.

Feel free to email with any questions. My email address is in my profile.

“Abominable” (Schifrin) Aleph 036, mint*; $10
“Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter” (Jackman) Sony Classical 88691978332, mint*; $10
“Absolute Truth” (Wiseman) BBC Music WMSF 6000-2, a few very faint marks, plays perfectly; $15
“The Abyss” (Silvestri) Varese Sarabande VSD-5235, mint; $8
“The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” (V. Artists) Mother Records314-516 937-2, a few light scratches, plays fine; $2
“The Adventures of Robin Hood” (Korngold) Varese Sarabande VCD 47202, mint; $8
“Agatha Christie's Poirot” (Gunning) Virgin VTCD 8, mint; $15
“Age of Heroes” (Plowman) Moviescore Media MMS 11011, sealed; $15
“Airplane” (Bernstein) La-La Land Records LLLCD1093, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint; $45
“Alfred Hitchcock--Family Plot, Strangers on a Train, Suspicion, Notorious” (Williams, Tiomkin, Waxman, Webb) Varese Sarabande VCD 47225, light scratches but plays fine, spine ends of back liner sheet are missing; $8
“Alien Invasion--Space and Beyond II” [2CD] (Various) Silva America SSD 1083, a few tiny marks*; $10
“Alien Vs. Predator “(Kloser) Varese Sarabande 302 066 605 2, mint; $8
“The Alien Trilogy” (Goldsmith, Horner, Goldenthal) Varese Sarabande VSD-5753, mint; $8
“Alive” (Howard) Hollywood Records HR-61454-2, some scratches but plays fine, tray liner sheet has some water damage, insert booklet is fine; $10
“Allan Quatermain and the Lost City of Gold” (Linn) La-La Land Records LLLCD1099, Ltd. Ed. of 1200, sealed OOP; $12
“All The Brothers Were Valiant” (Rózsa) Membran Int’l. Mousiki Akti, 221858-207, a few very faint marks, plays perfectly; $15
“The Amazing Spider-Man 2" (Zimmer, Magnificent Six) Columbia 88843 04818-2, mint*, $8
“The American Revolution” (Stone) A&E History Channel AAE-80024, near mint; $20
“Amerika” (Poledouris) Prometheus PCR 519 Ltd. Ed., No. 2412 of 3000, mint; $20
“Anacondas-the Hunt for the Blood Orchid” (Tyson-Chew) Varese Sarabande 302 066 607 2, near mint; $10
“Annapolis” (Tyler) Varese Sarabande 302 066 709 2, mint; $10
“Another Earth” (Fall on Your Sword) Milan MC 36548, mint*; $8
“Antony & Cleopatra” (Scott) JOS Records JSCD 128, mint; $20
“Antarctica” (Vangelis) Polydor 815732-2, mint; $10
“Apres la Guerre” (Knieper) Milan CD CH 386, mint; $8
“Aquamarine” (Hirschfelder) La-La Land Records LLLCD1069, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint* OOP; $5
“Arabian Adventure--Film Music of Ken Thorne, Vol. 3” Composer Promo, mint; $15
“Arabian Nights” (Harvey) Varese Sarabande 302 066 141 2, mint; $35
“Arcana/L’Uomo del Tesoro di Priamo” (Grano) Digitmovies SPDM012, one faint scratch, plays fine; $20
“Architecture in Motion” (Tangerine Dream) Miramar 09006-31442-9, mint; $8
“Armored” (Murphy) La-La Land Records LLCD1122LLLCD 1122, mint* OOP; $8
“The Arrival” (Kempel) Silva America SSD 1071, excellent; $15
“Arrow, Season 3” [2CD] (Neely) La-La Land Records LLLCD1364, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $20
“Arrow, Season 4” (Neely) La-La Land Records LLLCD1403, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $20
“Arthur and the Invisibles” (Serra) Atlantic 94675-2, mint*; $8
“The Astronaut Farmer” (Matthewman) Varese Sarabande 302 066 790 2, mint*; $8
“The Astronomers” (Redford) Intrada MAF 7018D, mint; $12
“Atlantis The Lost Continent/The Power” (Garcia/Rozsa) FSM Vol. 8 No.2, mint; $25
“Atom Nine Adventures” (Gulya) Moviescore Media MMS-07011, sealed; $10
“Avalon” (Kawai) Studio Canal, mint; $15
“The Avengers” (Silvestri) Hollywood Records, mint; $40
“Babylon 5” (Franke) Sonic Images SI 8502-2, near mint; $5
“Babylon 5, Volume 2: Messages From Earth” (Franke) Sonic Images SI 8602-2, mint; $5
“Babylon 5: The Best of Babylon 5” (Franke) Sonic Images, mint; $5
“Babylon 5: The Face of the Enemy” (Franke) Sonic Images SID-0417, no insert book, CD mint; $5
[x2] “Babylon 5: A Late Delivery from Avalon” (Franke) Sonic Images SID-0312, no insert book, CD has one short scratch, plays perfectly; $5
“Babylon 5: Severed Dreams” (Franke) Sonic Images SID-0310, no insert book, CD mint; $5
“Babylon 5: War Without End, Part 2” (Franke) Sonic Images SID-0317, no insert book, CD mint; $5
“Babylon 5: Z’Ha’Dum” (Franke) Sonic Images SID-0322, no insert book, CD has one short scratch, plays perfectly; $5
“Baby Secret of the Lost Legend” (Goldsmith) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 62, near mint OOP; $25
“Back to Gaya” (Kamen) Moviescore Media Discovery Collection V.11, MMS-12001, sealed; $10
“Back In Time” (Burlaev), Keep Moving Records KMRCD 005, Ltd. Ed. of 500, mint; $35
“Back to Titanic (Horner) Sony SK 60691, some light marks, plays fine; $4
“Ballykissangel” (Davey) BBC Worldwide Music VTCD117, near mint; $10
“Band of Angels / Death of a Scoundrel, etc.” (M. Steiner) Label X LXCD 3, mint; $8
“Bandidas” (Serra) Europacorp 3133522, $10
“Bandolero” (Goldsmith) La-La Land Records LLLCD1256, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $30
“The Basil Poledouris Collection, Vol.1" (Poledouris) [2 CDs] BSXCD 8944, DISC 1 ONLY, mint, NO DISC 2; $5
“Batman” [2CD] (Elfman) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1140, Ltd. Ed. of 5000, mint*; $100
“Batman: The Animated Series, Vol. 2” [4CD] (Various) La-La Land Records LLLCD1218, Ltd. Ed. of 3500, mint; $45
“Batman: The Animated Series, Vol. 4” [2CD] (Various) La-La Land Records LLLCD1389, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $40
“Batman the Brave and the Bold” [2 CDs] (McQuiston, Ritmanis & Carter) La-La Land Records LLLCD1289, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, sealed* OOP; $20
“Batman: The Killing Joke” (Various) La-La Land Records LLLCD1388, Ltd. Ed. Of 1500, sealed; $10
“Batman: Mystery of the Batwoman” (Ritmanis) La-La Land Records LLLCD1256, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, sealed*; $20
“La Battaglia D’Inghilterra” (De Masi) Beat CDCR 62, mint; $20
“Batteries Not Included” (Horner) MCA Records MCAD6225, mint; $17.50
“Batteries Not Included/Vibes” (Horner) New York Records BNI-370486, mint; $20
“Battle of Algiers/Massacre in Rome” (Morricone) RCA OST 105, some light scratches, plays fine; $25
“Battle of the Bulge” [complete] (Frankel) CPO 999 696-2, sealed; $20
“The Battle of Bunker Hill” (Stromberg & Morgan) BSXCD 8888, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $15
“Battle Royale” (Amano) [insert and back notes are in French] Milan 198 570-2, mint; $20
“Battle Royale II” (Amano) ZEDY 2007, mint; $20
“Battle of the Sexes) (Kiszko) BBC MK1103, mint; $10
“Battlestar Galactica” (Phillips) Varese Sarabande VSD-5949, a faint scratch, plays fine; $30
“Battlestar Galactica Blood & Chrome” (McCreary) [autographed insert] La-La Land Records LLLCD1246, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $75
“Baywatch” (Lennertz) La-La Land Records LLLCD1427, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $20
“The Beast” [aka The Beast of War] (Isham) A&M Records CD 3919, some light marks but plays perfectly; $15 SOLD
“Beastmaster” [Kaan Principe Guerriero] (Holdridge) CAM CSE 800-127, one faint scratch, plays perfectly; $10
“Beauty and the Beast” (Menken & Ashman) Walt Disney Records 60618-2, near mint; $5
“Below” (Revell) Varese Sarabande 302 066 416 2, a few faint marks, plays perfectly; $20
“Beneath the 12-Mile Reef” (Herrmann) FSM Vol. 3 No. 10, Ltd Ed of 3000, mint OOP; $17.50
“Ben-Hur” (Rozsa) London 820 190-2, mint; $8
“Berlino, Appuntamento Per le Spie” (Ortolani) Saimel 3998911 [looks like a professionally made CDR] Ltd. Ed. of 500, two light short scratches, but plays perfectly; $5
“Best of Adventure” [2CDs, 33 tracks from 29 films] (Various) Edel 0022162CIN, mint; $5
“Beverly Hills Cop” (Faltermeyer) La-La Land Records LLLCD1406, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $45
“Beverly Hills Cop II” (Faltermeyer) La-La Land Records LLLCD1407, Ltd Ed. of 3000, sealed; $30
“Big City” (Kermorvant) MovieScore Media MMS-10005, mint; $10
“The Big Country” (Moross) Silva SSD 1048, mint; $10
“The Big Gamble/Treasure of the Golden Condor” (Jarre) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 67, Ltd Ed of 1200, mint; $15
“The Big Picture” (Various, Kunzel conductor) Telarc CB 80437, mint; $5
“Big Trouble in Little China” [complete, 2CD] (Carpenter & Howarth) La-La Land Records LLLCD1086, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $45
“Big Trouble in Little China” 30th Anniv. Ed. [2CD] (Carpenter & Howarth) La-La Land Records LLLCD1386, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $25
“Bird of Paradise & Lydia Bailey” (Amfitheatrof & Friedhofer) Varese Sarabande Club VCL 1209 1103, new, sealed; $12.50
“Bitchslap” (Graham) composer promo, CDR, some light marks, plays perfectly; $5
“Black Beauty” (D. Elfman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1273, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $25
“Black Sunday” (Baxter) Kritzerland KR 20018-7, mint OOP; $25
“Blades of Glory” (Shapiro) Lakeshore LKS 339342, mint*; $12
“Blind Spot” (Neely) La-La Land Records LLLCD1405, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $15
“Blizzard” (McKenzie) Intrada Signature Edition ISE 1011, Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $35
“Blood & Thunder” (various) Varese Sarabande VSD-5561, mint; $8
“Blown Away & Fandango” (Silvestri) [pressed promo] Liam 9485, near mint; $20
“The Blue Max” [2CD] (Goldsmith) La-La Land LLLCD1196, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $50
“Bonnie & Clyde” (Debney) La-La Land Records LLLCD1292, mint* OOP; $8
“Bora Bora” (Piccioni/Baxter) [2CD] Quartet MS013, Ltd Ed of 100; $25 SOLD
“The Borgias” (Morris) Varese Sarabande 302 067 091 2, mint; $8
“The Borrowers” (Gregson-Williams) MOJO UD-53125, a few barely visible marks, plays perfectly, sharpie initials on disc*; $8
“The Bounty Killer/Un Uomo Un Cavallo Una Pistola/Nevada” (Cipriani) CAM 493106-2, mint; $50 SOLD
“The Bourne Supremacy” (Powell) Varese Sarabande 302 066 592 2, mint; $8
“The Boys from Brazil” (Goldsmith) 2 CDs] Intrada Special Collection Vol. 75, Ltd. Ed. of 5000, mint OOP; $30
“Boy on a Dolphin” (Friedhofer) MCA MVCM-171, mint; $14 SOLD
“The Boy Who Could Fly” (Broughton) Varese Sarabande Encore VCL 1012 1141, Encore Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint;sealed; $15
“Braddock: Missing In Action III” (Chattaway) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 93, mint; $20
“Brainstorm” (Horner) Varese Sarabande VCD 47215, mint; $17 SOLD
“Broken Arrow” (Zimmer) Milan Records 7313835744-2, short scratch near outer edge, plays fine; $5
“The Brothers Grimm” (Marianelli) Milan M2-36136, mint; $8
“The Brothers McMullen” (Egan) Arista 07822-18803-2, a few very faint marks, plays perfectly; $5
“The Buccaneer” (Bernstein) DRG 19051, mint; $10
“Bulletproof Monk” (Serra) Lakeshore Records LKS 33754, mint; $8
“The Cape” [2CD] (McCreary) La-La Land Records LLLCD1186, Ltd Ed of 2000, mint*; $15 SOLD
“Captain America--The First Avenger” (Silvestri) Buena Vista D001401202, near mint; $50 SOLD
“Captain Blood” [+ The King's Thief, Scaramouche, The Three Musketeers] (Various) Marco Polo 8.223607, sealed; $5
“Captain from Castile” [2CD] (Newman) SAE-CRS-0007, mint; $25
“Caravans” (Batt) Columbia, some faint marks. plays fine; $15
“The Cardinal” Moross) Preamble PRCD 1778, sealed; $8
“The Carl Stalling Project, Vol. 2” (Stalling) Warner Bros. 9 45430-2, mint; $8
“The Carpetbaggers” (Bernstein) Nevada 951997, a few very faint marks, plays perfectly; $10
“The Caveman's Valentine” (Blanchard) Decca 440 013 586-2, mint*; $8
“The Chairman” (Goldsmith) Prometheus PCD 158, mint; $25 SOLD
“The Challenge” (Goldsmith) La-La Land Records LLLCD1248, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $12 SOLD
“Chanel Solitaire” (Musy) Disques Cinemusique DCM 161 [prof. CDR], near mint (one tiny mark); $8
“The Charge of the Light Brigade” & “The Honeypot” (Addison) Quartet Records QRSCE010, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, sealed; $30
“Chariots of Fire” (Vangelis) Polydor 800 020-2, mint; $8
“Cherry 2000 & Flesh + Blood” (Poledouris) [gold disc] Platinum Music GOLD-CD 95004, a few barely visible scratches, plays fine; $25
“Cherry 2000 & The House of God” (Poledouris) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 174, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, mint OOP; $30
“Chicken Run” (Powell & Gregson-Williams) RCA Victor 09026-63702-2, mint*; $15
"Chinatown" (Goldsmith) [original release] Varese Sarabande VSD-5677, mint OOP; $20
“Chouans!” (Delerue) Disques Cinemusique DCM 108, mint; $20
“Christopher Columbus: The Discovery” (Eidelman) Varese Sarabande VSD-5389, mint; $8
“The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe” (Gregson-Williams) Walt Disney Records 61374-7, near mint; $8
“Chronicles of Narnia, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader” (Arnold) Sony 88697811422, mint; $8
“Cinema Choral Classics II” (Various) Silva SILKD 6017, sealed; $10
“Cinema Choral Classics III: Apocalypse” (Various) Silva SILKD 6025, mint*; $10
“Cinema Symphony” (Pearce) Movie Score Media MMS-08023, mint; $10
“Cinemusic, The Film Music of Chuck Cirino” (autographed insert) BSXCD 8824, mint; $10
“Cirque de Soleil 25" (Various) [2 CDs, 25 tracks from 25 years] CDSMCD-10030-2, near mint; $10
“Cirque Ingenieux” (Kitaro) Domo 71022-2, mint; $8
“City of God” (Pinto & Cortes) Milan CD 36007-2, has light scratches, plays OK; $5
“Clash Of The Titans” (Djawadi) Sony Music 88697675342, mint; $10 SOLD
“Classic Film Scores for Bette Davis” (Gearhart) RCA Victor 0183-2-RG, mint; $8
“Clear and Present Danger” (Horner) Milan 7313635679-2, mint; $8
“Cleopatra” (North) [2CD] Varese Sarabande 302 066 224 2, new, sealed; $20
“Cliffhangers! Music from Classic Republic Serials” (Various) Varese Sarabande VSD 5658, sealed; $8
“Clockers” (Blanchard) Columbia CK 67440, mint*; $8
“Cohen & Tate” (Conti) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 139, Ltd. Ed. of 1200, mint OOP; $25 SOLD
“Colditz” (Harvey) EMI VTCD 710, mint; $30
“Col Ferro E Col Fuoco” (Fusco & de Masi) Kronos Krongold011, mint; $12
“Coliseum, Games of Rome” (Barcelo) Moviescore Media MMS 14029, near mint; $15
“Columbus and the Age of Discovery” [PBS] (Mirowitz) Narada Cinema ND-66002, mint; $8
“The Company Of Wolves” (Fenton) Jay CDJAY1338, disc has some scuffs but plays fine; $10
“Continente Perduto” (Lavagnino) Alhambra A8994, Ltd Ed of 500, mint; [goes with Ultimo Paradiso] $25
“The Coolangatta Gold” (Conti) One M One 1M1CD1031, one tiny scratch, plays perfectly; $50
“The Core” [2CD promo] (Young) Promo CD9614 produced by Intrada, disc 1 has a few faint scratches, but plays perfectly, disc 2 is mint; $50
“Coriolanus” [2CD, 1 is score, 2 is music and dialogue] (Eshkeri) Varese Sarabande 302 067 141 2, mint; $10
“The Counterfeit Traitor” (A. Newman) Seaton promo OSS/1962NDS, a few faint marks, plays perfectly; $10
“Cousteau/Amazon, Part 1 The River” (Scott) JOS Records JSCD 104, mint; $20
“Cousteau/Amazon, Part 2 The Indians” (Scott) JOS Records 105, near mint; $20
“Cousteau/Cape Horn, Channel Islands” (Scott) JOS Records 103, mint; $20
“Cousteau/The First 75 Years, The Warm blooded Sea” (Scott) JOS Records 108, mint; $20
“Cousteau/Parc Oceanique Cousteau” (Scott) JOS Records 106, mint; $20
“Cousteau/Saint Lawrence, Australia The Last Barrier” (Scott) JOS Records 107, mint; $20 SOLD
“The Cowboys” (Williams) Varese Sarabande VSD-5540, mint OOP; $12
“Cowboys & Aliens” (Gregson-Williams) Varese Sarabande VSD-7105, mint; $50
“Crash” (Shore) Milan 35774-2, mint; $8
“Creature” (Van Tongeren) Intrada MAF 7081, mint; $15
“The Creature Wasn't Nice” (Spear) BSXCD 8825, mint; $10
“Creepshow” (Harrison) [Expanded] La-La Land Records LLLCD1283, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $20
”Crimes of the Heart” (Delerue) Varese Sarabande VCD-47278, mint; $10
“The Crimson Pirate” (Various) Silva America SSD 3009, mint; $10
“Cross Creek” (Rosenman) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 66, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, mint OOP; $25
"Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" (Tan Dun) Sony SK 89347, mfd by BMG Direct, mint; $8
“The Crown, Season 1” (Gregson-Williams, Zimmer) Sony on-demand CDR, one light scratch, plays fine; $15
“Cutthroat Island” [2 CD] (Debney) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1387, Ltd Ed of 1500, sealed; $40
“Cyrano de Bergerac / Shakespeare Suite” (Foerster) Supraphon Records SU 3041-2 011, mint; $8
“Daredevil” (Revell) Varese Sarabande 302 066 448 2, mint; $8
“The Dark Crystal 25th Anniversary Ed.” (Jones) La-La Land Records LLLCD1059, mint*; $50
“The Dark Half” (Young) Varese Sarabande VSD 5340, near mint, one faint scratch near edge; $8
“Das Licht am Ende der Welt” [The Light at the End of the World] (Piccioni) Alhambra A8934, mint; $15 SOLD
“Das Siebte Zeichen” [The Seventh Sign] (Nitzsche) Edel EDL2506-2, a couple of very small marks; $12
“Dave” (Howard) La-La Land Records LLLCD1234, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $40
“David and Bathsheba” (A. Newman) Soundstage Records 545, mint; $40
“David Copperfield/The Roots of Heaven” (M. Arnold) Marco Polo 8.225167, a couple of faint marks but plays perfectly; $8
“The Day After Tomorrow” (Kloser) Varese Sarabande 302 066 572 2, mint; $8
“The Day of the Dolphin” (Delerue) Victor Japan VICP-61178, small scuff near edge outside the recorded area, plays fine; $15
“The Day of the Locust” (Barry), Intrada Spec. Coll 122, Ltd Ed of 2000, near mint; $25
“DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season One” (Neely) La-La Land LLLCD 1404, sealed; $20
“Dead Again” (Doyle) La-La Land Records LLLCD1284, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $20
“Death Before Dishonor” (May) Prometheus PCD 118; mint; $20
“The Deceivers” (Scott) RCA Victor 7722-2-RC, mint; $15
“The Deep End of the Ocean” (Bernstein) Milan 7313835873-2, near mint*; $8
“Der Campus” (Glowna) Virgin 724384549220, some light marks, plays fine; $8
“Der Name der Rose” [The Name of the Rose] (Horner) Teldec 2292-44391-2, mint; $25
“The Desert Treasure” (Hancock) Moviescore Media/Kronos MMS14038/KronCD049, sealed; $20
“Destination Moon” (Stevens) Citadel STC-77101, mint; $10
“The Devil Rides Out” (Bernard) Silva America SSD 1059, mint; $20
“Die Geheimnisvolle Insel” [The Mysterious Island of Captain Nemo] (Ferrio) Tsunami TOS 0303, mint; $30
“Dinosaurus” (Stein) Percepto 021, mint; $20
“Dinotopia” (Jones) Hallmark/Contemporary Media Recordings CMR-2002-2, sealed; $30
“The Disasters Movie Album” (Various) Silva America SSD 1092, near mint; $8
“Django” (Bacalov) Alhambra A 8930, near mint; $15
“Django Strikes Again” (Plenicio) Kronos KRONCD053, mint; $20
“Dog Soldiers” (Thomas) First Night Records REELCD 104, mint; $25
“The Dogs of War” (Burgon) LLLCD 1343, some light scratches and marks, plays fine; $17
“Don Juan en los Infiernos” (Masso) [gold disc] Milan Sur 873 087, a few very light marks; $15
“Don Quixote” (Hartley) Varese Sarabande 302 066 142 2, mint; $15
“Dragonheart A New Beginning” (McKenzie) Varese Sarabande 302 066 170 2, mint; $15
“Dragonslayer” (North) La-La Land Records LLLCD1128, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $30
“Draw! & Red River” (Wannberg) Prometheus PCD 129, mint;$10 SOLD
“Dreamer” [7 tracks of score highlights, 18'45”] (Debney) Kraft Engel Promo, near mint; $10
“Drumline” [score only, no songs] (Powell) CDR promo, 13 tracks, Band 01002-9, light marks but plays perfectly; $10
“Dumbstruck” (Licht) [autographed insert] BSXCD 8892, sealed; $10
“Dune” (Revell) GNP Crescendo GNPD 8071, mint; $15
“Dungeons & Dragons” (Burnett) New Line Records NLR 90062, near mint; $8
“Dun Huang”(Sato) Japan Records 32JC-303, mint; $50
“D-War” (Jablonsky) Milan Sony SB90109C, mint; $50
“Earth Cinema” (Cardon) Treble V 6003-2, near mint; $8
“Earth: Final Conflict” (Erbe & Solomon) Sonic Images 828-278-920-2, mint; $20
“East-West / Est-Ouest” (Doyle) Sony Classical SK 64429, mint; $8
“Edward Scissorhands” (Elfman) MCA Records MCAD 1033, mint; $5
“The Edge” (Goldsmith) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1131, Ltd. Ed. of 3500, sealed* OOP; $70
“The Egyptian” (A. Newman) Varese Sarabande VSD-5258, mint; $8
“Eine Faust Geht Nach Westen/Occhio Alla Penna” (Morricone) Alhambra A 8916, mint; $25
“El Cid / Ben Hur / King of Kings” (Rozsa) Varese Sarabande VCD-47268, mint; $8
“El Dorado” (Masso) Milan CD CH 342, some light marks but plays perfectly; $20
“Elizabeth” (Hirschfelder) London 289 460 796-2, mint; $8
“Elle” (Dudley) Sony Classical 88985361012, mint; $9
“Empire of the Ants" (Kaproff) Kritzerland KR20014-5, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, new, sealed; $20
“Enchanted April” (Bennett) [Promo] Miramax Films [looks like a professionally made on-demand CDR, but has inner ring markings like a pressed CD], near mint; $8
“Ender's Game” (Jablonsky) Varese Sarabande 302 067 277 8, mint;
“Enemy at the Gates” (Horner) Sony Classical SK 89522, sealed; $8
“Enemy Mine” (Jarre) Varese Sarabande VCD47249, near mint; $15
“The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill and Came Down a Mountain” (Endelman) Epic Soundtrax EK 67151, mint; $5
“The English Patient” (Yared) Fantasy FCD-16001, near mint; $5
“Epics: The History of the World According to Hollywood” [4CD] Silva SILCD1170, mint; $20
“Escape From L.A.” (Carpenter) La-La Land Records LLLCD1285, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, mint* OOP; $70
“Everest” (Wood, May, Harrison) Pre-release Advance promo CD from Ark 21, disc only, no insert or tray liner; $8
“An Everlasting Piece” (Zimmer & The Jigs) Varese Sarabande 302 066 202 2, a couple of very faint scratches, plays perfectly; $8
“The Everlasting Secret Family” (Bremner) Southern Cross SCCD 1020, mint; $8
“Every Thing Will Be Fine” (Desplat) Wenders Music, mint; $8
“Evolution” [PBS] (Mirowitz) Pressed Composer promo, mint; $10
“Exploding Sun” (Gelfand) Moviescore Media/Kronos MMS13015/KronCD029, mint; $12
“Explorers” (Goldsmith) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 180, second edition, mint; $70
“The Explorers: A Century of Discovery” (Holdridge) Intrada Signature Editions ISE 1019, mint; $22
“Extreme Prejudice” (Goldsmith) La-La Land Records LLLCD1028, mint*; $15
“Eye of the Panther & Not Since Casanova” (Debney) Prometheus PCD 140, near mint; $12
“Fahrenheit 451” (Herrmann) Varese Sarabande VSD-5551, mint; $8
“The Fall of the Roman Empire” (Tiomkin) PEG029, near mint; $15
“The Fall of the Roman Empire” [2CD complete score] (Tiomkin) Prometheus XPCD 170, mint; $25
“Family Guy Movement 1” (Murphy & Jones) La-La Land Records LLLCD1371, Ltd Ed of 5000, sealed*; $15
“Fantasia/2000” (Various) Disney 60986-7, mint; $8
“Fantastic Journey” (Various, Kunzel conductor) Telarc CD-80231, near mint (1 lite sc); $5
“Fantastic Voyage” (Rosenman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1279, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, sealed*; $30 SOLD
“Fantasy Chamber” (Chiten) Playfull Records 10012-2, a few slight marks, plays perfectly; $8
“Farewell to the King” (Poledouris) Varese Sarabande VSD-5216, mint; $40
“Farewell to the King” [L’Adieu Au Roi] (Poledouris) Milan CD CH 375 [looks like a professionally made on-demand CDR, but has inner ring markings like a pressed CD] made in France, paper inserts have small stickers from French library, disc does not. Near mint; $15
“Far From Heaven” (Bernstein) Academy Award For Your Consideration Best Original Score, composer/studio Oscar promo, near mint; $5
“Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars” (Gross) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1026, mint* OOP; $15
“Father of the Bride” (Silvestri) Varese Sarabande VSD-5348, mint; $8
“Fat Man and Little Boy” [2 CD] (Morricone) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1196, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint* OOP; $25
“The Field” (Bernstein) Varese Sarabande VSD-5292, mint; $10
“Field of Lost Shoes” (Weidmann) La-La Land Records LLLCD1323, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint*; $15
“Fields of Freedom” (Jones) Contemporary Media Recordings CMR-2007-4, mint; $15 SOLD
“The Fifth Estate” (Burwell) [prof CDR, slim case, no tray liner] Promo, mint; $8
“55 Days At Peking” [2 CDs] (Tiomkin) La-La Land Records LLLCD1184, Ltd. Ed. of 2500, mint* OOP; $60
“Film Classics” [10 tracks] (Various) RCA 6366-2-RC, mint; $8
“Film Music of Arnold Bax” (Oliver Twist, Malta G.C.) ACN 7012, mint; $8
“Film Music of Bill Conti, Blood In Blood Out, The Big Blue, Coolangatta Gold” Promo, PR-CD 2301, mint; $35
“Film Music of Arthur Honneger” (Honneger) Marco Polo 8.223134, mint; $8
“Film Music of Clifton Parker” [18 tracks from 9 films] Chandos 10279, mint; $15
“Film Music of Basil Poledouris” pressed promo with 13 tracks from Flight of the Intruder, 8 tracks from A Whale for the Killing, and a suite from Iron Eagle. From Kraft-Benjamin Engel Management, BP-001, near mint; $30
“Film Music of Alan Rawsthorne” [24 tracks from 9 films] Chandos 9749, mint; $10
“Film Music of Dimitri Tiomkin” [from 6 films] Unicorn-Kanchana DKP (CD) 9047, mint; $8
“Film music of “Miklos Rozsa” [from 4 films] Varese Sarabande VCD 47226, near mint; $8
“Filmmusik of Georg Haentzscel” Capriccio 10 400, sealed; $8
“Film Works: Honor and Glory” (Poledouris) Lagoon Records LA-CD 50320, Ltd Ed no. 129 of 300, near mint; $15
“Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” (Goldenthal) Sony SK 89697, mint; $8
“Finding Rin-Tin-Tin” (Edwards) Moviescore Media MMS-08016, near mint; $10
“Fire in the Sky” (Isham) Varese Sarabande VSD 5417, sealed; $8
“The 5-Man Army” (Morricone) FSM vol. 12, no. 16, mint; $45
“The Flash, Season 1” [2CD] (Neely) La-La Land Records LLLCD1365, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $15
“The Flash Season 2” (Neely) La-La Land Records LLLCD1402, Ltd Ed of 3000, sealed; $15
“Flesh + Blood” (Poledouris) Prometheus PCR 513, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint OOP; $30
“Flesh + Blood” (Poledouris) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 153, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, sealed OOP; $30
“Flesh + Blood” (Poledouris) La-La Land Records LLLCD1293, Ltd. Ed. of 1200, sealed*; $30 SOLD
“Flight from Ashiya” (Cordell) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 102, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $22
“Flyboys” (Rabin) Varese Sarabande 302 066 763 2, mint; $8
“Fly Me To the Moon (Djawadi) Varese Sarabande 302 066 922 2, mint; $12
“The Fog” [expanded] (Carpenter) Silva Screen FILMCD 342, a few very minor marks, plays perfectly; $15
“Force 10 from Navarone” (Goodwin) FSM Vol. 9 No. 4, mint; $20
“The Forests of the World/Secrets of the Seas” (Bjerkreim) Mind The Gap MTG-CD 22222, mint; $15
“The 4 Musketeers” (Dunkley) Moviescore Media MMS-08010, mint; $10
“The Four Musketeers” [plus suites from The Eagle has Landed and Voyage of the Damned] (Schifrin) Label X, LXCD 5, mint; $25 SOLD
“The Fourth War” (Conti) Music Box Records Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $15 SOLD
“1492 Conquest of Paradise” (Vangelis) Atlantic 7 82432-2, mint; $8
“Francesco de Masi’s Western Soundtracks” [Vado ... L’Ammazzo E Torno, Sartana Non Perdona, Ammazzali Tutti E Torna Solo–Kill Them All and Come Back Alone] (De Masi) Beat CDCR 22 Gold Series, near mint; $20
“Frantic” (Morricone) Elektra 9 60782-2, near mint; $25
“Frantic & A Time of Destiny” (Morricone) Paris Productions TIC-19881988, some scuffs, plays fine; $30
“The French Lieutenant's Woman” (Davis) DRG CDRG 6106, mint; $8
“Fried Green Tomatoes” [soundtrack album] (Var. artists) MCAD 10631, one long scratch but plays fine, one spine missing from tray liner notes; $5
“Funeral In Berlin” (Elfers) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 296, mint; $40
“Fun With Dick and Jane” (Shapiro) Varese Sarabande 302 066 711 2, mint; $8
“Galaxy Quest” (D. Newman) Promo DNCD 02, mint; $20
“Galileo & I Cannibali” (Morricone) CAM CSE 055, near mint; $15
“Genesis” [1 CD, 1 DVD on making of the soundtrack] (Coulais) Virgin Madoro 724386671103 CD has light marks, plays fine, DVD (in French) has some marks, plays fine; $8
“Genghis Khan” (Radic) Kritzerland KR20017-7, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, sealed; $25
“George and the Dragon” (Waltzing) MovieScore Media MMS 07013, near mint; $20
“The Ghost and the Darkness” (Goldsmith) Hollywood Records HR-62089-2, mint; $10
“The Ghost and Mrs. Muir” (Herrmann) Varese Sarabande VSD-47254, a few faint marks, plays fine; $8
“G.I. Joe, the Rise of Cobra” (Silvestri) Varese Sarabande 302 066 980 2, mint; $8
“Gladiator” & “Hoosiers” (Goldsmith) Vivid HDCD-85001-2, a few slight marks; $20
“Gli Indifferenti” (Morricone) GDM 2049, mint; $12
“Glory” (Horner) Virgin Records America V2-86150, mint; $8
“The Golden Voyage of Sinbad” (Rozsa) Prometheus XPCD 167, sealed; $40 SOLD
“Gothic Dramas” (Morricone) DRG 32916, sealed; $8
“Gray Lady Down” (Fielding) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 114, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, some light marks, plays fine; $15
“The Greatest Western Themes” [16 tracks from westerns, not OST], K-TEL CD 6523, a few very slight marks, plays perfectly; $5
“The Great Fantasy Adventure Album” (Various, Kunzel cond.) Telarc CD-80342 Promo, mint; $5
“The Great Race” [3CD] (Mancini) La-La Land Records LLLCD1372, Ltd. Ed. of 2500, sealed; $45
“Green Lantern First Flight” (Kral) La-La Land Records LLLCD1106, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, mint*; $12
“Grimm” (Marvin) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1278, mint*; $8
“Gunfight at the OK Corral” (Tiomkin) La-La Land Records LLLCD1280, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $50
“The Guns of Navarone” (Tiomkin) Tadlow 001, mint; $50
“Hack” (Glasgow) MovieScore Media MMS 07016, mint; $8
“Halo” (O’Donnell & Salvatori) Bungie Sumthing Else SE-2000-2, mint; $20
“Hancock” (Powell) Varese Sarabande 302 066 908 2, near mint; $8
“Hang’em High & The Aviator”[with bonus tracks from Barquero] (Frontiere) La-La Land Records LLLCD1329, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint* OOP; $40 SOLD
“Happy Trails” [compilation] (Erich Kunzel, Cincinnati Pops, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, et al), Telarc CD-80191, a few very slight marks, plays perfectly; $8
“Harry and the Hendersons” (Broughton) Intrada Spec. Coll. Vol 32, Ltd Ed of 3000, mint; $40 SOLD
“Hawk” (Hancock) MovieScoreMedia MS-11007, mint; $12
“Hearst Castle, Building the Dream” (Cardon) Jazz Ranch Records JR 43272, mint; $20
“Heavy Metal: the Score” (Bernstein) EB 1981 [pressed promo], mint; $20
“Heavy Metal 2000” (Talgorn) FTCD-01 [pressed promo] mint; $30
“Heidi Kehrt Heim” [Heidi Come Home] (Williams) Label X LXE 707, a few very slight marks, plays perfectly; $15 SOLD
“Helix” [2CD] (Heil) La-La Land Records LLLCD1356, sealed; $10
“Hell and High Water” [prof. made CDR edition] (A. Newman); $15
“Hellbound Hellraiser II/Highpoint” (Young) GNP Crescendo, GNPD 8015, mint; $10
“Hercules: the Legendary Journeys” (LoDuca) Varese Sarabande VSD-5660, mint; $8 SOLD
“Hercules: the Legendary Journeys Volume 3” (LoDuca) Varese Sarabande VSD-6032, mint; $8
“Heros and Villains: Attila the Hun/Napoleon” (Pemberton) MovieScore Media MMS 09020, mint; $10
“Highlander” (Kamen & Queen) Immortal Records Magic-CD 19851986, some light marks but plays perfectly; $30
“Highlander: The Original Scores” (Kamen, Copeland, Robinson) Edel 0028892EL, mint; $8
“High Road to China” (Barry) [promo] Supertracks JBCD 01, some slight marks but plays perfectly; $20
“A History of Scotland” (Leonard-Morgan) BBC, near mint; $25
“Hitman” (Zanelli) La-La Land Records LLLCD1064, mint*; $25
“The Hole” (Navarrete) La-La Land Records LLLCD1247, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $10
“Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco” (Broughton) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 354, mint; $25 SOLD
“Homo Sapiens” (Dandrel) Diasonic Boréales WR1030962, new, but not sealed; $8
“Hope and Glory” (Martin) Varese Sarabande VCD-47290, mint; $45
“Hornet’s Nest” (Morricone) Quartet Records QRSCE010, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, a few very minor marks, plays perfectly; $18
“Hour of the Gun” (Goldsmith) Varese Sarabande 302 066 654 2, mint; $20
“House of Cards” (Horner) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 111, Ltd Ed of 1500, mint; $35
“House of Frankenstein” (Salter, Dessau) Marco Polo 8.223748, sealed; $8
“A House With a Clock in its Walls” (Barr) [Autographed insert] La-La Land Records LLLCD1492, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, sealed; $25
“Hulk” (Elfman) Decca Records 475 098-2, a few very faint scratches visible if you have just the right light, plays perfectly; $8
“The Human Stain”(Portman) Academy Award For Your Consideration Best Original Score, composer/studio Oscar promo, near mint; $8
“Human Target Season 1” [3CD] (McCreary) La-La Land Records LLLCD1150, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $25
“Hundra” (Morricone) Laser Light 12 918, mint; $12
“Hunters” (The Residents) Milan 7313835701-2, mint*; $10
“The Hunters/On the Threshold of Space” (Sawtell/Murray) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 152, Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $25
“The Hunt For Red October” (Poledouris) MCA Records MCAD-6428, mint, $8
“Hyde’s Secret Nightmare” (Sensini) Kronos Records KRONCD011, Ltd Ed 250, near mint; $10
“Hyperspace/Beauty and the Beast” (Davis) Prometheus PCD 120, mint; $15
“Ice Age” (D. Newman) Varese Sarabande 302 066 358 2, mint; $8
“Ice Age The Meltdown” (Powell) Varese Sarabande 302 066 725 2, mint; $8
“Ice Station Zebra” (Legrand) FSM Vol. 8 No. 2, Ltd Ed of 3000, mint; $100
“Identity” (Silvestri) Varese Sarabande 302 066 459 2, mint; $8
“Il Casanova de Federico Fellini” (Rota) CAM CSE 800-006, some light scratches, plays fine; $8
“Il Mercenario” (Morricone) EMI VQCD-10068, mint; $20
“Immortals” (Morris) Relativity Music Group RMG 1028-1, some light sleeve scratches, plays fine; $8
“Im Reiche Des Silbernen Lowen” (Rosenberger) Cobra Records CR 003, mint;
“The Incredibles” (Giacchino) Disney 61100-7, mint; $8
“Independence Day” (D. Arnold) RCA Victor BMG Classics 09026-6 8 564 -2, mint*; $8
“India: Kingdom of the Tiger” (Brooks) Four Winds FW 8000, mint; $8
“Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull” (Williams) Concord Records CRE-30825-02, mint; $8
“In Harm’s Way” (Goldsmith) Intrada Special Collection Vol 100, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint; $20
“The Inner Circle” (Artemyev) Milan 7313835613-2 near mint*; $8
“Innerspace” (Goldsmith) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1114, sealed OOP; $60
“In Search of Lewis & Clark” (Williams) Discovery Music SMCD 015 [prof made CDR] mint; $8
“Inspector Clouseau” (Thorne) Kritzerland KR20013-9, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $25
“In the Army Now” (Folk) Intrada MAF 7058D, some light scratches, plays perfectly; $15
“Into the Rising Sun” (Cuyvers) Mare Nostrum MN 109801, sealed; $15
“Into the West” [2CD] (Zanelli) La-La Land Records LLLCD1258, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $25
“I. Q.” [Rejected Score] (Goldsmith) 29 tracks, total time 37:15, CDR, near mint; $5
“Iron Eagle” (Poledouris) Varese Sarabande Club VCL 0608 1077 mint; $50
“Iron Man 2” (Debney) Academy Award For Your Consideration Best Original Score, composer/studio Oscar promo [CDR] near mint; $10
“Isabella Duchessa dei Diavoli” (Romitelli) Kronos KRONGOLD008, Ltd Ed of 500, mint; $15
“Island of Ghosts” (Rossy) Realworld 2-91782. $5
"Islands in the Stream" (Goldsmith) Intrada RVF 6003D, near mint; $10
“It’s A Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (Gold) Kritzerland KR20014-7, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $20
“It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” (Gold) La-La Land Records LLLCD1266, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint, OOP; $30
“Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer” (R. Shore) Moviescore Media MMS-08018, sealed; $10
“James Bond Film Themes” [synthesizer] (Various, 18 tracks) Star Inc. Laser76008, mint; $5
“JAG” (Bramson, main theme by Broughton) STONO 10 composer promo, mint; $75
“Jakten På Nyresteinen” [Pursuit of the Kidney Stone] (Bjerkriem) Lynor 9622, a few tiny very faint marks, plays perfectly; $50
“Jane Eyre” (Herrmann) Marco Polo 8.223535, mint; $10
“Jasper” (Tesloff) Moviescore Media MMS-09019, mint; $8
“Jaws 3-D” [2 CD] (Parker) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 322, disc 1 mint, disc 2 a few light scratches but plays fine; $50
“The Jayhawkers” (Moross) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 211, mint; $25
“The John Beal Trailer Project-Coming Soon!” [2CD] (Various) Sonic Images SID-2 8815, mint; $8
“John Carter” (Giacchino) Disney D001405102, mint; $50
“The Films of John Wayne” [Comancheros, True Grit] (Bernstein) Varese Sarabande VCD47236, mint; $8
“The Journey of Natty Gann” (Horner) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 103, mint OOP; $45
“Journey to the Stars” (17 themes, Var. composers) [Mauceri, cond.] Philips 446 403-2, mint*; $8
“Judge Dredd” (Silvestri) NOTE: this is ONLY DISC 1 from the Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 316. The the back liner and insert are from a Spanish DVD, not from Intrada. The CD has a few small marks but plays fine. Received like this in a trade. $5
“Judith” [2CD] (Kaplan) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 277, mint OOP; $35 SOLD
“Jumper” (Powell) Lakeshore Records LKS 339872, a couple of slight marks, plays fine; $8 SOLD
“The John Williams Jurassic Park Collection” [4CD] La-La Land Records LLLCD1409, Ltd. Ed. of 5000, sealed; $200
“Justice League” [4CD] (Ritmanis, McCuistion & Carter) La-La Land Records LLLCD1393, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $75
“Justice League Gods and Monsters” (Wiedmann) La-La Land Records LLLCD1362, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, sealed*; $15
“Justice League Throne of Atlantis” (Wiedmann) La-La Land Records LLLCD1340, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, sealed*; $15
“K-19, The Widowmaker” (Badelt) Hollywood Records 2061-62371-2, mint*; $8
“Kapo” (Rustichelli) Digitmovies CDDM063, near mint; $8
“Kelly’s Heroes” (Schifrin) FSM Vol 7. No. 20, Ltd Ed of 3000, mint; $70
“The Kentuckian” (Herrmann) Preamble PRCD 1777, near mint $8
“The Keys of the Kingdom” (A. Newman) Tsunami TSU 0134, a few barely visible marks, plays fine; $15
“Khartoum & Mosquito Squadron” (Cordell) FSM Vol 7. No. 2, Ltd Ed of 3000, a few light marks, plays fine; $25
“King Arthur” (Zimmer) Hollywood Records 2061-64262-2, mint; $8
“Kill Bill Volume 2" (Various) Warner Music France pressed promo, cardboard sleeve, near mint; $8
“King Kong” (Barry) FSM Vol. 8 No. 8, near mint; $15
“The King's Guard” (Colcord) Citadel STC 77129, mint; $10
“King Solomon’s Mines” (Goldsmith) Intrada 8005D, mint; $30
“King Solomon’s Mines” (Goldsmith) Prometheus PCD 161, mint; $40
“Knights of the Round Table/The King’s Thief [2 CD] (Rózsa), FSM Vol 6. No. 7, mint; $25 SOLD
“Knights of the Round Table” [1CD] (Rozsa) Varese Sarabande VCD-47269, mint; $8
“Kon-Tiki” (Soderqvist) Sony 8888372342, a few slight marks, plays fine; $10
“The Kon-Tiki Man” [BBC] (Bjerkreim) Mind The Gap MTG-CD20077, mint; $10
“Krampus” (Pipes) La-la Land Records LLLCD1381, mint; $15
“Krull” [2CD] (Horner) La-La Land Records LLLCD1143, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $30
“Kull the Conqueror” (Joel Goldsmith) Varese Sarabande VSD-5862, mint; $15
“Kundun” (Glass), Nonesuch 79460-2, some light scratches; $8
“Kung Fu The Legend Continues” (Danna) Narada Cinema ND-66008, near mint; $8 SOLD
“La Croisade des Enfants” (Jansen) Milan CD CH 359, mint; $8
“La Femme Fardee” (Senia) Hortensia CD CH 650, [gold CD] mint; $15
“La Freccia Nera” (Caprioli) Image Music IMA 0175592, mint; $50
“L'Amaro Caso Della Baronessa di Carini” (Grano) Digitmovies SPDM008, mint; $12
“La Perfecta Desconocida” (Roman) Mousike 0004, mint; $15
“La Piste” (Amar) Naive WN 145085, near mint; $35
“L’Arche et les Deluges” [The Ark and the Flood] (Yared) Columbia COL 474205 2, some marks outside recorded area, but recorded area is near mint; $15 SOLD
“Lake Placid” (Ottman) Varese Sarabande VSD-6055, mint; $8
“Land of the Tiger” (Hooper) BBC Music WMSF 6005-2, mint; $20
“Lara Croft Tomb Raider–The Cradle of Life” [score] (Silvestri), Varese Sarabande 302 066 502 2, mint; $8
“La Revolucion de Juan Escopeta” (Calleja) [promo?, cast gift?] Comes in cloth-covered hardback mini-book case, some faint sleeve marks, plays perfectly; $25
“La Revolution Francaise” (Delerue) [2 CDs] Music Box Records MBR-053, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, sealed; $50 SOLD
“Largo Winch” (Desplat) Varese Sarabande VSD-6943, mint; $20
“The Last of the Mohicans” (Jones & Edelman) Morgan Creek 2959-20015-2, a few tiny very faint marks, plays perfectly; $15
“The Last Place on Earth” (Jones) MovieTrack Classics MTC 4660, mint; $25
“The Last Starfighter” (Safan) Intrada MAF 7066, mint; $20
“Laurette/Prince Jack” (Bernstein) Kritzerland KR 20011-8, a few faint marks, plays fine; $8
“Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace” (Folk) Varese Sarabande VSD-5698, mint; $20
“Leatherheads” (R. Newman) Varese Sarabande 302 066 887 2, mint; $8
“Legend” (Goldsmith) Silva Screen FILMCD 045, mint; $15
“Legend” (Tangerine Dream) Varese Sarabande VSD-5645, near mint; $35
“The Legend of Butch and Sundance” (Poledouris) Movie Score Media Discovery Coll. Vol. 4, sealed; $30
“Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'hoole” (Hirschfelder) Watertower WTM39211, mint; $20
“The Legend of Silkboy” (Mayrand) Movie Score Media MMS-10015, mint; $10
“The Legend of Zorro” (Horner) Sony Classical SK 97751, mint; $10
“Legends of the Fall” (Horner) Epic Soundtrax EK 66462, some very faint marks, plays perfectly*; $8
“Legends of Tomorrow, Season 1” (Neely) La-La Land Records LLLCD1404, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $25
“Le Grand Blond Avec Une Chaussure Noire/Le Retour du Grand Blond” [The Tall Blond Man with One Black Shoe/Return of the Tall Blond Man] (Cosma) Pomme Music 950312, mint; $10
“Le Lion” (Perathoner & Top) Cinefonia CFR 009, mint; $50
“Le Rat” (Perset, Heissler & Leroy) Sergent Major SMC 133 612, near mint; $15
“Le Roi de Patagonie” [The King of Patagonia] (Alessandrini) Milan CD CH 640, numerous small, light scuffs and some scratches, but plays perfectly; $20
“Les Deux Mondes” (Harvey) Movie Score Media MMS-10017, mint; $12
“Le Singe Fou” [The Mad Monkey] (Duhamel) Milan CD CH 397, mint; $10
“Less Than Zero” (T. Newman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1395, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $20
“Leviathan” (Goldsmith) Varese Sarabande VSD-5226, near mint; $30
“Lewis & Clark Great Journey West” (Cardon) American Journey Music AJM7004, mint; $15
“Libertarias/La Pasion Turca” (Nieto) CD-JMB 0006, near mint; $25
“The Life of Birds” (Butcher & Faux) BBC Music WMSF 6003-2, near mint; $20
“Lifeforce” (Mancini) Varese Sarabande VSD-5320, near mint; $20
“The Lion of the Desert/The Message” [2CD](Jarre) Tadlow Music Tadlow08, sealed; $25
“Lions For Lambs” (Isham) Varese Sarabande 302 066 862 2, mint; $8 SOLD
“L'Ira Di Dio” (Lacerenza) GDM 269, mint; $15
“The Little Mermaid” [2-disc special edition] (Menken & Ashman) Walt Disney Records 61618-7, a few faint marks, plays perfectly; $5
“The Little Mermaid” (Menken & Ashman) Walt Disney Records 60841-7, a few faint marks, plays perfectly; $5
“Live Free Or Die Hard (Beltrami) Varese Sarabande 302 066 824 2, mint; $8 SOLD
“Living Britain” (Bennett) Honeyhill Music BBML001, mint; $35
“Lobos de Arga” (Moure) KAR 2094, two faint marks, plays fine; $20
“Local Hero” (Knopfler) Vertigo Records 811 038-2; $8
“Lo Imposible” (Velazquez) Quartet Records SM020, near mint; $12
“The Lone Gunmen/Harsh Realm” (Snow) La-La Land Records LLLCD1135, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $14
“Lonely Planet, Volume 1” “[2CD] (Various) Cinephile CIN CD 026, mint; $10
“Lonely Planet, Volume 2” [2CD] (Various) Cinephile CIN CD 027, mint; $10
“The Lone Ranger” (Zimmer) Walt Disney Records D001809402, mint; $125
“Long Hello and Short Goodbye” (Various) Virgin 724384786922, mint; $5
“Looper” (Johnson) La-La Land Records LLLCD1227, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $10
“The Lord of the Rings” [animated] (Rosenman) Intrada FMT 8003D, no back tray liner sheet, disc near mint; $15
“Lord of the Rings” (Rosenman) Fantasy Records LORCD-0001-2, near mint, promo mark on disc; $8
“L’Ours [The Bear]” (Sarde) Georges Mary/Odeon 852 035 2, near mint; $10
“MacArthur” (Goldsmith) Varese Sarabande VSD-5260, near mint; $75
“MacGyver” [probably not an actual soundtrack] (Various) Galaxis GLX CD 9074, mint; $10 SOLD
“The Machinist” (Roque Banos) Mellowdrama MEL100, a few slight marks, plays fine; $10
“Mad Dog” (DeMasi) Kronos Records KRONCD009, mint; $10
“Madison” (Kiner & Young) BSXCD 885 [Autographed by composers] Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $15
“Mad Max” (May) Varese Sarabande VCD-47144, near mint; $20
“Manaja & Tedeum” (de Angelis) RCA 74321-15508-2, near mint; $20
“Man to Man” (Doyle) MovieScore Media Discovery Collection V. 10, mint; $20
“The Man Who Would Be King” (Jarre) Kritzerland KR20015-1, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $25
“The Man Who Would Be King” (Jarre) Bay Cities BCD 3007, lightly scratched but plays fine, $12
“March of the Empress” (Simon) Milan M2-36276, mint*; $10
“Mari Del Sud” (Bonezzi) Quartet Records Ltd. Ed. of 500, near mint; $8
“The Mark of Zorro-Swordsmen of the Silver Screen” (Various) Silva America SSD3010, mint*; $15
“Mars Attacks” (Elfman) Red Planet Records MARS-CD 3941, Ltd Ed of 300, near mint; $15
“Mars Attacks” (Elfman) Atlantic 82992-2, new sealed; $20
“Mars Attacks” (Elfman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1404, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $35 PENDING
“The Mars Underground” (Dooley) PLGC 001, mint; $15
“The Marseille Contract” (Budd) Cinephile CIN CD 009, mint; $50
“The Mask of Zorro” (Horner) Sony Classical SK60627, mint: $8
“Massacre in Rome & Battle of Algiers” (Morricone) RCA OST 105, some light scratches, plays fine; $20
“The Master of Ballantrae” (Broughton) Prometheus PCR 501, mint; $12
“Master of the World/Goliath and the Barbarians” [2 CDs] (Baxter) Intrada IS 1029, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $45
“The Matrix” (D. Davis) Varese Sarabande VSD 6026, some slight marks but plays perfectly; $5
“Maurice” (Robbins) RCA Red Seal 6618-2-RC, near mint; $5
“The Mechanic” Complete Collector’s Edition (Isham) MIM Records CDR edition, near mint; $25 SOLD
“Medal of Honor Rising Sun” (Lennertz) composer promo, mint; $17
“Medal of Honor Underground” (Giacchino) Dreamworks, new, sealed; $20
“Medieval Times: Dinner and Tournament” (Friedman & Schwartz)
“Meet Dave” (Debney) Varese Sarabande 302 066 906 2, a few faint marks, plays fine; $8
“Meet Joe Black” (T. Newman), Universal UP 53229, light scratches, plays fine*; $5
“Meet Joe Black” (T. Newman), Universal UP 53229, mint; $8
“Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus-Monster Film Music of Chris Ridenhour” [6 films] MovieScore Media MMS 11006, sealed; $12
“Memoirs of a Geisha” (Williams) Academy Award For Your Consideration Best Original Score, composer/studio Oscar promo [cdr], near mint; $12
“Merlin” (Jones) Varese Sarabande VSD-5929, a couple of scratches, plays fine; $8
“Mientras Duermes” (Vidal) Sitges 2011, cardboard sleeve, mint; $10
“Mighty Joe Young” (Horner) Hollywood Records HR 62172-2, mint; $8 SOLD
“Miklos Rozsa, Hollywood Legend” (Rozsa) Varese Sarabande VSD-5206, mint; $8
“Mishima” (Glass) Nonesuch Digital 9 79113-2, mint; $10
“Missing in Action” [1,2,3] (Chattaway & May) Edel/Silva Screen SIL 5056-2, a couple of very faint scratches, plays perfectly; $20
“M:i:III (Mission Impossible III)” (Giacchino) Varese Sarabande 302 066 733 2, mint; $8
“Mission Impossible Rogue Nation” (Kraemer) La-La Land Records LLLCD1361, mint*; $16
“Miss Marple/Lancelot & Guinevere/Force 10 from Navarone” (Goodwin) Label X LXE 706, mint; $12 SOLD
“Miss Potter” (Westlake & Porter) Academy Award For Your Consideration Best Original Score, composer/studio Oscar promo [cdr], near mint; $10
“The Mists of Avalon” (Holdridge) Varese Sarabande 302 066 266 2, mint; $8
“Moby Dick” (Gordon) Varese Sarabande VSD-5921, mint; $10
“Moby Dick” [complete score] (Sainton) Marco Polo 8.225050, mint; $15
“The Molly Maguires” [film score plus rejected score] (Mancini/Strouse) Kritzerland KR 20021-3 new, sealed; $50
“Mom and Dad Save the World” (Goldsmith) Varese Sarabande VSD-5385, mint; $15
“The Monster Movie Music Album” (Various films) Silva America SSD 1086, mint*; $8
“Monsters, Inc.” (R. Newman) Academy For Your Consideration-Best Original Score, Disney Pixar promo 03MS39800, mint; $25
“Monte Walsh/Crossfire Trail” (Colvin) La-La Land Records LLLCD1006, mint*; $40 SOLD
“Monty Python Sings” (Various) Virgin Records America; $2
“Moonfleet” (Rozsa) FSM V. 6, No. 20, Ltd Ed of 3000,sealed; $28 SOLD
“Most Wanted” (Buckmaster) Milan 7313835829-2, very good*; $5
“Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy” (Scott) Movietrack Classics MTC 4389, sealed; $20
“Mouse Hunt” (Silvestri) Varese Sarabande VSD-5892, a few faint marks, plays fine; $12
“Moviola II: Action and Adventure” (Barry) Epic Soundtrax EK66401, mint; $5
“Mr. Atlas” (Plumeri) Intrada Signature Edition ISE 1040, Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $15
“Music from Great Australian Films” (13 Various) DRG CDSBL 12582, mint; $8
“Music from Great Shakespeare Films” (3 various) London 455 156-2, sealed; $8
“Mussolini The Untold Story” [2CD] (Rosenthal) Intrada Special Collection V. 7, mint; $75
“Mutant Chronicles” (Wells) Silva Screen SILCD1287, mint; $20
“Mysteries of Egypt” [IMAX] (Cardon) Treble V Music 6000-2, mint* $20
“Der Name der Rose (The Name of the Rose)” (Horner) near mint; $25
“Nate and Hayes” (Jones) La-La Land Records LLLCD1116, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $10
“The Navigator” (Tabrizi) DRG Records CDSBL 12596, mint; $8
“Navy Seals” [score] (Levay) Intrada Spec. Coll. V 151, Ltd Ed of 1200, mint; $60 SOLD
“Needful Things” (Doyle) Varese Sarabande VSD-5438, mint; $8
“Neighbors” (Conti) Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 1107 1068, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, sealed; $20
“Never Say Never Again” (Legrand) Silva Screen FILMCD 145, mint; $40
“New Music for Films, v.1” [Eye of the Storm/McBain/She Woke Up] (Franke) Varese Sarabande VSD-5393, near mint; $8
“New Music for Films, v.2” (Franke) Sonic Images SID-4906, mint; $8
“9" (Elfman, Lurie) $8
“1941" (Williams) La-La Land Records LLLCD1179, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, sealed, OOP; $100
“Noah’s Ark” (Grabowski) Varese Sarabande VSD-6027, mint; $5
“Nomads of the Wind” [BBC] (Bennett) Belart 450 147-2 10, mint; $20
“The North Star” (Scott) JOS Records JSCD 120, mint; $20
“Nosferatu” (Bernard) Silva America SSD 1084, mint*; $12
“Nowhere In Africa” (Reiser) Higher Octave Soundtracks HOSTCD 83955, mint; $8
“Objective Burma” (Waxman) Naxos 8.557706, mint; $8
“Obsession” [complete] (Herrmann) Reference RO-001, a few scratches, plays fine; $15
“Old Gringo” (Holdridge) GNP Crescendo GNPD 8017, mint; $10
“The Omen” (Beltrami) Varese Sarabande 302 066 736 2, mint; $8
“Once Upon A Time In The West” (Morricone) RCA BMG 4736-2-R; $20
“One Man's Hero” (Troost) Citadel STC 77126, mint; $10
“Onimusha--Samuragoch's Best Selections” (Samuragoch) TokyoPop TPCD 0215-2, some slight marks, plays perfectly; $25
“On the Beach/The Secret of Santa Vittoria” (Gold) FSM Vol.5 No. 7, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint; $25
“On the Threshold of Space/The Hunters” (Murray/Sawtell) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 152, Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $25
“The Other Boleyn Girl” (Cantelon) Varese Sarabande 302 066 884 2, mint; $8
“Outland” [2CD] (Goldsmith) FSM Vol. 13 No. 8, mint; $45
“Outlander” (Zanelli) La-La Land Records LLLCD1088, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, sealed; $20
“Outlander Volume 1” [TV] (McCreary) Madison Gate Records 043396406490, mint; $10
“Pandora Season 1” (Kraemer & Kouneva) La-La Land Records LLLCD1523 [Autographed insert], sealed; $20
“Panic In Year Zero ” (Baxter) La-La Land Records LLLCD1111, Ltd. Ed. of 1200, mint* OOP; $20
“Paparazzi” (Tyler) Colosseum LC 06083 Varese Sarabande VSD-6606 pressed promo, cardboard sleeve, a few slight marks, plays fine; $5
“The Paper Brigade” (Colcord) Citadel STC 77122, mint; $14
“Paris Brule-T-Il? (Is Paris Burning?)” (Jarre) Columbia COL 476842 2, mint; $25
“Passion of the Christ” [2 CDs] (Debney) La-La Land Records LLLCD1329, Ltd. Ed. of 10000, mint*; $50
“Passion of the Christ” [1 CD] (Debney) Sony Classical SK 92046, near mint; $5
“Pathfinder” (Elias) Varese Sarabande 302 066 806 2, sealed; $8
“Patriots of Freedom” (A. Williams) Silverscreen Music SMCD029 (Prof. CDR] near mint; $20
“Patton/The Flight of the Phoenix” (Goldsmith/Devol) FSM Vol.2 No. 2, Ltd Ed of 3000, mint; $25
“Patton & Tora, Tora, Tora” (Goldsmith) Varese Sarabande VSD-5796, mint; $15
“Pearl Harbor” (Zimmer) Hollywood Records/Warner Bros. 9 48113-2, a few light scratches, plays fine; $5
“The People that Time Forgot” (Scott) JOS Records JSCD 132, mint; $20
“Percy Jackson and the Olympians, The Lightning Thief” (Beck) Fox Music 0324-2, mint*; $15
“Percy Jackson Sea of Monsters” (Lockington) Fox Music 88883765942, mint*; $30
“The Perfect Storm” (Horner) Sony Classical SK 89282, mint; $8
“Persépolis” (Bernet) EMI Records 5099950051205, mint; $8
“Phantom” (Rona) Milan Records M2-36622, mint; $40
“The Phantom” (D. Newman) Milan 7313835756-2, mint*; $8
“Phantom of the Opera” (Segal), Restless Records 7 72386-2, near mint; $8
“The Pink Panther” (Beck) Varese Sarabande 302 066 723 2, numerous light scratches, plays fine; $8
“The Pink Panther and Other Hits (Charade/Hatari/Breakfast at Tiffany's)” (Mancini) RCA Victor BG2 55938, mint; $7
“Pirates” (Sarde) Krizerland KR 20018-6, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, new, sealed; $22
“Planet of the Apes” [2001] (Elfman) Sony Classical SK 89666, mint*; $5
“Planet of the Apes-TV Series” (Schifrin, Hagen, Lasalle) La-La Land Records LLLCD1336, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, sealed*; $25
“The Planets” [BBC] (Meacock) BBC Music WMSF 6010-2, mint; $20
“Platoon & Salvador” [scores] (Delerue) Prometheus PCD 136, mint; $12
“Pompeii” (Shorter) Milan 36672-02 [No Digipak, in plastic case with library tray liner and small label on disc], mint; $20
“Powaqqatsi” (Glass) Elektra/Nonesuch 9 79192-2, made for BMG Direct, D 172268, mint; $8
“Poseidon” (Badelt) A&M Records B0006811-02, sealed*; $8
“Predator 2” (Silvestri) Varese Sarabande VSD 5302, near mint; $15 SOLD
“Predator 2” [complete, 2CD] (Silvestri) Cimmerian Records CRCD005, Ltd Ed of 1000, near mint; $35
“Predators” (Debney) La-La Land Records LLLCD1141, mint*; $35
“The Pride and the Passion/Kings Go Forth” (Antheil/Bernstein) Kritzerland KR 20019-2, Ltd. Ed. Of 1000, mint; $22
“Pride and Prejudice” (Marianelli) Academy Award For Your Consideration Best Original Score, composer/studio Oscar promo, mint; $5
“Primal Fear” (Howard) La-La Land Records LLLCD1396, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, sealed; $40
“Prince of Persia–The Sands of Time” (Gregson-Williams) Walt Disney Records D000469902, sealed*; $10
“Prince Valiant” (Bergaud) Perserverance pressed Promo, Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $20
“Prison Break” (Djawadi) Varese Sarabande 302 066 839 2, mint; $8
“The Professionals” (Jarre) Silva Treasury STD 5002, near mint; $50
“The Protagonists” (Guerra) Warner Chappell Italiana 5050467-2138-2-1, mint; $8
“The Psychic” (Bixio-Frizzi-Tempera) Digibeat DGBT 002, mint; $17.50
“Q-Factory” (Etoll) [short suspense thriller sample tracks, 1 data CDR, 1 audio CDR] near mint; $30
“Quel Maledetto Ponte Sull Elba” [The Legion of No Return] (Lacerenza) Kronos KRONGOLD002, Ltd Ed of 500, mint; $15
“Quest for Camelot” (Doyle) Quest Records CAM-CD790218, a few faint marks, plays fine; $30
“The Quiller Memorandum” (Barry) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 201, mint; $60 SOLD
“Quo Vadis” (Rozsa) London 820-200-2, near mint, $8
“Race for the Yankee Zephyr/The Survivor” (May) One M One, 1M1CD1008, mint; $15
“Raging Angels” (Plumeri) Intrada Signature Editions ISE 1050, mint; $25
“Raise the Titanic” (Barry) Silva Screen FilmCD 319, near mint; $20
“Rambo III” [complete] (Goldsmith) Intrada RVF 6006D, mint; $15
“Ran” [Kurosawa’s film] (Takemitsu) Milan 883 499, a small slight tape mark and peeled spot on back of insert booklet, disc has a few very slight marks but plays perfectly; $35
“Random Hearts” (Grusin) Sony Classical SK51336 sealed*; $8
“The Raven” (Vidal) Sony Classical 88691963782, mint; $20
“The Rebel” (Wong) Moviescore Media MMS-08017, mint; $20
“The Red Pony & The Agony and the Ecstasy” (Goldsmith) pressed promo, near mint; $10
“Red 2” (Silvestri) La-La Land Records LLLCD1264, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $15
“Reign of Fire” (Shearmur) Varese Sarabande 302 066 374 2, mint; $10
“Remo Williams The Adventure Begins” (Safan) Perserverance PRD 010, mint; $30
“Resident Evil: Apocalypse” (Danna) Varese Sarabande 302 066 616 2, mint; $15
“Restless” (Elfman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1274, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $12
“Le Retour Des Mousquetaires [The Return of the Musketeers]” (Petit) Milan CD CH 383, mint; $20
“Return to Oz” [2CD] (Shire) Intrada Spec. Coll. ISC 319, mint; $75
“Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher, et al.” (Shore) Moviescore Media MMS-09018, mint; $8
“Rhodes” (Parker) MCA MCD 60024, near mint; $10
“Ride With the Devil” (Danna) Atlantic 83262-2, mint; $8
“Riverdale Season One” (Neely) La-La Land Records LLLCD1428, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $15
“River of Death” (Matson) Edel/Silva Screen SIL 5053-2, mint; $5
“Road House” (Kamen) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 190, sealed*; $35
“The Road Warrior” (May) Varese Sarabande 3VCD47262, near mint, a couple of faint marks; $25
“The Robe” (A. Newman) [2CD] La-La Land Records LLLCD1203, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint, OOP; $40
“Robin Hood” (Burgon) Silva Screen FILMCD 083, mint; $10
“Robin Hood Country” (Various) ASV WHL 2069, mint; $10
“Robocop 3” (Poledouris) Varese Sarabande Varese Sarabande VSD-5416, mint; $15
“Robocop Prime Directives” (Orenstein) GNP Crescendo GNPD 8070, mint; $8
“Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles” (Glasgow) Varese Sarabande 302 066 792 2, mint; $8
“Robotjox” (Talgorn) Prometheus PCD 125, two short light scratches, plays fine; $15
“Robot Wars” (Arkenstone) Moonstone Records 28096-5102-2, mint; $5
“The Rock” (Glennie-Smith, Zimmer, Gregson-Williams) Hollywood Records HR-62062-2, mint*; $5
“Rocky” (Conti) EMI-Manhattan CDP 7 46081 2, two faint scratches, plays perfectly; $5
“Rocky III” (Conti) EMI-Manhattan CDP 7 46561 2, near mint; $5
“Rookie of the Year/A Night in the Life of Jimmy Reardon/Bushwhacked” (Conti) Varese Sarabande Club VCL 0106 1047, Ltd Ed of 1500, mint; $20
“Roman Polanski's Pirates” (Sarde) Varese Sarabande VCD-47265, mint; $25
“A Room With a View” (Robbins) DRG Records CDSBL 12588, mint; $5
“Roving Mars” (Glass) Lakeshore Records LKS 33867, mint*; $20
“Ruba al Prossimo Tuo” (Morricone) Digitmovies CDDM 0109, mint; $12
“Rue Morgue Presents Nightmare Picture Theater” (Fisher) RMR 1301, mint; $20
“The Rundown” (Gregson-Williams) Varese Sarabande 302 066 516 2, mint; $8
“The Running Man” (Faltermeyer) TER CDTER 1158, a few light marks outside recorded area; $25
“Russia Land of the Tsars” (Pozner) Whirled Music WM20032, mint; $10
“Russkies” (Howard) Varese Sarabande Club VCL 0309 1093, Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $20
“Sail the World” (Phillips) Resurgence RES102CD, some light scratches and scuffs, plays fine; $7
“Salomé” (Roque Baños) MK2 Music 8345106042, a few faint scratches, plays fine; $15
“The Salton Sea” (T. Newman) Varese Sarabande VSD-6351, mint; $8
“Salt on Our Skin” [Salz Auf Unserer Haut] (Doldinger) Virgin 263 201, few faint scratches, plays fine; $10
“San Andreas” (Lockington & various) Watertower Music [on demand prof CDR], mint; $8
“The Sand Pebbles” Deluxe expanded edition (Goldsmith) Varese Sarabande Club VCL 0702 1010, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint; $25
“Sangraal La Spada di Fuoco” [Sword of the Barbarians] (Campanino) Kronos KRONGOLD013, mint; $15
“Scandinavian Tenderness – Music for Film and Advertising” [42 demo tracks] Wilhelm Hansen AS promo, one slight scratch, plays perfectly; $10
“Scaramouche” (V. Young) FSM Vol. 5, No. 13, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint; $20
“Scorpio” (Fielding) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 69, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, sealed; $25
“The Scorpion King” (Debney) Varese Sarabande 302 066 368 2, mint; $8
“The Sea Hawk” (Korngold) Varese Sarabande VCD 47304, mint; $8
“The Sea Hawk--Classic Film Scores of Erich Wolfgang Korngold” [Themes from 12 films] RCA Victor BMG Classics 60863-2-RG, mint; $8
“The Searchers” (Steiner) FMA/MS101, mint; $20
“The Sea Wolves (Budd) Cinephile CIN CD 023, mint; $45
“The Secret of Moonacre” (Henson) Moviescore Media MMS-09006, mint; $10
“The Secret of NIMH” (Goldsmith) Varese Sarabande VSD-5541, mint; $10
“Secret of the Sahara” (Morricone AUTOGRAPHED) RCA BMG 74321 34226 2, a few barely visible scratches, plays fine; $40 [priced for the autograph]
“The 7 Magnificent Gladiators” (Seltzer) Intrada Signature Ltd Edition of 1000, ISE 1033, mint; $25
“Seven Swords” (Kawai) Recall Music for Films RMFF04-8345118272, mint; $40
“Sevilla” (Nieto) Saimel 3993110, some faint scratches, plays fine; $10
“Seville Film Music Concerts” [2CD] (Jarre/Nieto) Varese Sarabande VSD2-5319, mint; $12
“Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure” (Cardon) Jazz Ranch JR 74222, mint; $30
“Shakespeare In Love” (Warbeck) Sony Classical SK 63387, mint; $8
“Shane: A Tribute to Victor Young” [ plus music from For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Quiet Man, Around the World in 80 Days, Samson & Delilah] (V. Young, Kaufman cond.) Koch 3-73665-2 H1, near mint CD, dedication and conductor AUTOGRAPH on insert; $15
“Shango” [La Pistola Infallibile] (Di Stefano) Cinevox Records CD MDF 315, mint; $15
“The Shawshank Redemption” (T. Newman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1394, Ltd. Ed. of 3500, sealed; $30
“Sheena” (Hartley) Varese Sarabande Club VCL 1104 1034, Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $50
“She’s Having A Baby”(V. Artists) Hughes Music IRSD-6211, mint; $5
“The Shipping News” (Young) Milan 73138-35983-2, near mint*; $10 SOLD
“Shocker” (Goldstein) Varese Sarabande VSD-5247, mint; $10
“Shoes of the Fisherman, Ice Station Zebra, Where Eagles Dare” [2 CD] (North, Schifrin, Goodwin) FSM Vol. 7 No.6, Ltd Ed of 3000, near mint; $40
“Shoot ‘Em Ups! Music from Classic Republic Westerns” (Various) Varese Sarabande VSD-5666, sealed; $8
“Shoot Loud, Louder, I Don't Understand” (Rota) DRG 32914, sealed; $15
“The Sicilian” (Mansfield) Virgin Records 2-90682, near mint, couple of tiny marks, plays fine; $5
“Silverado” (Broughton) Intrada MAF 7035D, mint; $12
“Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger” (Budd) Cinephile CD 005, mint; $30
“Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” [2CD] (Goodwin) Intrada Spec. Coll.V. 196, mint; $80
“The 6th Day” (Rabin) Varese Sarabande 302 066 196 2, a few small marks, plays fine*; $7 SOLD
“Skin” (Muddiman) Elysian films, Mack Mummy Music, new, sealed; $5
“Sky Bandits” (Kabiljo) Varese Sarabande CD Club VCL 0706 1053, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $20
“Skyline” (Margeson) Varese Sarabande 302 067 057 2, mint; $10
“Skyworld” (Two Steps From Hell) TSFHCD04, mint; $20
“Sleeping Beauty” (Various) Walt Disney Records 60881-7, a few faint marks, plays perfectly*; $5
“Sleeping With the Enemy” (Goldsmith) Columbia CK 47380, 2 scratches, 1 heavy, 1 lighter, but plays OK; $3
“Slipstream” (Bernstein) Perserverance PRD 039, mint; $30
“Snow Lotus: Music from the Movies Now Chinatown and Epoch of Lotus” (Herrmann & Arnone) professionally made CDR promo, near mint; $10
“Snowpiercer” (Beltrami) CJ E&M CMCD10153, insert notes in Korean and English, back tray liner track list in English, mint; $15 SOLD
“Solar Max” (Westlake) Chicago Museum of Science and Industry, mint; $90
“Solas” (Meliveo) Virgin Records Espana pressed promo, cardboard sleeve, a few slight marks, plays fine; $10
“Soleil Rouge” [Red Sun] (Jarre) MCA 014 114-2, mint; $12 SOLD
“Son of Batman” (Wiedmann) La-La Land Records LLLCD1304, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, mint*; $15
“Space: Above and Beyond” (Walker) La-La Land Records LLLCD1192, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $95
“Space 3 Beyond the Final Frontier” [2CD] (Various) Silva America SSD 1112, mint*; $20
“Spartacus” (Miller) Intrada Signature Editions ISE 1004, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $20
“The Special Relationship” (Desplat) Varese Sarabande 302 064 208 2, mint; $12
“Species” (Young) Intrada Special Collection Vol. 77, Ltd Ed of 3000, mint; $50
“Spectacular World of Classic Film Scores” [15 films] (Various) RCA Victor 2792-2-RG, mint; $5
“Speechless” (Shaiman) La-La Land Records CD1126, Ltd. Ed. of 1200, sealed* OOP; $5
“Speed Racer” (Giacchino) Varese Sarabande 302 066 898 2, mint*; $10
“Speed 2: Cruise Control” (Mancina) La-La Land Records CD1138, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $40 SOLD
“The Spiral Road” (Goldsmith) Soundstage Records 610, near mint; $8
“Spy Kids” (Elfman & Rodriguez) Chapter III CH 30002-2, mint*; $8
“Spy Kids 2" (Rodriguez & Debney) Milan 73138-36000-2, near mint; $8
“Stalingrad” (Badalamenti) MovieScore Media KronosMMS14001/KRONCD036, mint; $40
“Star Command/Freefall” (Holdridge) Promo, mint; $25
“Starship Troopers” [expanded] (Poledouris) Mas Musica! Promo, Acme Millenium 2001, a few very slight marks, plays fine, with POLEDOURIS AUTOGRAPH; $80
“Starship Troopers” [2CD] (Poledouris) Varese Sarabande Club Deluxe Edition, VCL 0516 1168, Ltd Ed of 3000, mint; $125
“Star Trek “ [four TV episodes] (Steiner) Varese Sarabande VCD-47235, mint; $8
“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” (Horner) GNP Crescendo GNPD 8022, mint; $5
“Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan” [expanded](Horner) Retrograde Records FSM 80128-2, mint; $35
“Star Trek III: the Search for Spock” (Horner) [2CDs] Retrograde Records FSM 80129-2, mint; $90
“Star Trek V the Final Frontier” [2CD] (Goldsmith) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1157, Ltd. Ed. of 5000, mint OOP; $60
“Star Trek Deep Space Nine” (McCarthy) GNP Crescendo GNPD 8034, a few slight marks, plays fine; $5
“Star Trek: Enterprise Collection Vol. 1” [4CD] (Various) La-La Land Records LLLCD1330, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $50
“Star Trek: Enterprise Collection Vol. 2” [4CD] (Various) La-La Land Records LLLCD1397, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $100
“Star Trek Generations” (McCarthy) GNP Crescendo GNPD 8040, mint; $5
“Star Trek Insurrection” (Goldsmith) GNP Crescendo GNPD 8059, mint; $5
“Star Trek: The Next Generation Collection Vol. 2” [3CD] (Various) La-La Land Records LLLCD1377, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed*; $45
“Star Trek: Voyager Collection” [4CD] (Various) La-La Land Records LLLCD1417, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $90
“Star Wars III-- Revenge of the Sith” [CD + DVD:A Musical Journey] (Williams) Sony Classical SK 94220, mint; $20
“Star Wars: Shadows of the Empire” (McNeely) Varese Sarabande VSDE-5700, a few light scratches, plays fine; $8
“The Statement” (Corbeil) Varese Sarabande 3020665392, mint; $8
“Stealth” [Score] (Edelman & BT) Varese Sarabande VSD-6676: $8
“St. Patrick: The Irish Legend” (Zur/Mahchi/Levy) Shanachie SH 78037, mint; $10
“The Strangers” (tomandandy) Lakeshore Records LKS 34010, some light marks, plays perfectly; $15
“Stuart Saves His Family” (Shaiman) Milan 7313835709-2, a few very faint scratches, plays perfectly; $5
“The Stupids” (Stone) Intrada MAF 7071, mint; $10
“Summer and Smoke” (Bernstein) RCA 74321720592, a few very faint marks, plays fine; $8
“Sundown” (Stone) Silva Screen FILMCD 044, near mint; $10
“Sunflower” (Mancini) [notes mostly in Japanese] RCA Victor Japan VICP-61177, mint; $50
“Supergirl” (Goldsmith) Silva Screen UK FILMCD 132, mint; $25
“Supergirl Season 1” (Neely) La-La Land Records LLLCD1401, Ltd Ed of 3000, sealed; $15
“Superman Doomsday” (Kral) La-La Land Records LLLCD1063, mint*; $10
“Superman Returns” [2CD] (Ottman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1282, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $75
“Supernova” [2CD] (Williams & Dallwitz) Intrada ISE 1038, Ltd. Ed. of 1200, mint; $25 SOLD
“The Sword and the Sorceror” (Whitaker) Super Tracks STCD 884, near mint; $15
“Swordfish” (Young) Counterforce DEA-CD86777, near mint; $25
“Tai-Pan” (Jarre) Varese Sarabande Encore VCL 0712 1137, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $40
“Tai-Pan” (Jarre) Varese Sarabande VCD47274, near mint; $25
“Take a Hard Ride” (Goldsmith) La-La Land Records LLLCD1367, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; sealed; $20
“Taking Woodstock” (Elfman) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1105, mint* OOP; $8
“The Tale of Desperaux” (Ross) Academy Award For Your Consideration Best Original Score, composer/studio Oscar promo [cdr], near mint; $10
“Tales of Two Cities” (Franklin) [gold disc] LDM 590, two very faint scratches, plays fine; $20
“Taras Bulba” (Waxman) Kritzerland KR 20013-7. Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint OOP; $20
“The 10th Kingdom” (Dudley) Varese Sarabande 602 066 115 2, mint; $8
“10,000 B.C.” (Kloser) Decca Records B0010824-02, mint*; $10
“Tequila Sunrise” (Grusin, Various artists) Capitol CDP 7 91185-2, mint; $8
“Terminator Dark Fate” (Holkenborg) La-La Land Records LLLCD1522, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $20
“Terms of Endearment” (Gore) Quartet QR143, Ltd Ed of 1500, [NOTE: disc 1 only. No disc 2, no insert, no tray liner. This disc contains the complete score plus alternate tracks, missing disc 2 had the original album release.] Very good condition; $20
“Terre Indigo” (Lara) Polygram PY 900, mint; $8
“Theatre of Blood” (Lewis) Promo, mint; $25
“Thor” (Doyle) Buena Vista Records D001365602, mint; $25 SOLD
“Those Magnificent Men in Their Flying Machines” [2CD] (Goodwin) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 161, Ltd Ed of 2000, mint; $125 SOLD
“300” (Bates) Warner Sunset 101272-2 mint; $10
“3:10 to Yuma” (Beltrami) Lionsgate LGM2-0010 Ltd Ed of 1000, sealed; $15
“Thunder-3” (de Masi) Dolby S.R. CDF 071, very good, some faint marks, plays fine; $10
“The Best of Thunderbirds” 40th Anniversary Edition with Bonus CD-ROM [2CD] (Gray) Silva SILCD1195, mint; $20
“Thundercats” [2CD] (Kliesch) La-La Land Records LLLCD1230, mint*; $17.50
“Ticks/Fist of the North Star” (Stone) Intrada MAF 7069, mint; $12 SOLD
“A Time to Love and a Time to Die” (Rozsa) MCA MVCM-22044, near mint; $30
“Time of the Wolf “ (Scott) JOS Records JSCD 130, mint; $25
“Time's Up” (McCuistion) La-La Land Records LLLCD1358, mint*; $10
“Titan A.E.” (Revell) La-La Land Records LLLCD1320, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, mint*; $50
“To the Ends of the Earth” (Scott) Prometheus PCD 102, near mint; $15
“Tokyo Blackout” (Jarre) Quartet QR006, mint; $15 SOLD
“Tom Jones” (Addison) Kritzerland KR20012-7, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, new, sealed, OOP; $25 SOLD
“Top Secret” (Jarre) Varese Sarabande Club, VCL 1105 1045, Ltd Ed of 1000, mint; $25
“Tora, Tora, Tora” (Goldsmith) La-La Land Records LLLCD 1197, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint* OOP; $95
“Toto Le Heros” (Dormael) Bleu Marine CD BM 001/1743922, a couple of faint scratches, plays fine; $8
“To Walk With Lions” (Reeves) B3 Records, mint; $17
“A Town Called Hell” & “Savage Pampas” [2 CDs] (de los Rios) Singular Soundtrack, SINGSCE003, Ltd. Ed. of 1000, mint; $17
“Transformers” [score] (Jablonsky) Warner Bros. 298812-2, some light scratches, plays fine, promo stamp on insert booklet; $40
“Transformers” [score] (Jablonsky) Warner Bros. 298812-2, near mint,one tiny scratch, plays fine,
“Transformers Age of Extinction” Jablonsky La-La Land Records LLLCD1311, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; sealed; $100
“Transformers The Last Knight” (Jablonsky) La-La Land Records LLLCD1432, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $40
“Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen” (Jablonsky) Reprise Records 519972-2, mint; $20
“Travelling Avant/L'Hirondelle et la Mesange” (Alessandrini) Milan CD 327, some faint radial scratches but plays perfectly; $30
“Treasured Island” (Dodd) OOP, Movie Score Media MMS-08002, mint; $40
“Treasure of the Golden Condor/The Big Picture” (Jarre) Intrada Spec. Coll. V. 67, Ltd Ed of 1200, mint; $15
“A Tribute to Jacques Cousteau” (Goldstein) New Gold Music 000 NGM, a small mark, plays fine; $20
“Trinity Goes East” (Alessandroni) Hexacord HCD 03, mint; $12 SOLD
“Tron Legacy” (Daft Punk) Disney 8723648, a few faint marks, plays fine; $15
“Troy” (Horner) Warner Sunset Reprise Records 48798-2, mint; $5
“Gabriel Yared's Troy” [Unused Score] Prof. made CDR, High quality tray and cover images, mint; $30
“2010” (Shire) A&M Records CD5038/DIDX253, mint; $25 SOLD
“2012: Supernova” [plus 4 more sci-fi films] (Ridenhour) Moviescore Media MMS-11004, mint; $15
“20,000 Leagues Under the Sea” (Scott) JSCD 122, new, sealed; $35
“Best of the Twilight Zone, volume II “(Herrmann, Goldsmith, Rosenman, Steiner, Van Cleave) Varese Sarabande VCD-47247, mint; $8
“Twister” (Mancina) La-La Land Records LLLCD1412, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $45
“Two Brothers" (Warbeck) Decca B0002556-02, mint*; $5
“Two Mules for Sister Sara/Days of Heaven” (Morricone) Legend CD16, mint; $15
“U-571” (Marvin) pressed promo RMCD 01, a bunch of light marks, almost looks like dust but does not come off, plays fine; $20
“U-571” (Marvin) pressed promo RMCD 01, mint;
“Ull Per Ull” [An Eye for an Eye] (Vaillo) Quartet Records QR005, sealed; $12
“Ulysses” (Cicognini) Legend CD8, mint; $12
“Ultimo Paradiso” (Lavagnino) Alhambra 9002, Ltd Ed of 500, mint; [goes with Continente Perduto] $30
“Una Questione d’Onore” [A Question of Honor] (Bacalov) Quartet Records QRSCE039, Ltd. Ed. of 500, mint; $12
“Uncommon Valor/Wolfen” (Horner) UltraViolet Records UV-CD798025, 3 small marks, plays fine; $20
“Under Fire” (Goldsmith) Warner 759 923 965-2, mint; $20
“Underground” (Hancock) Movie Score Media MMS-09012, mint; $8
“Universal Soldier - The Return” (D. Davis) Varese Sarabande VSD-6068, mint; $8
“Unstrung Heroes” (T. Newman) Hollywood Records HR 62035-2, mint*; $5
“Until September/Star Crash” (Barry) Silva Screen FILMCD 085, near mint; $15
“The Untouchables” (Morricone) A&M records CD 3909/DX 1678, mint; $5
“The Untouchables” [2CD] (Morricone) La-La Land Records LLLCD1236, Ltd. Ed. of 3500, Disc 1 has a light 8mm scratch, plays fine, disc 2 is mint*; $90
“Un Uomo da Rispettare” [A Man to Respect] (Morricone) Hexacord HCD-14, a few light scratches, plays perfectly; $35
“Utu” (Charles) Label X LXCD 6; mint; $15
“Vado, Vedo e Sparo” (Rustichelli) Saimel 3997310, near mint; $15
“The Valley of Gwangi” etc. [8 films] (Moross) Silva SSD 1049, few light scratches, plays fine; $8
“Van Helsing” (Silvestri) Decca B0002331-12, mint; $12
“Van Helsing: The London Assignment” (Van Tongeren) Decca B0002757-02, mint; $8
“Victory At Sea” (Rodgers) RCA Victor 09026-60963-2, mint; $5
“Victory At Sea” (Rodgers) RCA Red Seal 6660-2-RC, mint; $5
“Vidocq” (Coulais) ULM 014924-2, a few slight marks, plays fine; $10
“The Vikings/Solomon and Sheba” (Nascimbene) Legend CD9, mint; $15
“Village of 8 Gravestones” (Akutagawa) SLCS-5077, near mint, 1 faint scratch, plays fine; $25
“Visions and Values-the Skirball Musical Experience” (Fried) GNP Crescendo GNPD 8050 mint*; $8
“Viva Zapata/The Children’s Hour” (North) Soundstage Records SS-CD 620, a few very faint marks, plays fine; $8
“Viy” (Garcia) Kronos Records KRONCD056, mint; $100
“Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea” (Sawtell & Shefter) FSM vol. 4 no. 10, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, a couple of very faint marks, plays perfectly; $20
“Vulcano Figlio di Giove” (Giombini) Kronos Records KRONGOLD009, mint; $15
“Waiting for Superman” (Beck) Lakeshore Records LKS341962, [on-demand prof. made CDR] mint; $8
“Walhalla” (Goodwin) Label X LXE 709, mint; $20
“Walking With Dinosaurs” (Bartlett) BBC Music WMSF 6013-2, mint; $30
“Wall-E” (T. Newman) Disney D0000 174303, a few faint marks, plays fine; $10
“The War that Made America” (Keane) Valley Entertainment VLT-15202, mint*; $20
“War and Peace” (Rota) Varese Sarabande VSD-5225, mint; $35
“War for the Planet of the Apes” (Giacchino) Sony Classical 88985455642, [library tray liner and small library label on disc], mint; $10
“Warriors of Virtue” (Davis) Prometheus PCD 144, mint; $10
“The War of the Vendee” (Kaska) DR 1010, mint; $15
“The Water Horse-Legend of the Deep” (Howard) Sony Classical 88697-19300-2, mint; $8
“Waterloo” (Rota) Legend CD20, mint; $15
“Wavelength” (Tangerine Dream) La-La Land Records LLLCD1297, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, sealed*, OOP; $40
“The Way West” (Kaper) Intrada Special Collection Vol 92, Ltd. Ed. of 1200, mint; $17
“We Are Marshall” (Beck) Varese Sarabande 302 066 779 2, mint; $8
“We Fight To Be Free” (Jones) Contemporary Media Recordings CMR-2007-5, mint; $20
“Westworld-Season 1” [2CD] (Djawadi) WaterTower WTM39857, sealed*; $100
“The Whales of August” (Price) Varese Sarabande VCD47311, mint; $35
“A Whale For the Killing” (Poledouris) Aries 951, mint; $20
“Where the River Runs Black” (Horner) Varese Sarabande VCD-47273, mint; $8 SOLD
“The White Dawn” (Mancini) Intrada Spec. Coll. V 253, mint; $50
“White Sands” (O'Hearn) Morgan Creek 2959-20011-2, mint; $8
“Whose Life Is It Anyway?” (Rubinstein) FSM Vol.12, No. 11, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, sealed*; $15
“Wild Africa” (Gunning) BBC Music WMSF 6049-2, mint; $30 SOLD
“Wild Arabia” (Taylor) BBC Earth, Silva Screen Records SILCD 1426, mint; $20
“Wild Is the Wind” (Tiomkin) [2 CDs] La-La Land Records LLLCD1315, Ltd. Ed. of 2500, sealed*; $18
“William the Conqueror” (Scott) JOS Records JSCD 110, mint; $15
“Willow” (Horner) Virgin Records 7 90939-2, near mint; $10
“The Wind and the Lion” (Goldsmith) Intrada MAN 7005D, mint; $10
“The Winds of War” (Cobert) Varese Sarabande VSD-47180, mint; $10
“The Winds of War” (Cobert) Varese Sarabande VSD-47180, numerous scuffs, plays fine; $7
“Windtalkers (Horner) RCA Victor 09026-63867-2, sealed*; $8
“Wing Commander” (Kiner, theme by D. Arnold) Sonic Images SID 8905, mint; $15
“Wings” (Zamecnik) La-La Land Records LLLCD1206, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $20
“The Witches of Eastwick” (Williams) Eastwick Records ER-CD 25607, mint, $25
“The Wolfman” (D. Elfman) Varese Sarabande 302-067 010 2, mint*; $20 SOLD
“Wonder Woman Animated Movie” (Drake) LLLCD1115, mint; $15
“Wonder Woman Television Scores” [3 CDs] (Various) La-La Land Records LLLCD1206, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $30
“The World of Suzie Wong” (Duning) RCA 74321720582, a few very slight marks, plays perfectly; $12
“The X-Files: The Score” (Snow) Elektra 62217-2, near mint, promo stamp on disc; $5
“The X-Files: The Event Series” [2CD] (Snow) La-La Land Records LLLCD1422, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $35
“The X-Files: Fight the Future” (Snow) La-La Land Records LLLCD1308, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $35
“The X-Files Collection, Volume Two” [4 CD] (Snow) La-La Land Records LLLCD1270, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $100
“X-Men: First Class” (Jackman) Sony Classical 88697923202, a few very minor marks, plays perfectly; $20
“X-Men: The Last Stand” (Powell) Varese Sarabande 302 066 732 2, sealed; $6
“X-Men Origins: Wolverine” (Gregson-Williams) Varese Sarabande 302 067 967 2, mint; $8
“X2" (Ottman) Superb Records/Trauma Records/Marvel/Fox Music TRM-74073-2, mint*; $8
“X2, X-Men United” (Ottman) Superb Records SPB-2652, mint; $15
“X2: X-Men United” [2CD] (Ottman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1219, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $80
“XXX” (Edelman) Varese Sarabande 302 066 423 2, mint; $10
“The Year of the Comet” (Mann) Varese Sarabande VSD 5365, mint; $8
“Yellowstone” (Conti) Billco Music, BCM3811, mint; $8
“Young Bess” (Rozsa) [The Film Music Tribute Series, Spectacular Film Music of Miklos Rozsa, volume 3] Prometheus PCD133, mint; $8
“Young Guns II / Mac and Me” (Silvestri) MAC Records MAC CD-9 1985, near mint; $15
“The Young Riders” (Debney) La-La Land Records LLLCD1152, Ltd. Ed. of 1200, mint* OOP; $15 SOLD
“Young Sherlock Holmes” [2CD] (Broughton) Intrada MAF 7131, sealed; $45
“Zelly and Me” (Donaggio) Varese Sarabande VCD-70442, near mint; $8
“Zion Canyon: Treasure of the Gods” [IMAX] (Cardon) $15
“Zoya” (Goldstein & Poledouris) New Gold Music NGM 1095, near mint; $15
“Zulu Dawn” (Bernstein) Cerberus Records CST-CD 0201, [looks like a professionally made on-demand CDR, with inner ring markings like a pressed CD] mint; $8

In addition to the above, the following titles have back tray liner sheets, but the spine edges are missing. Some inserts have dimples. Disc conditions are noted:
“Coma” (Goldsmith) Bay Cities BCD 3027, disc has light scratches but plays fine; $15
“The Company Of Wolves” (Fenton) That's Entertainment CDTER 1094, disc has numerous scratches but plays fine; $8
“Mission To Mars” (Morricone) Hollywood Records HR-62257-2, disc has a few light marks, but plays fine, $12
“Sleepy Hollow” (Elfman) Hollywood Records HR-62262-2, some light marks, plays fine*, $8

No back tray liner sheet, just disc and insert booklet
“Diamonds Are Forever” (Barry) EMI Records CDP 7-96209-2, disc has light scratches but plays fine. $4
“Digital Premier Recordings from the films of Lee Holdridge” Varese Sarabande VCD 47244, disc only, no insert or tray liner notes, near mint; $5
“Evil Dead II” (LoDuca) That's Entertainment CDTER 1142, near mint; $30
“First Blood” (Goldsmith) Intrada FMT 8001D, disc has a few light marks but plays fine; $10
“Home Alone” (Williams) CBS Records SK 46595, near mint; $10
“Music From The Hammer Films” [contains music from: Dracula, Dracula: Prince Of Darkness, Hands Of The Ripper, Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, Vampire Circus, Taste The Blood Of Dracula] (Bernard, Whitaker, Gunning) Silva Screen FILMCD 066 Great Britain, disc has a couple of very light marks and plays fine; $10
“Music From The Movies” [themes from 17 films] Silva Screen CD that came with Total DVD, Great Britain, near mint; $5
“The Music of the Silver Screen, Adventure Films” [Themes from 12 classic films, performed by the BBC Orchestra] BCI Music BCCD 242-1, lots of marks, plays fine, disc only, no inserts; $4
“Something Wicked This Way Comes: The London Sessions, Vol. 3” (Delerue) [contains music from: Something Wicked This Way Comes, House On Carroll Street, The Little Sex, A Maid To Order, Man, Woman And Child, Memories Of Me, Agnes Of God, True Confessions] Varese Sarabande VSD-5256, near mint; $8
“Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home” (Rosenman) MCA Records MCAD 6195, near mint; $10
“The Stendhal Syndrome” (Morricone) DRG Records 12621, near mint; $10

“Abbey” [Game score] (de Paz), Keep Moving Records KMRCD 015, Ltd. Ed. of 500, mint; $25
“Age of Conan, Hyborian Adventures” [2 CDs] (Haugen) TB-1700-2, mint*; $10
“Age of Empires III” [Game score] (Rippy, McMillan) Ensemble Studios, mint; $15
“Age of Pirates Caribbean Tales” [Game score] (Poteyenko) KeepMoving Records KMRCD 002, mint; $25 SOLD
“Ancient Wars Sparta” [Game score] (Schmidt, Pfeffer, Roeder) KeepMoving Records KMRCD 013, Ltd. Ed. of 500, mint; $25
“Arcania 4” [Game score] (Sillescu, Roeder, Pfeffer, Schmidt) JoWooD, mint; $35
“Biohazard Orchestra Album” [Game score] (Masami Ueda) Miya Records MICA-0175, mint; $25
“Bionic Commando” [Game score] (Various) [with obi strip] Sumthing SE-2056-2, near mint*; $20
“Commandos Strike Force” [Game score] (Pascual) Saimel 3997510, mint; $20
“Crimson Skies-High Road to Revenge” [Game score] (Le Pard) Fasa Studio, Sumthing Else SE-2007-2, mint; $25
“Crysis 2” [2CD] [Game score] (Zimmer et al) La-La Land Records LLLCD1171, mint*; $30
“The Dark Age of Camelot” [Game score] (Various) Decca 289 472 130-2, mint*; $25
“Dragon Quest V Tenku No Hanayome Symphonic Suite” (Sugiyama) Miya Records MICA-0412, with obi strip, tab dimple in insert, near mint; $30
“Empire: Total War” [Game score] (Beddow, Birdsall, Mair, Ravn) Sumthing SE-2061-2, mint*; $25
“Everquest II” (Karpman) [Game score] Sony, disc only, near mint; $50
“Fall of the Lich King” [Game score] (WOW) Blizzard, sealed; $125
“Flower” [Game score] (Diamante) La-La Land Records LLLCD1332, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, mint*; $30
“Galactic Assault Prisoner of Power” [Game score] (Khmelevsky) KeepMoving Records KMRCD 008, Ltd. Ed. of 500, mint; $25
“Genesis Rising” [Game score] (Randjelovic) KeepMoving Records KMRCD 009, Ltd. Ed. of 500, mint; $25
“God of War Ascension” (Bates) La-La Land Records LLLCD1249, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $15
“God of War II” [Game score] (Marino, Reagan, Velasco, Fish) Sony Computer SYS 1128, mint; $40 SOLD
“God of War III” [Game score] (Marino, Reagan, Velasco, Fish) Sumthing Else SE 2080-2, mint; $40
“GuildWars-Special Edition Bonus Music” [Game score] (Soule) NCSoft ArenaNet GWSE-EU-UK-C3, German bonus music CD that came with game in cardboard sleeve, a few marks, plays fine; $35
“Guild Wars Factions” [Game score] (Soule) NCSoft ArenaNet, no notes, in slim case, near mint; $35
“Guild Wars Nightfall” [Game score] (Soule), NCSoft ArenaNet NCS-GWNF-ST01, no notes, in slim case, near mint; $35
“Gunvalkyrie” [Game score] Tokyo Pop TPCD 0218-2, a short faint scratch, plays fine; $20
“Headhunter: Redemption/Headhunter” [2CD] [Game score] (Jacques) La-La Land Records LLLCD1023, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $15
“Heart of Darkness” [Game score] (Broughton) Intrada MAF 7085, mint; $20
“Hitman: Codename 47/Hitman 2: Silent Assassin” [2CD] (Kyd) La-La Land Records LLLCD1030, mint*; $35
“Howl's Moving Castle” (Hisaishi) MICA 0117, [gold disc, with slipcover] mint; $40
“Icewind Dale” [Game score] (Soule) Black Isle Studios, disc only, a short faint scratch, plays fine; $25
“Kameo Elements of Power” [Game score] (Burke) Sumthing SL-2021-2, mint;
“Mars Daybreak Original Sound Log II” (Anime score and dialogue] (Wada) Bandai 23429; $10
“Mercenaries [Game score] (Giacchino & Tilton) La-La Land Records LLLCD1029, mint; $25
“Monster Hunter 3 Tri” [2CD] (Miyama Shimakin) Capcom Sumthing Else SE-2082-2, mint; $50
“Myst III Exile” [Game score] (Wall) Ubi Soft 890010-8, mint; $8
“Myth: The Fallen Lords” [Game score] (O'Donnell & Salvatori) Bungie, mint; $50
“Nausica A: Best Collection” [Anime score, 1CD] (Hisaishi) SM Records SMB-007, [with obi strip, notes in Japanese] mint; $25
“Oddworld Stranger’s Wrath Vol. 1" [Game score] (Bross) KeepMoving Records KMRCD 007, Ltd. Ed. of 500, mint; $25
“Origin S/T Series: Music of Ultima VII & Strike Commander” [Game scores] (Various), mint; $40 SOLD
“Pirates of the Burning Sea” [Game score], Flying Lab Software, mint; $30
“Porco Rosso” [Anime score] (Hisaishi) Son May SMB-017, with Obi strip, near mint; $25
“Praetorians” [Game score] (Pascual) ; $25
“Quantum of Solace” [Game score promo] (C. Lennertz) Trcyarch, sealed; $35
“Ring ni Kakero 1” (Ueda) Pony Canyon PCCR-90014, mint; $15
“Sea Dogs” [Game score] (Poteyenko) KeepMoving Records KMRCD 001, mint; $25 SOLD
“Shadow of the Colossus” aka “Wander and the Colossus” [Game score] (Otani) Miya Records MICA-0603 [notes in Japanese], mint; $20
“Silent Hunters Battle of the Atlantic” [Game score] (Graves) Promo CDR, JGO 14, mint; $20
“Silent Service” [Anime score] (Fukamachi & Kaieda) SM Records GGG-071, with obi strip, [notes in Japanese] mint; $25
“Silver” (Evans) [Game score] Infogrames, a few light marks; $20
“Skyrim: The Elder Scrolls V” [4CD Game Score, autographed] (Soule) mint; $125
“SOCOM 3” [2CD] (Dooley) La-La Land Records LLLCD1305, Ltd. Ed. of 1500, mint*; $20
“SOCOM 4” [2CD] (McCreary) La-La Land Records LLLCD1175, Ltd. Ed. of 2000, mint*; $20
“Sorcery” [Game score] (Mancina) La-La Land Records LLLCD1213, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, sealed; $15
“Space Marines” [Game score] (Velasco & Dikiciyan) THQ Sumthing SE-3012-2, mint; $20
“Spirited Away” (Hisaishi) Sonmay Records SMA-011, mint with slipcover; $25
“Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm” [Game score] (Stafford, Duke, Brower, Atlee) Blizzard, mint; $15
“Starcraft II Wings of Liberty” [Game score] (Stafford, Duke, Brower, Atlee), mint; $15
“Star Wars Clone Wars” [Game score] (Kiner/Williams) Sony Classical 88697-35616-2, mint*;
“Time Tourist” [Game score] (B-12) TVT 7241-2, mint*; $10
“The Tone Rebellion” [Game score] (Logic Factory) Virgin Interactive, mint; $30
“Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception” [2 CD] (Edmonson) La-La Land Records LLLCD1190, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $100
“Uncharted 4: A Thief's End” (Jackman) La-La Land Records LLLCD1390, Ltd. Ed. of 3000, mint*; $35 SOLD
“Utena La Fillette Revolutionnaire” [Revolutionary Girl Utena] [Anime] (Mitsumune) KICA 387, mint; $25 SOLD
“Vampires” [Game score] (Maiello) RPG Soundtracks V. 3 Tweedle Music TWDCD0287, mint; $20
“Verge of Total Chaos” (Cocke) Position Music [CD disc and DVD disc with data files], mint; $35
“You Are Empty” [Game score] (Dyachenko) KeepMoving Records KMRCD 006, mint; $15

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