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 Posted:   May 7, 2019 - 12:57 AM   
 By:   Adventures of Jarre Jarre   (Member)

  • Phase FOUR?


    Yeah, because Hollywood was always itching to get on that 20-part film series based on Infinite Jest.

  • Can anyone tell me why Silvestri did not return for the two Russo brother's Captain America films, yet scored their two Avenger films? Also, why was Silvestri not brought on board for the second Avengers film? Thanks.

    Well, I don't know if there has ever been any definite official reasons given in public, so all I have to go on are rumors of behind-the-scenes stuff. And the likeliest reason I have heard is Ike Perlmutter, CEO of Marvel Entertainment. For years there was talk of Kevin Feige and Perlmutter having clashes behind the scenes with regards to creative decisions and hiring of people.

    For example Perlmutter is reportedly responsible for replacing Terrence Howard with Don Cheadle, because according to his contract, Howard was due a huge pay rise for an Iron Man sequel. Perlmutter loves saving any penny he can, where ever he can, and since "black people all look the same" to him, no brainer. There are even anecdotes of him limiting sodas to one per person at press events, and their press events running out of food. Many a time there were stories in the press of difficult renegotiations with actors, like with Sam Jackson almost quitting as Fury because he was not getting paid enough. If Perlmutter could've fired Robert Downey Jr., he would have, just to save money. He must've had an aneurysm looking at his paychecks.

    And like actors, composers also get a pay rise when they return for a sequel. So what do you think a man like Perlmutter has to say about that? "Get a new one, it's cheaper." Creatives like Kevin Feige and the directors most likely would've preferred keeping more continuity with the music and composers, but they have to pick their battles, and sometimes they win, sometimes they lose.

    Things finally came to a head between Feige and Perlmutter during the making of Civil War. Perlmutter was not willing to pay to get Robert Downey Jr. for the film. Apparently Feige had to get Alan Horn/Disney to step in, and it must've been a "either he goes or I go" situation, since suddenly in late 2015 we got news that Feige was now reporting directly to Disney, and Perlmutter had no more say in the Marvel film productions.

    Maybe it's just a coincidence that ever since Perlmutter got "put aside", we suddenly see Silvestri returning to score Avengers sequels and other composers returning more consistently as well to score sequels in the MCU.

    Decades or so down the line, when NDAs have dried up, there will be tell-all books galore regarding this Marvel Renaissance and the egotistical shenanigans behind it, for which the notices would read...

    "No shit, Sherlock." -- The New York Times

    "Ya don't say???" -- Booklist

    "Surely you jest!" -- The Don't Call Me Shirley Gazette

    "News to me." -- Ain't It Cool News

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