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 Posted:   Apr 30, 2014 - 8:11 AM   
 By:   drop_forge   (Member)

"Big City Dwarves" is the best composition on Rockoon, and the only I'd still give my time to.

Now post a link to "Electric Lion" from Melrose and you'll see/hear what I mean.

I agree with this completely. In the end, it's all subjective...but IMO you can't even compare the Baumann years or the Schmoelling years to the mediocre works they produce today.

You clearly haven't heard GTAV. Very much in an 80s Schmoelling-like style. Synths only, if you are afraid of sax and guitar.

There's plenty of guitar in '70s TD and a fair bit in the '80s, so that's a silly thing to say.

Sax is a great instrument but unfortunately its utility in the Dream sound has not benefitted it. Long sustained sax notes do not a memorable melody make, and whether's it (most likely) by Edgar's design or not, Linda's sax lines have never been very engaging.

Your intro to TD in '91 does help explain why you prefer their contempo leanings to their more progressive/space albums.

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