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 Posted:   Jul 8, 2013 - 9:49 AM   
 By:   johnybruce   (Member)

Hello friends,

I have decided to sell or trade some rare cd’s of Spanish composers, and also other OOP titles and signed cd’s.

If anyone is interested in one or more titles, you’ll find my e-mail address in my profile. Shipping is from Spain.

Here is the list:

Spanish composers or scores:

800 balas - Roque Baños- Dro East West
La voz de su amo -Roque Baños- JMB
Las 13 rosas -Roque Baños- Meliam
Lucia y el sexo – Alberto Iglesias – JMB
Una casa en las afueras – A. Iglesias – Vinilo
The kite runner – A. Iglesias – Edge……….SIGNED...................SOLD
Che – A. Iglesias – promo
El año del diluvio – Carles Cases – JMB………….SIGNED
Darkness – C. Cases – Filmax…………SIGNED
Actrius – c. Cases - Picap………………SIGNED
MI nombre es sombra –C. Cases- Magna Music
Caricies –C. Cases- Picap
Food of love – C. Cases – Audioclip (has some marks on the cd, but sounds perfectly)
Las voces de la noche – Pascal Caigne – JMB………….SIGNED
El sol del membrillo – P. Caigne – JMB……….SIGNED
Piedras – P. Caigne – JMB (has some marks on the cd, but sounds perfectly)
Carmen – José Nieto – Saimel
José Nieto Música de Cine – José Nieto – CDST
La mirada del otro – J. Nieto – Saimel
Celos – J. Nieto – Saimel
El rey pasmado – J. Nieto – Saimel
El caballero Don Quijote – J. Nieto- Saimel
Bwana – J. Nieto – Vinilo
Días contados – J. Nieto – Ariola (has some marks on the cd, but sounds perfectly)
El caballero del dragón – J. Nieto - Vinilo
José Nieto dirige la música de Javier García Leoz – JMB
José Nieto dirige la música de Javier García Leoz – Autor
José Nieto dirige la música de Juan Quintero – DECCA
José Nieto dirige la música de Javier García Leoz – Autor
Stranded –Javier Navarrete- Saimel
Lisboa – Victor Reyes – JMB
Todas las azafatas van al cielo – V. Reyes – Sony
En el punto de mira – V. Reyes – Discmedi Blau
La niña de tus ojos – Antoine Duhamel – CAM
Belle Epoque – A. Duhamel – BMG
El abuelo – Manuel Balboa – Saimel
La escena silenciosa – M. Balboa – JMB
Ilegal – M. Balboa – WB
Secretos del corazón – Bingen Mendizábal – Visual Music
Los lobos de Washington – B. Mendizábal – JMB
Visionarios – B. Mendizábal - JMB
Extasis – B. Mendizábal- MCA
Los años bárbaros – Juan Bardem- EMI
A mi madre le gustan las mujeres & noche de reyes – J. Bardem- JMB
La isla del cangrejo - Angel Illarramendi – JMB
Nada en la nevera – Manuel Villalta – JMB
La gran vida – M. Villalta – Universal
El palo – M. Villalta – JMB
Historia de un beso – Pablo Cervantes – VV
¿De qué se ríen las mujeres? – Joan Vives – Vinilo
Yaralaya – Raul del Corte – Ethno
Serrallonga – Joan Valent – Blanco y Negro Music
Mararía – Pedro Guerra & Joan Valent - Ariola
Retratos ibéricos (música para películas de Bigas Luna) – Nicola Piovani – Emergency

Other rare european cd’s:

Composer portrait series for film, television and operetta No.1 – Nicola Piovani – Alhambra
Nowhere – N. PIovani – Virgin
Intervista – N. Piovani – CAM (1987 Edition)
Francesco de Masi Film music 1 – F. De Masi – Beat Records
Francesco de Masi Film music 2 – F. De Masi – Beat Records
Lone wolf McQuade – F. De Masi- Varese
Morte in Vaticano – Pino Donaggio – CAM
Un inverno freddo fredo – Claudio Cimpanelli – Life International (limited edition)
The Versace murder – Claudio Simonetti – Tsunami
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill greatest hits vol. 3 – Vivi Musica
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill greatest hits vol. 4 – Vivi Musica
Bud Spencer & Terence Hill greatest hits vol. 5 – Vivi Musica
L’istruttoria e’chiusa:dimentichi & Il serpent – E. Morricone – Screen Trax
The sunset boys (Pakten) – Bent Aserud - MTG
Jean de Florette – Jean Claude Petit – Silva
Le hussard sur le toit – Jean Claude Petit – Travelling
Belphegor – Bruno Coulais – WEA
Harrison’s flowers – B. Coulais – EMI
La double vie de Veronique – Z. Preisner – Sideral
Preisner’s Music (concert) – Z. Preisner – Virgin
Germinal – Jean Louise Roques – Virgin
Bandes originals des films de Claude Lelouch – Francis Lai – Disc AZ
The Film Scores of Francois de Roubaix – F. De Roubaix – Dreyfus
La maja desnuda – A. F. Lavagnino- CAM
La tregua – L. E. Bacalov- CAM

Other Rare or OOP soundtracks:

honey, I shrunk the kids - Horner- (Intrada)
city of fear - Goldsmith- (Intrada)
George Washington - Rosenthal- (intrada 2cd)
starcrash - Barry - (BSX)
Laserblast - Band & Goldsmith- (BSX)
Children of the corn II - Licht- (baycities)
State of siege - Theodorakis- (FM)
The weather man – Hans Zimmer – FYC Promo
The reader - Muhly- FYC promo
death wish - Hancock - (Legend)
Clear and present danger - Horner - (Milan)
The river wild -Goldsmith- (BMG) - used
Finale -S. K. Klement - (BSX)…………….. SIGNED
Erich Wolfgang Korngold, The Warner Bross years (2cd Turner)
The Lucona affair - Scott- (JSCD)
witchcraft - Scott- (JSCD)
Who framed Roger Rabbit -Silvestri- (Walt Disney)
Elmer Bernstein collection (Mainstream) ………………..SIGNED
The count of MonteCristo -Shearmur- (BMG - RCA)
When in Rome (Chris Young promo)
Quantum of solace game (Chris Lennertz promo)....................SOLD
From Russia with love game (Chris Lennertz promo).........................SOLD
The bridge on the river Kwai -Arnold- (Legacy)
Evolution -Powell- (Varese) .……………… SIGNED
Craig Safan Film Music (Intrada promo)
Amanda -Poledouris- (Prometheus)
Amerika -Poledouris- (Prometheus)
Flyers/fire on the mountain -Poledouris- (Prometheus)
medal of honor rising sun (Chris Lennertz promo)
La femme Nikita (Sean Callery promo)
Star Trek V -Goldsmith- (2cd lalaland)
The flash -Elfman & Walker- (2cd lalaland)
JAG (intrada promo, only Steve Bramson episodes)
Twister -Mancina- (Atlantic)
Remo Williams -Safan- (Intrada promo)
Haunted summer – Christopher Young – lalaland……………..SIGNED
The explorers -Holdridge- (Intrada)
Mutant -Band- (expanded Perseverance)
Puppet master box -Band & others- (Perseverance)
Batman, the animated series vol. 1 -Walker- (LLLand)
Anne of the green gables -Hardy- (Attic records)
Prince of Darkness -Carpenter & Howard- (Colosseum)
Metal Gear solid 2 sons of liberty – H. Gregson Williams – SM Records
Lost Horizon – Dimitri Tiomkin – The Soundtrack Factory
The ghost and Mrs. Muir – B. Herramann – The Soundtrack Factory
Laura – David Raksin – The Soundtrack Factory
My friend Flicka – Alfred Newman – Tsunami
From the terrace – Elmer Bernstein – FSM
The 3 worlds of Guilliver – B. Herrmann – CAN (original OOP recording)
Paper Tiger – Roy Budd – Cinephile
The stone killer – Roy Budd – Cinephile
The Scarlet Pimpernel – Michal Pavlicek – BBC
The quarry – Takeshi Kako – Sony Classical
Young Bess – Miklos Rozsa – Membran
The razor’s edge – M. Rozsa – Membran
Since you went away – M. Steiner – Membran
Anna and the king of Siam – B. Herrmann – Membran
Gunn…number one! – Henry Mancini – RCA
M Squad – Johnny Williams – RCA
The red violin – John Corigliano – Sony…………………SIGNED..........................SOLD
Hollywood '94, hits from the top movies- Varese ……………… SIGNED by Joel McNeely

And this is a list of some cd’s that I want (if you choose trade):

Mussolini (intrada Rosenthal)
Lock up (intrada Conti)
Planet of the apes tv (intrada Schifrin)
Delta force (intrada Silvestri)
Spartacus (VCD North)
Cincinatti kid (FSM box Schiffrin)
Star Trek the original series (lalaland)
Romancing the stone (VCD Silvestri)
the Hindenburg
the pride (VCD Jarre)
Mary, queen of scots
those magnificent men in their flying machines
island at the top of the world
2 days in the valley
strange invaders
Alien (2cd intrada)
those calloways
great train robbery (2cd intrada)
wind and the lion (2cd intrada)
Ben Hur (FSM box)
Lassie comes home (FSM box)
rich and famous
Klute / all the presidents men
mutiny on the bounty (FSM 3cd)
on the beach / the secret of Sta. Vottoria
farewell my lovely / monkey shines
Monte Walsh
Medal of honor (lalaland box)

 Posted:   Jul 10, 2013 - 5:21 AM   
 By:   johnybruce   (Member)

El sol del membrillo (Pascal Caigne) - JMB.........SIGNED is now SOLD.

New cd's for sell or trade:

One true thing (Cliff Eidelman) - Varese........SIGNED
Picture Bride (Cliff Eidelman) - Varese..........SIGNED
The reaping (John Frizzell) - Varese
Cousin Bette (Simon Boswell) - RCA
Breach (Mychael Danna) - Varese
The Nativity story (Mychael Danna) - FYC promo
The reader (Nico Muhly) - FYC promo
Into the wild (Michael Brook) - FYC promo
Finding Nemo (Thomas Newman) - FYC promo
Peter Pan (James Newton Howard) - FYC promo
The mighty (Trevor Jones) - Miramax promo..................................SOLD
The talented Mr. Ripley (Gabriel Yared) - Miramax promo
Frida (Elliot Goldenthal) - FYC promo
Mulan (Jerry Goldsmith) - FYC promo
A Beautiful mind (James Horner) - FYC promo
Capote (Mychael Danna) - FYC promo...........................SOLD
Bobby (Mark Isham) - FYC promo
The hours (Philip Glass) - FYC promo
Finding Neverland (Jan A. P. Kaczmarek) - FYC promo

 Posted:   Jul 11, 2013 - 8:58 AM   
 By:   johnybruce   (Member)

The mighty (Trevor Jones) - Miramax promo..... is now SOLD
When in Rome (Chris Young promo) now SOLD
From Russia with love game (Chris Lennertz promo) now SOLD

I have two more copies of When in Rome for sale or trade.

Another new cd's to add to the list:

Madison (Kevin Kiner & Christopher Young) - BSX..........SIGNED
The towering inferno (John Williams) - Tower Records
Driving Miss Daisy (Hans Zimmer) - Varese
The river wild (Jerry Goldsmith) - BMG
Death wish (Herbie Hancock) - Legend
Pride and prejudice (Dario Marianelli) - UCJ
Younger and younger (Hans Zimmer) - Varese
A time to kill (Elliot Goldenthal) - Atlantic
Blanc (Z. Preisner) - Mk2 Digipack
breach (Mychael Danna) - Varese
The Nativity story (Mychael Danna) - FYC promo
Crazy in Alabama (Mark Snow) - Silva
La lengua de las mariposas (Alejandro Amenábar) - JMB.............SOLD

 Posted:   Jul 15, 2013 - 7:33 AM   
 By:   johnybruce   (Member)

La lengua de las mariposas (Alejandro Amenábar) - JMB...................SOLD

New titles:

The bad and the beautiful (David Raksin) - Membran
The prisoner of Zenda (Alfred Newman) - Membran
Lordi Jim (Bronislau Kaper) - Best
Nadie conoce a nadie (Alejandro Amenábar) - Subterfuge Records

 Posted:   Jul 24, 2013 - 2:15 AM   
 By:   johnybruce   (Member)

Capote (Mychael Danna) - FYC promo....................SOLD
Quantum of solace game (Chris Lennertz promo)........................SOLD

 Posted:   Sep 12, 2013 - 9:07 AM   
 By:   johnybruce   (Member)


New titles for sale or trade:

Last Orders - P. Grabowsky - Varese
Mad Max beyond thunderdome - M. Jarre - Emi
Fatal atraction - M. Jarre - GNP Crescendo
Mission Impossible 2 - H. Zimmer - Hollywood Records
Aisle seat - John Williams - Phillips
Cinema Serenade - John Williams - SK
I love parade - John Williams - SK
Joy to the world - John Williams - Sony
The stupids - Christopher L. Stone - Intrada
Parenthood - R. Newman - Reprise


 Posted:   Sep 16, 2013 - 7:56 AM   
 By:   johnybruce   (Member)

The kite runner – A. Iglesias – Edge……….SIGNED....................................SOLD
The red violin – John Corigliano – Sony…………………SIGNED......................SOLD

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