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What is your favorite score from a film based on the writings of William Goldman? (November 16, 2018)
Absolute Power (Niehaus) 937  votes 43.68%
All the President’s Men (Shire) 34  votes 1.59%
A Bridge Too Far (Addison) 103  votes 4.80%
Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Bacharach) 65  votes 3.03%
Chaplin (Barry) 105  votes 4.90%
Dreamcatcher (Howard) 8  votes 0.37%
The General’s Daughter (Burwell) 4  votes 0.19%
The Ghost and the Darkness (Goldsmith) 428  votes 19.95%
The Great Waldo Pepper (Mancini) 10  votes 0.47%
Harper (Mandel) 16  votes 0.75%
Hearts in Atlantis (Danna) 8  votes 0.37%
Heat (M. Gibbs) 7  votes 0.33%
The Hot Rock (Q. Jones) 170  votes 7.93%
Magic (Goldsmith) 79  votes 3.68%
Marathon Man (Small) 37  votes 1.72%
Masquerade (Myers) 2  votes 0.09%
Maverick (R. Newman) 15  votes 0.70%
Memoirs of an Invisible Man (Walker) 12  votes 0.56%
Misery (Shaiman) 9  votes 0.42%
No Way to Treat a Lady (Myers) 5  votes 0.23%
The Princess Bride (Knopfler) 62  votes 2.89%
Soldier in the Rain (Mancini) 14  votes 0.65%
The Stepford Wives (Small) 7  votes 0.33%
Wild Card (Marianelli) 1  votes 0.05%
Year of the Comet (Mann) 7  votes 0.33%
Total Votes: 2145 
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