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Which shortlisted score from the late 1960s most deserved an Oscar? (August 18, 2016)
Alfie (Rollins) 9  votes 1.26%
Arabesque (Mancini) 21  votes 2.95%
Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (Jones) 2  votes 0.28%
Bonnie and Clyde (Strouse) 8  votes 1.12%
Cat Ballou (DeVol) 6  votes 0.84%
Fantastic Voyage (Rosenman) 113  votes 15.85%
The Flim-Flam Man (Goldsmith) 20  votes 2.81%
For Love of Ivy (Jones) 1  votes 0.14%
Gaily, Gaily (Mancini) 0  votes 0.00%
The Great Race (Mancini) 57  votes 7.99%
The Happy Ending (Legrand) 6  votes 0.84%
The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter (Grusin) 6  votes 0.84%
Live for Life (Lai) 4  votes 0.56%
The Madwoman of Chaillot (Lewis) 9  votes 1.26%
Nevada Smith (Newman) 28  votes 3.93%
Rachel, Rachel (Moross) 2  votes 0.28%
Romeo and Juliet (Rota) 184  votes 25.81%
The Russians Are Coming The Russians Are Coming (Mandel) 6  votes 0.84%
The Sandpiper (Mandel) 9  votes 1.26%
That Darn Cat (Brunner) 3  votes 0.42%
True Grit (Bernstein) 72  votes 10.10%
Two for the Road (Mancini) 25  votes 3.51%
Wait Until Dark (Mancini) 103  votes 14.45%
War and Peace (Ovchinnikov) 7  votes 0.98%
What’s New, Pussycat? (Bacharach) 12  votes 1.68%
Total Votes: 713 
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