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Which 1990s score most deserves a CD release? (June 18, 2004)
Batman and Robin (Goldenthal) 80  votes 4.82%
Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey (D. Newman) 7  votes 0.42%
The Bodyguard (Silvestri) 10  votes 0.60%
Devil in a Blue Dress (Bernstein) 24  votes 1.44%
Election (Kent) 16  votes 0.96%
Falling Down (Howard) 384  votes 23.12%
Fatal Instinct (Gibbs) 2  votes 0.12%
Flatliners (Howard0 268  votes 16.13%
Four Weddings and a Funeral (Bennett) 14  votes 0.84%
I.Q. (Goldsmith) 53  votes 3.19%
It Could Happen to You (Burwell) 9  votes 0.54%
The Last Boy Scout (Kamen) 19  votes 1.14%
Leap of Faith (Eidelman) 6  votes 0.36%
The Long Kiss Goodnight (Silvestri) 8  votes 0.48%
Michael (R. Newman) 5  votes 0.30%
Money Talks (Schifrin) 9  votes 0.54%
Quest For Camelot (Doyle) 28  votes 1.69%
Return to the Blue Lagoon (Poledouris) 20  votes 1.20%
Rookie of the Year (Conti) 9  votes 0.54%
Single White Female (Shore) 11  votes 0.66%
Stay Tuned (Broughton) 14  votes 0.84%
The Vanishing (Goldsmith) 511  votes 30.76%
Whispers in the Dark (T. Newman) 66  votes 3.97%
White Fang (Poledouris) 59  votes 3.55%
Young Guns II (Silvestri) 29  votes 1.75%
Total Votes: 1661 
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