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Aisle Seat Video Vault: The Other ROBIN HOOD
Posted By Andy Dursin 4/13/2020 - 10:00 PM
Seeing as the influx of new releases has slowed to a crawl – manufacturing and distribution systems are locked down like everything else – we’re going to primarily pivot here at the Aisle Seat towards older films I’ve recently revisited either on disc or streaming platforms. New releases that are, in fact, still being released will follow these “Video Vault” reviews for the time being. Enjoy!
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Film Score Friday 4/10/20
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 4/9/2020 - 10:00 PM

Army of Darkness
 - Joseph LoDuca, Varese Sarabande 
Queen & Slim - Devonte Hynes - Domino
The Witcher - Sonya Belousova, Giona Ostinelli - Sony [import] 


April 17
Wendy - Dan Romer, Benh Zeitlin - Milan (import)
April 24
Lo Chiamavano Bulldozer
 - Guido & Maurizio DeAngelis - Beat
June 5
The Roads Not Taken
 - Sally Potter - Milan 
June 19
 - Simon Boswell, songs - Varese Sarabande 
Date Unknown
Doctor Who: Series 12
 - Segun Akinola - Silva
Doctor Who: The Sun Makers
 - Dudley Simpson - Silva
Doctor Who: The Visitation
 - Paddy Kingsland - Silva
Franco De Gemini Performs Ennio Morricone
 - Ennio Morricone - Beat
Franz Waxman: The Documentaries
 - Franz Waxman - Dragon's Domain
The Jack in the Box
 - Christoph Allerstorter - Howlin' Wolf 
The Louis Febre Collection: Vol. One
 - Louis Febre - Dragon's Domain
Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins
 - Craig Safan - Noteforenote
Santa Barbara: A Musical Portrait 
- Joe Harnell - Dragon's Domain 

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April Issue of FSMO Is Live!
Posted By Tim Curran 4/7/2020 - 3:00 AM
The April edition of FSM ONLINE is live. This month’s cover story dissects the Top 12 Outbreak Film Scores, including THE OMEGA MAN, THE THING, WAR OF THE WORLDS and CONTAGION. Also in this issue, the best 20-second film music excerpts to hum while you WASH YOUR HANDS; STEVE JABLONSKY conquers streaming media with SPENSER CONFIDENTIAL and BLOODSHOT; PAUL LEONARD-MORGAN discusses working with PHILIP GLASS on Amazon’s trippy TALES FROM THE LOOP; JULIA HOLTER takes us on a journey to NY with NEVER RARELY SOMETIMES ALWAYS; architect John Storyk walks us through designing a studio for CARTER BURWELL; BEN LOVETT gets a little wild with STUFFED; Cary Wong scans the CRITERION COLLECTION for its best music; a new Outbreak-themed EAR OF THE MONTH contest; lots of album reviews, including THE INVISIBLE MAN, ONWARD and THE SWARM; more embedded audio clips, and more.

Subscribers, you’ll get notification by email shortly. Or, just go here to log in. For those who want to join FSM ONLINE, go here, click on the “Subscribe” link and follow the instructions. And email us if you have any questions.

Thank you for support, especially during these trying times. Enjoy the issue, and stay safe!



Your Friends at FSM ONLINE

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Film Score Friday 4/3/20
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 4/2/2020 - 10:00 PM
Varese Sarabande has announced two new, limited edition CD Club releases.

U.S. MARSHALS was the inevitable sequel to the blockbuster 1993 film version of TV's The Fugitive, with Tommy Lee Jones reprising his Oscar-winning role as U.S. Marshal Sam Gerard, but instead of Harrison Ford's falsely accused wife murderer Dr. Richard Kimble, Gerard has to contend with an untrustworthy government agent (Robert Downey Jr.!) as he hunts down a mysterious fugitive (Wesley Snipes). The sequel was the second film directed by master film editor Stuart Baird (The Omen, Superman, Casino Royale, Skyfall), and as with his other directorial efforts (Executive Decision, Star Trek: Nemesis), the score was composed by Jerry Goldsmith (fittingly enough, as James Newton Howard's Oscar-nominated score for The Fugitive showed a strong Goldsmith influence in its action music). The original Varese release of the U.S. Marshals score came at a time when score CDs were frequently brief due to the expense of union fees, and this Varese Deluxe Edition release expands the score from 9 tracks (30 minutes) to a whopping 39. 

Their other new CD is the first-ever release of the score for the 1978 comedy-mystery THE BIG FIX. The film was the first (and to date, only) adaptation of Roger L. Simon's series of mystery novels about an offbeat private eye named Moses Wine, who becomes involved in a complicated case involving former 1960s radicals. Wine was played by Richard Dreyfuss, his first big studio project after the one-two punch of Close Encounters of the Third Kind and The Goodbye Girl (and an Oscar) made him a top star (he was even one of the producers), and the outstanding supporting cast included Bonnie Bedelia, Susan Anspach, Fritz Weaver, John Lithgow, F. Murray Abraham (as the Abbie Hoffman figure) and Ron Rifkin, as well as bit roles for Mandy Patinkin and Lupe Ontiveros. The quirky score was composed by Bill Conti, not long after the success of Rocky put him on the A-list, and the Varese CD features his score plus a wealth of alternate cues. 
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Aisle Seat 3-31: Quarantine Edition
Posted By Andy Dursin 3/30/2020 - 10:00 PM
Anything going on in the world over the last two weeks? With our now 6-year-old being home schooled a few inches away from me — by me — the Aisle Seat has gone into full quarantine mode, all the while my wife is dealing with assorted daily issues at our local hospital. Undaunted, this column will continue — as will our daily discussions on the Aisle Seat Message Board — particularly because home entertainment isn’t taking a break…in fact, it’s the only mode of entertainment left at this point! So, here’s my latest rundown of new & upcoming releases, which should be available to purchase now….especially if you bundle an Amazon order with a coveted box of toilet paper, which as we’re all too aware, is a “hot” commodity at this point in time.
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Film Score Friday 3/27/20
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 3/26/2020 - 10:00 PM
The latest CD from Intrada is a re-mastered edition of Jerry Goldsmith's score for the 1965 WWII spy thriller MORITURI, starring Marlon Brando, Yul Brynner, Trevor Howard, and Janet Margolin, which received Oscar nominations for its black-and-white cinematography (Conrad Hall) and costume design.

Varese Sarabande is expected to announce two new CD Club releases today.

Dragon's Domain has announced three new upcoming CD releases: FRANZ WAXMAN: THE DOCUMENTARIES, featuring two scores by the two-time Oscar winner and film music legend composed for the TV documentary series The Twentieth Century, "The Mysterious Deep" (1960) and "Lenin and Trotsky" (1964); SANTA BARBARA: A MUSICAL POTRAIT, featuring music for the NBC daytime soap composed by Joe Harnell (V, The Incredible Hulk); and THE LOUIS FEBRE COLLECTION: VOL. ONE, featuring the composer's music for the documentary The Haunted World of Edward D. Wood Jr. and the juvenile adventure Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter.


Morituri - Jerry Goldsmith - Intrada Special Collection
 - Barry Gray - Silva 

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Film Score Friday 3/20/20
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 3/19/2020 - 10:00 PM
Some of the on-line soundtrack scores, including Kritzerland and Quartet, are currently going on hiatus due to the global pandemic situation.

Intrada plans to release one new CD next week. For those not concerned about "spoilers," the title is identified in this Message Board thread.

Carter Burwell's music for the all-star Apple + series THE MORNING SHOW is yet another current score that is being released on vinyl (and not, for the time being, on CD).  Other upcoming vinyl score releases include THE GENTLEMEN (Christopher Benstead) and TRUE HISTORY OF THE KELLY GANG (Jed Kurzel)


Le Dolci Signore
 - Armando Trovajoli - Digitmovies  
Orchestra Rehearsal
 - Nino Rota - Music Box
 - Carlo Savina - Quartet 
Sbirro, La Tua Legge E Lenta...La Mia...No!
 - Stelvio Cipriani - Digitmovies


As of Sunday evening, March 15th, the mayor of Los Angeles has ordered all movie theaters to be closed for the time being, so this section of the Friday column will be temporarily discontinued.

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Aisle Seat 3-17: March Madness Edition
Posted By Andy Dursin 3/16/2020 - 10:00 PM
One of those titles – along with “Time Bandits” and “Jaws” – that my parents rented for me on VHS frequently when I was growing up, VICTORY (117 mins., 1981, PG) stars Sylvester Stallone, Michael Caine, and Pele in a hugely entertaining, if highly improbable, melding of “The Great Escape” with the sports thrills of international soccer. Despite being one of the earliest Warner releases in the DVD format, it’s taken years for the film to finally receive a high-definition remaster, which Warner Archive has at last brought to us in the form of a splendid, impressive new Blu-Ray.
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Film Score Friday 3/13/20
Posted By Scott Bettencourt 3/12/2020 - 10:00 PM
The latest soundtrack CD from Intrada presents Bill Conti's score for the 1985 romantic comedy thriller GOTCHA!, with Anthony Edwards as a college student whose trip to Europe leads to intrigue and romance, courtesy of the mysterious Linda Fiorentino. Upon the film's original release, MCA put out a soundtrack LP which featured songs plus two Conti cues; Intrada's CD features the full 28-mintue score plus 22 minutes of alternates and additional cues.

Varese Sarabande CD Club is re-releasing Joseph LoDuca's score for the final Evil Dead film, ARMY OF DARKNESS.


Agatha [unused score]
 - Howard Blake - Dragon's Domain 
 - Carlo Rustichelli - Quartet
Charles Gerhardt Conducts Classic Film Scores [12-disc set] - various - Sony 
The Conrad Pope Collection, vol. 1
 - Conrad Pope - Dragon's Domain 
Days of Thunder [re-release]
 - Hans Zimmer - La-La Land
El Cuento de la Comadrejas - Emilio Kauderer - Sony (import)  
Far and Away
 - John Williams - La-La Land
- Bill Conti - Intrada Special Collection
Lo Strano Vizio Della Signora Wardh
 - Nora Orlandi - Quartet  
The Matrix Symphony 
- Don Davis - Perseverance 
Radioactive - Evgueni Galperine, Sacha Galperine - Milan [import]
The Story of O - Part 2
 - Stanley Myers, Hans Zimmer - Music Box
 - Henry Mancini - Quartet  
Wings over Everest - Kenji Kawai - Milan [import]   

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The March Issue of FSMO Is Live!
Posted By Tim Curran 3/11/2020 - 3:00 AM
The March edition of FSM ONLINE is live! This month’s cover story is an interview with the DANNA BROS., MYCHAEL AND JEFF, who embarked on a quest to score Disney - Pixar's ONWARD. Also the issue, the completion of our SUNDANCE 2020 coverage includes interviews with JOHN DEBNEY (Come Away), ALEX SOMERS (Charm City Kings), JOHN SWIHART (Dinner in America), ALEX WESTON (Wander Darkly) and more; the second and final part of Erik Heine's FILM COMPOSERS WHO ROCK, featuring titans like Zimmer, Elfman and JNH; a chat with the orchestrating team behind TUTTI MUSIC PARTNERS; WONG'S TURN looks at the Academy's recent love affair with foreign-born film composers; a downbeat with British composer SAM WATTS; a Film Composer Who Rock-themed EAR OF THE MONTH CONTEST; lots of album reviews, including Howard Shore's THE LOST PRINCE, THE CALL OF THE WILD, EMMA. and COLOR OUT OF SPACE; more embedded audio clips, and more. Enjoy!

Subscribers, you’ll get notification by email shortly. Or, just go here to log in. For those who want to join FSM ONLINE, go here, click on the “Subscribe” link and follow the instructions. And email us if you have any questions.

Your Friends at FSM ONLINE

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