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The Hollywood Foreign Press Assocation has announced this year's Golden Globe nominations, including their picks for Best Original Score, Motion Picture:

Dune - Hans Zimmer
Encanto - Germaine Franco
The French Dispatch - Alexandre Desplat
Parallel Mothers - Alberto Iglesias
The Power of the Dog - Jonny Greenwood


Altrimenti ci arrabbiamo
 - Guido & Maurizio De Angelis - Digitmovies
 - Germaine Franco, Lin-Manuel Miranda - Disney  
Il Dio Sotto La Pelle
 - Piero Piccioni - Quartet
Lo Chiamavano Trinita
 - Franco Micalizzi - Beat 
Love Gets a Room
 - Victor Reyes - Quartet  
Zombie Flesh Eaters
 - Franco Micalizzi - Beat 


Cyrano - Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner - Score & Song CD on Verve
Harper - Pancho Burgos-Goizueta
The Lost Daughter - Dickon Hinchliffe
Margrete: Queen of the North - Jon Ekstrand
Marx Can Wait - Ezio Bosso
Minamata - Ryuichi Sakamoto
New Year - Graham Reynolds
Nightmare Alley - Nathan Johnson
The Novice - Alex Weston
President - Jonas Calstrop
A Son - Amin Bouhafa
Spider-Man: No Way Home - Michael Giacchino
Striding into the Wind - Emanuele Arnone
Swan Song - Jay Wadley
The Tender Bar - Dara Taylor


January 7 
The Wheel of Time: The First Turn - Lorne Balfe - Milan
January 28
All Creatures Great and Small: Series 2
 - Alexandra Harwood - Silva
Without Remorse - Jonsi - Krunk  
Date Unknown
Byleth il demone dell'incesto
 - Vasco Vassil Kojucharov - Beat
Don't Go in the House
 - Richard Einhorn - Howlin' Wolf
Gli occhi freddi della paura
 - Ennio Morricone - Beat 
Gli occhiali d'oro 
- Ennio Morricone - Caldera
Good Tidings
 - Jean Michel Noir - Howlin' Wolf
Holiday Hell
 - Semih Tareen - Howlin' Wolf
Il Bidone
 - Nino Rota - Quartet
 - Ennio Morricone - Quartet
The Pink Panther Final Chapters Collection
 - Henry Mancini - Quartet
Terminal Exposure
 - Hans Zimmer - Notefornote 
 - John Barry - Quartet


December 17 - Leo Erdody born (1888)
December 17 - Craig Safan born (1948)
December 17 - Winfried Zillig died (1963)
December 17 - Lalo Schifrin begins recording his score for Rhino! (1963)
December 17 - Paul Hepker born (1967)
December 17 - Don Ellis died (1978)
December 17 - John Debney records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “The Pegasus” (1993)
December 17 - Galt MacDermot died (2018)
December 18 - Joel Hirschhorn born (1937)
December 18 - Jean Musy born (1947)
December 18 - Maurice Jarre begins recording his score for The Last Flight of Noah’s Ark (1979)
December 18 - Out of Africa opens in New York and Los Angeles (1985)
December 18 - Ron Jones records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "Datalore" (1987)
December 19 - Paul Dessau born (1894)
December 19 - Robert B. Sherman born (1925)
December 19 - Galt MacDermot born (1928)
December 19 - Herbert Stothart begins recording his score for Northwest Passage (1939)
December 19 - The Thief of Bagdad premieres in London (1940)
December 19 - Recording sessions begin for Frederick Hollander’s score for The Bride Wore Boots (1946)
December 19 - Walter Murphy born (1952)
December 19 - Duane Tatro’s score for The Invaders episode “Counter-Attack” is recorded (1967)
December 19 - Fred Karlin begins recording his score to The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman (1973)
December 19 - Elmer Bernstein begins recording his score for Going Ape (1980)
December 19 - Michel Magne died (1984)
December 19 - David Bell records his score for the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode “Past Tense, Part II” (1994)
December 19 - Roger Webb died (2002)
December 20 - Aaron Copland begins recording his score to The Heiress (1948)
December 20 - Cyril Mockridge records his score for the Lost in Space episode "The Questing Beast" (1966)
December 20 - Alex North begins recording his score to The Devil's Brigade (1967)
December 20 - Jerry Goldsmith begins recording his score for Planet of the Apes (1967)
December 20 - Jerry Goldsmith begins recording his score for The Red Pony (1972)
December 20 - Ned Washington died (1976)
December 20 - Jerry Goldsmith records his score for the Amazing Stories episode "Boo!" (1985)
December 20 - Richard Hazard died (2000)
December 20 - David Bell records his score for the Enterprise episode “Dawn” (2002)
December 20 - Arlon Ober died (2004)
December 21 - Derek Scott born (1921)
December 21 - Franco Micalizzi born (1939)
December 21 - Frank Zappa born (1940)
December 21 - Recording sessions begin for Miklos Rozsa’s score to The Man in Half Moon Street (1943)
December 21 - David Michael Frank born (1948)
December 21 - Matthieu Chabrol born (1956) 
December 21 - Miklos Rozsa begins recording his score for Something of Value (1956)
December 21 - Eric Coates died (1957)
December 21 - Goldfinger opens in New York (1964)
December 21 - Thunderball opens in New York (1965)
December 21 - Frank Cordell begins recording his score to Mosquito Squadron (1968)
December 21 - Barry DeVorzon begins recording his score for The Warriors (1978)
December 21 - Waldemar Kazanecki died (1991)
December 21 - Dominic Frontiere died (2017)
December 22 - Alfi Kabiljo born (1935)
December 22 - Guido De Angelis born (1944)
December 22 - Michael Bacon born (1949)
December 22 - Miklos Rozsa begins recording his score to Tribute to a Bad Man (1955)
December 22 - Dominic Frontiere records his score for The Invaders episode “The Experiment” (1966)
December 22 - Fred Steiner's scores for the Star Trek episodes "By Any Other Name" and "The Omega Glory" are recorded (1967)
December 22 - Gordon Zahler died (1975)
December 22 - James Horner begins recording his score for Honey, I Shrunk the Kids (1988) 
December 22 - Joe Strummer died (2002)
December 23 - Georg Haentzschel born (1907)
December 23 - Ross Edwards born (1943)
December 23 - Daniele Amfitheatrof begins recording his score for Devil's Doorway (1949)
December 23 - Elmer Bernstein begins recording his replacement score to Saddle the Wind (1957)
December 23 - The 7th Voyage of Sinbad opens in New York (1958)
December 23 - Corey Allen Jackson born (1968)
December 23 - Walter Greene died (1983)
December 23 - Devonte Hynes born (1985)
December 23 - Georges Delerue begins recording his score for Sin of Innocence (1985)
December 23 - Jeff Alexander died (1989)


"Several comedians pop up in cameos doing the best they can; besides Cleese and Hale, we get brief appearances by David Alan Grier, Keenan [sic] Thompson, Russell Peters, Siobhan Fallon Hogan, Paul Rodriguez, and (oh dear) Horatio Sanz. Such stunt casting presumably exists to entertain parents, without much success – there’s not much here for anyone over 10 to focus on, aside from how strange it is that the puppy Clifford looks so much more fake than the giant one. John Debney’s pushy, non-stop score works overtime to assure us how mirthful it all is, but it comes off as sweaty and desperate."
Jason Bailey, The Playlist

C'MON C'MON - Bryce Dessner, Aaron Dessner

"This isn’t the stuff of massive revelation, but the interactions crackle with authenticity, while the stirring gorgeousness of Robbie Ryan’s black-and-white photography, and a soundtrack peppered with Debussy and Mozart (Paul is a classical musician), lend an epic dimension to even the most intimate moments. One shot, of a cab pulling into a deserted street at dawn -- with the smoggy air creating filtered layers of palm trees, houses, skyscrapers and sky while Aaron and Bryce Dessner’s glistening score swells -- is as magical and romantic a vision of Los Angeles as we’ve recently seen."
Jessica Kiang, Los Angeles Times 
"Shot in black in white by Robbie Ryan ('American Honey,' 'The Favourite'), initially a curious choice, given Mills’ splendorous use of color in the past, this classic choice eventually reveals itself to illuminate the movie’s evocative ideas of memory: how we live in the past, worry about the future and are always trying to stay present in the moment. Scored by The National siblings Aaron and Bryce Dessner, the duo bring an affecting dreaminess to the proceedings, which only further complements that idea of reflection, reminiscence, but also dolorous longing."
Rodrigo Perez, The Playlist 

"In a technical sense, 'C’mon C’mon' is also extremely efficacious in employing the sonic intricacies of audio journalism. Johnny introduces rudimentary concepts such as gain, audio levels and speaking distance from the microphone to Jesse, who picks it up with childlike ease and intuition, and whose frenetic audio recordings end up on Johnny’s tape alongside formal sit-down interviews -- a recorded reminder of Johnny’s own tangible investment in the wellbeing of the next generation. The score by twin brothers Bryce and Aaron Dessner of The National (whom Mills has previously shot music videos for) is likewise gorgeous in its minimal scope, never overshadowing the soundscape of bustling city noise and tranquil residential blocks captured in each city the team visits."
Natalia Keogan, Paste Magazine

"Set to a softly-swelling soundtrack composed and performed by The National’s Bryce and Aaron Dessner, 'C’mon C’mon' revels in the raw feelings of its characters. The film’s latter half feels engineered to turn on the waterworks, but Mills’ thoughtful approach to his weighty subject matter somehow avoids being overly cloying. Look past the unorthodox narrative and you’ll find a touching story about how our relationships can provide solace and personal growth -- whether we’re in our formative years or decades removed from them."
Zach Long, Time Out

"And so, armed with renewed curiosity and convinced that children might have a lot to re-teach us about putting one foot in front of the other, Mills has made a movie that quite literally asks them to imagine what their lives will be like. Phoenix plays Johnny, a rumpled but refreshingly down-to-Earth audio reporter who comes off as Ira Glass without an ironing board. His latest story finds him interviewing (unscripted) kids about what their futures might hold. 'What worries you?' 'What do you think cities will look like?' 'What makes you crampy?' The future might be a mystery, but listening to Aaron and Bryce Dessner’s twinkly score as it falls over that adorable opening footage gives you a pretty good idea of what the next 100 minutes have in store: Quirky wonder, brutal honesty, and the fuzzy sense that our shared feelings of uncertainty can make us feel less alone so long as we find the confidence to compare notes with each other."
David Ehrlich, IndieWire 
"It’s a wispy yet insightful and emotionally satisfying film, shot with affecting intimacy in pellucid black-and-white by the great Irish cinematographer Robbie Ryan, and graced with a shimmering score by brothers Bryce and Aaron Dessner of The National that works in tandem with Mills’ eclectic music choices to shape the enveloping mood."
David Rooney, The Hollywood Reporter 

RED NOTICE - Steve Jablonsky
"Thurber wants to bank on the sex appeal of 'Red Notice''s central trio, but putting such uninteresting actors at the center of the story is a huge turnoff. The film is meant to look and feel immense, but Steve Jablonsky’s cheap score and the film’s over-reliance on visual effects makes the entire project look oh-so-tiny. The recent 'Army of Thieves' and 'Red Notice' both raise the question of whether the executives greenlighting these movies at Netflix have any idea what makes for engaging tentpole cinema, or what it takes to craft stories that stick in viewers’ hearts so they return again and again, no matter what iteration a story takes. What 'Red Notice' does prove is that the streamer is very good at spending lots of money on fool’s gold, only for the short-term shine to flake away when each new project finally goes on display."
Robert Daniels, Polygon


Screenings of older movies in Los Angeles-area theaters.

December 17
AUNTIE MAME (Bronislau Kaper) [Los Feliz 3]
CHARULATA [THE LONELY WIFE] (Satyajit Ray) [Academy Museum]
THE CITY OF LOST CHILDREN (Angelo Badalamenti) [New Beverly]
CHUNGKING EXPRESS (Fan-Kei Chan, Michael Galasso, Roel A. Garcia) [Los Feliz 3]
EYES WIDE SHUT (Jocelyn Pook) [Aero]
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Dimitri Tiomkin) [New Beverly]
LITTLE WOMEN (Alexandre Desplat) [Los Feliz 3]
MAGNOLIA (Jon Brion) [Brain Dead Studios]
NORMA RAE (David Shire) [Academy Museum]
THE ROOM (Mladen Milicevic) [Landmark Westwood]
SHIVA BABY (Ariel Marx) [Los Feliz 3]

December 18
CRISS CROSS (Miklos Rozsa) [Los Feliz 3]
DEMOLITION MAN (Elliot Goldenthal) [Brain Dead Studios]
DISHONORED [Academy Museum]
ELF (John Debney) [Academy Museum]
FRIDAY AFTER NEXT (John Murphy) [Los Feliz 3]
THE GARDEN OF ALLAH (Max Steiner) [Academy Museum]
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Dimitri Tiomkin) [New Beverly]
A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) [Academy Museum]
THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL (Paul Williams, Miles Goodman) [New Beverly]
PRIDE & PREJUDICE (Dario Marianelli), ATONEMENT (Dario Marianelli) [Aero]
THE ROOM (Mladen Milicevic) [Landmark Westwood]
RUSH HOUR (Lalo Schifrin) [Brain Dead Studios]
THE SHINING (Wendy Carlos, Rachel Elkind) [New Beverly]
THE STORE [Los Feliz 3]
TRAINING DAY (Mark Mancina) [Brain Dead Studios]

December 19
CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT (Frederick Hollander), REMEMBER THE NIGHT (Frederick Hollander) [New Beverly]

DIE HARD (Michael Kamen) [Aero]
FALLEN ANGEL (David Raksin) [Los Feliz 3]
THE GREAT RUPERT (Leith Stevens) [Los Feliz 3]
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Dimitri Tiomkin) [Academy Museum]
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Dimitri Tiomkin) [Alamo Drafthouse]
LIONS LOVE (Joseph Byrd) [Brain Dead Studios]
METROPOLITAN (Marc Suozzo, Tom Judson) [Los Feliz 3]
MODERN ROMANCE (Lance Rubin) [Brain Dead Studios]
NIAGARA (Sol Kaplan) [Los Feliz 3]
QUEEN CHRISTINA (Herbert Stothart) [Academy Museum]
SAFE (Ed Tomney) [Brain Dead Studios]
WHITE CHRISTMAS (Irving Berlin, Joseph J. Lilley) [Alamo Drafthouse]

December 20
BLAST OF SILENCE (Meyer Kupferman) [Los Feliz 3]
ELF (John Debney) [Alamo Drafthouse]
HOLIDAY AFFAIR (Roy Webb) [Los Feliz 3]

December 21
THE AGE OF INNOCENCE (Elmer Bernstein) [Academy Museum]
THE BISHOP'S WIFE (Hugo Friedhofer), WHITE CHRISTMAS (Irving Berlin, Joseph J. Lilley) [New Beverly]
DIE HARD (Michael Kamen) [Los Feliz 3]
ELF (John Debney) [Alamo Drafthouse]
HOLIDAY AFFAIR (Roy Webb) [Los Feliz 3]

December 22
BARTON FINK (Carter Burwell) [Brain Dead Studios]
BLACK CHRISTMAS (Carl Zittrer) [Alamo Drafthouse]
CAROL (Carter Burwell) [Los Feliz 3]
DOUBLE INDEMNITY (Miklos Rozsa) [Academy Museum]
GREMLINS (Jerry Goldsmith), GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (Jerry Goldsmith) [New Beverly]
HARDCORE (Jack Nitzsche) [Los Feliz 3]
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Dimtri Tiomkin) [Aero]
KAPURUSH (Satyajit Ray), MAHAPURUSH (Satyajit Ray) [Academy Museum]

December 23
THE APARTMENT (Adolph Deutsch) [Los Feliz 3]
DOLORES (Mark Kilian) [Academy Museum]
ELF (John Debney) [Aero]
ELF (John Debney) [Alamo Drafthouse]
GREMLINS (Jerry Goldsmith), GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH (Jerry Goldsmith) [New Beverly]
NAYAK [THE HERO]  (Satyajit Ray) [Academy Museum]
TANGERINE [Los Feliz 3]

December 24
ALI (Lisa Gerrard, Pieter Bourke) [Academy Museum]
BAD SANTA (David Kitay) [Los Feliz 3]
DIE HARD (Michael Kamen) [Brain Dead Studios]
DIE HARD (Michael Kamen) [New Beverly]
IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE (Dimitri Tiomkin) [Aero]
THE KINGDOM OF DREAMS AND MADNESS (Masakatsu Takagi) [Academy Museum]
LITTLE WOMEN (Alexandre Desplat) [Los Feliz 3]
TANGERINE [Los Feliz 3]
TERMINATOR 2: JUDGMENT DAY (Brad Fiedel) [Brain Dead Studios]
TOKYO GODFATHERS (Keichi Suzuki) [Los Feliz 3]

December 25
THE HATEFUL EIGHT (Ennio Morricone) [New Beverly]
THE KINGDOM OF DREAMS AND MADNESS (Masakatsu Takagi) [Academy Museum]
THE MUPPET CHRISTMAS CAROL (Paul Williams, Miles Goodman) [Academy Museum]

December 26
THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) [Academy Museum]
CAROL (Carter Burwell) [Alamo Drafthouse]
SWEET SWEETBACK'S BAADASSSS SONG (Melvin Van Peebles) [Brain Dead Studios]
TO LIVE AND DIE IN L.A. (Wang Chung) [Brain Dead Studios]
THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG (Michel Legrand) [Academy Museum]


Heard: Sounder (North), The Molly Maguires (Strouse), Secrets of Life (Smith)

Read: The Frighteners, by Donald Hamilton

Seen: Forbidden Planet, Wolf [2021], Being the Ricardos, The Hand of God, Casablanca, West Side Story [2021], House of Gucci, Flee, Don't Look Up!, Black Christmas [1974], Silent Night, Deadly Night, Kanchenjungha

Watched: Lifeboat; Star Trek ("Friday's Child"); Star Trek: Lower Decks ("Moist Vessel"); Penny Dreadful: City of Angels ("Sing, Sing, Sing")

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Bob Dylan born (1941)
David Ferguson born (1953)
Duke Ellington died (1974)
Franz Waxman begins recording his score for Sorry, Wrong Number (1948)
Jay Chattaway records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “In Theory” (1991)
Leith Stevens records his score for the Land of the Giants episode “Underground” (1968)
Pierre van Dormael born (1952)
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