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Body Heat (1981)
Music by John Barry
Body Heat Body Heat
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Price: $24.95
Limited #: N/A
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Line: Silver Age
CD Release: August 2012
Catalog #: Vol. 15, No. 4
# of Discs: 2

Taking his inspiration from such ’40s noir classics as The Postman Always Rings Twice and Double Indemnity, Lawrence Kasdan struck gold with his first outing as both screenwriter and director in 1981’s Body Heat. The torrid chemistry between lead actors William Hurt and Kathleen Turner helped the film launch a neo-noir trend. Kasdan was equally fortunate in his choice of composer: John Barry.

Barry wrote a sultry, smoky score that emerged from a tradition of small jazz combos in late-night, big-city bars—but while the key musical elements of Body Heat derive from jazz ideas and jazz instrumentation (there is a certain amount of jazz-style improvisation around the melody in some cues), a good deal of the score is traditionally orchestral and the strings play an important role throughout.
The score’s haunting main theme is sexy, seductive and a little sad—a throwback to ’40s noir music yet more knowing and modern. At its heart is a jazz quartet comprised of Barry veterans Ronny Lang (alto sax), Mike Lang (piano), Chuck Domanico (bass) and John Guerin (drums).
The first well-filled disc in FSM’s 2CD presentation of Body Heat features the full score, plus alternates and a generous program of source music. Disc 2 opens with Barry’s never-released soundtrack LP, mixed by Dan Wallin and (unlike subsequent issues which featured new mixes) approved by the composer. Rounding out disc 2 are 10 early demos of Barry’s main theme, recorded with a small combo to demonstrate how it might sound with various instruments playing the melody.
The 16-page booklet, seductively illustrated with film stills by FSM art director Joe Sikoryak, features a perceptive essay on film and music (including a track-by-track analysis of the score) by authoritative film music writer Jon Burlingame.
John Barry’s Body Heat ranks among his very finest scores—it elevates the film, heightens the emotional stakes, and remains a memorable listening experience on its own.
John Barry Scores on FSM
About the Composer

John Barry (1933-2011) is a five-time Oscar winner and one of the most successful and beloved composers ever to write for the movies. His career encompasses everything from the James Bond films to Hollywood epics like Out of Africa and Dances With Wolves. His style is marked foremost by melody but also by a thoughtful economy of gesture that has always added a great sense of style and scope to his projects.FSM has released on CD as many of his scores as possible, from intimate dramas like Petulia to the classic Born Free, the 1976 King Kong and the obscure 1968 gem Deadfall. IMDB

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And there she is![/endquote]

A very welcome release!!

Hot dog! Ordered!

A great release. Many thanks to FSM for this one!!


FANTASTIC. More BODY HEAT than you could ever imagine or want!


Body Heat (1981)

Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry

Main Title 3:20
Searching for Matty 1:11
Agreement 1:19
I'm Weak 3:25
She Tries 1:00
3M3/3M4 1:42
Hey Lady 1:18
What I Want 1:10
Chapeau Gratis 1:17
Busted 2:04
Head/The Breakers 1:25
Kill for Pussy 2:53
I'm Frightened 2:39
Surprise 1:43
He's Dead/Basement 2:11
Explosion 0:58
Problem 1:09
Nothing We Can Do/Heather and Roz 2:12
Us and Oscar/Oscar 2:04
See Ya/11M1 1:00
Watch Your Step 0:53
Glasses 0:52
Better Get Him 6:10
Matty Was Mary Ann 4:19

Total Time: 48:10

Bonus Tracks
Searching for Matty/Agreement (film edit) 1:23
She Tries (alternate) 0:55

Total Time: 2:18

Source Music
That Old Feeling (Lew Brown & Sammy Fain) 3:14
A la Harry James 3:26
1M2 1:43
4M3 3:11
5M3 1:03
5M4 1:47
9M1 0:55
9M1a 1:05
Cocktail Hour 3:09
Pantyhose/Maidenform (Michael Lang) 3:52
Tonight's Romance/Tomorrow's Romance (Michael Lang) 4:32

Total Time: 27:51

Total Disc Time: 78:28


John Barry Soundtrack Album
Main Title 3:21
I'm Weak 3:25
Chapeau Gratis 1:17
Hey Lady 1:17
Busted 2:04
Kill for Pussy 2:21
I'm Frightened 2:39
Surprise 1:46
Us and Oscar 0:55
Oscar 2:06
Problem 3:48
Better Get Him 6:12
Matty Was Mary Ann 4:19

Total Time: 35:26

Demo Recordings
Theme Demo 1 2:47
Theme Demo 2 3:21
Theme Demo 3 2:43
Theme Demo 4 2:45
Theme Demo 5 2:51
Theme Demo 6 2:08
Theme Demo 6A 2:08
Theme Demo 7 2:06
Theme Demo 8 2:29
Theme Demo 9 2:19

Total Time: 25:31
Total Disc Time: 61:07

Sweet. I'm in.

Outstanding. It shall be mine!


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Track List
Click on each musician name for more credits

Leader (Conductor):
John Barry (Prendergast)

Murray Adler, Patricia N. Aiken, Judith Aller-Talvi, Israel Baker, Arnold Belnick, Dixie Blackstone, Harry Bluestone, Al Breuning, Diana J. Brodick, Doris Y. Carr, Oscar Chausow, Ron Clark, Bonnie J. Douglas (Shure), Gina I. Ferrara, Pamela S. Gates (Henderson), James Getzoff, Harris Goldman, Endre G. Granat, Debbie Sue Grossman, Anatol Kaminsky, Connie L. Kupka, Mary Debra Lundquist, Joy Lyle (Sharp), Greg Moore, Connie Pressman (Meyer), Nathan Ross, Sidney Sharp, Daniel Shindaryov, Paul C. Shure, Marshall Sosson, Vickie Sylvester-Granat, Ilkka I. Talvi, Harold Wolf

Samuel Boghossian, James Carter, Gail Guarneri (Earn), Peter Hatch, Janet Lakatos, Linda S. Lipsett, Virginia Majewski, Kazi H. Pitelka, Sven Reher, Joseph Reilich, David Schwartz, Joel Soultanian, Linn Subotnick, Milton Thomas, Raymond J. Tischer

Douglas L. Davis, Paula Hochhalter, Judith M. Johnson (Perett), Armand Kaproff, Jerome Kessler, Mary C. Lane, Carolisa Lindberg, Alan C. Parker, Harry L. Shlutz

Peter A. Mercurio, Susan A. Ranney, Meyer (Mike) Rubin, Robert King Stone

Louise M. DiTullio (Dissman), Geraldine Rotella, David J. Shostac

William Criss, Arnold Koblentz, Kathleen T. Robinson

Don Ashworth, Gene Cipriano, Dominick Fera, James M. Kanter, Ronald Langinger (aka Ronny Lang), John Lowe, Ted Nash

Norman H. Herzberg, Patricia Kindel-Heimerl

French Horn:
James Atkinson, Vincent N. DeRosa, Arthur Maebe, Jr., Brian D. A. O'Connor, Richard E. Perissi, Richard J. Todd

Robert H. Findley, Malcolm Boyd McNab, Judd S. Miller, Anthony "Tony" Terran

Richard "Dick" Nash, Thomas Shepard, Lloyd E. Ulyate, Chauncey Welsch

Michael A. Lang, Ian R. Underwood

Dennis Budimir, Mitchell L. "Mitch" Holder, Thomas A. Rotella

Fender (electric) Bass:
Charles L. Domanico

Catherine Gotthoffer (Johnk)

Dale L. Anderson, John P. Guerin, Emil Radocchia (Richards), Kenneth E. Watson

Albert Woodbury

Nathan Kaproff

Richard J. Cavanaugh, Dante DiThomas, Kevin L. Hiatt, David A. Leech, Aime Vereecke, Ricardo Vettraino

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