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Gremlins (1984)
Music by Jerry Goldsmith
Gremlins Gremlins
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Price: $24.95
Limited #: N/A
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Line: Retrograde
CD Release: November 2011
Catalog #: FSM80130-2
# of Discs: 2

Chris Columbus was a fledgling writer when Steven Spielberg optioned his screenplay about little creatures terrorizing small-town America. By the time Amblin Productions filmed Gremlins in 1984, Spielberg and director Joe Dante had transformed the straightforward horror film into something far more comic, while retaining some memorable Grand Guignol moments. A combination of cuddliness, edgy comedy and shocking violence turned the film into a sensation, rendering it one of the biggest hits of the year.

A key element in the film’s success was the imaginative meld of traditional orchestral writing and cutting-edge electronics provided by frequent Joe Dante collaborator Jerry Goldsmith. The music for Gremlins is a fan favorite that has long been recognized as one of Goldsmith’s most original works. Most of it has never been available in a legitimate release—until now.
At the center of the score is a ragtime theme played on synthesizer—a raucous celebration of mayhem that harkens back to the early days of animation yet gives the music a funky, contemporary twist.
This is balanced by a heart-warming lyrical theme for the endearing mogwai character, Gizmo (which doubles as a love theme for the young couple portrayed by Zach Galligan and Phoebe Cates). An off-kilter waltz theme for Polly Holliday’s modern-day equivalent of the Wicked Witch of the West may be Goldsmith’s most outrageous comic confection. Solo fiddle invokes the devil (as in Herrmann’s The Devil and Daniel Webster), eerie bells (both acoustic and electronic) invoke the mystery of the mogwai, and pulse-pounding action music aptly supports the wild physical antics of the destructive creatures.
Disc one of this 2CD set features the premiere release of the complete score for Gremlins, mastered from the original PCM live stereo mixes by Bruce Botnick, supervising engineer of the original recording sessions. Disc two features a recreation of the 1984 soundtrack album, billed as a “Specially Priced 7-Cut Mini Album” with three pop songs on side one and a 16:12 suite from Goldsmith’s score on side two.
FSM’s 28-page booklet includes a reminiscence from audio engineer Botnick as well as a detailed essay on film and score by Jeff Bond and Mike Matessino (incorporating comments from an interview with director Dante).
Fans of Goldsmith and Gremlins are urged to purchase these CDs immediately, but be warned: Do not get the discs wet and absolutely never play them after midnight!
Jerry Goldsmith Scores on FSM
About the Composer

What to say about Jerry Goldsmith (1929-2004), the reason so many of us are soundtrack collectors in the first place? The Los Angeles native knew early on he wanted to write music for the movies, had an extensive training in television in the 1950s (starting at CBS), and went on to an unparalleled career in the movies—capable of brilliance in every genre, and beloved by his peers and fans. FSM has released as many of his scores as we could get our hands on, from classic TV work like The Man From U.N.C.L.E. to famous features (Patton) and obscure gems like The Illustrated Man and 100 Rifles...heck, make that all of them. Jerry, we love you and miss you! IMDB

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Fans of Goldsmith and Gremlins are urged to purchase these CDs immediately, but be warned: Do not get the discs wet and absolutely never play them after midnight![/endquote]

Oh my God !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I have bought this compact disc.

Expected, but excellent news nonetheless.

I'm glad they also include the original album program (with the songs).

I wonder how the score proper holds up as a listening experience with all those short, fragmented cues.

I seriously have to consider this, as I've long since said I was going to buy an expansion of this when it came out.

All the score, all the songs...just PERFECT.

Lukas, everyone, congratulations on achieving this one and doing it the best way possible.

(Also thanks for making it unlimited, my wallet can't take another hit for a couple of weeks! But soon, it's mine!)

It shall be mine. Thanks to all involved. I'm so glad this was one of the final ten from FSM.

James Horner is more successful than Gremlins! Oh sorry wrong thread....

James Horner is more successful than Gremlins! Oh sorry wrong thread....[/endquote]


Whoa great release, will be ordering ASAP.

And Thor considering an expanded release *faints*

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Track List
Click on each musician name for more credits
For more specific musician lists for the scores on this album, go here:
Quarterflash Band

Leader (Conductor):
Jerry (Jerrald) Goldsmith

Judith Aller-Talvi, Israel Baker, Arnold Belnick, Dixie Blackstone, Harry Bluestone, Al Breuning, Stuart Canin, Oscar Chausow, Herman Clebanoff, Isabelle Daskoff, Harold Dicterow, Bonnie J. Douglas (Shure), Assa Drori, David Frisina, Irving Geller, Endre G. Granat, Thelma Hanau (Beach), Clayton Haslop, Reginald Hill, Bill Hybel, Karen Jones, Joy Lyle (Sharp), Greg Moore, Irma W. Neumann, Don Palmer, Stanley Plummer, Robert A. Sanov, Haim Shtrum, Marshall Sosson, Robert "Bob" Sushel, Vickie Sylvester-Granat, Mari Tsumura (Botnick), Dorothy M. Wade (Sushel), Harold Wolf

Myer Bello, Kenneth L. Burward-Hoy, Alan B. DeVeritch, Pamela Goldsmith, Allan Harshman, Roland Kato, Myra Kestenbaum, Louis Kievman, Carole S. Mukogawa, Kazi H. Pitelka, David Schwartz, Joel Soultanian, Linn Subotnick, Barbara Thomason

Robert Lee "Bob" Adcock, Ron Cooper, Douglas L. Davis, Marie Fera, Barbara Jane Hunter (Badgley), Armand Kaproff, Armen Ksajikian, Miguel Martinez, Michael Mathews, Ronald J. Royer, Harry L. Shlutz, Gloria Strassner

Milton Kestenbaum, Ed Meares, Bruce P. Morgenthaler, Buell Neidlinger, Margaret Storer

Louise M. DiTullio (Dissman), Ronald Langinger (aka Ronny Lang), Geraldine Rotella

Robert Cowart, Joan Elardo, Arnold Koblentz, David Sherr

Gene Cipriano, Roy A. D'Antonio, Dominick Fera, Gary G. Gray, Julian Spear

Norman H. Herzberg, Michael R. O'Donovan, David Riddles

Orinda Sue Ross

French Horn:
Vincent N. DeRosa, David A. Duke, Richard E. Perissi, Henry Sigismonti

Robert Divall, Mario F. Guarneri, Tony Plog

Richard "Dick" Nash, Phillip A. Teele, Lloyd E. Ulyate

John T. "Tommy" Johnson

Richard Lee DiGiallonardo, Ralph E. Grierson, Randy M Kerber, Michael A. Lang, Bill Mays, Ian R. Underwood

Jack Charles Meussdorffer, Marvin Webster Ross

Fender (electric) Bass:
Richard Fred Gooch

Dorothy S. Remsen, Anne Stockton (Mason)

Brian D. Willis

Larry Bunker, Peter Limonick, Joe Porcaro, Emil Radocchia (Richards), Kenneth E. Watson, Robert J. Zimmitti

Alexander Courage, Arthur Morton

Patti Zimmitti (DeCaro)

Bruce H. Babcock, Harvey R. Cohen, Barbara Franklin, Dan Franklin, Joel Franklin (Guzy), Arthur J. Freeman, Alvin Sanders, Will Schaeffer, Eric L. Stonerook

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