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CHiPs Vol. 1: Season Two, 1978-79 (1978-1979)
Music by Bruce Broughton, Alan Silvestri
CHiPs Vol. 1: Season Two, 1978-79 CHiPs Vol. 1: Season Two, 1978-79
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Price: $29.95
Limited #: 10000
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Line: Silver Age
CD Release: July 2006
Catalog #: Vol. 9, No. 10
# of Discs: 1

Released by Special Arrangement with Turner Classic Movies Music

FSM is proud to present one of the most important soundtracks ever composed—a landmark in style and form never before available. Many labels have released historically significant scores in recent years, but it is safe to say not one of them matches this one for its artistic achievement and cultural impact. Yes, it's CHiPs, the popular 1977-1983 NBC TV series about Southern California motorcycle cops "Ponch and Jon."

Alan Silvestri is best known today as the composer of stirring symphonic scores such as Back to the Future, Predator, Forrest Gump, and more, but in 1978 he was a struggling musician looking for any reliable employment. CHiPs was a police adventure/drama about to be retooled for its second season, and producer Cy Chermak hired Silvestri to be the show's weekly composer—for which the assignment was to write everything in an upbeat disco style.

Consequently, Silvestri's music for CHiPs bears little resemblance to his latter-day symphonic works (save for a stylistic consistency to his melodies), but for fans of the show, Silvestri's music was an integral part of the show's presentation. Silvestri updated John Parker's theme for the main and end titles, and wrote his own theme (or two) for each weekly episode—all in the catchy disco style of the Saturday Night Fever-era, utilizing a 19-piece orchestra. For fans of the show and the period in general, the energy, fun and "cheese" factor of the music is irresistible.

This premiere release of the soundtrack to CHiPs features music from the show's second season (1978-1979) which was Silvestri's first. In addition to the season's main and end titles, the CD is jam-packed with suites from 16 of Silvestri's episode scores, plus a guest appearance by Bruce Broughton, who scored the year's Halloween episode ("Trick or Trick") in a similar disco vein.

The stereo sound is remixed from the original 1/2" master tapes for terrific quality. Liner notes are by Lukas Kendall featuring new interview material (by FSM's Jeff Bond) with Silvestri and producer Chermak, telling the full story of the music behind CHiPs.

Bruce Broughton Scores on FSM
About the Composer

Bruce Broughton (b. 1945) is one of the finest symphonic composers of his generation, with fan-favorite scores such as Silverado and Young Sherlock Holmes headlining many distinguished works for film and television. FSM has released some of his earlier, little-known TV work in episode scores from late 1970s series CHiPs and Logan's Run, as well as his eclectic comedy-sci-fi score for The Ice PiratesIMDB

Alan Silvestri Scores on FSM
About the Composer

Alan Silvestri (b. 1950) is one of the most successful composers in modern-day Hollywood, enjoying a long collaboration with Robert Zemeckis (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump) and scoring box-office hits like Predator, The Mummy Returns and Night at the Museum. While he is best-known today for his symphonic scores, he began his career as pop/R&B guitarist and many of his early scores for film and television are in pop styles—including his fan-favorite disco scores to the 1977-1983 CHiPsIMDB

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At last all Chips seasons are coming out as Soundtracks! I always dreamed that many years ago! I even searched everywhere for soundtracks of this serie.
What I don´t like is that some of the best titles are missing on the Cds! For example in Vol.1 there is only one title from the episodes: Grudge(the music of the CHIPS-Drill-team on their cycles, is missing) and Repo Man (the music when Jon saves the bus, is missing!)
Perhaps You bring on the last CD of the Series the missing titles? That would be wonderful, so far I´m happy that the other titles are available and for that I´m very thankful to Your team!

Track List
Click on each musician name for more credits
For more specific musician lists for the scores on this album, go here:
CHiPs Sea. 2: Disaster Squad
CHiPs Sea. 2: Down Time
CHiPs Sea. 2: Family Crisis
CHiPs Sea. 2: High Explosive
CHiPs Sea. 2: High Flyer
CHiPs Sea. 2: Mait Team
CHiPs Sea. 2: Neighborhood Watch
CHiPs Sea. 2: Peaks & Valleys, MT, ET
CHiPs Sea. 2: Pressure Point
CHiPs Sea. 2: Rally Round the Bank
CHiPs Sea. 2: Repo Man
CHiPs Sea. 2: Return of the Turks
CHiPs Sea. 2: Supercycle
CHiPs Sea. 2: The Grudge
CHiPs Sea. 2: The Matchmakers
CHiPs Sea. 2: The Sheik
CHiPs Sea. 2: Trick or Trick

Leader (Conductor):
Bruce Broughton, Alan Silvestri

Arnold Belnick, Charles Blackman, Josef Brooks (Schoenbrun), Bobby Bruce (aka Robt. Berg), Isabelle Daskoff, Assa Drori, Robert Dubow, David Frisina, Irving Geller, Jack M. Gootkin, Endre G. Granat, Reginald Hill, Karen Jones, Richard Kaufman, Ezra Kliger, Bernard Kundell, Norma Leonard, David Montagu, Irma W. Neumann, David L. Newman, Wilbert Nuttycombe, Stanley Plummer, Jerome Joseph Reisler, Christopher Reutinger, Linda Rose, Nathan Ross, Sheldon Sanov, Haim Shtrum, Marshall Sosson, Spiro Stamos, Robert "Bob" Sushel, Gerald Vinci, John Wittenberg, Harold Wolf, Tibor Zelig

Charles C. Berghofer, Abe Laboriel, Stephens LaFever, Fred Tackett, Ken Wild

Peter Christlieb, Donald Menza

Marion "Buddy" Childers, Gary Grant, Nelson Hatt, William B. Peterson, Dalton Smith, Anthony "Tony" Terran

Vincent Fanuele, Alan Kaplan, Richard "Dick" Nash, Richard Noel, George M. Roberts, Thomas Shepard, Ernie Tack, William Tole, Lloyd E. Ulyate, Donald G. Waldrop, Chauncey Welsch

Douglas Clare Fischer, Tom Garvin, Tom Garvin, Craig Huxley (Hundley), Pete Jolly (Ceragloli), Michael A. Lang, Ed Lojeski, Jr., J. Peter "Pete" Robinson, Ian R. Underwood, Lawrence Williams

Mitchell L. "Mitch" Holder, Daniel Sawyer

Larry McNeely

Bernie Fields

Ed Greene, Steve Schaeffer, Tommy Vig

Alan C. Estes, Tommy Vig, Robert J. Zimmitti

Bruce Broughton, Alan Silvestri

Orchestra Manager:
Harry W. Lojewski

Supervising Copyist:
Harry W. Lojewski

Robert G. Hartley, Willard W. Jones, Ray Mace, Donald J. Midgley, Priscilla Nemoy

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