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Prince Valiant (1954)
Music by Franz Waxman
Prince Valiant Prince Valiant
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Price: $24.95
Limited #: 3000
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Line: Golden Age
CD Release: May 1999
Catalog #: Vol. 2, No. 3
# of Discs: 1

Prince Valiant (1954) is one of Franz Waxman's greatest scores: a stirring knights-and-adventure work in the classic symphonic tradition of The Adventures of Robin Hood and Star Wars. It features a dynamic set of themes and variations: a brash, heroic melody for Prince Valiant (Robert Wagner), swelling love music for Princess Aleta (Janet Leigh), a noble theme for Sir Gawain (Sterling Hayden), malevolent material for Sir Brack (James Mason), and many other motives and melodies for the settings and ideas.

Charles Gerhardt (to whom this album is dedicated) recorded a suite from Prince Valiant to open his Classic Film Scores of Franz Waxman volume in the early 1970s. This CD presents the premiere release of the original soundtrack as conducted by Waxman for the film. It has been remixed in stereo from the original 35mm magnetic film elements and carries forth the crisp, energetic playing of the 20th Century Fox studio orchestra.

Fortunately, almost all of the score has survived in excellent condition, particularly the exciting and action-filled material for the movie's third act, when Valiant is captured and must escape to fight his enemies. Sadly, certain incidental fanfares have been lost, and an eight-minute swath of music was afflicted with noticeable mag wow--this has been included at the end of the disc as a bonus track.

Prince Valiant has long been one of the most requested scores from the Fox archives—at one time Varese Sarabande had announced it, but only temporarily—and finally, here it is! The 16-page booklet features stills from the Fox archives, rare photographs of the composer, and liner notes by Doug Adams.

Franz Waxman Scores on FSM
About the Composer

Franz Waxman (1906-1967) was one of the greatest composers of Hollywood's Golden Age, having fled his native Germany to escape the Nazis. Jerry Goldsmith—no slouch himself—admired Waxman for the great versatility of his accomplishments; for example, Waxman created lasting efforts for horror (The Bride of Frankenstein), biblical epics (Demetrius and the Gladiators), Americana (Peyton Place), biopics (The Nun's Story) and westerns (Cimarron)—to say nothing of his back-to-back Oscar wins for Sunset Boulevard and A Place in the Sun. He was a master dramatist and a distinguished, modern composer who pushed the envelope of the symphonic score. IMDB

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Track List
Click on each musician name for more credits

Leader (Conductor):
Franz Waxman

Sol Babitz, George Berres, Henry Camusi, Joachim Chassman, Adolph DiTullio, Peter Ellis, Marvin Limonick, Paul Lowenkron, Irma W. Neumann, David Selmont, Paul C. Shure, Felix Slatkin

Myer Bello, Alvin Dinkin, Alex Neiman, Sven Reher

Joseph Coppin, Joseph DiTullio, Leonard Krupnick, Kurt Reher

C. Magdelano Rivera, Meyer (Mike) Rubin

Luella Howard, Barbara Moore (Putnam), Sterling D. Smith

William Kosinski, Gordon Pope

Russell Cheever, Morris Crawford, Charles Gentry, Abe Most, William A. Ulyate

Don Christlieb, Arthur Fleming

French Horn:
Alfred Brain, Joseph B. Eger, Fred Fox, Wendell Hoss, Alan I. Robinson, Harry Schmidt

Frank Beach, Morris Boltuch, John Clyman, Jack R. Coleman, Robert H. Fleming, Sidney Lazar, Manny Stevens, Rubin Zarchy

Albert C. Anderson, Daniel D. Cerilly, Marlo Imes, Ray Klein, Andreas "Andy" Mitchell, John Tranchitella

Clarence Karella

Chauncey Haines

Richard Cornell, Paul DeDroit, Preston Lodwick, Cameron Maus, Harold L. "Hal" Rees

Orchestra Manager:
Simon Waronker

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