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 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 10:25 AM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

We've been having a seemingly never ending flood of wonderful Goldsmith expansions/remasterings/perfectionist tweakings these past few years...far more than for any other composer. And I'm not complaining; he's my favorite film composer. Since I last updated this first post in 2015, Quartet surprised us all at the end of the year with a definitive Total Recall (thought to have been held by Varese in perpetuity, but it was in the same boat as Basic Instinct, for which they also produced a definitive version). So far in 2016, we've had: the new Tadlow recording of the complete score to The Blue Max (plus a whole extra disc of bonus suites), LLL reissues of Link and Take A Hard Ride with greatly improved Jim Titus packaging (and the latter with greatly improved sound to boot), a complete expansion of Powder (as well as an LP release of the complete Warlock) from Intrada, a new realization of the complete score to Planet of the Apes performed by Jack O'Callaghan (who wrote the excellent book on the subject of that groundbreaking score), and finally Varese seems to be continuing their recently renewed efforts to Deluxify their own Goldsmith catalogue with Executive Decision following on the heels of last year's Gremlins 2 and Chain Reaction.

Because -- as of this past year -- Varese is apparently no longer dragging their heels on expanding the Goldsmith scores they control, I thought it was a fitting time to revise this post and integrate Varese titles in with the rest. In 2012 I had previously written, "For the moment let's set aside all of the Goldsmith scores Varese released in the 90s, because apparently only they can do those (and frustratingly don't seem to be in any hurry to do so)," and simply listed all of the more than two dozen titles they controlled, but this seems inappropriate now.

I should also note that Twilight Time has also recently given us complete isolated scores (with some effects) on their Blu-ray releases of The Detective and Lilies of the Field. Though these may not be accompanied by new CD issues, for nutty completist fans like me it's great to at least have the few previously missing cues preserved in some form, even if there are some accompanying effects. (They've also announced The Russia House is coming up in the near future.)

Because of all their fantastic work, at some point soon the labels are going to run out of Goldsmith scores to "definitiveize"...right? So what's left to grab? Here's the list in reverse chronological order (most remaining 90s titles at this point are Varese-controlled so be prepared for an initial concentration of their stuff as you scroll down for a bit):

Looney Tunes: Back in Action (Varese-controlled album, unreleased tracks would have to be licensed from Warner Bros.) -- Jerry's final work was a wonderfully energetic, exuberant, and creative score, but Varese's initial album was unsatisfying because it seemed to lack a narrative flow or conclusion, in part because John Debney's contribution to the finale was left unreleased. A definitive release with all the music recorded for the film would be a godsend.

Timeline (Varese / Paramount) -- A wonderfully complex score with both sci-fi and fantasy elements, an official release of the complete "unused" work would be great to get even though Varese's existing album was one of their more successful abbreviated arrangements.

Soarin' Over California (Disney theme park ride) -- While the 5 minute score for the ride itself has been released on a Disneyland CD, more was recorded including at the very least a lengthy cue for waiting in line outside the ride (beautiful with fewer mood changes in the music as compared with the ride itself). Intrada would be our only hope for this; they have said a number of times that they'd like to put out a CD (or more) of music from Disney park rides (their favorite Bruce Broughton has done a lot).

Along Came A Spider (Varese / Paramount) -- With Varese's constant concentration on expanding latter-day Jerry action scores, this may come sooner rather than later, though it's not among the scores I'm personally most eager to see expanded.

The Last Castle (Decca --> UMG) -- presumably Intrada (outside chance of LaLaLand) might snag this, and I hope they do as there is some excellent music missing including some more powerful revised film versions of key cues...DeputyRiley did a wonderful complete score breakdown here:

Hollow Man (Varese / Sony Pictures) -- It'd be wonderful to get an official CD release of this last Goldsmith/Verhoeven collaboration, though it is one of the earliest examples of a Goldsmith isolated score release, and I believe may be the only example of Goldsmith recording an audio commentary for a home video release.

The Kid (Disney) -- I wonder if this is something that Intrada can unearth. Supposedly Goldsmith wrote a complete score for this film which went unused, though like Babe I am unsure whether it was ever actually recorded.

The 13th Warrior (Varese / Buena Vista-->Disney) -- I'm not sure of the status of Varese's relationship with Disney, but this is a wonderful score and though perhaps nothing absolutely essential is missing on the fairly generous existing album, all of the unreleased music (about 20 minutes) is quite worthy of release and the complete score would flow just fine. Moreover, a second disc could be filled with the first commercial release of Graeme Revell's excellent (and I'm not usually a fan) rejected score for the film when it was still called Eaters of the Dead.

Mulan (Disney) -- if *anyone* can pull this off, it's Intrada. They have done every other Goldsmith/Disney collaboration, so it'd be fantastic if they could close the book on this for people who don't have the Academy promo...and supply some fantastic liner notes while they're at it. I hear Richard Kraft really pushed Goldsmith for this assignment and I suspect there's an interesting tale to be told about how he got the job.

Air Force One (Varese / Columbia-->Sony) -- A solid second-place finish in my unofficial poll mentioned above, this popular score would require at least two discs to present definitively, with everything Goldsmith wrote plus the excellent additional music written by Joel McNeely in Goldsmith's style. Presuming there's room on the second disc, it would be wonderful to also get Randy Newman's rejected score which isn't bad!

U.S. Marshals (Varese / Warner Bros.) -- Since I'm a bit lukewarm on it, this was a somewhat unexpected (for me) third place finish in my unofficial poll, probably because there is a great deal of unreleased music which has never seen release, unofficially or not. Since Varese recently expanded another Warner Bros. action score of theirs, Executive Decision, this expansion might come sooner rather than later. And thanks to DeputyRiley's detailed complete score breakdown, we know that more than half of the score is unreleased:

L.A. Confidential (Varese / Warner Bros.) -- The complete score was available on an isolated score track with the film, but I suspect Varese will expand this on CD sooner or later, because it was one of Goldsmith's most prestigious projects of the 90s, netting him an Oscar nomination.

City Hall (Varese / Columbia-->Sony) -- I think this score is somewhat underrated and deserves expansion. It's another "modern noir" sounding Goldsmith score, so gets overshadowed by L.A. Confidential, but I actually like it better as an album. According to DeputyRiley's complete score breakdown, there is only about 12 minutes of music in the film that's unreleased on album (one of those cues a highlight), but it's always possible that there are unused cues or alternates that could bulk up an expansion even more:

Two Days in the Valley (Intrada) -- this recently came out as an album assembly and just went out of print. If material exists for the complete score maybe someone else could release a more definitive version, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

Babe (if a recording was made, probably controlled by Varese due to their releasing the replacement score by Nigel Westlake) -- The final score by Nigel Westlake (at times channeling Saint-Saens) was released by Varese, so presumably they would have the rights to any recording Goldsmith made for the film. Dan Goldwasser recently posted a photo of Goldsmith's written score but said that it never made it to the recording stage. Other info in this thread however makes it sound possible that it was recorded: . I hope a definitive answer can be arrived at, because if Dan is right, this would be a ripe opportunity for the Tadlow/Prometheus series to do a true Goldsmith *PREMIERE* recording (ie. not just a premiere album release for a score with film tracks that didn't survive). In fact a totally unheard Goldsmith score may be their ripest prospect yet!

Angie (Varese / Castle Rock-->Warner Bros.) -- Since DeputyRiley has put his Complete Score Breakdown series on hiatus, this is one of the scores I plan to eventually tackle myself in order to figure out what good music might be missing from the existing brief Varese album. (Yes, I know this is one that isn't exactly being clamored for, but some people like it!)

Matinee (Varese / Universal) -- A Goldsmith/Dante collaboration that isn't as popular as it should be. It would be great to get an official expanded release of this in good sound.

Malice (Varese / Castle Rock-->Warner Bros.) -- This is probably one of the lower priority Varese titles to get an expansion, but being the completist I am, I hope they eventually do it anyway. DeputyRiley did a complete score breakdown and found only 7 minutes of unreleased music in the film, though as always there may be unused cues or alternates that he couldn't account for:

Rudy (Varese / Tri-Star-->Sony Pictures) -- One of Jerry Goldsmith's most beloved 90s scores, I hope this still gets an expansion despite the existence of the complete isolated score on DVD, which of course is in compressed audio rather than lossless. The existing album was a good representation of the score, with not a lot of unique music missing, but it still flows very well in complete form and deserves to all be out there.

Six Degrees of Separation (Elektra --> Warner Bros. Records) -- maybe LLL, assuming there's any more music to release (perhaps some alternates or something)?

Medicine Man (Varese / Cinergi/BV-->Disney?) -- Another 90s fan favorite, there is about 15 minutes of unreleased music in the film, which we know thanks to DeputyRiley's complete score breakdown. I love this score and greedily want every minute!

Mr. Baseball (Varese / Universal) -- One of the most-derided Goldsmith scores, this still has some fans so I'll get around to doing my own complete score breakdown on the film to see what might be missing.

Love Field (Varese / Orion-->?) -- This was a substantially rejected score, with cues appearing in the film and not on the album, and vice versa. Check out this tantalizing thread at the Intrada forum where both Roger and Doug chime in about what unreleased riches might be found:

Mom and Dad Save the World (Varese / Warner Bros.) -- While a 55 minute footwarmer of this supposedly exists, it is supposed to have very poor sound quality and still not contain the complete score. I hope that Varese expands this with an official Deluxe Edition sooner rather than later as it is an energetic and inventive score, more creative and underrated than many of his 90s efforts.

Brotherhood of the Gun (a.k.a. Hollister) -- Much like Elmer Bernstein did for his son Peter's excellent score to Rough Riders, Jerry contributed a fantastic theme to this western TV movie scored by his son, Joel Goldsmith. An official version would be nice to have...

H.E.L.P. -- similar to the above; Jerry apparently only contributed an exciting main title theme to this show which was scored by Joel. Here it on YouTube (thanks to zooba):

Leviathan (MGM) -- DeputyRiley did a wonderful complete score breakdown here; I hope this one happens sooner or later, and apparently Varese does NOT maintain perpetuity rights on this title:

Criminal Law (Varese) -- would anyone want a new version of this? Varese *probably* doesn't retain the rights as it came out in 1988...but perhaps they made an early exception for a Goldsmith score. There doesn't appear to be much music missing, however. (I'll view the film soon and double check.)

Wall Street (rejected) -- a partially written rejected score; I wonder how much there is.. I guess a new recording of some of the written music could be used to pad out a Tadlow/Prometheus recording of his rejected score to Babe...

Lionheart (Masters Film Music/Varese) -- I'm almost positive that Robert Townson still owns the rights to this since there's the "Deluxe Edition" on iTunes combining both of the previous volumes. It'd be nice if Varese put this out complete, remastered, in film order (with the repeat taken out) and provide it with good liner notes. I also wouldn't mind a brand new complete re-recording, honestly.

Link -- Intrada's straight reissue of this sold out very fast, but LLL recently put it back in print with nicer packaging though sadly limited to the same LP program. As with Legend, there's a foot warmer that's longer, but all of the additional music has very sub-par audio quality so apparently this will be the most recent Goldsmith score that's almost certain to never get a complete release.

Legend -- How much more music is there missing? (link provided to me in this board thread: )
Sadly, according to James Fitzpatrick, the expanded Silva release of this score was done from the only surviving tape in good quality, and he is completely uninterested in producing a new Legend recording. Therefore as with Link the unmentionable with poor sound will forever be the only source for those missing cues.

Supergirl -- I could see LLL or Intrada giving this the "Poltergeist treatment"

Under Fire -- complete score is least for now. Maybe a rerecording?

The Secret of NIMH -- Intrada recently reissued this in a beautiful remaster, and they were also able to add a single new score cue (thankfully the longest missing one at over three minutes) which was apparently at some point planned to be on the LP. They searched high and low for the session masters however and came up empty, so the remaining unreleased 9-10 minutes are likely lost for eternity, barring some label like Tadlow deciding to include a suite with the unreleased music in some future new recording.

Raggedy Man (Varese?) -- anything missing? Varese might have first dibs, as this is an MGM film and probably would have been tackled by now if they didn't control it.

The Final Conflict (Varese/Masters Film Music) -- I'm almost certain Varese holds this in perpetuity, due to it originally being released by Robert Townson's Masters Film Music and later expanded 15 years ago as a Varese Deluxe Edition. Varese just recently put out a definitive complete The Omen for the film's 40th anniversary. Perhaps there is hope that they will also do new versions of this and perhaps Damien: Omen II (which was complete on the DE but the sound quality of the film tracks could definitely be improved).

Caboblanco -- does someone know for sure if anything is missing from the Prometheus? If so and if tapes survive this could be due for a re-do.

The Swarm -- I could see Intrada/LLL doing a two disc set with the complete score remastered and the original album program on the second disc (since many find it superior)...and fresh notes of course.

Twilight's Last Gleaming -- I can see this getting a remastered reissue but apparently only a very little bit music is missing.

MacArthur (MCA --> UMG) -- Intrada would be most likely to reissue/expand this. I think the LP was a re-recording, but even if it was the film recording it was not the complete score.

High Velocity -- I LOVE this unheralded gem! Joel Goldsmith produced the album for Prometheus in the 90s, and frankly it *feels* like there's music missing but I've never bothered to watch the film -- can anyone say for sure? And I wonder if any extra music survives...

Damnation Alley -- Doug Fake of Intrada recently confirmed that the complete orchestral tapes did survive for Intrada's imminent release of the score, but that the synth parts were lost and had to be recreated by Leigh Phillips. Maybe some day they will be discovered and we will get the full film recording at last, but until then it's amazing that Intrada paid for the expense of re-recording this important part of the score so that the entire composition could be released on disc.

Ransom -- Presumably the complete score is lost and the LP tracks as released by Prometheus are all that's available. Not sure if there's a ton of interest in a complete re-recording of this one, but it IS a favorite of Luc's (@ Prometheus) and since he's funding Tadlow recordings now we might see it.

Medical Story -- was the whole of Goldsmith's contribution included on the Prometheus Police Story release?

A Tree Grows in Brooklyn -- As confirmed by zooba, Varese only released half of this lovely score on their Goldsmith at Fox box. Multiple lovely cues are unreleased, including this brief one he put on Youtube:

S*P*Y*S -- while a substantial suite was included on the Fox Box, this would make a great standalone reissue with any remaining salvageable music, plus John Scott's score for the international version. Since Intrada recently put out definitive versions of Shock Treatment and Fate Is the Hunter from the box, perhaps they are the most likely candidate, though I could see LLL taking a chance on this as well.

Indict and Convict -- the main and end titles sound very promising:
so too does this key cue (about two and a half minutes long):

Shamus -- this has been suggested for the new Tadlow/Prometheus Goldsmith series in this thread and others, which is probably the best chance for this score's release because Lukas said the following a couple years ago in his comments for FSM's The Last Run release when he went through with his reminiscences for all the remaining FSM catalogue: "I love this era of Goldsmith's 'mod' writing--'Border Crossing' from The Last Run is a prime example. Unfortunately two of the better scores in this style, Shamus and the ABC TV movie Pursuit, are kaput as far as master tapes." If somehow original tapes are discovered I suspect Intrada will put them out.

The Don Is Dead -- obscure but if the tapes survive I'm sure it'll come out.

The Waltons -- According to Lukas Kendall some years back, none of this material survives aside from the pilot The Homecoming which FSM released. This is very unfortunate as a lot of good material was written for the series, some of it better than the pilot score in my opinion. So far I have done one complete score breakdown -- for The Ceremony, one of the most praised Goldsmith scores of the series:

Pursuit -- totally unreleased save for one track re-recorded by Silva. Perhaps that bodes well for Mr. Fitzpatrick tackling the rest of the score in a Tadlow re-recording for Prometheus? As noted above for Shamus, the tapes are apparently "kaput" so there would be no competition with an original tracks release and this would make a nice pairing with Shamus. Oh, and if anyone is worried about a re-recording being unable to capture the 70s feel of the originals, Mr. Fitzpatrick has said that wouldn't be a problem. Based on the results of the Hour of the Gun pop theme arrangement, I'm inclined to believe him. And replicating the synthesizers on The Salamander was perfectly well done.

The Man -- Though tapes are reputed to be lost, perhaps we can get Tadlow's James Fitzpatrick (or Luc of Prometheus) to consider funding a new recording of this brief score (less than 15 minutes in the film), as filler for a new recording of a longer score. I watched the film recently and did a complete score breakdown, complete with detailed track by track notes, here:

Anna and the King -- while 16 minutes were included on the Varese Fox Box, they were from three episodes and that fact combined with some comments in the liner notes make me suspect Goldsmith recorded more for this series, which hopefully will be released complete in the money's on Intrada pairing it with A Tree Grows in Brooklyn.

The Other (Varese / Fox) -- In this mid-90s, Varese put out a 20 minute single track "suite" of this as a bonus on their release of The Mephisto Waltz, but even that was enough for them to control this title in perpetuity, as Bruce Kimmel sadly revealed since he desperately wanted to put out the complete score on Kritzerland. Thankfully, Twilight Time did give us a "complete" isolated score track on their Blu-ray release of the film, bringing the released length of the score above 40 minutes, but, as with the Flint scores, their iso track maintained any film edits to cues so even it isn't truly "complete" as recorded. We need a Deluxe Edition from Varese with every note recorded for this wonderful score!

The Mephisto Waltz (Varese / Fox) -- While Varese's 90s issue of this was "complete", it was in fact missing certain overlays (and possibly alternates). Two decades of new technology could probably also render some great sound improvements in the hands of someone like Michael Mattesino.

The Last Run -- won't happen except as a re-recording; according to Lukas himself the tapes are definitely lost

Crawlspace -- I don't believe it's ever been confirmed that the original recording for this is lost, but despite being one of Goldsmith's best unreleased works, no one has put it out yet so that doesn't bode well. I recently finished a full watch of the film and did a complete score breakdown with "advance liner notes" here:

Do Not Fold, Spindle, or Mutilate -- ditto, though I found this score much less interesting:

The Ballad of Cable Hogue -- I've heard the Varese Club release is missing a few cues; if so I would expect Intrada to revisit this at some point.

The Chairman -- supposedly the complete score hasn't survived the ages...but this is strongly rumored to be next up for a re-do in Tadlow/Prometheus's new complete Goldsmith scores series. Perhaps since a mono suite was available on the Fox box from a tape source (as opposed to the stereo LP used as a CD master for Prometheus' reissue), including a minute of extra music not on the album, there is some slim hope that perhaps with new technology a mono source for the complete score might be used for release.

Planet of the Apes (Varese / Fox) -- Varese's mid-90s issue of this was complete, but in light of the recent Jack O'Callaghan scholarly work on the score, it seems there are possibly three (maybe even more) alternate original versions of cues which could be included on a new issue. In the almost two decades since Varese's release, there is also a likelihood of someone like Michael Mattesino being able to achieve much better sound quality (in fact, most people think the Varese complete release was a step backwards in sound quality compared to the earlier expanded, but not complete, issue from Intrada).

Our Man Flint / In Like Flint (Varese / Fox) -- After years of searching for the master tapes of Goldsmith's original LP recordings, Intrada has just given us the premiere release of them both together on CD! The Varese release of the original film recordings in the mid 90s was very incomplete, but according to the folks at Intrada, Varese still keeps the rights to them which is why Intrada could not put out a definitive Flint set with both the film and unique album recordings of each. Hopefully Varese will follow suit with the film recordings soon, especially since they already underwent restoration by Michael Mattessino for the complete isolated tracks on the Twilight Time Blu-rays (though these were sadly edited to the film, so there is still some music completely unreleased).

In Harm's Way -- Intrada recently reissued this in a beautiful remaster from recently-discovered earlier generation elements, and they were also able to add a single new score cue (and two source cues) which were apparently at some point planned to be on the LP. They once more searched for any source for the complete score and unfortunately came up empty (even though they've found stems at least for other Paramount scores of the era), so the remaining unreleased cues -- including the "Stalking Sub" and "Japanese Armada" sequences, plus a lot of build-up to "One Way Ticket" -- are likely lost for eternity, barring some label like Tadlow deciding to include a suite with the unreleased music in some future new recording.

Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea: Jonah and the Whale -- GNP released this (incomplete) and may still own the rights in perpetuity. Perhaps Lukas will get around to helping them with this after he's done assisting them with expanded Star Trek scores.

Take Her, She's Mine -- His first ever score to a comedy feature, Varese claimed tapes for this were unsalvageable in their Fox Box notes, but as with other scores, that may no longer be true thanks to new technology. If released, I'd buy it as a completist of course, but this is actually one of Goldsmith's more undistinguished efforts, a little bit above I.Q. on the totem pole. I speak from experience as I recently watched the film to produce a complete score breakdown:

Lilies of the Field -- Twilight Time recently released this with a complete isolated score track (though described as having "some effects" presumably on the previously unreleased material). Roger at Intrada chimed in and said there wasn't much missing, but he highlighted a key missing cue at the end when the main character writes his name on a rock.

Crime Busters, Catch it on the Wing, The Best Years, The People Next Door, The Expendables -- Anyone know anything about these from the early 60s? They show up on Soundtrack Collector but I've never heard of them.

Kraft Mystery Theater: Shadow of a Man -- Jerry scored only this one episode of the series (actually it was a pilot which didn't go to series according to IMDb), but his work sounds wonderful from these extracts collected by zooba (some great early action music):

Freud -- while expanded, apparently Varese's "Deluxe Edition" is still missing some Goldsmith cues (plus there was electronic score written for the film by another composer)

The General With the Cockeyed Id -- anyone know the status of tapes on this? I know it's been booted and there's a rare LP promo.

Black Patch/Face of a Fugitive -- his first and third feature scores, both westerns (a genre he excelled in); would make a great double header as a re-recording, since I suspect the original tracks no longer survive. But you never know...they might be in somebody's closet. Doug Fake after all saved City of Fear and Studs Lonigan! I've done a complete score breakdown, with detailed track by track notes, for Face of a Fugitive (and plan to do the same in the future for Black Patch):

And now we finally come to all the great TV work he did in the 50s (I think most of his 60s/70s episodic TV work has been released; please correct me if I'm wrong). My hope for this was actually Prometheus, because of their wonderful early Jerry Goldsmith television scores release, tantalizingly labeled "Volume One"...but they don't seem to be doing anything besides re-recordings these days so I wonder if someone else will pick up the slack and save more Goldsmith TV gems?

As you can see as I go further and further back it's a lot more up in the air about what even survives to release. Also, usually if Intrada, FSM, or LaLaLand put out a release, we can assume it's the complete score. Not so with Varese or sometimes, Prometheus. So some of you will have to fill me in on whether there's any point in including some of the titles in this list. I will modify it based on your feedback.


 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 10:39 AM   
 By:   Tobias   (Member)

Criminal Law (Varese 1988), Wall Street (Varese 1987) -- would anyone want a new version of these?

I know that not many people like his synth score to Criminal Law and therefore might not be a market for doing a expansion for this one. However the second title is a little bit strange that you did include.

Since Jerry did (apparently) not score this one. Stewart Copeland did. I do know that JG was supposed to score it but I think it was here on this board that I read that JG walked out on this project because he could not get a long with Oliver Stone. Please correct me if I am wrong.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 10:40 AM   
 By:   Bond1965   (Member)

I know this is sacrilege but I would love it if some OTHER composers' works were release and/or expanded. I love Jerry Goldsmith as much as the next guy, but there are other scores worth having released out there.


 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 10:48 AM   
 By:   TerraEpon   (Member)

I know this is sacrilege but I would love it if some OTHER composers' works were release and/or expanded. I love Jerry Goldsmith as much as the next guy, but there are other scores worth having released out there.

I of course completely agree but there's nothing wrong with this thread as it stands. No reason to come in here and poo poo it, especially given the very obvious focus of the discussion and the clear title.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 10:54 AM   
 By:   Michael24   (Member)

The Mummy

The Mummy was actually released by Decca, not Varese.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 11:01 AM   
 By:   CinemaScope   (Member)

More sacrilege, being honest I only really love 60's Goldsmith. I'm hoping for an expanded Our Man Flint/In Like Flint, & Sebestian, & I would have loved an expanded In Harm's Way, but I'm sure if the tapes were there, then Intrada would have released it.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 11:08 AM   
 By:   Buscemi   (Member)

I think 2 Days in the Valley is complete (or almost all there). This was a film that features a whole bunch of songs so a 40 minute score makes sense for this one.

Same with Six Degrees of Separation.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 11:38 AM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

The Mummy

The Mummy was actually released by Decca, not Varese.

Well then somebody better get on it! smile



 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 11:39 AM   
 By:   Redokt64   (Member)

Right now the only one I have in mind... Star Trek Insurrection. I am sure it is in the works, but all of the Star Trek love over the last couple of years has this at the top of the list. Plus, I just watched the film about a week ago. Really has grown on me over the years, and the score is both very beautiful and extremely exciting.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 12:54 PM   
 By:   (Member)   (Member)

"Chinatown": oddly enough, Varèse re-released the album but not the original recording.
"The Chairman"
"Hour of the Gun"
"The Last Run"

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 1:05 PM   
 By:   John W   (Member)

I'm definitely hoping that an expanded score for "The Ghost and the Darkness" isn't too far off. smile

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 1:10 PM   
 By:   Tom Guernsey   (Member)

Fierce Creatures (don't think there's anything else left to release, anyway)

Lacking enough time to process the rest, I am 99% sure that Goldsmith wrote *extra* music for the soundtrack album so that it got to 30 minutes for Fierce Creatures. Therefore, think we can cross this one off as complete!

Of the rest mentioned, Mulan would definitely get my vote. I have a clear memory of getting the original album while either moving in or (more likely) out of uni accommodation and thinking it was quite disappointing. Then I heard the Academy promo and realised it was astounding. Hopefully Intrada would get the rights to that one, as noted.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 1:14 PM   
 By:   Jameson281   (Member)

REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD--I thought some people on this forum have declared this score lost?

TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING--I'm fairly sure the existing CD is complete

HOOSIERS--Wasn't this also declared lost?

LINK--Again, I believe Intrada said the session masters are lost when they put out their CD. Not much missing anyway.

CRIMINAL LAW--I think the existing CD is complete

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 1:38 PM   
 By:   Maleficio   (Member)

2 Days in the Valley (Intrada) -- this recently came out as an album assembly. If material exists for the complete score maybe someone else could release a more definitive version, but I wouldn't hold my breath.

The extremely recent Intrada release is definitive. End of story.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 2:17 PM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

"TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING--I'm fairly sure the existing CD is complete"
I've said it before, but I'll say it again.
The CD release is missing a 20 second coda that comes in after the End Title song fades out.
It could not be located when Silva released the CD and considering Joel Goldsmith was involved in the search, I imagine it won't be found anytime soon frown
You may think "Ha, 20 seconds...who cares!?", but it might just be the GREATEST 20 SECONDS OF MUSIC JERRY EVER WROTE!!! Seriously.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 2:19 PM   
 By:   solium   (Member)

The Secret of NIMH -- I don't understand why an expanded version of this isn't out already, honestly. The sound could use an upgrade and there's some great unreleased music!

I'm baffled by this as well. None of the labels even comment on its "availability". But considering STTMP only received the royal treatment in 2012, I wont count out an expanded edition just yet.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 2:20 PM   
 By:   Kev McGann   (Member)

Caboblanco and Breakout are complete, to the best of my knowledge from watching & taping the music years ago and buying the CD's to compare.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 2:39 PM   
 By:   peterproud   (Member)

Sadly, more than a few people have stated that The Reincarnation Of Peter Proud tapes have not been found, but I still hold out hope big grin big grin big grin

Another title I would LOVE to see get its own release (remastered and including the music not on the Varese release) - is The Other. It's one of Goldsmith's best from the early 70's and the sound could definitely be improved upon.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 4:40 PM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

"Chinatown": oddly enough, Varèse re-released the album but not the original recording.
"The Chairman"
"Hour of the Gun"
"The Last Run"

I haven't gotten back that far but yes Chinatown still needs to be done right, and the way MV and Bruce were talking it sounded like the tapes *did* exist...and I know the rejected score survives too.

On the other hand, I'm pretty sure The Chairman is lost (unless there's some M&E track or up-and-down mix or something). Doug Fake has confirmed on the Intrada board that Hour of the Gun is an album re-recording and the complete score (which has a lot of unreleased highlights) is sadly lost.

And Lukas on this very board has explained that the complete score for The Last Run is lost.

REINCARNATION OF PETER PROUD--I thought some people on this forum have declared this score lost?

TWILIGHT'S LAST GLEAMING--I'm fairly sure the existing CD is complete

HOOSIERS--Wasn't this also declared lost?

LINK--Again, I believe Intrada said the session masters are lost when they put out their CD. Not much missing anyway.

CRIMINAL LAW--I think the existing CD is complete

I put Link and Peter Proud on the list because complete foot warmers are purported to exist (but I don't have them myself so I can't confirm for sure).

Hoosiers Intrada has actually confirmed they're working on.

The extremely recent Intrada release is definitive. End of story.

You may consider it definitive, but it isn't complete or chronological apparently.

Caboblanco and Breakout are complete, to the best of my knowledge from watching & taping the music years ago and buying the CD's to compare.

Thanks for the tips -- those didn't feel incomplete to me when listening, but High Velocity did, so here's hoping there's more of that to come!


 Posted:   Jul 29, 2012 - 4:56 PM   
 By:   (Member)   (Member)

"Seven Days in May" (rejected score and accepted score: David Amram and Jerry Goldsmith)
"Shock Treatment"

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