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This is a comments thread about FSM CD: Northwest Passage: Classic Western Scores From M-G-M, Vol. 2
 Posted:   Dec 24, 2009 - 12:23 PM   
 By:   Rozsaphile   (Member)

I meant the timings that now appear on the exterior only. But come to think of it, subdivisions would be even more useful. Information is most useful when it is handily accessible in one place.

 Posted:   Dec 24, 2009 - 12:46 PM   
 By:   Jeff Eldridge   (Member)

That's true of many regular releases, but for most of the releases with online notes, the track listings are inside the booklet (as there simply isn't enough room on the back tray card for all of the timings).

With regard to the online notes, the track timings can be found in the track list in the righthand sidebar (and if you print them directly from the Web, they appear below the notes). I opted not to include the separate track listings or timings in the PDF versions, figuring that at that point people would also have the CD booklet with the track listings and timings in them if they were listening to the CD and had gone to the trouble to print the PDF notes.

We sometimes do note the timecodes for transitions points from one cue to the next when a track consists of more than one cue, but perhaps we should do so more regularly. (In come cases it's obvious, but in other cases not so much.)

 Posted:   Dec 25, 2009 - 3:10 AM   
 By:   .   (Member)

I've been listening to this wonderful set. The Stothart score is awesome – this is film music that compares favorably with the best of its time. I knew it was good from seeing the movie, but heard on its own in this finely produced sound, it leaps towards the very top end of my collection, up there with my favorite Korngolds, Kapers and Steiners.

I like the Mockridge too. It's constantly inventive and shimmering with quality orchestrations. And Rozsa does a sterling job of conducting! High class stuff.

The rather routine first track of the Sukman soundtrack made me think I might be about to hear a lesser score, but I soon changed my mind. It gets better as it develops and by the end I was looking forward to hearing it again. Good solid dramatic western fare.

Then came the short score from David Shire. Turns out to be a delightful, smaller-scale gem that I'll be giving plenty of playing time to. Very different to the other three, it's one of those obscure, easy-to-overlook little scores that we must be really grateful to FSM for putting out. A treat!

I'd say anyone delaying getting this set because of unfamiliarity with the works or the composers should think again and make this a priority. For those with a leaning towards the Golden Age, Stothart's score in particular is simply too good to miss.

Merry Christmas!

 Posted:   Dec 26, 2009 - 5:25 AM   
 By:   Castile   (Member)

The NORTHWEST PASSAGE score is a dream come true. I haven't had a chance to listen to the rest of the set, yet.

 Posted:   Dec 26, 2009 - 5:59 AM   
 By:   Niall from Ireland   (Member)

Same here, I've listened to Northwest Passage a few times, it's wonderful and almost unbelievable that we have it, thanks Lukas and FSM! I'll listen to the other discs today as I am cooking and pottering about.

 Posted:   Dec 29, 2009 - 3:14 PM   
 By:   sdtom   (Member)

My favorite on the first listen was "Thunder of Drums."

 Posted:   Dec 29, 2009 - 3:28 PM   
 By:   Gary S.   (Member)

Looks like I will be reordering this set since my copy was stolen from my mail box 2 weeks ago...grrrr....

 Posted:   Jan 7, 2010 - 4:35 PM   
 By:   Eugene Iemola   (Member)

Mea culpa, but I've only just gotten around to listening to this wonderful set of scores, now that all the hurlyburly holidays are a thing of the past. Finally had the time to kick back and enjoy these remarkable scores. And let me say if anyone out there is afraid that the sound won't stand up to muster, believe me, you'll be amazed and delighted. It's obvious a lot of exceptional work has gone into making these CDs.

I didn't really know any of the scores, and I've only seen NORTHWEST PASSAGE like twice in my whole life, but I've got a few Stothart lps that I've always liked, so yea! bring on a box set of Stothart, please Lukas.

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