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 Posted:   Apr 12, 2024 - 1:14 PM   
 By:   haineshisway   (Member)

my feeling is that the main road block is the goal being unrealisticly high.

We've all been chipping in on many crowd founding projects by now. And this one doesn't stand the comparison with previous re-recording projects.

I chipped in, but after a week or two. Because my first reaction when I saw the goal was "Wow! they'll never succeed".

- Our passion is a niche, we aren't as many as we would like to think we are.

- I honestly had never heard of these movies before this campaign. And I beleive I'm not the only one. The score for The Hand is very similar to Wolfen and a couple horror flicks he did at the time. I love this period in his body of work but I assume many more people prefer his 90s onward works.

- and lastely, the launch video isn't very appealing to start with.

I really wish this campaign could reach its goal. I even started to think of making my own ad video to post on social networks to help boost the interest, but my work is keeping me very busy and I hardly have time and energy to do it.

Not your job - it's the job of the label doing the Kickstarter. Intrada has lucked out doing its campaigns by letting people on FSM do the work. This goal is ridiculous and no amount of page count on FSM is going to get this funded unless the family Horner puts up the rest of the money.

 Posted:   Apr 12, 2024 - 1:28 PM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

Bruce, while you're here and discussing Kickstarter campaigns, can you briefly share any progress on your own plans? In the last Intrada Kickstarter thread, I recall you saying you were in some preliminary stages of work on a film music re-recording campaign of your own, in this thread I started here:

I think you were a little miffed that the one you were interested in was on Intrada's list of ten titles they were considering and looking for feedback on?

But assuming it wasn't one of their top two vote-winners (far ahead of any competition), I kinda don't think you have to worry about it. (You could always check with them personally, couldn't you, since they sell your CDs in their retail store?)

EDIT: Oh, I found the relevant part:
"Third of all, I'm fascinated that the title we've been thinking about, have talked to an orchestra about, have booked a conductor for, is on this list. Excellent - dueling recordings! Someone spilled the beans, I'm afraid. smile

Fourth of all, and the reason we haven't moved on it yet - hard to find the right time to do it and the right time to launch a campaign when there aren't other campaigns of similar interest going on. And since no one talks to each other, that becomes an interesting game in itself. You can't do a campaign of significance anywhere near another campaign of significance."

So... is this still in the works, I hope? You have excellent taste in film music, and especially if it's Night of the Hunter, I'm in!


 Posted:   Apr 12, 2024 - 1:45 PM   
 By:   steffromuk   (Member)

...But I guess they're still working with Mondo??? Or who else would WB work with on a limited vinyl release for an obscure 80s horror score, when they refuse to continue working with La-La Land or Intrada?

Could also be Waxwork.

 Posted:   Apr 12, 2024 - 2:07 PM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

Sure, whatever LP specialty label it is, that tends to care most about collectible packaging… it’s weird that WB will keep working with them but none of our regular CD specialty labels.


 Posted:   Apr 12, 2024 - 3:14 PM   
 By:   pete   (Member)

I chipped in, but after a week or two. Because my first reaction when I saw the goal was "Wow! they'll never succeed".

I increased my initial donation - still an insignifiant amount considering the title - thinking my credit card is probably safe.

 Posted:   Apr 12, 2024 - 3:46 PM   
 By:   Yavar Moradi   (Member)

That is a psychological aspect about this I don't quite understand about some people who think differently than you and I: why not just pledge, regardless of the super high goal, if you're interested in this? It only gets charged to your card if it reaches goal, so what do you have to lose by pledging? At best, you help make what you want to happen, happen. At worst, nothing happens at all and you only lost a few minutes putting in your info to pledge.

James Horner is the most popular film composer in terms of album sales, after John Williams and Jerry Goldsmith, so I really would have expected well over 400 people pledging by now, over a month into the campaign. But I guess there is something psychological about the high goal that just turns some people off.


 Posted:   Apr 12, 2024 - 7:50 PM   
 By:   RobinEsterhammer   (Member)

To the entire FSM thread,

It is amazing that, after everything we have done in the past, since SLIPSTREAM (and this is
the last time I am going to write about this) Perseverance is still referred to as “the label that is
not liked very much on this board". Mistakes have been made, we learned from them, became
better and move on. There is no reason, whatsoever, to keep coming back to a single ‘incident’
for the rest of time.

Allow me to address all concerns and speculations in full transparency, hoping that this will
move things forward:
? The decision to re-record the complete scores to The Dresser and The Hand was made
based on the facts that 1) they have never been released before; especially The Hand
was a bucket list item for a lot of fans, hence, we are trying to make it a reality, since the
original recordings are not going to be released anytime soon (if ever), 2) we strongly
believe, both scores are beautifully written, each representative of their respective
genres. The Dresser, especially, is a short intimate score, featuring a lyrical, turmoiled,
and solemn theme performed by a Boy Soprano, and particularly sentimental to the
entire Horner family, as Sara points out in the video. The Hand is the exact opposite.
Long, aggressive, with a hauntingly beautiful theme, and ‘hair-rising’ moments,
utilising contemporary techniques, performed by a fairly large orchestra, heavy use of
audio FX e.g. the Echoplex, Craig Huxley’s Blaster Beam, all of which makes it a very
challenging and extremely interesting recording. 3) We believe, the music written for
these films is indicative of James Horner’s early work and what was about to follow

? The concert works was an idea added later, and we thought it would be a fantastic
opportunity to pair James Horner’s early film scores with his even earlier attempts in
writing music for the concert hall, on a double CD. Most of the works are indeed part
of the composer’s student days, and definitely NOT a sound fans of his music will
expect, when James Horner comes to mind. For that reason alone, the contrast between
his early music compared to what he came to be and become famous for, we were
thrilled to include and introduce them for the first time ever.

? COSTS: The reason that we are looking to raise such a high amount is that this is what
it costs us to prep, record, produce and release the album. As you have probably read
by now in our FAQ section of our Kickstarter campaign, and I quote: “Recording
sessions alone for both film scores and concert works, will cost approximately $75K.
The remaining amount is to cover reconstruction, music preparation, conducting,
Craig Huxley’s Blaster Beam, mixing and editing, mastering, liner notes, and artwork
design costs, PLUS Kickstarter's fees.” Let me add the cost for bringing on board the
rest of our guest artists – Matt Dunkley, Gloria Cheng, travel/accommodation
arrangements for the entire team, and you can all understand where the remaining
amount will go. The total amount of days spent in Prague for this project will be 15,
which for the uninitiated, means A LOT! We thought that bringing into the project
artists that are at the top of their game, among the industry’s elite musicians/performers,
respected and recognised by their peers worldwide, and as a PLUS a few of them have
either been part of the original recordings, or have worked with James on others, will
bring that extra ‘sparkle’ to the project. Obviously, it comes at a cost. We have
reached out for sponsorship, endorsement, and support to, many companies, James
Horner's former associates, friends, colleagues, as well as our label’s clientele and
collaborators. Furthermore, we have paid advertising running on Facebook and
Instagram social media platforms, which have reached as of today, approximately
40.000+ people, and going strong. Many of them came back with positive replies and
we are waiting for their final decision. Unfortunately, it is a time-consuming process.

? KICKSTARTER CAMPAIGN: We are not experts in the field of crowdfunding, and it being our first one,
mistakes are expected to be made. When the campaign was initially launched, concerns
were raised about the high amount, and the details included in the story. You talked,
and we listened. The very next day we redesigned the entire ‘Story’ of the campaign to
include as many details as possible, based on the information available at the time and
the status of the project. There are no ‘hidden’ details we kept from you. What you read
in the campaign is what the project is about. We are keeping you up-to-date with
information, previews, etc. every week. All you must do is type in the comment section
if you have any questions and we’ll do our best to answer them. As for the video
introduction, we thought that it would be best to have something short and to the point,
leaving the rest to the written content of the campaign rather than bore you with the
sound of my voice. Regarding Sara Horner’s video, you have to understand that she is
a very busy person, getting A LOT of queries about everything Horner, and us asking
her to give her ‘blessing’ to this project and personally endorse it with a video, is a
privilege and a seal of approval, not to be taken lightly.

So far, when it comes to our campaign and the board here, we have only heard that it is a good
idea but way too expensive. It’s been 37 days and we have covered about 8% of our goal, which
is not looking good. I strongly believe that if during this period a lot of ‘digital’ ink was spent
on supporting and promoting this campaign through the various forums, groups, etc., instead of
questioning it – especially, since we did ‘answer’ to your call regarding costs breakdown,
transparency, and more details about the project – the percentage today would be MUCH
higher. Having said that, we are not asking you to support this project ‘in good faith’ as it was
stated in a comment or two. We have addressed every concern you may have had in the
beginning. We are very serious about this, and it is why the Horner Estate, the City of Prague
Philharmonic Orchestra, Gloria Cheng, Matt Dunkley, and Craig Huxley (so far), have agreed
to be part of this project.

Before concluding this message to you, consider this; if the campaign isn’t successful –
something we wholeheartedly believe won’t happen - no one loses a penny.
We at Perseverance, and I personally, along with all my associates and colleagues in this
massive undertaking, are inviting you to get behind this project, promote and support it to the
best of your ability, and any constructive criticism can be voiced after the campaign is finished - more will follow so there will be room to improve.
All this constant stream of (already addressed) concerns, comparisons, etc is only hurting it
than anything else. We strongly believe that if you get behind this project; BELIEVE in it, you
will be instrumental in getting it to the finish line in the remaining 23 days.
Let’s make this come true. We are not doing this because we want to get rich of it. We are doing
this for the passion and appreciation of the music.

For James

P.S. As far as the vinyl of The Hand is concerned, I am as speechless as you are. We did
approach a couple of LP labels to do such an album – as a limited-edition release right after the
initial CD album release - but it is not something that is possible to happen at this time. We will
try again after the recordings are done.

 Posted:   Apr 12, 2024 - 10:35 PM   
 By:   haineshisway   (Member)

Yavar, still thinking about it. Everyone I involved in the project two years ago still wants to do it. But this has become a bandwagon of sorts and every time I see a new one pop up, it just makes me want to not do it. I know it would get support here and I know we'd probably fund because having done ten or more successful Indiegogo campaigns, I know what works for me.

As I said, Intrada lucked out in that all the heavy lifting for promoting the campaign was done right here, plus the funding goal was not unreachable - but it was the daily cheerleading that took them over.

I think Robin probably thought, oh, that'll happen for us, too. It hasn't. All I know is what I know from my campaigns - it's a time-consuming thing, you have to make it so that people WANT to do it and for me that's keeping up daily postings everywhere until we get where we need to go. I've had eight people come to me asking for my help with their campaigns - I've told all of them if you really listen and do exactly what I tell you, you'll fund - and every one of them did. You can't badger, you can't try to force - that never ever works.

Intrada is Intrada. Robin can't expect others to do what he needs to do, him personally, every day of the week until the campaign ends. What the campaign has been doing clearly isn't working. In order for that to change, posting here is not going to change anything, unless all the defensive behavior stops and it becomes a positive thing.

That said, it is my experience that you must do fifteen to twenty percent of your goal in the first two days - if you don't, you normally don't fund, but that depends on the goal and how much cheerleading is going on. This goal, however noble the project may be, scares people off - why bother if you think it's not going to fund? Why give your cc if you don't have to? That's not the way to fund anything. And while Horner, thanks to Titanic, is a huge seller, he's certainly not John Williams in terms of drawing or name power. Anyway, them's my two centimes for whatever they're worth, which is probably nothing.

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