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 Posted:   Sep 19, 2023 - 7:29 AM   
 By:   David-R.   (Member)

Has anyone else been listening to the soundtrack? I wasn't familiar with the composers beforehand, but I've started listening to the score after watching the show and man, it's a lot of fun. They seem to really grasp the concept of leitmotif, as many of the characters have their own theme. Also, the soundtrack is a generous four hours, so I'm taking my time working through it!

 Posted:   Sep 19, 2023 - 9:09 AM   
 By:   David-R.   (Member)

Highlights so far:

My Sails are Set - this song really grew on me. It's a longer version of Nami's theme, with some fine lyrics, but one especially well done key change going into the final chorus. Big thumbs up from me.

Wanted Dead or Alive - best track IMO. Great playful version of Luffy's theme hinting at fun, celebration, but also future threats. An appearance of Mihawk's very Spanish-guitar motif in the before smoothly transitioning back to Luffy's theme.

Zoro vs. Mihawk - battle of the themes between these two! But Mihawk's Spanish guitar instrumentation is dominant throughout the piece (and if you've seen the fight, you'll know why).

We Are! - begins with a theme from the original anime quickly, before transitioning seamlessly between the current crew members' various themes - Nami's hopefully melody, Zoro's determined anthem, Usopp's playful jaunt, before wrapping things up with a mysterious stinger.

One Piece Tango - Luffy's theme reappears as a string-led dance theme, in proper time signature.

Chop Chop Cannon - reflects the whimsical, yet ultimately truly threatening nature of Buggy the clown. Also , I'm wondering if the quick, staccato percussion is a reference to the Chop Chop in this title and the episode. If so, clever work by the composers!

I'm Gonna be King of the Pirates/We are! - fun rendition of Luffy's theme (on ukulele?).

 Posted:   Sep 20, 2023 - 7:46 AM   
 By:   acathla   (Member)

Just finished this show (awesome!!) and its four hour long score (totally awesome!!)
I made myself a ONE PIECE playlist in order to just keep the tracks I liked and after finish it all I kept about 2 hours and 40 minutes, which says a lot! Really digging this!

Agree on all the tracks you mentioned! I also really loved the Clown theme. And one of my favorites is "Boogie I'm Warning You".

Will take me some time to get to "know" all the tracks, but I sure will listen to this a lot!

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