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 Posted:   Dec 16, 2023 - 9:13 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Finishing SEASON 3:


Even though it had a number of good lines, the who episodes feels a little out-of-place and seems to force the whole thing down just so there is a baseball episode.

Nina has a dead husband. Don't recall this being mentioned before. I seem to recall divorces being mentioned, but not being widowed.

Special note to the small ensemble arrangement of Take Me Out to the Ball Game the composers do, starting about 3:40 in. And the enjoyable music while playing baseball, starting somewhere around 15:00 in.

Dennis used to be a competitive figure skater; we see a flash back.

Rating: *** ***.5

Office Nerd (don't recall his name, seen before a few times): "I for one don't enjoy looking like a fool."
Dennis: "Hum, well, you'll have to take that one up with God."

Dennis: "It's figure skating -- ice skating is for panzies!"

"Shaking Private Trainer"

The movie script Maya describes in the open, would have Netflix and other studios throwing money at to get the rights and make. "No, let me make this flop!", followed by "No, let ME make that flop!".

I guess Maya has never seen the TV series "Forever Knight".

Continuity: Dennis once again claims to have been "the original Nicholas on 'Eight is Enough'."

Trivia: There is no movie producer named Charlie Gold, best I can tell. The guy was played by actor Alex Rocco. Surely a show like this could have gotten a real producer to play himself, but I guess not.

Rating: *** ***.5

Maya: "Can I trust you?"
Dennis: "As long as you're not drunk and wearing a tube top."

Charlie Gold, movie producer: "What if he was a talking horse from the future?"
Elliot: "Even better."
(wow, he's just like a real movie producer!)

"Nina's Choice"

What really made the episode was the betting. Also enjoyed the unusual hunger of the inept F.B.I. agent.

What if in a maybe revival, Maya does the bagel sniffing thing, too...

Nina says "most of my marriages have ended in death".

Nina is not allowed in Mexico anymore (reason[s] not specified).

Rating: *** *** **

Jack: "You came through for me like the predictable little monkey you are." (to Dennis)

"The Odd Couple ()"

Finally nice to see Dennis get some with a model. But I hated how it ended.

Rating: *** *** **

Jack: "Dennis, get me a doughnut. Oh, and make sure they don't rip me off with a big hole -- I'm not paying for air."
(Damn right, Jack, damn right!)

Dennis: "Oh my God, you actually gave me your real address."

"The Odd Couple ()"

That scene of the hot blonde massaging Dennis' feet -- that's the opposite of how it should be.

True story: We got a crazy lady here. She's a phony nutjob who spends her days watching Moonies on Youtube. Yeah, that cult. One video in particular over and over again because she's in it getting married along with like a hundred other women, to one guy. The same day she met him.

Rating: *** *** *

Jack: "Are you on the crack, boy?"

Jack: "There's nothing like the magic of marriage number one."

Nina: "Cult? You know, when the mothership returns to rescue everyone, you're not invited."

 Posted:   Dec 22, 2023 - 11:24 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


"A Divorce to Remember"

Dennis' cat's name is "Spartacus". And yes, we finally see his cat.

Special note to the score cue at about 15:50 in. Almost two minutes long.

Rating: *** *** *

Adrianne: "How could you lie to me, Dennis? Didn't they teach you the honor system during your four years at Oxford?"

"When Nina Met Elliott"

Rating: *** *** *.5

Dennis: On the phone, "Say 'D. Finch is the man'. Say it ... SAY IT. There you go. Okay, thanks grandma, I'll talk to you soon."

Adrianne: "Is it so hard for you to believe I could love this man?"
I.N.S. Agent Bob Whiteman: "Yes, it makes my head hurt."

Dennis: "Oh, tonight I'm going to climb you like a redwood."

"Blackmail Photographer"

I can't quite figure the ending out. Where did that photo come from? WE know it wasn't in there the whole time, since Elliot was showed the original photo in the open. And it can't be the photo Drake signed, because it was Dennis who said -- not Elliot -- that Elliot slept with Drake, so the photo had to give some indication of such a thing.

And then we still don't know what exactly that photo was of Jack, only something about baseball and being nude.

Boom mic': seen for about five seconds starting about 11:13.

Trivia: As best as I can tell by a quick search, there was no Colonel Alan Drake who walked on the Moon. And if there had been, I imagine he'd be in this episode and not played by actor John Mahon.

Rating: *** *** **

Maya: "A difference of opinion? This is not some trivial thing like which is better? Cats or dogs?"
Dennis: "Right, because we all know cats are better. Right, gang? Cats rule and dogs can burn in Hell." (gives them a thumbs up)

Dennis: "You gettin' an ear full there, uncle pervy?"

Colonel Alan Drake: "In NASA we had monkeys doing your job."

"Finch Gets Dick"

Andy Dick guest stars in a role that was obviously written for Andy Dick, considering what we learned about him around that time and since. He's one sick grabby pervert, men or women! Looks to me like he had little acting to do -- it was all him, from the heart. And the penis.

Dennis' middle name is Quimby -- named after his grandmother's sewing machine, which is his now.

Rating: *** *** **

Adrienne: "Blow, Dennis, blow!"

 Posted:   Dec 30, 2023 - 9:47 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 4:

"Jack Vents" (5)

Jack has a brother named Eddie. Not seen. Though we do get to see his mother.

Trivia: Dennis says he's Norwegian. In real life, according to an website that lists such things for celebrities, Spade is not. He is: "Ethnicity: German, English, Irish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, Swiss-German, Dutch"

Rating: *** ***.5

Nina: "There's a problem with the limo. It's out of a brandy."

"Hello Goodbye"

First episode to feature comedian Brian Posehn as the office mailman Kevin.

Rating: *** *** *

Adrienne: "Oh my God, Dennis -- what are you downloading?"
Dennis: "Oh, that's porno, honey, don't worry it's free."

Adrienne: "Hi. I've never met one of Dennis' friends before."
Kevin: "You smell like a rainbow."
Adrienne quietly backs away.

Dennis: "Honey, you put all your panties in an unlocked drawer, you're dancing with the Devil."

Jack: "Dennis, you're a young person -- why did I see Maya measuring her head?"

"An Axe to Grind"

This episode takes place three days since the last one, in-universe.

Dennis' cat can play checkers.

Kevin Sorbo guest stars.

Rating: *** *** *

Jack: "Larry King is an ass!"

"Say, don't I recognize him? Isn't he that little elf that got dumped by the super model?"

Maya: "I'm going to have my father fire that bitch."

"First Date"

Maya's annoying assistant Cindy, returns. An extra star just for her funny crazy.
That was the second episode of season two, titled "The Assistant".

Rating: *** *** **

Cindy: Walks towards Dennis, "Who else wants a hug?!"
Dennis: "I'll go ask around," leaves.

Nina: "What about me, Maya? Who warms the Sun?"

Cindy: "Last chance to see my underpants."
Dennis: "Let's go."

 Posted:   Jan 6, 2024 - 8:58 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 4:

"Love is in the Air"

This episode really feels like filler.

One of Jack's ex-wives is seen. Her name is Roberta.

Kevin says he's worked there for three years, but prior to the above episode, he's never been seen before or referenced. In fact, the opposite has been a thing; Dennis usually hands out mail. And one time I think some other person was doing it.

8:22 in: mystery scoring. Completely atypical for the show.

Rating: *** *** *

"Jack Gets Tough" (10)

Robert Conrad guest stars as himself.

Rating: *** *** *.5

Jack: "You boob. You assured me Conrad was dead."
Dennis: "He has to be, why else would they cancel 'Jake and the Fatman'?"
Jack: "That's William Conrad!"
(Robert would go on to die in 2020 -- just over twenty-one years later)

Elliot: "Whoa, do you bring greetings from the future?"
Dennis: "Yes, and there's no cure for baldness."

Elliot: "Finch, you have a body built to assist Santa Claus."

Robert Conrad: "I don't know about this one. It looks like something Will Smith would wear."

"Prescription for Love"

Continuity Error: Jack didn't smell the bagel.

Continuity Error: Why is Nina living in the office? Her friend Vinney is not an excuse because we saw Vinney staying at Nina's place in another episode, so Nina has her own place and nothing has been said to indicate that has changed.

Continuity: We actually do see the super old security guard referenced in another episode. Yeah, the writers actually remembered that!

About 11:20 in: fun montage cue.

Rating: *** *** **

"When Nina Met Elliott's Mother"

I actually appreciate the ending of this episode. Had this been in the 1980's, we all know how it would have ended.

R.I.P., Spartacus.

Nina was in a cult for three years.

Jack also sniffs new cans of tennis balls.

So, Elliot walked right passed a police office just standing there monitoring people at the bus station. He stopped at his mom maybe half a dozen feet from the cop, who would just be out of frame. Yet Nina runs over, screams, tackles Elliot and leaves him unconscious and the cop ... nowhere to be seen.

Rating: *** *** *.5

"Dial 'N' for Murder"

Dennis has asthma.

Rating: *** *** *

Dennis: "Our D.N.A. likes the T.N.A.."

Maya: "You were saying, boys..."

Dennis: "Me likey da freaky!"

 Posted:   Jan 13, 2024 - 8:08 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 4:

"Paradise by the Dashboard Light (Part I)"

Jack says the previous year Nina took 82 personal days off. Apparently not a single one of those occurring in any of the episodes.

The beautiful blonde model Kaylene, was played by actress Cassidy Rae. In real life the actress was also a model. And she also played a model as one of the leads in the "Melrose Replace" spin-off series "Models Inc" (and MP was a spin-off of "Beverly Hills, 90210"). This two-parter was one of the last four things she did before she took a ten year break from acting to concentrated on her family. She recently did two short films.

It just occurred to me: almost half of the leads have been implied or said inaccurately to be homosexuals: first was Dennis with his dad saying he was gay, then Dennis saying Nina has been with women, and now multiple people (including Nina) saying Maya is a lesbian. Can we reach the end of the show without anybody else?

Rating: *** *** *

"Tea & Secrecy (Part II)" (15)

Maya's character is really really irritating in this episode.

Continuity Error: Who can Dennis and Nina both live in the office when there are eight night janitors? IT makes sense they were able to get passed one elderly security guard, but not eight janitors.

Rating: *** *** *** *

Dennis: "That's an I got an inch to snitch twitch..."
Nina: "And who are you -- Dr. Seuss?"

Dennis: "I think the first question on America's mind is: Are they real? You're right, what's the difference -- either way they're splendid!"

Jack: "You do realize that if you break her heart you'll be taking pictures at Sears..."

"The Pirate of Love"

This is the final episode for actress Rebecca Romijn, despite the implied ending of the episode. So, what did happen with Rebecca Romijn in real life? She divorced John Stamos less than a decade later -- whom she was married to during the show. And her acting career has been busy and steady ever since, having re-occurring roles on a number of shows including "The Librarians" and most recently "Star Trek: Strange New Worlds". 51 now, she's is still married to "Sliders" star Jerry O'Connell.

Rating: *** *** *

"With Thee I Swing"

Donald Trump name dropped again. Been a bit since he was. Jack is trying to get Trump a birthday present, as they try to one-up each other each year. And Jack's birthday is "the same week" as Trump's. Best I can tell, by doing a look online, we never do find the precise date of Jack's birth during the show. Donald J. Trump was born June 14, 1946, so at least we know the month of Jack's birth.
Dennis is friends with Trump's assistant, Martha Stewart's assistant, and Larry King's assistant, both of whom we see, but I'm not spending the time researching if they are based on real people and the real names.

Rating: *** *** *.5


"Tad Gallo" or what ever his real name was, will not be seen again.

Continuity Fix: This episode address why we had next-to-never seen Dennis sitting at a chair at the desk -- he says people keep stealing it. Clever way to fix that continuity hole.

Rating: *** *** *** *

Nina: "Finch, how do I look?"
Dennis: "Like a desperate woman hanging onto her youth that she can't even remember."

"And that, sir, is how I pull it off..."

 Posted:   Jan 20, 2024 - 8:18 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Fnishing SEASON 4:

"Blinded by the Right"

Trump named dropped again.

Continuity: The writers remember that "Nina Van Horn" is a stage name, and user her real name.

Rating: *** ***

Nina: "It's Nina Van Horn now; I pushed Claire down a well and shaved eight years off my life."

"Hot Nights in Paris" (20)

Something was just ... off about this whole episode. Can't say I hate it, but I also did not like it. And I can't imagine watching it ever again.

Rating: *** ***

"When Nina Met Her Parents"

Dennis is hung a little more than a porn star.

Rating: *** *** *.5

(NtM: 14:16/gif)

Dennis: "Let's just say I put my pants on three legs at a time..."

"Finch on Ice"

Ed McMahon has a bit part playing himself. He died in 2009. I know, it seems like he's still around.

Continuity Error: The show has already established that Blush only has one security guard, an old guy, who we aw episodes ago finally. But these last two episodes have changed that: now there's a cop in a security room watching cameras and tall security guard named Ken.

Continuity Error(?): This episode forces a rather ... TMI question: If Dennis is hung just a tad more than a porn star, as the prior episode tells us he is, than how could he wear the tight cloths for figure skating, like he did here, and not be bulging and jiggling around like crazy?

This episode does not have the end credits song. Instead it has the source cue that was playing when the episode shut, but complete and SFX free. But it's nothing worth wild.

Rating: *** ***.5

"A&E Biography: Nina Van Horn"

About 1:00 in: Funky music for a fake 1970's movie.

Trivia: In real life the actress who plays Nina (Wendie Malick) started her acting career with a TV movie in 1978 and never had a chance to do a 1970's sexplotation-like film.

About six minutes in, I had to give up on the episode. I appreciate the idea and what it was doing, but it just wasn't something I could stick with for twenty-two minutes. Your mileage may vary.


"Fast Times at Finchmont High"

This is the first episode where Kevin gets his own storyline.

Man oh man, did NOT like the end of this episode.

Rating: *** *** *

: "I'm telling you he has the voice of an angel!" (referring to Kevin)
Elliott: " Ah huh, and a basement full of hitchhikers."

 Posted:   Jan 27, 2024 - 11:59 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


"Hit the Road, Jack"

The season premiere takes place right where the season five finale left off.

Continuity: The Jack sniffing things idea continues: now he knows what brand tennis balls are by sniffing the can when it's opened.

Jack's marriage is over. We never did get to see the young wife we were told was super hot that even Dennis wanted.

Rating: *** *** *

Dennis: "It's very nice, but not for me."
Nina: "That's insane, I'm for everybody."

Nina: To Dennis, "You smug little hamster of a man..."

"A Night at the Plaza"

I found this entire episode to be really annoying.

Rating: *** ***

Jack: "Dennis, who do I call to buy this glorious day?"
Dennis: "Ah, the Weird Rich Guy store?"

"Mum's the Word"

Elliott is a convicted felon. He spent a month in a Federal correctional facility for stealing a mail truck. So, he can't vote.

19:55 in: Latin source music. I have no idea if this was a pre-existing piece or if this was done for the show by the composers.

Rating: *** ***

Jack: "You know what's a great show? "MacGyver'."

"Donnie Returns"

I'll give it the the writers: they retread the same ground with only some new elements, and it was till enjoyable.

Rating: *** *** **

Dennis: "I called a phone sex hotline one time ... for six hours."

Maya: "Elliott, people don't change."
Elliott]: "Then why do you go to therapy?"
Maya stands there, unable to come up with a reply.
Elliott: "Oh yeah."

"Choosing to Be Super" (5)

Andy Richter guest stars.

This episode was good and had two things going to it: Andy guest starring, and Jack being afraid of Kevin.

Special note to the mystery scoring starting about 5:50 in (which is to riddled with SFX for suite use).

Rating: *** *** **

Nina: "Listen -- we all have bad dreams about Kevin."

Maya: "I can't believe I used to watch 'Dynasty' over the phone with you."

Kevin: "Ummm, salty."

 Posted:   Feb 3, 2024 - 9:28 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 5:

"Brandi, You're a Fine Girl"

Another good episode. This season was shaky up until these last two episodes.

I hope I don't have to point out that Jenny McCarthy (now Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg) who plays Dennis' old friend Burt who iis now a woman named Brandi, that Jenny has never been a man in real life...

And as there are no other TV series after this that she was in that I'll will be covering, here is a look at what she's been up to since this episode: plenty of TV and film. Some small re-occurring roles on various shows. She appears to not have done any acting since 2017. She married in 2014 and it's to ... Donnie Wahlberg. Her husband has the same name as Elliott's brother. She recently celebrated her 51st birthday.

Rating: *** *** **

Maya: "Hey, what's going on?"
Elliott: "Finch lost his penis on the way to work."

Maya: On the phone. "Hello? Oh my gosh , I can't believe I got threw. Do you have any tickets left to the feminist puppetry series? Really, you have every ticket left?"

David Carradine: "Sorry, I'm so horny I can't even think."

"The First Thanksgiving"

Dennis still actively practices magic tricks.

Nina says she was married to Gary Busey.

I haven't pointed this out before, but Elliott's mom's name is Rhoda. That's actually the real first name of the actress who plays her: Rhoda Gemignani. She's still alive and 83 years old. Her acting career slowed down to just about non existent after this series ended.

Continuity Error: just a few episodes Donnie went back to living with his mom, and she said he'd be living in a room with grandma. But here, where is Donnie? Where is grandma? Nothing is said.

Rating: *** *** *

Maya: "There aren't enough days in the week for the therapy I'm going to need."

"Slamming Jack"

I have to say: Jack was really an asshole in this episode. He had coming the outburst Dennis did.

Mr. Trump named dropped again.

Continuity Error: Dennis says he's been working for Jack for "nine years". But in the season two episode "Rescue Me" (where we see how the two met), he says he's been working for Jack "about nine years". The more accurate description would be either "about twelve years" or "over eleven years".

Rating: *** *** **

"Dog Day Afternoon"

The whole plot of Dennis and Jack's lottery ticket, really made this a good episode and all was going well until Elliott stole that dog.

Rating: *** *** **

Dennis: "Is that a dog?"
Nina: "Oh, thank God -- you see it, too."

Dennis: "Dogs are the whores of the animal kingdom. Look it up."

"Finch and the Fighter" (10)

In what is surely the writers subverting our expectations, instead of Dennis turning a woman into a lesbo, he converts a lesbo.

Trivia: Best I can tell, there is no owl sanctuary in Finland called Hoot Island.

The sexy blonde boxer with the pretty face was played by actress Sami Reed. Her acting career has been really really short and sporadic. She has also not done anything since 2017 according to her IMDb credits:

I couldn't find what she's doing now or how old she is. I would say she was in her early 30's in this episode.

Rating: *** *** *

Jack: "Dennis, here's a hundred bucks; I want you to go out and get yourself a hooker -- it'll be the most normal relationship you've ever had."

: "That's different -- Jack's old," sees Jack looking at her, "In a sexy way, like a vampire."

Jack: "Courage is being afraid and doing it anyway."

Dennis: "I'm a total wimp! I have a porcelain cat in my gym bag!"

 Posted:   Feb 10, 2024 - 9:59 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 5:

"The Gift Piggy"

Nina is apparently committing crimes and involved in crimes like crazy when not at work. In the passed few episodes: wanting Elliott to be an alibi, wanted a picture frame to cover a bullet hole in her apartment, and now sees her asked to join friends/people in a crime raid.

Jack is really callus about killing employees pets. He was co-involved in killing Dennis's cat, and here he thought he had killed Kevin's tarantula and even wanted tobe sprayed again incase it lived. I wonder, as the series progresses, how many other pets he'll kill.

Rating: *** *** *** *

Elliott: Yelling at Dennis, "You're like Napoleon, only shorter and with no girlfriend!!!"

"The Proposal (Part 1)"

Man, this entire episode annoyed me. And the ending just pissed me off.

Rating: *** ***

Dennis: Referring to Maya, "She's like a busty ninja, that one."

Elliott: "You're going to feel just as bad tomorrow; can't we cheer you up then?"

"The Proposal (Part 2)"

And I hate this episode even more. If this had happened in season three, it would have been handled properly and written better.

Continuity Error: Since when does Elliott need help finding a girl? He finds them like crazy as the photographer, as already established for just over five seasons now.

Penn Jillete makes a small guest starring appearance as a porno maker.

Rating: *** **.5

"The Auction"

It's been two weeks since the last episode, in-universe, and so that bad two-parter continues to foul up the series. Though thankfully not so much this episode.

Lucy Lawless guest stars.
I hope Dennis got "thee greatest sex you've ever had".

Rating: *** *** *

"Maya's and Tigers and Deans, Oh My" (15)

I really don't like this episode.

Pamela Anderson makes a short guest appearance as herself.

Rating: *** ***.5

Jack: "Can't it wait until after the show? He's not getting any gayer."

Zigmund: "But I'm not gay -- I'm British!"
(that reminds me of part of a Norm MacDonald joke from The Fake News on SNL: How do you exactly tell if a British guy is gay?)

 Posted:   Feb 17, 2024 - 8:26 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 5:

"Sid & Nina"

I don't really like this episode either, though it's better than the above one.

The crimes Nina is involved with after work continue, as she says she can't go home because of the police tape.

Special note to the funky source music cue starting about 13:45 in. Reminds me of a source cue by Shorty Rogers from a short-lived series called "Tabitha". There's a short reprise of the ideas after the commercial break for the magazine close up.

We finally learn Nina's secret age: 50.

Rating: *** *** *

Dennis: "I'm not saying there will be a Hokey Pokey, but it can and will happen at any time."

"Oh my God -- is that Nina Van Horn?
Dennis: "Ahhh, about twenty percent. The rest is an experimental plastic brought to you by NASA."

"Where's Poppa?"

Plot Hole: Elliott didn't call the police to have them look it over and make the report? Nothing is insured? I know we find out later Elliott knew early on, but in-universe, Dennis didn't know.

Rating: *** *** *.5

Nina: "Go to the bathroom, shut the door, run water, this isn't about you -- I swear."

Jack: "That explains the laughter during the hernia examine."

"Erlene and Boo"

The opening credits has been updated and now features videos in the camera stills.

This episode comes with an out-of-left-field surprise ending.

Rating: *** *** **

Dennis: "Should I book you into a cell with the Riddler and the Penguin?"

Nina: "She's never worked in an office."
Jack: "Who cares -- she bakes cakes."

"Fanny Finch"

If Maya and Elliott are still together for a hypothetical revival of the series, that photo should be hanging in the living room of their house/large apartment.

Special note to the score cue starting about 10:10 in (a montage cue).

Rating: *** ***.5

"Sugar Momma" (20)

Rating: *** *** *

 Posted:   Feb 24, 2024 - 7:35 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Finishing SEASON 5:

"Maya Stops Thinking"


Rating: *** *** *

Nina: "Like a dirty dirty movie locked away in your heart."

Maya: "Your chance to put things anywhere, is over."

Jack: "Maya, I've had six sugar doughnuts, there's no stopping this train."

Nina: "How do they make candy?"
Elliott: "I don't know, ask Finch -- he's the magic elf."

"At Long Last Allie" (Part 1)

We finally meet Jack's ex-wife, the one mentioned over and over again, who he was married to when the series began, the one that Dennis thinks is hot and wants.

That really is Brande Roderick, Playboy bunny, playing herself.

Dennis watches "Buffy the Vampire Slayer".

Why is it I keep coming across TV series where they want to set up main leading male character with ugly boring girls with short hair and/or man names?

Rating: *** *** *

Jack: "Why do they get smarter after the break up?"
Maya: "Because you find them in high school."

 Posted:   Mar 2, 2024 - 7:32 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


"Finch in the Dogg House" (Part 2)

The murder of employee pets continues, only this time it isn't Jack: Nina says she shot his yorkies one time. I guess she killed them, as we never saw them and they have never been referenced prior to this episode.

Nina confesses she has slept with one of Jack's ex wives. I've lost count, but it was four or five he's had, and she started working for him about a decade ago, so it's likely the one before Allie. Though it is entirely possible she slept with one before she met Jack and didn't realize it until much later. Man, Nina is becoming a lot like Roger from "American Dad!" for me: started out funny, but slowly but surely became too disgusting to really like anymore based upon all the things he had done up until I reached the last set of episodes available in my thread for that show.

Rating: *** *** *

"The Two Faces of Finch ()"

Dennis is a natural brunette. He dyes his hair.

I kind of don't like this episode because I think Jack was unreasonable, to the very end and never changed.

Rating: *** *** *

Dennis: "Gather around -- Jack is too old and too wealthy to walk to other people. Come on."
Jack: "Thank you, Dennis"

"The Two Faces of Finch ()"

Elliott really isn't into porno. Or threesomes.

Rating: *** *** **

Nina: On not getting a raise, "... I may have gotten nothing, but at least I earned it!"

Jack: "The box doesn't fill itself, Maya..."
(I think the writer's, missed the obvious joke -- Jack should have put a photo of himself in there, that was he can brag with a dad joke about giving them Jack in the Box)

"Bye Bye Binnie"

Man, I'll admit -- I swear every single episode up until now, Nina was saying "My friend Vinney [or Vonnie]". Turns out to have been Binnie this whole time. Go back, check out it -- you hear "Vinnie" too, right?
Binnie has been binned.

It's easy to forget that Jack's daughter Hannah, was born on the first [aired] episode of the series and that in-universe she's a little over five years old now, though we haven't seen her yet (we met her mother a few episodes ago, but where was the kid???).

Rating: *** *** *** *

Dennis: "Let the minutes reflect that Nina has put a dead person on the table."

"Maya Judging Amy" (5)

I know it's a horrible thing to say, but comedian Brian Poshen has made a career out of making fun of himself and the way he looks -- even saying "I look like I'm made of farts" -- so his character Kevin going on a date with a girl in this episode got me wondering: is he married in real life? Is she ugly? Well, he's married to film producer Melanie Truhett, and back when they got married, she was a fairly attractive blonde woman. So, in real life he actually didn't get the short end of the stick.

Love the ending of the episode.

Rating: *** *** **

Jack: "Buzz me if she takes off the jacket."

Elliott: "I've got butterflies in my stomach."
Kevin: "Kevin, that's just nerves."
Elliott: "No, they're real butterflies. It's a long story."

 Posted:   Mar 11, 2024 - 8:27 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 6:

"Finch Chasing Amy"

This is one of the Dennis' lowest points as a character.

Second episode to feature, as Dr. Cox from "Scrubs" would say: Tiffani-Amber Thiiiiieeeeessen. And, out of curiosity, I did look it up and she was never on "Scrubs".

Rating: *** *** *

"The Impossible Dream"

Final episode with Tiffany/Tiffani-Amber.

Rating: *** *** *

Dennis: "She poked me first."
Elliott: "I'll poke her last..."

Kevin: "Do fancy people lick the bottom of the bowl?"

"The Haves and the Have-Mores"

Jack kind of redeems himself in this episode. But on the flip side, they made Kevin be more of than implied creepy and actually creepy.

Rating: *** *** *.5

Maya: "Nobody gets rid of men like you do."

Maya: "Oh, look, it's a mug. And it says: What Would Jesus Do?"
Kevin: "My best guess is push-ups."

Elliott: "I'm going to give you cat whiskers now..."

"Christmas? Christmas!""

Kevin's cousin is actor Ray Liotta, who guest stars are himself (well, an exaggerated caricature). Ray Liotta died in 2022.

We finally see Jack's daughter, Hannah.

If I haven't said if yet, Brian Posehn was a wonderful addition to the cast, even though he waffles from semi-regular to occasional character.

Dennis says all the best Christmas songs have already been written. Man, I think he is was right all the way back then. What was the last great Christmas song? Certainly not that annoying Mariah Carey song. Or that awful never-ending "Last Christmas" by Wham. Or that super boring and grating your nerves "Wonderful Christmastime" with a legato violin synth that never stops of the cheap awful synth sounds.

Continuity: The painting from the porno Denis filmed in Jack's office, is still hanging on the wall -- even in the Christmas episode.

Rating: *** *** *

Nina: "I don't know a ton of musicians, I just sleep with them."

"Nina Van Mom" (10)

Nina has a daughter. And Nina is a grandma, too. And I don't like either new characters.

I don't much care for this episode and it's unlikely I'll ever watch it again.

I'd swear every once in a while some of those transitional score cues are re-used from prior episodes. A good example: I think the one starting about 3:28 in, is re-used.

Nina brags she has slept with Mick Jagger.

Dennis does a crappy Yoda impression.

Rating: *** ***

 Posted:   Mar 15, 2024 - 7:42 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 6:

"Nina Van Grandma"

This episode is just about as poor as the above episode. And it also makes Dennis way too creepy.

It's been seven months in-universe since Elliott and Maya failed at love.

Elliott is 38 years old.
Maya is 34 years old.

Rating: *** ***

"Liotta? Liotta!"

Ray Liotta is back as an exaggerated version of himself.

Rating: *** ***.5

Ray Liotta "You know in Hannibal, when Anthony Hopkins makes me eat my own brain, well, this is worse."

"About a Boy"

A fun episode. Dennis' sneaky ways, the battle between Jack and Elliott, Nina's messing with Dennis, even Kevin gets some good lines -- especially his advice to Maya. Then it also had a good ending, although you see it coming from a mile away.

Rating: *** *** **

Kevin: "Can I bake you a pie?"
Dennis: "If you mean it when you bake it, yes."

Nina: "You really pulled the wool over her eyes."
Dennis: "Pretty soon I'll pull the shirt over her head."

Kevin: "Hey, you sleep standing up, too?"
(I can imagine, being a nerd like Dennis, Kevin probably sleeps standing up in a Borg alcove station like in "Star Trek: Voyager".)

"Friends and Neighbors"

Elliott can drive a stick shift. Certainly not helping in his feelings of wanting to be a woman.

Two female orgasm joke in ne episode.

Rating: *** *** *

Dennis: "Watch me nail this hooker with a drum stick."

"Blind Ambition" (15)

Dave Foley guest stars. And he really works that blindness angle.

Rating: *** *** **

"A Beautiful Mind"

In what must be pure coincidence, another "Newsradio" cast member guest stars: Joe Rogan.

I don't know why Maya is so off-put by Joe's character sniffing food -- her father does it.

After the exchange about "Frasier", I decided to check if any of the main cast from that show had been on this show, aside from Grammer narrating the Christmas episodes a season or two ago ("How the Finch Stole Christmas"). No further Grammer appearances. David was never on the show. No Mahoney either.

Rating: *** *** *.5

Nina: "That's what I like most about the stupid: They're so considerate."

Nina: "You lied, cheated, and slept with a complete stranger? Your training is complete, Maya -- there's nothing more I can teach you."

Maya: "Sex is always bad."

Maya: "He thinks I'm brilliant. He says dating me is like dating the Frasier show."
Nina: "Um. Yeah, I've seen that show; the dog is funny."

 Posted:   Mar 23, 2024 - 7:39 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Finishing SEASON 6:

"Educating Finch"

Comedian Greg Proops has a short bit guest appearance as some guy who likes art.

Rating: *** *** *

Nina: "Even the slowest boat eventually gets across the river."

"The Book of Jack"

Jack's full name: Jackson Gilbert Gallow.

Rating: *** ***.5

Elliott: "I'm going to hug you."
Jack: "Please don't."

"Blush Gets Some Therapy"

Stephen Root guest stars, and he does a memorable job of shaking things up. Unfortunately, this was his only appearance on the show.

Trump named dropped again. Been a while.

Rating: *** *** **

Dr. Stephen Root: "You wore a beret -- you were asking for it."

"The Burning House" (20)

David Hasselhoff guest stars in this out-of-the-norm episode. He plays an exaggerated version of himself.

Rating: *** *** *

"The Bad Grandma"

Dennis' grandma has died off screen since the season four episode "When Nina Met Elliott".

Blue Man Group named dropped.

I can't help but notice Dennis is a lot like George from "Seinfeld": He's just stuffing his face at a funeral.

Rating: *** *** *** *

"The Boys in the Band"

Alan Thicke guest stars as himself.
He died in 2016, about fourteen years after this episode aired.

The brief Lloyd character is actually musician and songwriter C.C. DeVille. This was his first "acting" credit.

While I did enjoy the episode, I have to admit its kind of "blah" and it's unlikely I'll ever watch it again. But Kevin and Dennis each got a great line in the episode when Nina was telling them what to do.

Rating: *** *** *

 Posted:   Apr 3, 2024 - 11:55 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


"Guess Who's Coming to Blush"

First episode to feature a new cast member, Vicki, played by actress Rena Sofer.

I really don't care for this episode. I don't like the Vicki character, she doesn't mesh with the cast, Dennis was too much of a low life here, and during the episode -- especially the first few minutes -- the cast seems agitated, tired, and having a bad day. I'm wondering what was happening on set back then...

Nina has had sex with nineteen fat guys.

Rating: *** ***

Maya: "A hair salon?"
Elliott: "Sorry, I'm a little confused."
Nina: "It's a place where people who have hair go."

"Mr. Jealousy"

Dick Clark makes a guest appearance as himself. I know, it seems like Dick is always around and never dies, but he finally did pass away in 2012 of a heart attack.

Man, this episode is poor, too. Season seven is not looking promising.

Rating: *** ***

Dennis: "If I ate Count Chocula, a Pop Tart, and a packet of sugar, would I black out?"

"Nina and the Rocker"

Rockstar Simon Leeds (now going by Simon Templeton) makes his first appearance as a regular cast member this season, playing an exaggerated version of himself.

Rating: *** ***

"Halloween? Halloween!"

Special note: This is the first of five episodes the brother of the late Chris Farley -- Kevin Farley -- was in. In this episode he plays a cowboy, but in the other four episodes he plays a character named Frank. In this episode, the appearance is about ten or so second, talking briefly to Elliott, then another appearance with Dennis where he does something Chris would totally do!

Dennis has a new cat, "Furdinan" (not seen).

The smokin' hot blonde Kelly character was played by Brooke Burns. While this was her only acting on the show, later this season she has an uncredited appearance as a model on the magazine cover. In real life she's had a fairly good steady acting career and has had regular roles on some TV series, including -- of course -- "Baywatch". But despite that, her IMDb credits stop in 2020. I don't know if she decided to quit acting or if family life got in the way. She's 45 years old now and she's still very hot. Any guy would be more than pleased to have a woman in their life who is 45 and looks the way she does still.

Rating: *** *** *.6

Nina: "Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go kill a whore."

 Posted:   Apr 6, 2024 - 7:29 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 7:

"Da Sister Who Loved DiMauro" (5)

Justin Timberlake is at the top of Dennis' Revenge List. A theorhetical revival of the series could see Justin appear on the show and remind Dennis why he hates him so much and seeks to destroy Justin.

Rating: *** ***.5

"That Burning Passion"

This episode is better, but I still don't like either of the two new characters.

Rating: *** *** *

Nina: "This morning a cab driver called me a giant whore and I was so happy!"

"The Write Stuff"

Cherly Tiegs makes a short appearance as herself.

Continuity Error: While Nina may not have a desk drawer to put a hand gun in, we do know she carries one in her purse and she is armed at work. She's said so in the past and I think we even saw it one time.

As a guy, I have to comment: Dennis makes a comment at a poetry reading event that he is disappointed in the quality of the "Boo-tay", which Jack agrees to. So, I start looking around at the women. I see one cute black-haired presumably Asian girl, a very attractive black girl walks by, and a pretty blonde with a ponytail. At least if the writers are going to make jokes like this, they need to make sure the casting department doesn't have any attractive women on set.

Rating: *** ***.5

Dennis: "Poetry is very personal to me. It's like religion or going to the bathroom."

Cherly Tiegs: "Nina Van Horn, is it you? Lay down and throw up, just so I can be sure."

Cherly Tiegs: "Great, so I slept with Elliott for nothing."

 Posted:   Apr 13, 2024 - 7:31 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 7:

"It's Raining Babies"

George Lucas guest stars as himself.

I enjoyed this episode because just when you thought it was going the way you thought it was going, the writers surprise you at the end. Also, I think that's what George does to people in real life who don't like the prequels or Jar Jar Binks.

Rating: *** *** *.5

Jack: "I don't care if he is the leader of Iraq, Sellick is the only one who can pull off that mustache."

Jack: "I can't have somebody walking around here who thinks he's better than everybody -- that's my job."

"Watch Your Backdraft"

You know what would be amusing? If a one-day revival of the series, has a picture hanging in memorium to Barry Toastman.

Rating: *** *** *

"Pictures of Lily" (10)

Rating: *** *** *

"The Comedy Stylings of Rivers & Red"

Don't get me wrong, it's not a bad episode, but it's clearly filler.

Rating: *** *** *

"The Talented Mr. Finch"

Trump named dropped again.

Rating: *** *** *

Dennis: "I assume you the process is quick, but enjoyable."

Nina: "Forget it, Frodo, you're not plating a flag on this mountain."

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