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 Posted:   Dec 5, 2022 - 12:14 PM   
 By:   Thomas   (Member)

It was a good save by Alisson in the first half. That was pretty much the only thing he's had to do all tournament so far.

 Posted:   Dec 5, 2022 - 12:40 PM   
 By:   BillCarson   (Member)

Again another smelly u-turn after half time.

Did infantinos betting gangsters go into the dressing room at half time n say No more scoring against Korea? Or you cant play until korea get a goal?

And now we have the typical betting scam where the world bets on 5 0, 6 0, 7 0, 8 0...and Brazil to score next.... then all those billions in the betting companies coffers now korea have a rogue never-score-in-a-million-years goal frown

 Posted:   Dec 5, 2022 - 12:57 PM   
 By:   BillCarson   (Member)

What a shit stinkin second half after a superb first half.

Be honest, how many of you thought brazil wouldnt score at least once more in second half?
Exactly. Was like watching 2 dodgy boxers stink up the ring.

 Posted:   Dec 5, 2022 - 12:57 PM   
 By:   litefoot   (Member)

Great goals, but the Brazilians seem a little bit arrogant with all their dancing. They even went over and got the manager doing it.

I'm not sure about Richarlison's head tennis either.

Will be interesting to see how they play under pressure.

 Posted:   Dec 5, 2022 - 4:11 PM   
 By:   KeV McG   (Member)

Brazil deserve to get knocked out in the next round for Crimes Against Haircuts.
It's painful to look at eek

And yeah Bill, there was a real pong about that whole second half Brazil goal shut down.

 Posted:   Dec 5, 2022 - 4:34 PM   
 By:   Gustavo Joseph   (Member)

I found the first half between Brazil and Korea electrifying and convincing, all sectors of the team working well and good rapport between the players and the coaching staff. Beautiful game! Second half was very slow and bureaucratic.

Croatia and Japan, on the other hand, was soooo boring. It's hard to explain Japan, after dispatching Germany and beating Spain, feeling so much weight when it comes to taking the penalties.

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