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 Posted:   Jan 17, 2023 - 2:46 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 3:

"Bendless Love"

  • 0:28 in. Twenty seconds of exciting ship take-off music.^
  • 6:41 in.^
  • 9:16 in. Instrumental homage to the Righteous Brothers' take on the song Unchained Melody.^
  • 10:17 in.
  • 11:41 in.^
  • 13:24 in.^
  • 18:15/18:40/18:54/19:15 in. I wonder if like the Werecar Schrezo cue, if the cue continued here but was dialed down to zero as well.^
  • 19:54 in.

    We finally hear the male auto pilot mentioned in a previous episode. I also seem to recall later on in the series, it has a female voice with no explanation.

    Third season in and the owl infestation is still a thing. And I like it. I hope its not forgotten in the new season(s).

    Bender is only four-years-old. I swear this contradicts earlier statements. So, he was just over a year when he decided to kill himself.

    Zoidberg fixing his slinky and it catching fire, must have been learned from the Homer Simpson Book on Fixing Slinkies. It's right next to his old book: Homer Simpson's Book on Cooking Corn Flakes.

    Continuity Error: Previously scenes of Clamps using his clamps, show they open up/down, creating a parallel space between each clamp, but here they spread open from the wrist, like spreading your legs apart.

    (NtM: 8:43, 11:58, 21:51 ~ 7:51/gif)

    Professor Farnsworth: "Go satisfy your bend lust!"

    Professor Farnsworth: "Some say I'm 'Robbing the cradle', but I say she's robbing the grave."

    Bender: "I recently upgraded my funk card."

    Professor Farnsworth: "Wangle a new dangle on life."

    "The Day the Earth Stood Stupid"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 3:00 in. Ten-second Spanish flamenco music.^
  • 5:45/6:03/8:17/10:23 in.
  • 6:49 in.^
  • 12:59 in.^
  • 15:33/16:53 in.^
  • 18:18/18:44/19:34 in.^
  • 20:45 in.

    I think this is the first episode with Hypnotoad.

    We learn the truth about Nibbler.

    Second episode with the humanoid female cat that has a small person as a pet. I think the alien invasion probably melted down the nuclear power plants, mutated some future generation of Snowball, and that's where she came from.

    (NtM: 16:12)

    Female Nibblonion: "Nibblonions to nibblestations: Prepare Cuddlebug for deployment in forty nibblets."
    Male Nibblonion: "Ughhh ... sometimes I fear we are cute."

    Nibblonion: "Let what must be done, be done."

    "That's Lobstertainment!"

  • 3:32 in.
  • 7:28 in.
  • 8:08 in. Short instrumental Hooray For Hollywood cue.^
  • 9:53 in.^
  • 11:36 in.
  • 12:08/12:22 in.^
  • 12:41 in. Music for the fake movie.^
  • 13:14/13:41 in. Music for the fake movie.
  • 14:22 in.^
  • 15:57/16:55/17:55 in.^
  • 19:29 in.^
  • 20:12 in.
  • 21:21/21:41 in.^(second)

    That reminds me, since it's his second episode -- a character I never want to see again: the blue water comedian.

    Missed Character Joke: Zoidberg is always complaining about going hungry and doing things from eating out of the dumpster to eating Amy's toe nail clippings, so if he gets hit with a tomato while telling jokes, shouldn't he had quickly realized all he has to do is suck and get free food?

    Missed Joke: The Neutral planet leader should have been nominated for starring in: "50 Shades of Gray".

    So, why do they need to find a parking space for the ship? Why not let the auto pilot keep the ship hovering, put the Lo-Jack on the steering wheel, and just get out?

    "Snow White and the 7-Ups". Sounds like a 30th century porno.

    (NtM: 6:36, 8:44)

    Calculon: "Look, I'm programmed to be very busy [...]"

    "The Birdbot of Ice-Catraz"

  • 3:03/3:50/4:27/4:49/5:38 in.^
  • 7:33/8:11 in.^
  • 9:30 in.^
  • 13:33 in.^
  • 13:33 in.
  • 17:00 in.^
  • 18:21 in.
  • 19:13/20:11/20:30 in.^
  • 21:09 in. Short heroic fanfare cue.^
  • 21:30 in.^

    You know, I'd love to be able to just buy a package of the cookie cream. Not that generic water-y tasting cream you get in increasingly cheaper-tasting Oreos (a cookie so pricy it became a luxury item many years back), but a good tasting cheap cookie like Lil' Dutch Maid cookies (who made great mint flavor and peppermint flavored cream-filled cookies).

    Open space has tollbooths for spaceships.

    13:59 in: this delightful montage cue was on the obscure short score promo. It's on one of my personal compilations with other cues from the promo, which I used to get alot of joy out of until my CD player stopped ejecting CD's, so now I almost never hear score outside of my TV series threads. :-(
    14:33 in might made a good combo with the score cue.

    19:52 in: I think this cue is actually edited out of another and tracked.

    (NtM: 12:44 ~ 18:12/gif)

    Professor Farnsworth: "The tanker has six-thousand hulls, so unlike me, it's entirely leak proof."

    "Good way to avoid frost-bite, folks: put your hands between your buttocks -- that's nature's pocket."

    "Look, nobody enjoys shootin' penguins, but if you have ta shoot penguins, well, you might as well enjoy it."

    Leela: "No -- you can do this -- it's just like murdering a little butler."

    "Luck of the Fryrish"

  • 0:27 in.^
  • 1:52 in.^
  • 4:15 in.
  • 6:22/6:42 in.^
  • 10:07 in.
  • 13:28 in.^
  • 14:51 in.^
  • 16:37 in.^
  • 18:48 in.^
  • 19:33 in.^
  • 20:34/21:12 in.

    Trivia: Yes, I looked up to see if a seven-leaf clover has ever been found, and it turns out it happens, but it's very rare. And you never know what you'll learn looking these things up. Turns out each left means something: "hope is the first leaf; faith is second leaf; love is the third leaf and luck is the fourth leaf. A fifth leaf means money but nothing has been assigned to a sixth or seventh leaf."
    ALSO: A five-leafed clover is apparently considered rarer than one with four, even though we all grew up hearing about the four-leaf clover.

    Fry's dad doesn't strike me as a guy who would keep a safe he can't open, after Fry disappeared.

    How to bring Fry's brother's kid back from the dead: He was the first man on Mars. Maybe while there on another he and his crew had to put themselves in cryogenic freeze. To cover up their blunder, NASA faked his death and burial. And when he is awakened, we learn he has the seven-leaf clover frozen with him. And in some contrived plot, Fry has to save the universe, but he keeps making mistakes and only the cover will give him enough luck to save the universe. He always remembered what his dad said about regrets abut his baby brother Phillip, so this would allow some closure for Fry.

    (NtM: 5:44, 6:12, 8:02, 11:25, 17:42, 19:16)

     Posted:   Jan 25, 2023 - 9:24 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Finishing SEASON 3:

    "The Cyber House Rules"

  • 2:43 in. The source music; sounds like it was faded out, so there's probably more to it.^
  • 7:10 in.^
  • 7:20/7:36 in.^
  • 13:11 in. Short romantic cue.^
  • 15:21 in.^
  • 21:21 in. Nice emotional closing cue, just over thirty seconds long.^(open)

    Amy has had Cuteness Reduction Surgery, because she said she was "too cute".

    Bender telling all the kids they are now named "Bender Junior" reminds me of George Foreman, who named his ten kids all George.

    About 10:55 in: How is Leela moving the fake eye? Not only did the doctor draw it in with a black marker, but just seconds before he was doing an eye test with a light and only the real eye moved, not the fake one.

    I was going to ask why Bender can flush himself like a toilet when pressing his antennae down, even though previous times he's had is pressed down and it didn't happen, but then it occurred to me: he can internally change through programming and mechanics, the need of the antennae. Never mind Mom said it was only for controlling the robots, and that the obvious questions of where does the matter go and that there is no "Down" to flush to...

    It just occurred to me: I pointed out if Apu had to go, then Hermes would have to go, but now I realize that Bender would have to go to. Bender Bending Rodriguez is a Mexican, as he said, since he was built in Mexico. And so ... if Apu was a stereotype and had to be axed, then how about Mexican Bender, who drinks heavily, steals, and is lazy?

    (NtM: 1:55, 12:26, 17:28)

    Fry: "You're better than normal! You're abnormal!"

    Bender: "Kids -- meet the jerkbags I work with."

    Kid: "Can we have Bender burgers again?"
    Bender: "No -- the cat shelter is on to me!"

    Kid: "Daddy, how do I flush you?"

    "Insane in the Mainframe"

  • 2:22 in.^
  • 6:14 in.^
  • 7:02 in.
  • 15:30 in.^
  • 17:09 in.^
  • 19:53/20:15 in.

    Zoidberg has been with Planet Express for ten years.

    (NtM 13:54, 14:21, 17:49 ~ 13:17/gif)

    Leela: "I'm going to remind Fry of his humanity the way only a woman can."
    Professor Farnsworth: "You're going to do his laundry?"
    Amy slaps the Professor.

    "Bendin' in the Wind"

  • 2:51 in.
  • 6:39 in.^
  • 7:16/11:03 in.^
  • 12:46 in.
  • 19:21 in.

    So ... Zoidberg coughs up pearls as a natural bodily function. That could be useful later on, but I bet we never hear about it again. That's probably still more than will ever come out Roger's jewel-encrusted poop gold on "American Dad!".

    Bender: "Its time to take Life by the cans."

    "What is this -- the Year of the Jerk?!"

    "Time Keeps on Slipping"

  • 0:28 in.^
  • 0:53 in.^
  • 2:58 in.^
  • 4:00 in.
  • 8:45 in.
  • 11:07 in.
  • 12:57 in.
  • 19:15 in. Bittersweet kind of romantic music.^
  • 20:21 in.^
  • 21:01 in.^

    Even though this is the third season, it's only the year 3002.

    Apparently Zoidberg's birthday takes place possibly the day after Amy's.

    (NtM: 1:57, 15:33)

    Marv Albert's Head: "Ladies and gentlemen, something strange has just happened in this basketball game between space clowns and atomic monsters."

    Professor Farnsworth: "I suppose I could part with one and still be feared..."

    "I Dated a Robot"

  • 0:28 in.
  • 2:41 in.^
  • 3:11 in.^
  • 5:13 in.
  • 9:40/11:55 in.^
  • 13:19/13:57/14:15 in.^
  • 14:40 in.
  • 15:20 in.^
  • 16:19/17:49/18:29/18:49/19:05/19:47 in.
  • 19:33 in.
  • 20:46 in.^

    This is the first of two episodes where actress Lucy Liu voiced herself.
    She's still acting. I checked her IMDb page and found this interestingly-named project: "Exploding Kittens". So, naturally, I had to click on it. It's an upcoming animated series on Netflix described on IMDb as: "An eternal conflict reaches epic proportions when both, God and the Devil, are sent to Earth in the bodies of chunky house cats.". Brought to us by the creators of "King of the Hill". Well, now I gotta see that, I tell you what.

    So, will the love of Bender and Lucy Liu continue? LOL, no -- forgotten just as quickly as it started.

    (NtM: 7:10, 21:48 ~ 17:30/gif)

    Kid: "Mommy, why is that man like that?"
    Mother: "Don't look at him."

     Posted:   Jan 25, 2023 - 10:28 AM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    I was going to ask why Bender can flush himself like a toilet when pressing his antennae down, even though previous times he's had is pressed down and it didn't happen, but then it occurred to me: he can internally change through programming and mechanics, the need of the antennae.

    Or, it's a cartoon.

     Posted:   Jan 25, 2023 - 10:30 AM   
     By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

    Yeah, but its a cartoon that cares heavily about continuity and established things.

     Posted:   Jan 25, 2023 - 11:28 AM   
     By:   Timothy J. Phlaps   (Member)

    Yeah, but its a cartoon that cares heavily about continuity and established things.

    They don't care that much. They planned out a lot of plot/character elements early on, but anything else is up for grabs if it's in the service of a joke.

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