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 Posted:   Apr 30, 2022 - 8:12 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


"The Trip (Part 1)"

Rather standard fare, though I give the show credit for trying something different.

Notes: It could take two or three episodes for them in the government-sanctioned theft police known as the T.S.A.; I can imagine the episode now ... Kramer is suspected of being a terrorist.

And you know what else would be funny? "L.A. Law" is coming back with some of the original cast, so what if an episode ... is all about the suspicious poisoning of an engaged woman and the fiancé is "coincidentally" named George, which George learns about and drives him crazy.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Trip (Part 2)"

Better than the previous part, and the ending -- that was all good..

RATING: *** *** **.5

George: "What? I'm hungry! My stomach doesn't know Kramer's wanted."

"The Pitch"

The episode we all recall about them pitching a TV series about nothing, is not as memorable as we thought..

Notes: Second "Hello, Newman...".

RATING: *** *** *.5

Kramer: "I mean -- who wouldn't tune in to see a woman with a mustache!"

"The Ticket"

Pretty unremarkable episode. Seems to have been a filler episode to further the NBC series Jerry is trying to get going.


RATING: *** *** *.5

Jerry: "Can you get vomit out of suede?"

George: "I can't live knowing Ted Danson makes that much more money than me!"

 Posted:   May 7, 2022 - 8:04 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 4:

"The Wallet"

Another unremarkable episode..

Notes: The previous episode took place the prior week in-'verse
Elaine had a sexual encounter with a Chinese woman in a dream.

RATING: *** *** *

"The Watch"

Rather boring episode. Again, another episode that just seems to be connective filler.

RATING: *** ***.5

"The Bubble Boy"

Classic episode. The whole thing between the angry Bubble Boy and George and his ego and narcissism crashes together in a thing of comedic beauty. I was talking about the show the show with a friend last night, and he noted how the show was really something different -- how often do you get a show where all the leads are really just horrible people, back then?

Notes: In real life the Moops/Moors thing came about from a writer on the show who claimed it have found that error in a home edition of Jeopardy!

Continuity error: the whole plot revolved around Jerry not having the Bubble Boy's address, but in the diner at the end when he and Elaine quickly exit while nobody is looking, to go warn George and see the Bubble Boy, he still doesn't have the directions, but makes it to the house. I think we all know in'-verse if he had asked for directions, he'd have gotten lost of weird directions he couldn't understand.

RATING: *** *** ***.5

Bubble Boy: "What are you looking at? Ever seen a kid in a bubble before?!"

George: "Who invaded Spain in the eighth century?"
Bubble Boy: "Ha, that's a joke -- the Moors."
George: "Ooohhh nooooo, I'm so sorry, it's the Moops. The correct answers is: the Moops."
Bubble Boy: "Moops? Let me see that. That's not Moops, you jerk, it's Moors -- it's a mis-print."
George: "I'm sorry, thee card says 'Moops'."

Bubble Boy: "MOORS! SAY MOORS!!!"
George: Squeezing it out while being chocked, "moops! moops!"

 Posted:   May 14, 2022 - 8:30 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 4:

"The Cheever Letters"

Fairly standard episode with two or three highlights, including the ending.

RATING: *** *** *

Jerry: "Have you ever told a woman to stop touching your leg?"

"The Opera"

The clown drama didn't necessarily make the episode any funnier, but it did make it more interesting.

RATING: *** *** *.5

George: "That's all I'm asking for -- a reach. Is that so much to ask for?"
Jerry: "It's nice to get a reach"

"The Virgin"

I'm surprised an often-mentioned episode is nowhere near as memorable as it you'd think it is..

Notes: I'm assuming Jerry's story about a guy being his butler, is true in-'verse, since the Chinese restaurant story was an episode. These people were horrible people long before the pilot.

RATING: *** *** *

Jerry: "Let me ask you this: Is there any Tampax in your house?"

George: "No, no, -- I'm just thinking."
Jerry: "I don't think you are."

George: On whether he'd do a virgin, "They always remember the first time. I don't wanna be remembered -- I wanna be forgotten."

George: "Finally my stupidity pays off!!!"

 Posted:   May 21, 2022 - 8:43 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 4:

"The Contest"

All George had to do is wait a few minutes. But it results in a classic episode -- one of the series' best episodes. And that ending is just perfect.

I'd lose the contest for sure; by the end of the third day it's controlling my life and brain.

Notes: Second episode with the virgin.
If we minus Kramer walking out of the apartment, give him time to cross the hall, get into his and close the door, clean up, leave his apartment, cross the hall and re-enter Jerry's apartment, the estimated time it took before Kramer was "out" is (and there was no cut-away -- it's one continues scene): forty-five seconds. But you could argue is was twenty to twenty-five seconds if he didn't have the money in his pants' pocket already, 'cause he'd stop and turn around,. search briefly for the money, stop and count it, count it again, etc. -- based on the way he handles himself in previous episodes.
(you know, there's a seen in the 2004 film "Kinsey" which could have been Kramer... [no Youtube clip found for it])

RATING: *** *** *** *

Jerry: "You? You'll be out before we get the check."

George: "[...] one big nude-a-rama."

Kramer: "I'm out!"

Jerry: "She's not there!"
Kramer: "Oh, I can wait."

Jerry: "But are you still Master of Your Domain?"

"The Airport"

Another classic episode where the plot which only moves forward and in the way it does because of all the different bits of crazy each character possess. I had completely forgotten about most of the episode, so much of it was a surprise, including seeing George suddenly get his on the plane.

And how hilarious was in when Kramer came rolling down out of the baggage carrousel and on to the floor and Jerry just asks why he was late, like this was a normal every day experience with Kramer?

RATING: *** *** ***.5

"The Pick"

Another classic episode. Could you have imagined what was going to happen with Kramer the first time seeing this? I think not.

Notes: There must have been a passage of time in-'verse from the prior episode because George is talking about a break up that we didn't see on screen and not about possible being molested by prisoner on a plane. And apparently Jerry has been with the blonde from the prior episode, for a bit now.
See? Previously it was stated Newman has a house, but now he not only has an apartment, but he lives in the same building as Jerry and apparently the same floor ('cause Jerry was able to get him so fast); though I seem to recall later on Newman lived on another floor.

RATING: *** *** ***.5

(Note to Me: 5:10/gif)

Jerry: "That's the true spirit of Christmas: People being helped by other people than me. That makes me feel good inside."

Elaine: "Oh my God -- that's my nipple!"
Jerry: "That's what I thought."

George: "Was there any ... nostril penetration?"

George: "I guarantee you Moses was a picker; you wander through the desert for forty years with that dry air .......... you telling me you're not going to have occasion to clean house a little, huh?"

Elaine: "Here's your Christmas card!"

"His buttocks are sublime."

 Posted:   May 28, 2022 - 8:11 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 4:

"The Movie"

So much potential here, but the episode is surprisingly boring.
I don't know why these people ever try to do anything together -- it ends in failure.

Notes: Jonathan Wolff does some score for the fake movies playing. None of it was on the score release last year:

RATING: *** ***

"The Visa"

Babu returns. Despite his promise to save up money and come back and get Jerry one day -- the writer's never followed up and he was one of the people in the finale episode. Missed opportunity.

Why can't I ever find a cute Asian girl like that? Damnit.

Notes: Jerry actually admits to causing the failure of the restaurant he suggested become a Pakistani place.

Trivia: Babu Bhatt is played by Brian George, who is Israeli.

RATING: *** *** *

George: "Would it kill you to not be so funny all the time? That's what I'm asking. This woman thinks I'm very funny, and now you're gonna be funny, so what am I gonna be? I'm gonna be a short bald guy with glasses who suddenly doesn't seem so funny."

Jerry: "Consummation? I don't think you have enough material."

George: "But I'm disturbed. I'm depressed! I'm inadequate! I got it all!!!"

"The Shoes"

Rather boring episodes that aside from some funny talk about chevage, really has not much going for it.

(NtM: 14:28/gif)

RATING: *** ***.5

"The Outing"

Semi classic episode that everybody remembers for that one line...

Notes: Little bit of comedic genius taking the same joke skit from several episodes again and turning it around to George now having to watch another dude give a dude a bath --- just hilarious.

RATING: *** *** **.5

Jerry: "Not that there's anything wrong with that..."

Jerry: "IT'S NOT TRUE! IT'S NOT TRUE! Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

Kramer: "He's a phone man! Not that there's anything wrong with that."

"The Old Man"

Even for a show about nothing, this seemed like kind of a pointless episode and kind of like filler. At the end of the day, what kind of held the episode together to a watchable degree, was the short time with the old man Jerry was assigned.

Notes: Another "Hello, Newman..."
First episode where we find out Newman is a Postal worker.

(NtM: 8:26/gif)

RATING: *** *** *.5

George: "Yeah, I'm a great quitter; it's one of few things I do well. I come from a long line of quitters. My father was a quitter, my grandfather was a quitter ... I was raised to give up."

 Posted:   Jun 4, 2022 - 10:57 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Finishing SEASON 4:

"The Implant"

A little shaky; neither a classic nor a bad episode or filler -- it's just an episode that really doesn't fully coalesce. But it good nonetheless.
I like how the show -- so far -- doesn't treat the characters like one-dimensional self parodies. The little bit in the sauna with Kramer telling a little joke and the interaction with Jerry and George reacting, just is another example of humanizing Kramer and not having him be fully crazy and generally whacked out.

Also another nice touch showing what a horrible person George can be -- just helping himself to all that food at the funeral, and not even in a coy way. And then another great example of George's neurotic behavior with the purposeful double-dipping of chips.

Notes: This episode has Kramer stating he was in Los Angeles for three months. I have no idea if that contradicts the prior episodes.

RATING: *** *** **.5

Elaine: "I never knew you were so into breasts; I thought you were a leg man."
Jerry: "Leg man? Why would I be a leg man? I don't need legs -- I have legs."

Jerry: "Your boys should stay in their own neighborhood."

"And by the way: they're real. And they're spectacular."

"The Junior Mint"

Anyone who watched the show during its original run remembers the Junior Mint incident, but now re-watching this episode after not having seen it in around fifteen years, I have to say: it's pretty standard. Its also not high on re-watch value.

Notes: Instead of licensing the music, composer Jonathan Wolff does his own score for "Home Alone".

RATING: *** *** **

George: "Yes, I look forward to many years of ... looking at the triangles."

Jerry: "Ah, ah -- Gipple?"

"The Smelly Car"

The journey of Jerry's car continues. Stolen, found, mis-used, now it stinks. If that guy whole stole his car many episodes again found it, he'd call Jerry back up and tell him it stinks and to go and get it.

Notes: More continuity: Elaine is still living in the dead old lady's apartment.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "This isn't just an odor -- you need a priest to get rid of this thing!"

George: "Amazing -- I drive them to lesbianism, he brings them back."

Elaine: "This woman has never been with a man in her entire life."
Kramer: "I'm Kramer."

"The Handicap Spot"

And by the end of the episode, George has learned nothing.

Notes: If we ever do get some continuation series and Kramer has a kid, they have to name it Isosceles Kramer.

RATING: *** *** **.5

"This is like ... you're almost glad to be handicapped."

 Posted:   Jun 11, 2022 - 9:17 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Concluding SEASON 4:

I had assumed the episode titled "Pilot" in the season four list was an accidental duplicate posted in the wrong season and had totally forgotten there was actually an episode covering the in'verse pilot the Jerry character did for NBC. Split into two parts, here I am doubling back to them. Both episodes are on the same page, but two different videos.

"The Pilot" (Part 1)

Notes: Reference to Kramer being a Calvin Klein underwear model.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "Can't you at least die with a little dignity?"
George: "No, I can't."

"The Pilot" (Part 2)


Notes: The theme music for the "Jerry" show pilot in this episode, was included on the release of score from the show:

Also several appearances of passed characters including the "Virgin" and the Bubble Boy.

RATING: *** *** **

 Posted:   Jun 11, 2022 - 9:31 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 5:

"The Mango"

The episode has it moments, but over all just lacks what it takes to be a classic. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Notes: Second episode where fruit is returned. The first one I don't think we got to the fruit store.

RATING: *** *** **

(NtM: 4:17/gif)

Jerry: "The woman had an orgasm under false pretenses; that's sexual perjury."

George: "I think it moved!"

Elaine: "Jerry, we have to have sex to save the friendship."

"The Puffy Shirt"

It's just a little shaky, but it's still a classic.

Notes: The contest is brought back up.
And that's what they should do -- give homeless people puffy shirts. Maybe then the bad eggs will get their shit together. ;-)

RATING: *** *** ***

Kramer: "You see -- I think people want to look like pirates."

George: "This is a one-in-a-million hand."
Jerry: "That's what comes from avoiding manual labor your whole life."

Kramer: Looking at George's hands, "They're smooth, creamy, delicate yet masculine."

Jerry: "But I don't want to be a pirate!"

"Yes, he was not ... master of his domain."

"I only hope you have a little more self control."
George: "You don't have to worry about me -- I won a contest."

Low Talker: "You bastard!"
Jerry: "That I heard."

"The Glasses"

This episode reminds me of my grandmother and her glasses. One time she couldn't find them; they were on her head. Another time she couldn't find them -- they were in the fridge.

Notes: This episode was dedicated to the memory of John Oteri, who was a camera operator on the show. His IMDb credits show the last project he worked on was the pilot for "Ellen", which aired in 1994, which means that must have been filmed and completed early to mid 1993.

Some time has passed in-'verse since the last episode because George's hands have fully healed.

RATING: *** *** *.5

Elaine: "Is this going to hurt?"
Doctor: "Yes, very much," stabs her in the arm quickly with a needle.

"The Sniffing Accountant"

Not a bad episode, but it really comes across as borderline filler!

Notes: Another "Hello, Newman...".

RATING: *** *** *

"Maybe I don't use my exclamation points haphazardly as you do."

"The Bris"

Mediocre episode barely held together by a "pig man". I'll do myself a favor and never watch this boring episode again.

Notes: "The Godfather" knock off score cue that closes the episode, was not on the score release.

RATING: *** *** *

 Posted:   Jun 18, 2022 - 9:50 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 5:

"The Lip Reader"

Good premises, but over all I just feel the episode fell flat.

RATING: *** *** *.5

George: "You think you're going to the other side with 'Hi'? You're not gonna make it."

George: "You're giving me the "It's not you, it's me" routine? I invented 'It's not you, it's me'. Nobody tells me it's them and not me, if it's anybody it's me."

Newman: "But remember this: When you control the mail, you control information!"

"The Non-Fat Yogart"

A little shaky, but otherwise a classic episode and not just because of the cursing.

Notes: Another "Hello, Newman...".

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "This is so f****g good!"

Jerry: "Well, let's start the insanity."
Kramer: "Unnnnn -- giddie up!"

"You know what he said to me five minutes ago? 'Where's my f*****g cupcake'."

"You know Jerry."
Little Boy: "OF course, he's a funny f****r."

Jerry: "What the f**k are you doing you little piece of s**t!""

"The Barber"

Another episode where George brought this all upon himself; all he had to do is be honest, answer a question, and not be lazy, but he just can't do it. I would consider this a classic episode, but I'm not sure everyone would agree.

RATING: *** *** ***

"The Masseuse"

It has its moments, but otherwise kind of boring.

Notes: Elaine suggested he change her boyfriend's name from Joel Rifkin, to O.J. Rifkin. If only the writers knew then what was to come...

Trivia: So, how manh people are named Joel Rifkin? Well, according to this website:
The number is: one.
(I had a thread about that site: )

RATING: *** *** *.5

Kramer: "Every muscles she touches just ... oozes."

George: "A woman who hates me this much comes once in a life time."
Jerry: "You're a lucky guy."

"The Cigar Store Indian"

It's remarkable how they managed to tie everything together in a series of coincidental encounters..

Notes: Elaine better be careful, of Al my Roker himself.

RATING: *** *** **

 Posted:   Jun 25, 2022 - 8:31 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 5:

"The Conversion"

Pretty standard episode -- not bad, but not good.

RATING: *** *** *.5

Jerry: "You know, it's not like changing toothpaste."

Elaine: "I got nothing against the foot; I'm pro foot!"

Kramer: "I'm dangerous, Jerry! Very very very dangerous!"

"The Stall"

Every fan remembers this episode for that one quotable line which you secretly know you still quote to this day. Outside those short parts of the episode, the rest of the episode isn't really as good as I hoped it would be.

RATING: *** *** **

"I don't have a square to spare! I can't spare a square!"

"The Dinner Party"

Not a full classic, but pretty close. The entire happens of the episode revolve around the mental problems of the leads; none of it would have happened if they weren't who they were.

Notes: Jerry calls George the Bubble Boy.

RATING: *** *** **.5

Jerry: "You know, you're getting to be a little annoying chore yourself." (to George)

"The Marine Biologist"

Okay, two problems with this episode:
1: Why is George upset Jerry lied about what he does for a living? George has done that repeatedly himself throughout the series. And he said it's one thing if he made it up, because he knows all his alleys, but I recall at least twice he just said something and knew nothing about it.
2: How could George not know what a marine biologist is? He was just talking about watching a special on whales earlier.

Another episode that has some good stuff in it, but overall just doesn't seem to coalesce fully. And the opening minutes are rather shaky.

RATING: *** *** **

Elaine: "Well, you're not Superman."
Jerry: "Well, you're not Lois Lane."

"The Pie"

Classic episode.

Notes: I looked but didn't find any info' on where the Elaine mannequin prop is now; I assume somebody involved in the show, shoved it in their trunk and has it in their house. But I did find that a few years ago Jason Alexander reported his founds his look-alike mannequin:

According to the Trivia page on IMDb for the episode, in real life the suite didn't make any whoosh sounds, they were added in post production.

RATING: *** *** ***

(NtM: 1:26/gif, 10:10/gif, 11:30/gif, 19:27/gif)

Jerry: "I think we've proven who the psycho is."
Elaine: "We certainly have..."

Jerry: "Why can't I know!"

George: "Oh, I'll pay -- half price."

 Posted:   Jul 1, 2022 - 1:07 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Finishing SEASON 5:

Since I probably won't be online Saturday, I am posting this today.

"The Stand In"

Fairly unremarkable episode; neither bad nor good.

RATING: *** ***.5

"The Wife"

I wanted to like the episode, but it felt rushed; too much being shoved in and we are expected to just accept this sudden new girlfriend and the fake marriage. If she had been in two or three other episodes, maybe it would have worked.

Notes: In real life, most guys pee in the shower and just don't tell women. Sorry, non existent ladies here at FSM.

RATING: *** *** **

Elaine: "You went, in the shower?"
George: "Yeah, so what?"

"The Raincoats" (Part 1)

Just engaging enough, but it's kind of boring.

RATING: *** *** *.5

George: "Is there ever a good time to have your parents stay with you?"

Jerry: "Wouldn't you like to pass the ketchup to someone like me, please?"

"The Raincoats" (Part 2)

The infamous Jerry making out during "Schindler's List" episode.

Shirts just don't stand a chance in this show: a user shirt with a dot on it, the puffy shirt, the executive raincoat...

Notes: Jerry's mother says "Hello, Newman...".

RATING: *** *** *.5

(NtM: 9:11/gif)

"The Fire"

George's un-manly self-importance is probably the only thing that holds the episode together.

RATING: *** *** **

George: "She should be commending me for treating everyone like equals!"

Jerry: "Because Elaine, that's the one that goes wee wee wee all the way home."

"The Hamptons"

The best part of the episode was seeing the sexy girl in the bikini, with no top of. Don't shrink away from it.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "Is it possible they're just having babies to get people to visit them?"

"Strange man." (referring to George)
Jerry: "Wait until you get to know him."

Elaine: "Really -- tell us more, Mr. Science."

"The Opposite"

George's unemployment streak -- nearly five seasons long -- ends when instead of just lying, George handles everything by being brutally honest. The whole change of pace for his character really makes the episode special. It doesn't reach "Classic" status in my mind, though.

Notes: Even during the whole argument over the candy, Elaine is still eating it, even out the door.
How did George get into the building without being buzzed in?

RATING: *** *** **.5

George: "My name is George. I'm unemployed and I live with my parents."

Jerry: "You're going on Regis and Cathy Lee? I'll loan you my puffy shirt."

George Steinbrenner: "Hire this man!"

Out-of-context quote...
Elaine: "I must have had at least eight in my mouth."

 Posted:   Jul 8, 2022 - 12:38 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


"The Chaperone"

Another kind of standard episode; neither bad, nor good. George and the uniforms, Elaine and her new persnickety boss -- so much potential, but I feel like it was never really reached. And the hole Jerry and Miss American plot, just feels like a mis-fire.

RATING: *** *** *.5

Jerry: "Oh, shut the [car horn beep] up!"

Kramer: "Oh, you're poo poo-in."
Jerry: "Yes, I poo poo."

"The Big Salad"

Borderline classic episode and one of the few episodes thus far to feature Newman for larger times.
Just stop to think for a second: the entire subplot with George is based upon a salad.

Notes: Another "Hello, Newman...".

This season there has been a lot of in-'verse time between most episodes, because characters suddenly have girlfriend that it's implied they've been with for a little while.

We get to se the inside of Newman's apartment. Sure enough, as I noted earlier in the series when it was said he had a house, he now has an apartment. Of course there is a bubble gum machine in it.

After George's girlfriend asks him about the salad thing and gets up she says, "George, all I did was hand her the bag", so now I have to side with George. After all, if it was no big deal like she made it out to be with that closing comment, then why'd she even ask about it to begin with? George is right. And might I also add, he paid for that under the pretense he was paying for his girlfriend's lunch, not paying for somebody else's food.

RATING: *** *** **.5

Jerry: "Generally speaking, you don't need any extra incentive to murder a dry cleaner."

Elaine: "Perhaps there's more to him than meets the eye." (speaking of Newman)
Jerry: "No, there's less."

Jerry: "Yeah, he's a mystery wrapped in a Twinkie" (speaking of Newman)

"The Pledge Driver"

A classic episode. So many weird subplots that on their own may not be much, but kind of just coalesce together as a whole.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: To George, "Do your thing there where you lie to everyone."

"The Chinese Woman"

Enjoyable episode, but not a classic. These people are all horrible people and they ruin other people's lives and even when Jerry rattles off a list of what Elaine has done to just one girl over the years, Elaine doesn't stop to contemplate and consider changing her ways.

Notes: This episode actually has some interesting trivia; check out the episode's Trivia page on IMDb:

Oh, and the man in the cape was an uncredited role by Larry David.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "If I like their race ... how can it be racist?"

Kramer: "Do you think maybe I'm ... depleted?"

Jerry: "Don't you see what's going on here? No boxers, no jockeys ..... the only thing between him and us is a thin layer of gabardine." (about Kramer)

Kramer: "I'm out there, Jerry, and I'm lovin' every minute of it!"

 Posted:   Jul 15, 2022 - 11:54 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 6:

"The Couch"

The lengths George goes to in this episode and how rude he is about it, when all he had to do is a read a book, is just stupefying.
Well, Elaine is a horrible person, so of course she's be for pre-meditated paid infanticide.

Notes: Call back to season one or two where Kramer had his pizza business idea of making your own pizza. I'm surprised at how many call backs the show has.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "What is the point of dating without games? How do you know if you are winning or losing?"

"The Gymnast"

Borderline classic. Once again George feels he just has to lie, but this time it's his literal inability to keep his shirt on, that does him in.

RATING: *** *** **.5

Jerry: To George after finding out George takes his shirt off while using the bathroom, "Boy, I tell you, knowing you is like going in the jungle: I never know what I'm going to find next, and I'm real scared."

"The Soup"

Rather standard fare episode.

RATING: *** *** **.5

George: "We were having a good conversation; I mentioned how I like horse manure."

"The Mom and Pop Store"

This episode should be called "John Voight's Car".

Notes: The jazz music Elaine is listening to is tracked and it's given a fake name and fake composer, but IMDb shows what it's really called and who composed it.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "I don't want to be a cowboy!"

"The Secretary"

Yeah, that's the actress who played Beth from "Newsradio".
Another rather standard episode; it's got it's highlights, but overall just falls kind of flat.

Notes: In-'verse, it's been six months since George got his job.
Jerry's problems with dry cleaners return.

RATING: *** *** **

 Posted:   Jul 22, 2022 - 12:34 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Continuing SEASON 6:

"The Race"

Michael Richards and the midget -- the original "Bad Santa" duo.
Mediocre episode.

Notes: The theme from "Superman" is used, almost all SFX is muted. I don't think it's the original recording. IMDb did not shed any light on what version was used.

RATING: *** *** *.5

"Santa is not a Commie!"

"The Switch"

The episode just barely holds together. I dare say, had it not been for the whole schtick about learning Kramer's first name, this would have been a mess of an episode and rather boring. I do think his mother was not properly cast -- just doesn't work for me at all.

Notes: We meet Kramer's mother and learn his first name. Jerry says they've been trying to get Kramer's first name for over ten years.
The jazz piece playing during the montage and when Newman is talking to Babs is a work by John Cameron titled West Side Blues.

RATING: *** *** **.5

George: "Do you ever get down on your knees, thank God you know me and have access to my dementia?!"

"The Label Maker"

Near classic episode. I certainly think a number of scenes with Newman are amongst his best appearances in the show, like force-squeezing himself into Jerry's apartment.

Notes: Two "Hello, Newman..." in this episode.

RATING: *** *** ***

(NtM: 9:35/gif, 21:06/gif)

Jerry: "I don't want to be Switzerland!"

George: "I would rape myself in velvet if it was socially acceptable!"

Jerry: "Oh, it's Risk - -a game of world domination, being played by two guys who care barely run their own lives."

Newman: "Jerry, I'm a little insulted."
Jerry: "You're not a little anything , Newman."

"The Scofflaw"

Borderline classic episode.

Notes: We at least know that out of all the lies George has told in his life, he's never lied about having cancer before.

RATING: *** *** ***

(NtM: 20:28/gif)

"Th thing is: I've been living a lie."
George: "Just one? I've living like twenty."

Jerry: "You look like a pirate."
Kramer: "I want to be a pirate."

"Highlights of a Hundred"

Broken up into two parts, highlights are intercut with Jerry. Since it's a compilation, I'm skipping this episode.

 Posted:   Jul 29, 2022 - 12:04 PM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Finishing SEASON 6:

"The Beard"

A classic episode with some great scenes.
You know, I'm siding with George's character -- I think he looks good with the fake hair and that all his friends are being dicks. I do think, however, the kind of wild hair style the wig had when he was trying it on in the episode before the highlights episode, was way better though -- this new style (and what looks like a slightly different wig) doesn't quite work.

Notes: This is Kramer's second time in the series becoming the prime suspect in a major crime.

RATING: *** *** ***.5

(NtM: 13:20/gif)

Elaine: "YOU"RE BALD!!!"

"The Kiss Hello"

Another rather standard episode. It has its moments, but it's just ... there. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Notes: Second episode with Jerry's nana.

RATING: *** *** **

(NtM: 14:44/gif)

Jerry: "You don't flamenco on the first date."

Kramer: "You don't rob somebody if you know their name!"
Jerry: "You're robbing me."

"The Doorman"

The doorman -- the original janitor from "Scrubs".
So, are you a "Bro" or "Manssiere" person?
We all remember the bro vs. manssiere episode, but re-watching it now after so long, the episode as a whole is pretty damn boring.

Notes: The score cue playing when Kramer is getting away from the old bus riders, is not on the score release.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Jimmy"

A good episode. Not a classic, but it's got it's moments and overall sort of comes together well enough. The only thing missing is finding out his dentist used to be a dry cleaner.

RATING: *** *** **.5

Elaine: "You know, just admitting a man is handsome doesn't necessarily make you a homosexual."
George: "It doesn't help."

George: "George is getting upset!"

"The Doodle"

Another rather standard episode.

Notes: Newman gets his turn, saying, "Hello, Jerry..."

RATING: *** *** **

"The Fusilli Jerry"

So, how many of you would get (if you city will issue it) an "ASSMAN" plate?
If it wasn't for the "ASSMAN" material, I'm not sure this episode would have faired very well.

RATING: *** *** **.5

"Cosmo Kramer -- you are the assman."

"The Diplomat's Club"

I got to say: George's obsession with trying to get a black friend was creepy. The whole episode was rather standard.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Face Painter"

Another pretty standard episode.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Understudy"

Another rather standard episode.
For me a show with Bette is a reason to not to see it.

Notes: First episode with J. Peterman

RATING: *** *** *.5

 Posted:   Jul 31, 2022 - 1:56 PM   
 By:   lars.blondeel   (Member)

The only character i couldn't stand on the show was........... Jerry Seinfeld !
Never got the love for the show or the character of Seinfeld.

 Posted:   Aug 6, 2022 - 8:26 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)


"The Engagement"

You know, I can imagine a Newman spin-off series, where he's the opposite of "the Equalizer": A deranged ex Postal employee long since fired for stealing mail (or tossing it or hiding it in storage sheds like some have done), now a man for hire. Got a dog that won't shut the fuck up? Call Newman. Somebody stealing your newspaper? Call Newman. Someone owe you fifty bucks and refuses to pay up? Call Newman. Your neighbor is a dick and needs to be taught a lesson? Call Newman.

Notes: Elaine no longer lives in the old dead lady's apartment. She moved. The whole reason she took it was how cheap rent was. This happened off screen and is first referenced in this episode.

Oh, have a dog problem and the police will do nothing? You get a bottle of Aspirin, crush it into powder, mix it into meat and toss it over to the dog. Problem solved.

RATING: *** *** **.5

"The Postponement"

Could George's line to Jerry that he's a good person and even if he killed somebody, he wouldn't turn them in, be foreshadowing by the writers or foreshadowing that George already knew he was going to do her in but hadn't figured out how yet...

Notes: I think George's complaints about bathroom door vertical lengths is actually not the real problem; the real problem are gaps between the doors so big you can see a person on the toilet shitting. Can't we have some privacy while using a bathroom? The Big Lots store here in Panama City, has the simple solution: the outer frame sticks and the door closes from the inside so the left and right sides are covered by the fame -- no gaps what-so-ever.

RATING: *** *** **.5

"The Maestro"

Another rather standard episode, whose only highlights are the Kramer/Jackie scenes.

Notes: First episode to feature the O.J. Simpson lawyer knock off Jackie. According to the Trivia page for this episode IMDb, a spin-off with the Jackie character was planned, but called off. And Jackie's character had been planned to be in season five.
Leonard Bernstein named dropped.

Trivia: "According to the shooting locations for the episode, on IMDb, the Tuscany scenes had to have been faked and were done on lot.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Wink"

Elaine pulls a George: creates a problem because instead of being honest, she just lies right off the bat.
And George went from trying to get a black person to be his friend to screwing over a black person.

Notes: We finally see Elaine's sister.

Trivia: Jerry says he doesn't know what Mutton is and doesn't want to find out. For those like myself who do not know what Mutton is, I looked it up for you: Mutton is meat made from one to three years in age (making it tougher and gamier). Under one years old is lamb. So, technically speaking the famous kids puppet character Lamp Choo -- described as the equivalent of a six-year-old girl -- should be called Mutton Chop.

RATING: *** *** **.5

Elaine: "A veggie sandwich and a grapefruit -- what are you turning into?"
Jerry: "A healthy person."

George: "Pulp can move, baby!"

"The Hot Tub"

Rather boring episode that at times felt a little forced.

Notes: The cue when Elaine is thinking while walking, is not on the score release.

RATING: *** *** *.5

George: "He doesn't have any running water?"
Jerry: "I don't ask those kinds of questions anymore."
(on Kramer

"The Soup Nazi"

I remembered this being one of my favorite episodes back when the show originally aired and in re-runs and sure enough, it holds up completely. Classic episode. One of the series' best episodes.

Notes: Larry Thomas, who played the "Soup Nazi", would later go on to play himself in episode of "Scrubs", where J.D. recognizes him and tries to get him to say "No soup for you!"; I couldn't find any clips with all his appearance, but here you go:

Larry Thomas made out like a bandit in the end, just from playing this character. Here is an excerpt from an long interview, where he talks about it:

RATING: *** *** *** *

Soup Nazi: "NO SOUP FOR YOU!"

Soup Nazi: "You're pushing your luck, little man..."

Elaine: "So, essentially you chose soup over a woman."
Jerry: "It was a bisk"

"The Secret Code"

Another pretty standard episode.

Notes: So, this will ultimately be the second woman to die in George's presence this season.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "George, you're gonna marry this woman. Most likely."

"The Pool Guy"

Everybody remembers this episode because of Kramer and the MovieFone guy, but that's not even the title. And indeed, aside from some brief lines from George, it's the only good stuff in the episode.

Notes: MovieFone actually ended the call line in 2014, but you can still get the service via an app, which seems totally un-needed given a thing called ... the internet.

Also, while a body double had to be used since he wasn't physically able to make it, the voice of the MovieFone guy at the end, is the real voice of the MovieFone guy -- Russ Leatherman.

The fake movie called "Chunnel" in the episode, playing as George is yelling like a maniac for Susan, is actually the movie "The American President" (score by Shaiman is heard). In fact, all the movie titles are fake.

Behind Kramer are more pasta figures seen in two or three prior episodes that Kramer makes.

In episode (and another TV series) give a "IN MEMORY OF OUR FRIEND RICK BOLDEN". According to info' online, he was one of the musicians who helped work on the theme music (I guess Wolff didn't perform that all on synths by himself).

RATING: *** *** ***

George: "Worlds are colliding! George is getting upset!"

George: "A George divided against itself cannot stand!"

Moviefone Guy: "Hello and welcome to your worst nightmare. I know you're in there, Cosmo Kramer of apartment 5B. You're in big trouble now."

"The Sponge"

We all remember the "Sponge worthy" line, but the rest of the episode isn't really that memorable.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: "How is, thee, ah, sexual chemistry?"
Elaine: "Haven't been in the lab yet."

George: "George is getting frustrated."

"The Gum"

The whole George is crazy subplot really made the episode.

Notes: The Voight car returns.
I hear you voight the warranty if the engine catches fire. You're welcome.

RATING: *** *** ***

 Posted:   Aug 13, 2022 - 8:33 AM   
 By:   Justin Boggan   (Member)

Finishing SEASON 7:

"The Rye"

Kind of boring episode.

Notes: All three of the original jazz pieces in the episode (not heard in full in the episode), were released on the soundtrack:

RATING: *** *** **

Elaine: "You know, one of these days something terrible is gonna to happen to you. It has to!"
Jerry: "No, I'm going to be just fine."

"The Caddy"

I might follow her out the door, too; chances like that don't come often.

Notes: Jackie's second episode.

RATING: *** *** **.5

Jerry: "Locking your keys in your car in the best career move you ever made."

"The Seven"

Kind of boring episode. It really feels like they don't know what to do with the Newman character and are just placing him here and there to give the fans more Newman.

Notes: George thinks "Soda" is a good name for a kid. Wouldn't it be something is a revival happened, George had a kid, and his or her name was Soda. Soda Costanza. And he thinks "Seven" is a good name for a boy or girl. Seven Soda Costanza.

Newman's apartment is 5E.

RATING: *** *** *.5

George: "You know, Einstein wore the exact same outfit every day."
Jerry: "Well, if she slits the atom, I'll let it slide."

"The Cadillac" (Parts 1 and 2)

I wonder what Melissa Torme thought in real life while seeing this episode...

Notes: Approximately 2:#0 in: That's exactly what I'd expect Joy and Whoopie to say on "The View" -- they're that fucking stupid.

RATING (Part 1): *** *** **.5

(NtM: P1: 12:29/gif)

Jerry's Dad: "Look, I've only got a few good years left; if I want a Chip Ahoy, I'll have it!"

"The Shower Head"

I'm kind of torn on whether to like this episodel it has things going for it, but others times, it does not. And the episode title seems to be for the subplot which only takes up a little of the episode.

Notes: Another "Hello, Newman..."

Trivia: Can you fail a drug test from eating a ooppy seed bagel/too manhy bagles/too many poppy seeds themselves? The naswer to this question seems to be a really hard one to nail down. On the one hand they say drug tests are designed to not trigger a fail from eating a normal amount of poppy seeds, but on the other hand people have failed the test from having one poppy seed bagel. The prime-time investigation series "Inside Edition" produced passes from one bagel, then gave their team differing amounts of poppy seeds and they failed. One ladu faield from eating half a poppy seeds bagel. The best thing I can say: DO NOT eat poppy seeds or anything with poppy seeds, even a little amount, twenty-four hours before you take an opiod test -- just to be sure.

RATING: *** *** **

Jerry: To Uncle Leo, "Look at you, you're disgusting. I mean, you-you're bald, your ponchy, all kinds of sounds are eminating from your body twenrty-four hours a day ... if there's a woman who can take your presence for mroe than ten consecutive seconds, you should hang on to her like grim death. Which is not far off, by the way."

"The Doll"

Just a few episodes prior we had funny material where George's girlfriend thouht he was crazy -- especially that end scene; what a missed oppritunity -- he could have been walking outside the restaurant, arguing with the doll, and she could have been walking by and seen that.

Notes: I did some quick searching to see if the doll that looks like George's mother, was still around and where it is, but I found nothing. I should note that actress Estelle Harris -- who played his mother -- died a few months ago at the age of 93.

Leonard Bernstein named dropped.

RATING: *** *** **.5

(NtM: 7:04/gif)

"The Friar's Club"

The episode has its moments but it just doesn't click over all. Kind of standard fare.

Notes: Kramer has stated in a previous episode that he has an internal alarm clock and can set it and it never fails him. Here, he asks Jerry to wake him up in twenty minutes.

Kramer has the idea for a restaurant that only serves peanut butter ad jely sandwiches. In real life I have no idea if there was a such a restaurant at the time of the episode, but doing a quick internet search, there are now at least two that only serve PB&Js.

RATING: *** *** **

(NtM: 7:35/gif)

"The Wig Master"

Kind of boring standard fare episode.

Notes: Kramer's pimp walking music is on the score release.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Calzone"

Rather boring episode.
This is the hottest girl I can recall Jerry dating on the show thus far.

Notes: Drying cloths in an oven actualyl takes a lot longer, according to iformation online, as opposed to the ten minutes Kramer states.

And looking at his IMDb page, Dustin Hoffman hasn't ever been in any Star Wars project. But there is a faked video of him in one.

First episode to have George and Newman interacting with each other.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Bottle Deposit" (Parts 1 and 2)

Another rather standard episode. It was an hour-long this time.

Notes: We see a photo of Newman's mother.

The score cue when Newman walks up to the house out in the middle of nowhere, was not on the score release.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Wait Out"

Okay enough episode.

Notes: This is what -- the third or fourth time Kramer has been accused of a serious crime he didn't do? He's certainly "known" to police.

RATING: *** *** **

"The Invitations"

George is such a horrible person. TWo new low points for his character, that I personally feel, are just a little too much.

Notes: The score for Jerry thinking, is not on the score release.

RATING: *** *** **

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