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 Posted:   Jan 11, 2019 - 7:25 AM   
 By:   solium   (Member)

Serious question. How do you "buy" Amazon original series? Do you have to be a Prime member? Apple TV now comes with an Amazon Prime App so I can watch Amazon series on my device of choice.

When you purchase a series is it like iTunes where you can view your purchases in perp? If you have to pay a yearly fee for Amazon Prime and let it slip dose that mean you can't watch what you purchased anymore? With iTunes theres no monthly or yearly membership fee required.

Anything that you purchase on Amazon (i.e. you pay a price point dedicated to that item) will be available whether you are a Prime member or not. Very similar to iTunes or VUDU, etc.

HOWEVER, not all of Amazon's content is available for purchase. Some of it is streaming/Prime only.

For instance, for Amazon's show Transparent, you can buy seasons 1 and 2 (see "More Purchase Options" at this link, for instance ). If you do, you'd be able to stream them through that app any time, Prime or no Prime.

However, Season 3 and 4 are not available for purchase at this time, so they'd be streaming only. They are "free" with your Prime account. If you canceled Prime, you'd lose access.

Interesting, thank you for the info. I'll check out whats available.

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