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 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 6:34 PM   
 By:   Amer Zahid   (Member)

Composed and Conducted by MICHAEL KAMEN
INTRADA Special Collection 395

Intrada kicks of the 2018 soundtrack year with a 2-CD expanded edition of Michael Kamen's adventurous score for the Morgan Creek production of Robin Hood - Prince of Thieves. The original album featured 50 minutes of score (plus two vocals, not available for this release), whereas the film contains nearly two hours. Combined with alternates, this release showcases an additional 85 minutes of music not previously released. The theme became such a signature sound that Morgan Creek used it for their logo attached to their movies from that point on. Joined by horns, Robin is given a heroic theme during the opening credits, drawing in the audience to the deeds and misdeeds to come from this new vision of Robin Hood. The orchestration is traditional—featuring brass in action scenes, strings in scenes of intense emotion, and pastoral woodwinds to evoke the beauty of Sherwood Forest. It roars, it whispers. It sings, it dances. It excites, it calms. Sometimes it even frightens. With a strong heroic theme, a "stalking bass line" for needed menace, and a simple, yet delicate and romantic love theme, Kamen had composed a film score worthy of the mighty thief prince.

The film opens in Jerusalem, during a crusade led by King Richard I. Robin of Locksley (Kevin Costner) is a prisoner, escaping to return to England—but his homecoming is hardly joyous. The sheriff of Nottingham (Alan Rickman) has brutally murdered Lord Locksley, destroyed his estate and despoiled the countryside, hoping to amass enough wealth to bribe English barons to betray their lawful king. The events that follow mostly adhere to the established story and feature the usual ensemble: sheriff’s henchman Guy of Gisborne (Michael Wincott), Little John (Nick Brimble) and Friar Tuck (Michael McShane). But there are several new twists. Robin is accompanied back to England by a new character, Azeem (Morgan Freeman), a moor whose life he has saved, and who has vowed to return the favor. Maid Marian (Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) is a feisty, independent female who initially disdains Robin and manages to be an empowered woman until the very end, when she becomes a traditional damsel-in-distress.

CD 1 Original Score – Part 1
01. Main Title – Prince Of Thieves (2:45)
02. From Chains To Freedom (6:22)
03. Robin Foils Gisborne (6:14)
04. I Will Not Rest (2:34)
05. Meet Marian (1:10)
06. Escape To Sherwood (7:43)
07. The River (0:51)
08. Little John Fight (4:51)
09. Camp Oak (1:43)
10. Robin Escapes (4:37)
11. Stitch (0:46)
12. Village Destructo (Alternate #2) (1:58)
13. Training Sequence (5:08)
14. The Merry Men Continue Raids (1:55)
15. The Merry Men Ambush Gisborne (4:51)
16. Marian At The Waterfall / Camp (9:13)
CD 1 Total Time: 63:03

CD 2 Original Score – Part 2
01. Medieval Dance Source (0:58)
02. Baby (3:58)
03. The Plot Thickens (Maid Marian) (7:17)
04. Warning Arrow (1:12)
05. Celt Battle (5:02)
06. Duncan’s Death (5:17)
07. Plans For Rescue (6:50)
08. Mayhem In Town (0:47)
09. Rescue Marian (13:25)
10. Reunited And Finale (2:28)
Original Score – Part 2 Time: 47:26

The Extras
11. I Will Not Rest (Alternate Mix) (2:35)
12. Robin Gives Marian Ring (Alternate Mix) (2:57)
13. The Band In The Forest (Alternate) (1:31)
14. Village Destructo (Original Without Brass) (0:46)
15. Village Destructo (Alternate #1) (0:46)
16. Training Sequence (Alternate #1) (2:06)
17. Training Sequence (Alternate #2) (2:07)
18. Marian At The Waterfall / Camp (Alternate Mix) (5:31)
19. Mayhem In Town (Alternate) (0:47)
20. Join Robin (Alternate) (1:38)
21. Maid Marian (Album Version) (2:55)
Total Extras Time: 23:57
CD 2 Total Time: 71:36

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 6:47 PM   
 By:   BrendonKelly   (Member)

Fantastic! Can’t quite believe it! Been waiting over 25 years to hear this brilliant music in full! Never thought I would!
Michael Kamen at his very best!
Ordered along with Under Siege 2 - another score I have been waiting for and now finally ordered!!

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 6:49 PM   
 By:   jfallon   (Member)

Those samples bring me right back to when I was 19 years old... 1991. Played the hell out of the cassette back in the day. Wow. This is why I love film music... Kamen gone way too soon. Brilliant score. Over 2 hours of unabashed swashbuckling action adventure music by Kamen.

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 6:51 PM   
 By:   Octoberman   (Member)

What a great gift for Ukrainian Christmas from Intrada!
(A day later, I know.)

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 7:10 PM   
 By:   Landstander   (Member)

Instant order.

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 7:23 PM   
 By:   Ed   (Member)

Another "holy grail" checked off. What a remarkable score.

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 7:44 PM   
 By:   John W   (Member)

Yay! So glad this turned out to be Robin Hood! Though all the talk in the other thread about Last of the Mohicans makes me hope that one will come out sooner rather than later.

Prince of Thieves is, without a doubt, one of my holy grails, and I can't wait to get this in my hands. smile Those samples sound AMAZING. Makes one nostalgic for these types of scores, I must say. Thank god for these labels like Intrada for bringing us these classics.

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 7:52 PM   
 By:   Sirusjr   (Member)

Ordered almost instantly here. Delighted to have this finally.

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 8:09 PM   
 By:   Replicant006   (Member)

Well done, Intrada! This will make a lot of people happy, including myself.

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 8:12 PM   
 By:   solium   (Member)

I haven't played this score in over a decade, so hearing an expanded edition will make it all the more sweeter.

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 8:13 PM   
 By:   Traveling Matt   (Member)

Another "holy grail" checked off. What a remarkable score.


 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 8:15 PM   
 By:   PFCHudson   (Member)

Thanks for the heads up. Ordered! (I also snuck in 4 other discs I've been eyeing)

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 8:57 PM   
 By:   drivingmissdaisy   (Member)

What a huge letdown Intrada.

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 8:58 PM   
 By:   drivingmissdaisy   (Member)


 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 9:18 PM   
 By:   varrick   (Member)

Thank You Intrada!! An outstanding release! Bravo!!!!

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 9:39 PM   
 By:   digitalfreaknyc   (Member)

I'd like to wait on this one...but...but...but...i don't know if I can...

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 10:21 PM   
 By:   SpaceMind   (Member)

Ordered!!! Thank you Intrada!!!

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 10:35 PM   
 By:   The Mutant   (Member)

I’m so broke but had to order it right away. I’m a huge Kamen fan but somehow never picked this one up until now.
Great way to start the year!

 Posted:   Jan 8, 2018 - 11:42 PM   
 By:   Reeve   (Member)

I have been waiting / asking for this expansion; but the answer I was always given was that “there was a black hole” when they were trying to find the elements. Well, it has ben two years since I have gotten that answer.
WOW! What a way to start off 2018…
As most people have already stated – ANOTHER HOLY GRAIL TICKED OFF! (And a reason to live!)
Why don’t they compose film scores like this anymore?!?!?!

On a side note, the song wasn't included on this release, just like it wasn't on the "Titanic" release? It would have been nice if it had, but it doesn't bother me either way! I am more than happy to have the entire film score! THANK YOU INTRADA!

 Posted:   Jan 9, 2018 - 12:02 AM   
 By:   Sigerson Holmes   (Member)

There's NO love like YO love . . .

(. . . and no other could give MO love . . .)

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