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 Posted:   Apr 14, 2018 - 7:27 PM   
 By:   CK   (Member)

"Full time film score genie"...I'll refer to you as that in the future. wink

I'm relieved to hear that things have taken a turn for the better, MV, I hope that they will continue to do so until is the way you want it to be. Also (to be taken with a grain of humourous salt)...put a moat around your new digs. Y'know, like we did in ze Fazzerland back in the Middle Ages. Kept fires and, uhm, Austrians out, and the soundtrack collection safe.

Or something like that.

 Posted:   Apr 15, 2018 - 12:26 AM   
 By:   johnbijl   (Member)

Glad to hear things are picking up, MV. I can’t imagine what is must be like and your optimistic remarks here are admirable.

I hope the rebuilding of the house goes without trouble or delay. And perhaps it is good opportunity for improving the foundations in the south-east corner.

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