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Which shortlisted score from the early 1960s most deserved an Oscar? (August 18, 2016)
America, America (Hadjidaks) 4  votes 0.69%
The Americanization of Emily (Mandel) 3  votes 0.52%
The Apartment (Deutsch) 7  votes 1.20%
Ballad of a Solider (Ziv) 1  votes 0.17%
Charade (Mancini) 51  votes 8.78%
Cheyenne Autumn (North) 55  votes 9.47%
Cimarron (Waxman) 5  votes 0.86%
The Counterfeit Traitor (Newman) 4  votes 0.69%
Hatari (Mancini) 35  votes 6.02%
High Time (Mancini) 0  votes 0.00%
King of Kings (Rozsa) 128  votes 22.03%
Lilies of the Field (Goldsmith) 34  votes 5.85%
Never on Sunday (Hadjidakis) 1  votes 0.17%
North to Alaska (L. Newman) 1  votes 0.17%
One-Eyed Jacks (Friedhofer) 27  votes 4.65%
One, Two, Three (Previn) 1  votes 0.17%
The Parent Trap (Smith) 6  votes 1.03%
Rio Conchos (Goldsmith) 153  votes 26.33%
Summer Magic (Baker) 2  votes 0.34%
Topkapi (Hadjidakis) 1  votes 0.17%
Toys in the Attic (Duning) 1  votes 0.17%
Two for the Seesaw (Previn) 2  votes 0.34%
Walk on the Wild Side (Bernstein) 34  votes 5.85%
The Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm (Harline) 11  votes 1.89%
The World of Henry Orient (Bernstein) 14  votes 2.41%
Total Votes: 581 
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