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Which is your favorite score for a Wes Craven film? (August 31, 2015)
Chiller [TV] (Kaproff) 4  votes 0.63%
Cursed (Beltrami) 6  votes 0.94%
Deadly Blessing (Horner) 137  votes 21.54%
Deadly Friend (C. Bernstein) 16  votes 2.52%
The Hills Have Eyes (Peake) 9  votes 1.42%
The Hills Have Eyes Part II (Manfredini) 60  votes 9.43%
Invitation to Hell [TV] (Levay) 13  votes 2.04%
The Last House on the Left (Hess) 9  votes 1.42%
Music of the Heart (Daring) 5  votes 0.79%
My Soul to Take (Beltrami) 4  votes 0.63%
Night Visions [TV] (Fiedel) 12  votes 1.89%
A Nightmare on Elm Street (C. Bernstein) 121  votes 19.03%
The People Under the Stairs (Peake/Revell) 8  votes 1.26%
Red Eye (Beltrami) 19  votes 2.99%
Scream (Beltrami) 37  votes 5.82%
Scream 2 (Beltrami) 7  votes 1.10%
Scream 3 (Beltrami) 1  votes 0.16%
Scream 4 (Beltrami) 2  votes 0.31%
The Serpent and the Rainbow (Fiedel) 27  votes 4.25%
Shocker (Goldstein) 7  votes 1.10%
Stranger in Our House [TV] (D’Andrea/Lloyd) 4  votes 0.63%
Swamp Thing (Manfredini) 116  votes 18.24%
Vampire in Brooklyn (Robinson) 5  votes 0.79%
Wes Craven’s New Nightmare (Robinson) 7  votes 1.10%
Total Votes: 636 
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