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What is your favorite score for a Cliff Robertson film? (September 12, 2011)
Ace Eli and Rodger of the Skies (Goldsmith) 40  votes 2.38%
All in a Night’s Work (Previn) 2  votes 0.12%
Battle of the Coral Sea (Gold) 3  votes 0.18%
Brainstorm (Horner) 234  votes 13.90%
Charly (Shankar) 33  votes 1.96%
Class (Bernstein) 10  votes 0.59%
The Devil’s Brigade (North) 257  votes 15.27%
Escape from L.A. (Walker, Carpenter) 22  votes 1.31%
The Great Northfield Minnesota Raid (Grusin) 10  votes 0.59%
The Honey Pot (Addison) 14  votes 0.83%
The Interns (Stevens) 5  votes 0.30%
Love Has Many Faces (Raksin) 5  votes 0.30%
Malone (D. Newman) 6  votes 0.36%
Man on a Swing (Schifrin) 18  votes 1.07%
Midway (Williams) 99  votes 5.88%
The Naked and the Dead (Herrmann) 30  votes 1.78%
Obsession (Herrmann) 396  votes 23.53%
Picnic (Duning) 73  votes 4.34%
The Pilot (Addison) 4  votes 0.24%
633 Squadron (Goodwin) 150  votes 8.91%
Spider-Man (Elfman) 104  votes 6.18%
Sunday in New York (Nero) 21  votes 1.25%
Three Days of the Condor (Grusin) 70  votes 4.16%
Too Late the Hero (Fried) 24  votes 1.43%
Wind (Poledouris) 53  votes 3.15%
Total Votes: 1683 
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