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What is your favorite score for an Elizabeth Taylor film? (March 23, 2011)
Boom! (Barry) 101  votes 6.94%
Butterfield 8 (Kaper) 11  votes 0.76%
Cleopatra (North) 409  votes 28.11%
The Comedians (Rosenthal) 10  votes 0.69%
Doctor Faustus (Nascimbene) 10  votes 0.69%
Elephant Walk (Waxman) 10  votes 0.69%
The Flintstones (D. Newman) 22  votes 1.51%
Giant (Tiomkin) 275  votes 18.90%
Hammersmith Is Out (Frontiere) 12  votes 0.82%
Ivanhoe (Rozsa) 149  votes 10.24%
Jane Eyre (Herrmann) 49  votes 3.37%
Lassie Come Home (Amfitheatrof) 9  votes 0.62%
Life with Father (Steiner) 4  votes 0.27%
Little Women (Deutsch) 4  votes 0.27%
The Mirror Crack’d (Cameron) 4  votes 0.27%
National Velvet (Stothart) 9  votes 0.62%
The Only Game in Town (Jarre) 7  votes 0.48%
A Place in the Sun (Waxman) 84  votes 5.77%
Raintree County (Green) 91  votes 6.25%
Reflections in a Golden Eye (Mayuzumi) 11  votes 0.76%
The Sandpiper (Mandel) 37  votes 2.54%
Secret Ceremony (Bennett) 12  votes 0.82%
The Taming of the Shrew (Rota) 14  votes 0.96%
The V.I.P.s (Rozsa) 22  votes 1.51%
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (North) 89  votes 6.12%
Total Votes: 1455 
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