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What is your favorite score for a John Frankenheimer film? (November 4, 2005)
All Fall Down (North) 10  votes 0.97%
Birdman of Alcatraz (Bernstein) 51  votes 4.92%
Black Sunday (Williams) 232  votes 22.39%
The Challenge (Goldsmith) 229  votes 22.10%
Dead Bang (Chang/Kamen) 4  votes 0.39%
The Extraordinary Seaman (Jarre) 2  votes 0.19%
The Fixer (Jarre) 7  votes 0.68%
French Connection II (Ellis) 18  votes 1.74%
The Fourth War (Conti) 3  votes 0.29%
Grand Prix (Jarre) 35  votes 3.38%
The Gypsy Moths (Bernstein) 23  votes 2.22%
The Holcroft Covenant (Syrewicz) 2  votes 0.19%
The Horsemen (Delerue) 12  votes 1.16%
The Island of Dr. Moreau (Chang) 5  votes 0.48%
The Machurian Candidate (Amram) 32  votes 3.09%
99 and 44/100% Dead (Mancini) 8  votes 0.77%
Prophecy (Rosenman) 187  votes 18.05%
Reindeer Games (Silvestri) 3  votes 0.29%
Ronin (Cmiral) 16  votes 1.54%
Seconds (Goldsmith) 61  votes 5.89%
Seven Days in May (Goldsmith) 40  votes 3.86%
The Train (Jarre) 33  votes 3.19%
Year of the Gun (Conti) 3  votes 0.29%
The Young Savages (Amram) 18  votes 1.74%
The Young Stranger (Rosenman) 2  votes 0.19%
Total Votes: 1036 
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