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February 5, 2001:
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What is your favorite Michael Kamen score? (November 21, 2003)
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen 1184  votes 18.39%
Band of Brothers 103  votes 1.60%
Brazil 258  votes 4.01%
The Dead Zone 74  votes 1.15%
Die Hard 80  votes 1.24%
Don Juan de Marco 30  votes 0.47%
Edge of Darkness 2  votes 0.03%
Event Horizon 13  votes 0.20%
From the Earth to the Moon 16  votes 0.25%
Highlander 1659  votes 25.77%
Inventing the Abbotts 6  votes 0.09%
The Iron Giant 2217  votes 34.44%
Jack 2  votes 0.03%
Last Action Hero 2  votes 0.03%
Lethal Weapon 34  votes 0.53%
Licence to Kill 32  votes 0.50%
Mr. Holland's Opus 54  votes 0.84%
Mona Lisa 293  votes 4.55%
101 Dalmatians 5  votes 0.08%
Open Range 9  votes 0.14%
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves 291  votes 4.52%
Shining Through 6  votes 0.09%
The Three Musketeers 15  votes 0.23%
What Dreams May Come 23  votes 0.36%
X-Men 30  votes 0.47%
Total Votes: 6438 
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