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February 5, 2001:
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Which of James Horner's earlier scores will his score for The Passion most resemble? (poll suggested by M. Karoly) (September 25, 2003)
Aliens 14  votes 1.55%
A Beautiful Mind 17  votes 1.88%
Bopha! 5  votes 0.55%
Brainstorm 9  votes 0.99%
Braveheart 60  votes 6.62%
Deadly Blessing 2  votes 0.22%
Deep Impact 72  votes 7.95%
The Devil's Own 8  votes 0.88%
The Dresser 3  votes 0.33%
Enemy at the Gates 9  votes 0.99%
Field of Dreams 13  votes 1.43%
The Four Feathers 33  votes 3.64%
Glory 106  votes 11.70%
Heaven Help Us 141  votes 15.56%
Iris 6  votes 0.66%
Legends of the Fall 25  votes 2.76%
The Man Without a Face 10  votes 1.10%
The Name of the Rose 203  votes 22.41%
The Spitfire Grill 4  votes 0.44%
Testament 42  votes 4.64%
Thunderheart 4  votes 0.44%
Titanic 100  votes 11.04%
Vibes 4  votes 0.44%
Where the River Runs Black 2  votes 0.22%
Willow 14  votes 1.55%
Total Votes: 906 
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