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February 5, 2001:
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Which John Barry score most deserves a CD release? (June 26, 2003)
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 39  votes 0.85%
The Betsy 305  votes 6.62%
The Black Hole 427  votes 9.27%
The Bodyguard (rejected) 202  votes 4.39%
Boom 7  votes 0.15%
The Cotton Club 18  votes 0.39%
The Day of the Locust 22  votes 0.48%
The Deep 866  votes 18.81%
The Dove 67  votes 1.46%
Goodbye, Lover (rejected) 11  votes 0.24%
Hanover Street 248  votes 5.39%
The Horse Whisperer (rejected) 29  votes 0.63%
Howard the Duck 108  votes 2.35%
Inside Moves 4  votes 0.09%
The Legend of the Lone Ranger 29  votes 0.63%
Mary, Queen of Scots 77  votes 1.67%
Mike's Murder 177  votes 3.84%
Mister Moses 9  votes 0.20%
Murder by Phone 59  votes 1.28%
Petulia 353  votes 7.67%
The Public Eye 4  votes 0.09%
Seance on a Wet Afternoon 22  votes 0.48%
The Tamarind Seed 1459  votes 31.69%
The Wrong Box 50  votes 1.09%
Year of the Comet (rejected) 12  votes 0.26%
Total Votes: 4604 
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