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February 5, 2001:
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What is your favorite Jerry Goldsmith song? (February 21, 2003)
Alone in the World 28  votes 5.63%
And We Were Lovers 43  votes 8.65%
Ave Satani 92  votes 18.51%
Bless This House 14  votes 2.82%
Flying Dreams 24  votes 4.83%
Heaven Knows 5  votes 1.01%
I Will Follow 5  votes 1.01%
If We Could Remember 27  votes 5.43%
It's a Long Road 40  votes 8.05%
Love Comes Without Warning 3  votes 0.60%
The Moon's a Window to Heaven 9  votes 1.81%
My True Love's Eyes 43  votes 8.65%
Nights Are Forever 20  votes 4.02%
No One Like You 8  votes 1.61%
Peace In Our Life 4  votes 0.80%
The Piper Dreams 29  votes 5.84%
Rio Conchos 13  votes 2.62%
Sing the Wee 4  votes 0.80%
Spirit of Africa 15  votes 3.02%
Three Stars Will Shine Tonight 17  votes 3.42%
The Trouble With Angels 10  votes 2.01%
We're Home Again 10  votes 2.01%
Your Zowie Face 34  votes 6.84%
Total Votes: 497 
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