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February 5, 2001:
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Which rejected score would you most like released as a commercial CD? (November 11, 2002)
Air Force One (R. Newman) 52  votes 1.17%
Assassins (Kamen) 13  votes 0.29%
Distant Drums (North) 40  votes 0.90%
Frenzy (Mancini) 84  votes 1.90%
Gangs of New York (Bernstein) 99  votes 2.23%
The Go-Between (Bennett) 360  votes 8.13%
Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (Shire) 10  votes 0.23%
Honeymoon in Vegas (Shaiman) 0  votes 0.00%
The Horse Whisperer (Barry) 1865  votes 42.10%
Interview With the Vampire (Fenton) 48  votes 1.08%
Jennifer Eight (Jarre) 15  votes 0.34%
Kiss the Girls (Burwell) 3  votes 0.07%
The Last Hard Men (Rosenman) 12  votes 0.27%
Marvin's Room (T. Newman) 15  votes 0.34%
Mission: Impossible (Silvestri) 79  votes 1.78%
Mobsters (Copeland) 3  votes 0.07%
The Public Eye (Goldsmith) 93  votes 2.10%
Ransom (Shore) 24  votes 0.54%
Regarding Henry (Delerue) 35  votes 0.79%
The Reievers (Schifrin) 17  votes 0.38%
Robin and Marian (Legrand) 22  votes 0.50%
Scary Movie 2 (Clinton) 6  votes 0.14%
The 13th Warrior (Revell) 1341  votes 30.27%
What Dreams May Come (Morricone) 129  votes 2.91%
Young Guns (Horner) 65  votes 1.47%
Total Votes: 4430 
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