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February 5, 2001:
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What is the worst film scored by a major composer? (October 11, 2002)
Batman and Robin (Goldenthal) 109  votes 3.06%
Beyond the Forest (Steiner) 116  votes 3.26%
Blind Date (Mancini) 112  votes 3.15%
Career Opportunities (T. Newman) 145  votes 4.07%
The Concorde: Airport 79 (Schifrin) 119  votes 3.34%
Curly Sue (Delerue) 249  votes 6.99%
The Green Berets (Rozsa) 129  votes 3.62%
Heartbeeps (Williams) 119  votes 3.34%
Hot to Trot (Elfman) 234  votes 6.57%
Hudson Hawk (Kamen) 146  votes 4.10%
Hurricane (Rota) 122  votes 3.43%
The Island (Morricone) 120  votes 3.37%
It's Alive (Herrmann) 179  votes 5.03%
Mac and Me (Silvestri) 185  votes 5.20%
Michael (R. Newman) 144  votes 4.04%
Off Beat (Horner) 127  votes 3.57%
Robot Monster (Bernstein) 133  votes 3.73%
Solarbabies (Jarre) 121  votes 3.40%
Somebody Killed Her Husband (North) 164  votes 4.61%
Space Jam (Howard) 100  votes 2.81%
Star Crash (Barry) 202  votes 5.67%
Striptease (Shore) 105  votes 2.95%
The Swarm (Goldsmith) 207  votes 5.81%
The Telephone (C. Young) 132  votes 3.71%
Toys (Zimmer) 42  votes 1.18%
Total Votes: 3561 
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