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Writers Guidelines

Film Score Monthly survives on the volunteer contributions of its writers. New writers are always wanted, whether it be for CD reviews, longer analyses, essays, record collecting tips and tales, or anal-retentive trivia gathering. Just about every regular writer started out as a fan who just liked the magazine and wanted to contribute.

Due to the current volume of articles on hand, please do not send unsolicited material. Instead, write me (Lukas) at the address above, or E-mail; or phone (213-937-9890) or fax (213-937-9277). Pitch some ideas of what you might be interested in doing, and I'll give the go ahead or help you come up with something else.

About interviews, most of those are done over the phone, so you need not be in Los Angeles or New York to talk to a favorite composer—however, don't expect to do a John Williams or James Horner interview. Certain composers are more accessible than others; let me know who you might want to talk to, and I'll tell you who is available.

Once you're sending in material, if you want to make me very happy, send your writing on disk (but include a hardcopy as well). FSM is edited on a Power MacIntosh 7200 using Microsoft Word 5 and Quark XPress, so files in those formats work best. However, files from any Mac or PC program can be read if saved as the simplest form of "text."

Finally, we always welcome submissions for the "Mail Bag," the letters-to-the-editor section. Reader debate is a big part of the mag and we need your letters for it to stay that way.

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Please note: We discontinued updating this "Handbook" several years ago, and various information may have changed. For more up-to-date listings, see the applicable sections on this site (links, books, etc.). Thank you!

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