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Other soundtrack societies focusing on specific composers

James Horner: Mark So, Pomona College, Walker Hall Box Wk 733, 700 North College Way, Claremont CA 91711-6331 publishes The Horner Letter. Also write to Dream to Dreams, c/o Didier Lepretre, 14 Square des Grčs, 91070 Bondoufle, France, for some really far-out fan-worshipping.

Miklós Rózsa: In the U.S., The Miklós Rózsa Society publishes Pro Musica Sana. Write to John Fitzpatrick, 319 Ave C, Apt 11-H, New York NY 10009 for info. In Australia, write to a different Rózsa society run by John M. Stevens: Flat 11, 436 Macauley Street, Albury, NSW 2640.

Franz Waxman: The Franz Waxman/Ray Heindorf Society is a merged society dedicated to the works of the late composers. For info write to Malcolm James, 8 Monks Rd, Windsor Berkshire, SL4 4PE England.

Max Steiner: If you are interested in the work of this founding father of film music, two addresses of interest are: The Max Steiner Society, Brian Reeve, 1 Rotherwood Road, Potney SW15 1LA, England and The Steiner Library, PO Box 1392, Northbrook IL 60065-1392 (attn: James Reising).

Erich Wolfgang Korngold: The Erich Wolfgang Korngold Society is dedicated to preserving the memory of the late composer, and have published a book all about him; write to Bernd O. Rachold at Im Ginsterbusch 46 A, D-22457 Hamburg, Germany.

And Don't Forget: There are now dozens of fan-created composer pages on the Internet. Go to for links!

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Please note: We discontinued updating this "Handbook" several years ago, and various information may have changed. For more up-to-date listings, see the applicable sections on this site (links, books, etc.). Thank you!

Maurice Jarre: Concert Works

John Paul Jones/Parrish

Auntie Mame/Rome Adventure



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