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The latest release from Intrada is a greatly expanded, two-disc edition of composer Michael Kamen's biggest box-office hit, the revisionist 1991 swashbucker ROBIN HOOD: PRINCE OF THIEVES, starring Kevin Costner, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, Morgan Freeman, Christian Slater and the late Alan Rickman as the Sheriff of Nottingham. The original soundtrack release on Morgan Creek featured 50 minutes of Kamen's score; Intrada's edition features 110 minutes plus 24 minutes of extras (though it does not include the film's hit song "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You", which earned Kamen his first Oscar nomination).

The latest release from La-La Land is STAR TREK: DEEP SPACE NINE VOL. 2,  a four disc set featuring episode scores by Paul Baillargeon, David Bell, Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy and Gregory Smith.

Varese Sarabande has announced three new soundtracks in their Limited Edition series of contemporary score CDs - the National Geographic Iraq War docudrama series THE LONG ROAD HOME, scored by five-Emmy winner Jeff Beal (House of Cards); the 2017 documentary MULLY, scored by Benjamin Wallfisch (Blade Runner 2049, Hidden Figures, It); and the adventure film THE RENDEZVOUS, scored by Austin Wintory (Captain Abu Raed, Grace).

BAFTA has announced their 2017 award nominations, including Original Music:

BLADE RUNNER 2049 - Benjamin Wallfisch, Hans Zimmer
DARKEST HOUR - Dario Marianelli
DUNKIRK - Hans Zimmer
PHANTOM THREAD - Jonny Greenwood
THE SHAPE OF WATER - Alexandre Desplat

Last weekend, Desplat's Shape of Water won the Golden Globe for Best Original Score - Motion Picture, while Benj Pasek and Justin Paul won Best Original Song - Motion Picture for The Greatest Showman's "This Is Me."


All the Money in the World - Daniel Pemberton - Sony (import)
 - Rolfe Kent - WaterTower
- Gottfried Huppertz - Pan Classics
The Post
 - John Williams - Sony
Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves - Michael Kamen - Intrada Special Collection
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, vol. 2 - Paul Baillargeon, David Bell, Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy, Gregory Smith - La-La Land
Thief of Hearts
 - Harold Faltermeyer - Varese Sarabande


Abe & Phil's Last Poker Game - Steven Argila
Acts of Violence - James T. Sale
The Commuter - Roque Banos - Score CD due Feb. 16 on Varese Sarabande
Dim the Fluourescents - Miles Barstead
Paddington 2 - Dario Marianelli - Score CD on Decca
Proud Mary - Fil Eisler


January 19
The Long Road Home - Jeff Beal - Varese Sarabande
Mully - Benjamin Wallfisch - Varese Sarabande
The Rendezvous
- Austin Wintory - Varese Sarabande
24 Hours to Live 
- Tyler Bates - Varese Sarabande
January 26
Babylon Berlin - Johnny Klimek, TomTykwer - BMG (import)
 - Frederik Wiedmann - Varese Sarabande
February 2
In the Fade - Joshua Homme - Milan
The Mercy - Johann Johannsson - Deutsche Grammophon
Star Trek: Discovery - Jeff Russo - Lakeshore
February 9
Beauty and the Beast: Disney Legacy Edition - Alan Menken - Disney
Churchill - Lorne Balfe - Filmtrax
A Fantastic Woman - Matthew Herbert - Milan
Hostiles - Max Richter - Deutsche Grammophon
Mark Felt - The Man Who Brought Down the White House - Daniel Pemberton - Filmtrax
Maze Runner: The Death Cure - John Paesano - Sony
Phantom Thread - Jonny Greenwood - Nonesuch
February 16
The Commuter - Roque Banos - Varese Sarabande
Date Unknown
Boquitos Pintadas
- Waldo de los Rios - Rosetta
- Santi Vega - Rosetta
 - Don Davis - Dragon's Domain
Ivan the Terrible
- Sergei Prokofiev - Capriccio
L'Art d'Aimer/Le Jeune Marie/Un Amour Interdit
- Luis Bacalov - Music Box
Le Grand Meaulnes
- Jean-Pierre Bourtayre - Disques CineMusique
 - Gabriel Yared - Caldera
Mia Moglie E' Una Bestia
- Bruno Zambrini - Beat
Salvatore - Questa e La Vita
 - Paolo Vivaldi - Kronos
- Andre Hossein - Disques CineMusique
Un Ciel Radieux
- Rob - Music Box


January 12 - Joseph Gershenson born (1904)
January 12 - Pino Calvi born (1930)
January 12 - Franco Piersanti born (1950)
January 12 - Miklos Rozsa begins recording his score to Men of the Fighting Lady (1954)
January 12 - Frank LaLoggia born (1954)
January 12 - Jeremy Sams born (1957)
January 12 - Maurice Jarre begins recording his score for Mandingo (1975)
January 12 - John Williams begins recording his score for Family Plot (1976)
January 12 - Bryan Senti born (1983)
January 12 - Basil Poledouris begins recording his score to Amerika (1987)
January 12 - David Newman records his score for the Amazing Stories episode "Such Interesting Neighbors" (1987)
January 12 - Luis Bonfa died (2001)
January 12 - Sadao Bekku died (2012)
January 13 - Richard Addinsell born (1904)
January 13 - Bruno Coulais born (1954)
January 13 - Trevor Rabin born (1954)
January 13 - Frederick Hollander begins recording his score for Sabrina (1954)
January 13 - Richard Hazard records his score for the Mission: Impossible episode “Kitara” (1971)
January 13 - John Frizzell records his score for the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Proving Ground” (2004)
January 14 - Hans J. Salter born (1896)
January 14 - Mark Lawrence born (1921)
January 14 - Lex de Azevedo born (1943)
January 14 - T Bone Burnett born (1948)
January 14 - Elmer Bernstein begins recording score to The Great Escape (1963)
January 14 - Jerry Goldsmith begins recording his score for Von Ryan’s Express (1965)
January 14 - Dave Grohl born (1969)
January 14 - Maurice Jarre begins recording his score for Plaza Suite (1971)
January 14 - Harry Nilsson died (1994)
January 14 - Fred Myrow died (1999)
January 14 - Harvey R. Cohen died (2007)
January 14 - Angela Morley died (2009)
January 15 - Alessandro Cicognini born (1906)
January 15 - Cy Feuer born (1911)
January 15 - Kenyon Hopkins born (1912)
January 15 - Fonce Mizell born (1943) 
January 15 - Don Caron born (1955)
January 15 - David Raksin begins recording his score for The Vintage (1957)
January 15 - John Cavacas begins recording his score for the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode “Journey to Oasis” (1981)
January 15 - Georges Delerue records his score for the Amazing Stories episode "Dorothy and Ben" (1986)
January 15 - Georges Delerue records his score for the Amazing Stories episode "Without Diana" (1987)
January 15 - Ron Jones records his score for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "11001001" (1988)
January 15 - Les Baxter died (1996)
January 16 - Kenyon Emrys-Roberts born (1923)
January 16 - Alain Jessua born (1932)
January 16 - John Carpenter born (1948)
January 16 - Franz Waxman begins recording his score for A Place in the Sun (1951)
January 16 - Nicholas Carras records his score for Date Bait (1959)
January 16 - Atticus Ross born (1968)
January 16 - John Williams begins recording his score to The Fury (1978)
January 17 - Ryuichi Sakamoto born (1952)
January 17 - Charles Bernstein begins recording his score for Love at First Bite (1979)
January 17 - John Williams begins recording his score to Return of the Jedi (1983)
January 17 - Harry Robinson died (1996)
January 17 - Rolf Wilhelm died (2013)
January 18 - W. Franke Harling born (1887)
January 18 - Richard LaSalle born (1918)
January 18 - Jonathan Davis born (1971)
January 18 - Cyril J. Mockridge died (1979)
January 18 - Johnny Harris records his score for the Buck Rogers in the 25th Century episode “Ardala Returns” (1980)
January 18 - Basil Poledouris begins recording his score for Conan the Barbarian (1982)
January 18 - George Stoll died (1985)
January 18 - Joseph Gershenson died (1988)


"The film is inspired by 'Dark Horse,' Jim Marbrook's 2003 documentary about Potini. Robertson spent time with the real life Potini while adapting his story into a dramatic feature. He has a great respect for the bare bones of the story, and relishes the exuberance of the kids, their different personalities, their transformation into competitors. The chess tournaments are total nail-biters. Dana Lund's score pulses beneath much of the action, throbbing single notes that underline the urgency, rather than manipulating audience-response."
Sheila O'Malley,

EQUITY - Alexis & Sam
"And none of this is rushed or spoon-fed to the audience with the simple, flirty voiceover narration of films like 'Wolf Of Wall Street' or 'The Big Short.' Fox's script doesn't waste time on exposition, or on spelling out the themes. This is the rare movie that trusts its audience to be grown-ups, with decent IQs and attention spans, and a strong intellectual interest in the ways the characters consider boosting or betraying each other. There's a chilly formality to the locked-down cameras, the muted lighting, the quiet, insistent score, and the blunt, confrontational conversations. If 'Equity' does resemble a recent Wall Street movie, it's David Cronenberg's 'Cosmopolis,' with a financial-thriller plot replacing the movie-long limo-ride gimmick. But Menon's film is still closer to a Steven Soderbergh drama, with the many-limbed plot sprawl and the muted tone to match."
Tasha Robinson, The Verge

"The film does a good job of showcasing women's ambition and their right to pursue the same golden dream as men. But it does so in a pretty uninspired way, backed up by music that is trying and failing to sound like Trent Reznor's masterful 'Social Network' score, and with a surplus of quick cuts and frenetic editing."
Amy Rowe, New York Daily News


Screenings of older films, at the following L.A. movie theaters: AMPASAmerican Cinematheque: AeroAmerican Cinematheque: EgyptianArclightLACMALaemmleNew BeverlyNuart and UCLA.

January 12
COWBOY BEBOP: THE MOVIE (Yoko Kanno) [Nuart]
PEEPING TOM (Brian Easdale), DIVA (Vladimir Cosma) [Cinematheque: Aero]
SHADOW OF THE VAMPIRE (Dan Jones) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]

January 13
EL TOPO (Alejandro Jodorowsky), FANDO AND LIS (Hector Morely, Pepe Avila) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
GRAND ILLUSION (Joseph Kosma), FORBIDDEN GAMES (Narciso Yepes) [Cinematheque: Aero]

January 14
THE HOLY MOUNTAIN (Alejandro Jodorowsky), SANTA SANGRE (Simon Boswell) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
RAN (Toru Takemitsu) [Cinematheque: Aero]
THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (Max Steiner) [Laemmle Ahrya Fine Arts]
THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (Max Steiner) [Laemmle Playhouse]
THE TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE (Max Steiner) [Laemmle Town Center]

January 16
CRAIG'S WIFE (Morris Stoloff) [LACMA]

January 18
HARD EIGHT (Jon Brion, Michael Penn) [Laemmle NoHo]
PAN'S LABYRINTH (Javier Navarrete), THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER (Walter Schumann) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
THEY LIVE (John Carpenter, Alan Howarth) [LACMA]

January 19
ICHI THE KILLER (Karera Muication, Seichi Yamamoto) [Nuart]

January 20
THE DANCE OF REALITY (Adan Jodorowsky) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]
THE ROOM (Mladen Milicevic) [Cinematheque: Egyptian]

January 21
BEAUTY AND THE BEAST (Georges Auric), DONKEY SKIN (Michel Legrand) [Cinemathque: Egyptian]
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